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Posted by Simon Templar On Thursday, June 04, 2009
Everywhere else in the world, governments are going out of their way to help their people cope with the economic slowdown. Australia went a step further by handing out cold hard cash to her people.

In Malaysia, we have this:

Taxi and bus passengers must be prepared to fork out between 30% and 50% more for their trips, likely to be as soon as next month. (extracted from The Star, 3 May 2009).

Who is the asshole in-charge of this? Dungu Nazri. Why oh why oh why? This is one country where everything is passed on the consumers. But that is not the issue if we are an open and fair economy. The taxi and bus operators have to make profit to be in business and based on current cost of things, they simply cannot survive. But what is the root cause? Or cost?

No, it's not maintenance cost (that's if our taxis and buses even bother to maintain and service their vehicles). No, it's not petrol or diesel (although we know our gomen bodoh is earning money from us out of this - subsidy my farking ass). It's the permits.

Why must the taxi permits be given to a few companies out there? What are the contribution of these permit holders? They are blardie free loaders who gets the permits by way of corruption. Absolutely no contribution to the economy, Just like the APs for car importers. These are the results of the NEP. Why can't anyone who wants to 'berniaga' by driving a taxi just pop into JPJ's office and apply for one? If he passes the test, give it to him. Why must he rent a permit from these UMNO cronies? Hop on a taxi today and speak to the taxi driver. He will tell you that he has to pay some 80 bucks or so per day (some even more depending on his taxi model) to the permit holder as permit rental and instalment for his taxi. How are these fellas gonna earn enough to put some rice in their mouths? Family? Poor thing.

So, our government now come crying saying that they have to support our taxi drivers and bus companies to survive. FUCK YOU LA YOU FARKING IDIOTS SITTING ON THE MALAYSIAN CABINET!

You wanna solve the problem with this country? Fucking get rid of NEP. Fucking open up the economy. Fucking stop enriching yourselves and your fucking cronies. Then the economy will allow the country to move forward. But you fuckers will never do that cause you fuckers only have your fucking bank account to fucking think of. Fuck you! I hope you fuckers get fucked so fucking hard in your fucking afterlife when you fucking die. And I hope that fucking day will come fucking quick. Fuckers!

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  1. Da Maniac Said,

    I can tell Simon is a little p*ssed tehse days by the ftoopidity of our leaders. Chill bro!


  2. I wonder why no one from the alternative media do an expose on this.

    Might need to put in some resources and effort to find out who is the main beneficiary and how much they are screwing the hard working taxi drivers. This issue should be of great interest to everyone as taxi drivers are from different races and mostly hardworking low income folks.

    Maybe we are followers of SPAnK can collect some resources to get someone to do a bit of digging on this and generate some explosive content. This may even generate some publicity for this blog... food for thoughts?


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