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Posted by Simon Templar On Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am is a pretty foul mood right now. A bunch of incompetent nincompoops in Dell pissed me off. I was on the phone to check my order status and they passed me here and there and everywhere including to the receptionist a couple of times. It was like I was dealing with a Malaysian government agency. Oh how the last few fellas who got passed the phone got it from me. I feel sorry for them. The tirades were aimed at Dell the company and not them. Dell has certainly got to improve their service system. Right now, it is plain poor. But enough about Dell.

Cirque Du Soleil is a very popular modern circus troop from Canada. Their shows are like none others in the world. Very niche. You get awesomely nice backdrops and lighting, props, highly skilled acrobats, excellent excellent music and what not. Everything about Cirque Du Soleil is just top marks. But at the end of the day, they are still a circus.

After a short term of glory, Pakatan Rakyat has revealed to us that they are also ultimately a circus. Honeymoon is over for PKR, DAP and PAS. Should there even be one in politics in the very first place. And they all start to show their ugly insides now. Politics will always be politics. All 3 parties have different agendas and with some luck and skills, Anwar Ibrahim pulled a miracle right before March 2008 and got the 3 stooges together. I had always feared that this UHU Glue bond will not stick. It's not easy to form an Elephant Glue bond. But we were all hoping that this UHU Glue will last a little longer - at least 2 or 3 terms of general elections while BN wakes up.

2 to 3 terms? What? You expect me to lean towards PR all my life? Forget it. I support a 2 party system. I support democracy. I DO NOT support any political parties. And neither am I a member of any political party. Any party who is in power long enough will ultimately turn into UMNO of today. I assure you of that.

So what is PR up to? PAS openly declared that they 'may' want to work with UMNO and that means ditching PKR and DAP. DAP is now not happy and openly whacks PAS. PKR is not happy that the DAP Chief Minister of Penang appointed someone who is not a PKR man as the Seberang Prai Municipal Council President and boycotted the swearing-in ceremony. And there's much more. So, who in PR is happy with anyone? Can you please stand up.

And to top it up, all of the above have been blown out of proportions. Does these idiots actually belief that the likes of UMNO, MCA and MIC will not take these to the roof? Those farkers have been salivating and waiting. Media don't do them justice? How naive. How farking naive.

We should give PR more time? Fuck off! Why don't you ask your employers to give you more time to learn the company's products even after you've joined the company for more than a year. Why don't you ask your lecturer to be more lenient with you on your papers because you have just been transferred from another course. Wake up PR. You knew from 9 March 2008 that you have a steep learning curve. This is politics. Your opponents are not going to give you even a day of honeymoon. We rakyat on the other hand have been patient with you long enough.

It is bad that you lost a state. An entire martha farking state! The signs were there weeks before. But you were arrogant. You were cocky. You were over-confident. And you now can't get it back. You owe us the very people who voted you in - 1 blardie state. UMNO did it the wrong deceitful way. Oh how poor thing. Cry cry sob sob. I've had enough of that bullshit. You let UMNO succeed - and that's a fault in itself. Stop pointing fingers but look within. The fault ultimately lies within the hierarchy of Pakatan Rakyat. Period.

Question. Why are the PKR councilors allowed to boycott the ceremony? Anwar, please explain. These are your men.

Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh. Can't you solve party matters internally. Do you go round telling people that your daughter is dating a gangster? You solve your home problem in your house, don't you? Why air your blardie dirty linen to the world? Why whack your fellow component party in public. Aren't you just making matter worse. Isn't reconciliation been made a tad more difficult? Because you want to be transparent. Well, goodie then. Go live in a glass house. Farking lame excuse.

And PAS, PAS, PAS. The blardie black sheep of the family. You fools. You think the Chinese and Indians have decided to love your preaches? You think so don't you? Read and spell this out loud - F.O.O.L.S! The wind of change has been brought about because the rakyat is fed-up of UMNO and BN. Because the rakyat wants change. Because the rakyat wants a 2 party system. You happen to be the alternative - along with other 2. Try going on your own the next by-election and we shall see how you get blown to smithereens.

And let me tell you this. There's gonna be some smart alec out there who will claim that all these are just a political ploy by PR to let UMNO think that all is not well in PR, that PR in crumbling, that UMNO has succeeded and what not. Fuck you guys who think like this because if UMNO has been fooled, so has the rakyat. And no rakyat in his right mind should vote in an unstable government. Remember that, PR!

PKR, DAP and PAS. Shame on you. We appointed you to serve us rakyat. Not your personal or party agendas. I for one don't give a flying fuck about your problems. Do you know what most employers tell you when you have personal problems? Don't bring it to office. And I am telling you shallow politicians of Pakatan Rakyat to keep your problems to yourselves. Your employers, the rakyat, do not give a shit. Don't bring your problems to office.

PKR, DAP and PAS. For crying out loud, stop the quareling and bickerings and get back to work.

23 Response to "Pakatan Rakyat Is Just Another Cirque Du Soleil"

  1. "Don't bring your problems to the office".

    Farking right on!!!


  2. UrangSabah Said,

    So what u suggest, vote back UMNOed BN kah? - U prefer 52 year of status quo.......or is it because now you got bone to grind with PR


  3. tomatoinc Said,

    hey mate..

    all the cringing ..what have you done for this country? You think the PR politicians (most of them) aren't trying the very best to bring the best to the table.

    and no...stupid malaysians like you, just like to throw tantrums. yeah, go vote for BN, umno, mca and mic...and just let them keep robbing you Efficiently (hence, you don't know about it).



  4. jonno1951 Said,

    I like your style. Say it as it is


  5. Obefiend Said,

    dear Simon..

    i see a few PR people here bashing you for telling THE TRUTH. truth hurts ain't it. i gotta admit. i was a pro Barisan Alternatif years before the PR took shape. In last a few years I saw one major difference in the way PR leaders operate

    one word sums it all up


    after 3/8 they sat on their laurels. they make fun of BN calling them dying dinos. Anwar for instance lap up all the accolade and it make it as if he is THE MAN that can save malaysia

    fuck off and bollocks is all i can say. i quit supporting them then and there. instead of concentrating on doing the biznes for the rakyat these new age clowns decide to play "your momma" game in the parliament. well not really "your momma" but its something akin to that.

    "your gahmen so rasuah.. bla bla"
    "podah.. your state so rasuah also.. bla bla"
    "shit.. your leader so ....."

    get what i mean. i just coined it as your momma coz its about the same anyway. reminds me of the schoolyard verbal fight i use to have when i was a wee lad.

    syabas for writing this sir

    we should not be too soft on the PR people. We were not soft on the BN so why should we give double standard to the PR. i think the PR people use to say

    "all the BN goons are yes man. never criticize the leader.. no wonder the party is failing"

    the irony is they are doing the same thing now. NO wonder PR is also crumbling. they are the perfect clone of BN now.

    wake up please dear PR leaders. the real rakyat has spoken.

    in the immortal word of Howard Beale from the movie Network

    "You've got to say, 'I'm a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!' So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


  7. clap clap clap Obefiend... clap clap clap...

    But mate, dun quit voting PR now. To change the country we need to remove BN for at least a term or 2. PR may not be the best choice but it is our only alternative.

    My hope for this nation is to put PR up and let the fight between PR and BN turn into, in economics term, an open market. In an open market, the consumers are the ultimate beneficiary being the recipients of best quality, service and goods. In politics, the rakyat will be the beneficiary 'consumers'.


  8. Simon Templar, I think you are one bloody stupid idiot. Why get so angry. Have you all these while been thinking the PR consists of angels, saints amd mother Theresa? Then you are the foolish one. So stop this knee-jerk attitude and jerk-off you bloody idiot?

    You just know how to complain, nag and nag. Give us one simple solution you bastard. No point in blowing to top for nothing. Have you been wanking lately?

    Maybe you are just a lunatic moron.Tell me one country in this world that politics and politicians are in a steady-state.

    Yes, you tell me and I will suck your cock, but if not then better put a lot of grease on your loose arse.

    Come on stop masturbating, get a real pussy you wierd.


  9. penangite Said,

    Dear Simon, perhaps you can try Apple instead of Dell. I heard their services are better and more cekap. In fact, Apple is the only IT company making profit in this downturn. The rest like Dell, Microsoft already went to fly kites!!


  10. Niel Said,

    Take it easy bro. Haha.

    I think PR should be given a chance. If BN has 50years, at least give PR 10.Blow them out if they(PR) still can't perform and teach BN a lesson at the same time.

    All in the name of democracy. -__-


  11. wadefish Said,

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  12. wadefish Said,

    dear simon,

    aptly written. it's time people stop thinking that all is well with Pakatan Rakyat. i'm no advocate of BN but right now, PR is no different from the BN we know and despise. the rakyat should never side with any parties just because they despise the other. biase mentality will never change anything. only be being critical will we see improvement. we want a government who puts the rakyat first. your article is a wake up call.


  13. totally agree with you...

    PR aren't living up to THE PEOPLE (RAKYAT'S) expactations... DSAI is all talk and no action... where's the DSAI who was the DPM of our country during TDM's time? we need that DSAI, not the current vindictive bastard who claims to be the people's champion...

    living in Penang, I have seen gross missconduct and abuse of power by many PR politicians... certain "power conservation initiatives" that were put into practice puzzled me as they compromise the safety of the citizens of Penang, and yet Guan Eng spends money having b'fast at E&O on a nearly-daily basis... Karpal Singh and Lim Kiat Siang are like mad dogs barking... they make so many contridictory statements and deny it, and yet when confronted by the media (quoting what these buggers say) they are unable to clarify the matter...

    oh ya, to all of you guys who think that Simon Templar's a little too harsh in his blog entry, here's a question... why the double standard? when RPK writes harshly nobody says anything... aren't we all equal? don't we have the right to voice out of personal opinion? if you don't like what you read, stop reading it... life's all about perception... percive it as simple, and everything's simple...


  14. Templar Said,

    templar. pls do malaysia this favor and go to a cop, steal his gun, and shoot yourself with it, u little dipshit. How old are you? you sound like an 18 year old 'wanabe blogger' who read one or two paragraphs off one or two books or magazines, and suddenly thinks he's a political analyst! have u no shame young man? i'm thinking u actually feel kind of proud of yourself for setting up a blog and 'critiqueing' politicians all by your clever self. Any dumbass can do that la! not happy go n be Najib's mistress la. y dont u save yourself the shame and just quit your kindergarten level 'blog'. its a piece of shit, really. n i caution people who actually read what this silly prick has to say.

    Also, simon.. i know yr just a 26 yr old punk living in subang (for yr safety i wont say where). But i will be coming over this weekend to beat the living shit out of you. I'd like to see for myself what kind of man (pussy) hides behind a computer and throws stones at Well Meaning people. see u soon u cowardly wanabe.


  15. irfan Said,

    Rome was not built in 1 or 2 days.

    It wasn't built without any problems along the way.

    So guys, please be smart and patient. Don't just cakap-cakap. Go down to the streets and do whatever it takes to make PR the next federal government.

    Give PR 2 terms to be Fed Government, then only we can really judge them.

    Again, perserverance is important!!


  16. Scott Said,

    hey bud best rant i've heard in a lonnnngtime & i agree wit ya 101%. its sad but me thinks it'll turn to be boleh version of a Shakespearean tragedy ending with "much ado about nothing".

    u do realize this is bolehland where 99.9999....% are conditioned to excel in the 'whats-in-it-for-me' philosophy. O i think we'll hear stuff bout misunderstandings, reconciliations & gosh even public apologies but in the end, its all about whats-blardie-in-it-for-me. these farkers will jump to sell their mothers down the river at 1st opportunity to gain marnie & power!

    bottomline, soo long as this insidiously addicting whats-blardie-in-it-for-me disease isnt treated (& im not sure theres a boleh treatment nevermind a cure), the sad reality's it dont matter who's voted in :(


  17. Terk Said,

    Guys - hold on a minute and take a step back... at the end of the fuken day (I just can't resist using vulgarity here), we may not have the best choice but we do have a choice of the lesser evil. And unless PR turns into a racial institution like UMNO, (unfortunately) they still have my vote.


  18. Gooster Said,

    Templar this is a blog for discourse, not a place to belittle someone else. Simon has put his point across, and it is up to people like you and me to have an adult discussion. There is no need for bringing up things like wanting to beat him up or discussing whether he would like to be Najib's mistress.

    If you don't agree with Simon, please share and enlighten us on why you think Pakatan are doing such a fabulous job. If you do agree with Simon then say so and share. Personal attacks such as this does not benefit anyone.

    Politicians (both Ruling and the Opposition) can be challenged on their ideologies and their performance as they are ultimately accountable to the voting public who put them there in the first place.


  19. Da Maniac Said,

    It seems that you Simon is getting some flaming. Well, I have to admit that it is quite a 'controversial' post that you have here. I agree that PR needs some bashing cos we cannot pretend that all is fine and dandy with the PR. Who are we kidding?

    But it's kinda interesting to see that many readers out there are either on one side or the other and does not accept opinions on a blog who sits on the fence and whack both sides.

    Bashing PR should not be interepreted that one is pro-Bee End. Look at Simon's ealier posts. BUt I guess like what RPK said... some readers are just plain shallow and can't tell the wood from the trees.

    Some people gotta learn the hard way and PR deserves a smack on the head and wake up.


  20. Neo Said,


    This is not a place to belittle anyone. Again, post what is on your mind, prove your point, convince people.

    Please don't belittle. Remember, we are here to contribute to the betterment of our nation, Malaysia, tanahairku

    Some might support BN.. some PR.. it is a very thin line..

    There is no right or wrong..
    please be courteous


  21. Pakatan has to earn the privilege to govern, it is not a right.

    Let me be clear and say that I support Pakatan now because they are indeed a better alternative than BN at this point in time. However, my support for Pakatan is not absolute for three reasons.

    One, a lot PKR folks came from UMNO and there are some ex-Gerakan and ex-MCA folks in DAP. So, is there really a guarantee that Pakatan will not become another BN and mismanaged our country once they are in power?

    Two, do not underestimate BN ability to reform. There are very good folks in BN with strong intellect and good intentions (but this definitely exclude a lot of the top leadership in UMNO now... most will fail the strong intellect criteria).

    My third and final reason, I am not convinced that Pakatan, led by PKR, is a viable coalition yet. Sure, some might argue to give them time. I agree with that, which is why I am willing to support them for one term in government.


  22. kamsan Said,

    Nice piece of work. I agree with what has been written wholeheartedly.
    I was prepared to give PR a year to sort out their respective internal/external problems, and then observe how they would govern the states under their watch. Well, i have to add that they have been doing a decent job so far, but their internal bickerings have to stop, and i do mean STOP!
    Like you wrote - don't wash all your (PR) dirty linen in public! It's time to address all their 'disagreements' - internally - and start serving the RAKYAT. We put PR in the 5-states (including Perak), and we can jolly well show PR the door, if all their pettiness are not resolved by GE13.


  23. Calm down bro.. calm down..

    This blog will explain to you who is PKR Councillor leader that has boycott the ceremony..


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