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Posted by Simon Templar On Thursday, June 04, 2009
A huge gold mine has been found in Malaysia. However, it is not Malaysians who found it, but foreigners. And the Malaysian 'gold mine' is unlike those you find anywhere else in the world. Based on newspaper clippings, to mine for the gold here is easier and requires no hard labour at all. In fact, you have to dress pretty nicely.

Yup! We are talking about suckers who give
money away like no tomorrow. And it is happening all over Malaysia. Not all are their hard earned money, some suckers go the extra mile and take loans to give away.

Suckers. Suckers. Suckers. Yes, that's what a lot of Malaysians are. In the last few days, the country is being bombarded with news of scams by foreigners (again). The black money scam seems to be rather popular in Malaysia now although news of this modus operandi has been circulated in the internet for the past few years. You know, black paper washed with special liquid and alakazoom... you get an American 100 bucks note. Then there is always the Nigerian heir to a godzillion dollars who cannot take his money out of Nigeria and what not; will you help him please? Pretty please...

Am not gonna talk about the scams cause we read so many of them. If you want one, just open you yahoo mail or gmail now. Chances are there will be a few. I always thought that nobody, I mean NOBODY, will fall for these scams. It's been so widely circulated in the internet and everyone's making jokes out of these mails. And yet we get 'soh hai' Malaysians who fall for it like dominoes. How ftoopid (to quote Maniac) can they get?

And to top it, they have the face to give interviews to newspapers on how they have been conned like this Noraini Ahmad below. OMG! She must be the only person in Malaysia who has access to the internet and yet fall for the trick. The root cause? Greed! No 2 ways about it, plain pure blardie greed.

And I am using her as an example because I just cannot tahan how thick face this woman is. She claimed that “... I was genuinely concerned for her...". Genuine my ass! Who in this farking country is 'genuinely' concerned about a stranger, more so a foreigner! The con artist flaunts her wealth in front of this Noraini Ahmad and this Cik Noraini wants to scoop up some free money. There is no free money in this world la, you dumb ass.

“It was a well-organised scam in which they had baited me from the very beginning,” Noraini said. You donkey! It's not a well-organised scam. It's so easy to see the con from the very beginning. It is just that your greed had over-powered your common sense (if you have any at all - and I am serious about it).

“I am a teacher and yet I was tricked out my life savings. Tiu lor! She is a teacher. Which means that she is an educated person. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I hope her students are making the most out of this. I know I will if my teacher is so ftoopid (Maniac, I am loving this word).

Malaysians. Malaysians. It's true what they say. Wealth is all over the streets. In Malaysia at least.

Taken from The Star, 3 June 2009

Teacher loses RM138,000 in well-organised scam after helping widow

KUALA LUMPUR: A teacher lost about RM138,000 to a Black Money scam syndicate after she helped a widow “save” her money.

Noraini Ahmad, (pic) 39, from Ipoh said she was approached by a woman who identified herself as Mrs M. Sulak on Jan 18, asking her for help over US$22mil (RM81mil) in cash left behind by her late husband in his will.

She said that Sulak, supposedly from England, claimed that she was all alone and needed someone to “take care” of the money.

“I was genuinely concerned for her and gave her my particulars and photograph which she later forwarded to her lawyers.

“I did not know then that I had allowed myself to be conned in the scam,” said Noraini when met at the Commercial Crime Investigations Department (CCID) office in Bukit Perdana.

She said she was later contacted by a man claiming to be Sulak’s lawyer who told her that she was to inherit US$22mil left behind by Sulak, who had died of cancer.

The man, who called himself Mr Steven Graham from a law firm in London, contacted her several times.

“He said that to sort out some paperwork, I had to bank in RM35,500 to a CIMB bank account under Steven Graham’s name which I did in several payments,” she said.

Noraini met up with two men, purportedly from London on March 14, one of whom claimed to be an officer from Abbey National Bank and the other a “diplomat” from the United Nations Security Unit in London who was checking on the “authenticity” of transfer.

They told her that the cash was kept in a security vault in Ampang and to have it released, Noraini had to pay another RM27,500.

“They also told me that the notes were special and needed to be washed with a special liquid cleaner,” she said.

“Later the same day, they demonstrated to me by “washing” several US currency notes and gave me US$300 (RM1,050). They said to change the notes at any moneychanger,” she added.

Noraini said she was convinced that the deal was genuine after she changed the notes. So, when the men asked her for another RM75,000, she paid them.

Later, they told Noraini that due to some complications at the vault, the money had been ‘frozen’ and that they had to buy new liquid from Singapore.

“They also asked me to pay another RM75,000 to buy the liquid as there was something wrong with the previous purchase,” she said.

“It was then that it struck me that I had been tricked.

“It was a well-organised scam in which they had baited me from the very beginning,” Noraini said.

She urged Malaysians to be careful, saying: “I am a teacher and yet I was tricked out my life savings.

“They can be very convincing but from this experience, I have learnt that we cannot let ourselves be fooled.

“We must always check with the authorities for verification,” she added.

The Star frontpaged a report yesterday that Malaysians had been conned of as much as RM20mil by African tricksters in the past few years in at least 11 internationally-known scams ranging from Black Money to inheritances which promise non-existent wealth.

6 Response to "Huge Gold Mine Found In Malaysia"

  1. Da Maniac Said,

    Greed clouds the weak minded who will make them ftoopid!


  2. fidana Said,

    lolz some Malaysians are seriously brainless.
    I said SOME, not all.

    And that's cause I'm a Malaysian too.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    lolz i like that.

    I'm a Malaysian too.


  4. binhalim Said,

    Isu 'Black Money'ni bukti kurang berkesan penguatkuasaan pihak keselamatan negara, asyik fokus wang luar masuk kocek kerajaan, dah lah tak membangun bangsa sendiri dibiarkan bangsa2 pendatang dan pelawat meragut segala peluang,tak cukup tu, dibiarkan pendatang2 ni dengan kejam meragut segala hak bangsa sendiri, alasan bertindak lembut konon nak jaga hubungan baik negara luar,kenapa bangsa sendiri buat salah diperlakukan kejam tanpa kesihan& tanpa budi bicara, sedih saya melihat keadaan bangsa sendiri, sampai ada yang bernekad 'kalau berlaku dharurat, pemimpin2lah yang dulu dicari untuk direjam' maka kepada pemimpin, belalah dengan bersungguh2 bangsa sendiri sabelum terlambat, negara ni tergadai di tangan pendatang asing, masyaAllah


  5. Anonymous Said,

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  6. Anonymous Said,

    i prefer the saying above is not just "correct and appropiriate"to malaysians because i know that malaysians are not that bad ..............

    iknow this as iam a malaysian and not a wacko ........


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