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I'll be very honest and state that I haven't been following the PKFZ scandal in detail. I guess my sub-conscious mind must be telling me that this will be another scandal swept under the carpet. Or at best, some small ciku will be made scapegoat while the real dalangs escape with the cash again. After all, is this not Malaysia?

Having been reading pieces of PKFZ here and there, I just cannot stop wandering how deep is the Malaysian Corruption Agency's (commonly known as MCA) involvement is in this scandal. MCA have their prints all over this scandal. They have their people at the helm of this project at all times. And this project even spread to the terms of 3 different MCA presidents. MCA just cannot simply pass the buck to certain individuals. This is pointing towards a scam initiated and run by MCA to benefit themselves and certain other friendly parties. Is it not? At least this is the impression made upon me. After all, the Transport Ministry is a MCA portfolio. MCA has only a few portfolios and it will be unbelievable if someone comes up and say that the 3 MCA Presidents know nothing about a project this big or that they have never been involved with the project at all. And that goes for the Deputy Presidents as well. (Except for maybe the present deputy, Chua Soi Lek, whose main duty is most likely to maintain the cleanliness of Wisma MCA).

Hmmm... If this scandal is pursued endlessly (say, by the press... NOT!!!), heads will be rolling. And imagine the beans that could be spilt. I will be a very happy man to see MCA go down.

Note: The author is not against MCA or the Malaysian Chinese in general. But the author is against race-based politics and hence, race-based political parties. It is the believe of the author that the fall in either UMNO, MCA or MIC will lead to a reform of Malaysian politics away from the present race-based political environment of Malaysia; a new Malaysia and a better Malaysia.

Extracted from "Now, get back what belongs to us" by R. Nadeswaran of The Sun

"Despite an authoritative report from none other than the auditor-general, no one moved. The then PKA chairman, Datuk Yap Pian Hon turned up at the office for a chat offering no answers and neither understanding the depth of the problem. Overtures were made by third parties which even led to one confrontation on the basis that I should not write anything more because "it was Dr Mahathir’s project" which I refused to believe. In Parliament the then Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy denied allegations that the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project is a failure."

"The dossier, which borders on deceit and lies, points the cause of the collapse of the deal between Jafza and PKFZ at the government machinery and one woman – PKA chairwoman and general manager Datin Paduka O.C. Phang."

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