Religious Overdose - Enough Lah

Posted by Simon Templar On 4 May 2011

Squatting Monkey, Jumping Lembu

Posted by Simon Templar On 7 September 2009

Incompetent PKR; Bungling Pakatan

Posted by Simon Templar On 19 April 2011

I Got Tear Gassed

Posted by Simon Templar On 9 July 2011

Najib The Ponzi Scheme Master

Posted by Simon Templar On 11 December 2009

The MCA MRT Charade

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, August 24, 2011 18 comments

Aiyah... Thank you la MCA. You kinda helped me boost my ego again. Paiseh... Paiseh... And I can now confirm that I have a super forward vision, thanks to you guys. Thank you, thank you.

Or maybe not. Hmmmm... Come to think of it, the plot is just so obvious. Repeated a thousand times over and over again.

Plot - somebody somewhere try to harm some Chinese welfare, rice bowl etc. Make a big fuss out of it. Get the Chinese enraged. Then MCA-the-saviour comes to the rescue. Bosanlah... Lagi baru punya pattern takda meh?

There you go ladies and gentlemen, MCA once again 'rescued' the Chinese because of 'their influence and position in the BN government'. Good if it's true, but very naughty if MCA is the one who created the 'problem' for them to 'solve'. Yes, we are talking about the MRT taking over Jalan Sultan issue.

Whoa I tell you, MCA is now hero again loh. Saved the entire Chinatown man! The identity of Chinese in Malaysia. Without MCA, where got Chinatown anymore by end of 2011? MCA damn kau hero loh I tell you. They should have a parade of all MCA leaders at Chinatown, get special permission to light a 100m fire crackers, have 50 lions dancing tong-tong-cheng around. Special MCA buffet of hokkien char, wantan meen, watt tan hor, grilled fish, air mata kucing, mausang wong etc. Door gifts must be Loiue (sic) Vouitton Neverfull or (Malaysia's hottest) Hermis (sic) Birkin.

Na!!! (Double middle fingers up!) MCA... Na!!! (Double middle fingers up, again!)

I am sure many of you saw this coming. Come on, if I can, then surely thousands more did too. If you are one of those who think that the acquisition is so that some government crony get to buy the prime land at cheap prices later, then you are too simplistic in your strategies. It is elections time. Not everything is about money anymore. This is the time to show your relevance. Get back into office, then only you loot.

Any Tom, Dick and Ramasamy will tell you that you do not need to do the shoplot acquisitions in the very first place. The whole entire blardie idea of an underground tunnelling is to prevent any disturbance above ground level. If the acquisition is required, you might as well build on top of the acquired land. Architecture 101 I say. And constructing above ground level is too cheap. We are in Malaysia. We cannot afford to have cheap projects else nobody gets rich. I do not know the costs of the underground tunnelling works but logic dictates that it sure costs much more than a straight forward above ground construction.

Caveat: The reason I do not know the cost is not because I am lazy to go search. Ummm... actually, nobody knows the total cost of the MRT project loh. We are Malaysians. We do things differently here. So what if we are the only ones who manage a project without having a budget or costing. We can, ok! Malaysia... Boleh! RM50 billion or RM100 billion... small money dei... loose change...

And did anyone not realise that no acquisition prices for the shoplots have been bandied about? Of course cannot la. If you offer the shop owners, say, RM50 million per shoplot, you think they still go make noise meh. They would have happily signed the SPA 3 weeks ago la. So you must throw around some scary land acquisition act. Make some small government agencies look monstrous, then only can have hero Chua. Bugger, hero Chua man! Saviour of the Chinese, woohoo! (Fark him la...)

And now Bukit Bintang. Whoa! That landmark Mc-Ah-Nold also the MRT people want to tear down. Very scary lah this government people. Take land with ease. And probably pay the owners peanuts. Fear not Bukit Bintang. Hero Chua will come save the day. He will 'convince' the authorities to leave your shoplots alone. On top of that, MCA will make sure that works beneath will not affect your structure. With MCA you will not even feel a thing while they tunnel way below your arse.

See, MCA bagus! Who says MCA is irrelevant? (Me! Me!Me!)

Sandiwara saja banyaklah UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan... Waste of everybody's time.

Doesn't it come as a surprise that both areas (Chinatown and Bukit Bintang) are Chinese areas? I hope these folks don't fall for the charade. And please remember that PR's representative with the likes of Tony Pua were there for you first.

And that folks, is the sign that the next elections is around the corner. MCA only gets busy when they need you. But if you don't need them, they will create something so that it looks like you need them. Like that also can! &$^@()@#!!!

Uncles and aunties, don't be surprised if Chua Soi Lek pops up at your house one of these days, asks to use the toilet and leaves his poop unflushed. (Actually he purposely broke the flushing system already one). But not to worry. He can with a snap of 2 fingers get Indah Water to repair your toilet in 5 minutes. I tell ah, imagine if Chua Soi Lek didn't decide to poop in your house that day. Silap silap your house stink with your own poop for weeks before IWK come clean the mess ah. Chua Soi Lek hou yeh! Now you see the importance of MCA and Chinese representation in the BN government.

You all think so easy is it to be a politician. Sit down and money fall on your lap? Very difficult one. You all dunno only...

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I Got Tear Gassed

Posted by Simon Templar On Saturday, July 09, 2011 18 comments

What a day! After all the pre-event nonsense by Najib & Gang, 9 July 2011 has finally arrived. You bet that I’ll be there.

Getting into KL city centre proved to be as nightmarish as I expected it to be. First I had to survive the massive road blockage at the Subang toll plaza along Federal Highway. (Had to take Federal Highway as NKVE was a no go). The police officers were just rubbish. How can they actually differentiate who’s going to the Bersih 2.0 rally and who’s not? Were they expecting us to be happily clad in yellow? It is clear that their intention is simply to cause inconvenience to the public. Most of the time, they just stand by the side and let the cars pass in a single file.

Traffic was crystal clear from then onwards. Then came another road block right after the Sunway exit. But kudos to Malaysians. Everyone was surprisingly very patient. No silly cutting in here, cutting in there like normal days. It seems that if you are on the road today, you are already mentally prepared for the slowdown.

Turned into NPE and we decided to change our meeting point from Times Square to the KTM KL Railway Station. Parked my car at the Petaling Komuter Station. When the train came… oh my oh my… the sardine packed coaches…

(Note: I’ve not hopped on our public train in a long long time. Hehe… Yah, kinda spoilt with the ‘own transport’ way of life).

Managed to get myself in with the coach door closing right at my butt. A large number of the passengers were on their way to the Bersih 2.0 rally too. Brilliant! People were openly exchanging latest news with each another.

I finally got into KL some 2.5 hours after I left home. I survived the blockages and hurdles! People, next time stop giving excuses, if you have the will you will get there. And I bet a huge score of people took a much longer time to get into KL. Think of the out-stationers. Hats off to them.

From the KTM Station, I followed the crowd who were walking towards Klang Bus Station/Pasar Seni LRT Station, then Jalan Sultan and then Kota Raya/Pudu Bus Station hotspot. And that’s when I first got into the ‘action’. The crowd had gathered in numbers. And PDRM greeted my arrival with shots of tear gas. How nice of them. Helter skelter ensued la. Took refuge at Hotel Ancasa entrance where I met up with fellow blog author, Neo.

It was about 2.00 pm and then the rain started. It was raining cats and dogs. Adui… Why la today… And the organizers got us moving towards Stadium Merdeka. Talk about soaked wet. Bersih 2.0 was turning into a wet t-shirt contest.

(Note: Ladies, next time please try to not come for an open rally in white. Malaysia is well known for heavy downpours. Not very decent when you are all soaked wet in white).

The rally was really multi-racial. Am very surprised. I did not expect to see the Chinese coming out in numbers. We know the spirited Malays are always up for it. The Indians too; as they have shown in the past. But the Chinese turnout was fantastic. Well done! It was a truly Bangsa Malaysia rally. And of all ages too. Countless aunties and uncles, makciks and pakciks. Am very heartened that the 20s and 30s took it upon them to leave the air-conds (as I did) and iPads (as I did) to jointly show the might of the rakyat. Najib & Gang, you guys seriously have to wake up. Malaysia is a little different today from 10 years ago.

(Note: Some parents thought it fit to make the rally a family event and brought along their little ones. The intention is good but I would advise against it. We are all very civilized and well behaved, but there is always 'them' who fire tear gas at us for no reason whatsoever. And it causes panic and a mad scramble for fresh air).

As we walked towards Stadium Merdeka, smaller groups joined us from junctions and the number just get larger and larger. I wouldn’t know how to put a figure to the headcount but it was a lot. (Definitely not 6,000 a certain figure-challenged IGP claim lor...)

Everything was in a very orderly manner. Why the surrounding shops shut business is beyond me. For heaven’s sake, what do you take us to be? We are not Perkasa’s thugs or Umno ‘Mat Rempit’ Youth. We are the very people you sell your goods to everyday. And you fear us now? There were some smart traders selling drinks and ice-creams and I bet you they all made a little fortune for themselves today. And the 7-11s too. Who dare steal even a bottle of mineral water? Do you know how many of us were out there on the streets? We can patrol ourselves better than the police will ever be. There wasn’t even any pushing or shoving around the stores and stalls. Yes, that is how civilize we are. Hidup rakyat!

Oh and the chants! Endless “Hidup Hidup”, Hidup Rakyat”, “Bersih Bersih” “Hidup Bersih”. Some got creative and even started singing Rasa Sayang, Jingling Nona… Soaked wet we may be, but our spirits were never dampen. The crowd just gets you going. There were simply so many ‘semangat’ fellas around, somebody will start something when things seem to slowdown.

Failing to get into Stadium Merdeka, we got moving to Central Market. It is fun when you move in numbers. You can really feel the power of the people. Sorry folks… It is non-describable. You can read, you can see the videos, but you’ll never feel it unless you are there. Nobody cares what colour your skin is. Nobody cares what your religion is. Nobody cares where you come from. We are simply... the rakyat.

When we got to the Central Market area, the police were already there waiting. We were just hanging around waiting for the next wave of marchers to join us. And then the barbarians started shooting tear gas at us. For what? We weren’t even doing anything.

At about 3.40pm, Wong Chin Huat decided to end our side of the rally. He climbed on an elevated structure and was trying to deliver the ending message to us and I was standing right in front of him. At this point, we were at the junction of Jalan Sultan and Jalan Hang Kasturi (where Klang Bus Station and Pasar Seni LRT Station are). Here we were, getting a "go home" message and the barbarians started shooting tear gas canisters at us again. Those blardie idiots! They don’t shoot into empty space to prevent you from moving forward. They shoot right into the crowd for god knows what sadistic reasons. I saw a canister flew past us into Level 1 of Klang Bus Station behind us. I turned around and saw a canister headed straight at us; leaving a comet like trail in its flying path. It landed a couple of metres from me. There was no mistake that I was at ground zero of a landed sting bomb. Stinging gas particles rapidly fought us head on for airspace. Martha-farking-bitch it hurts. We ran for fresh air. Oh it blardie hurts! I held my breath earlier but the throat burns. The mouth burns. Somehow the gas didn’t get my eyes (tear gas not hurting my eyes? hmmm…). The upper lips burns. The pain… Fark! Fark! Fark!

Some experienced rally-ers were handing out salt, took some and I felt better a while later. But the pain still lingers.

We were now pushed further back of the Pasar Seni LRT stop. Wong Chin Huat finally gave his thank you speech and ended with Negaraku. And the chantings of course. "Hidup Rakyat".

The crowd refused to leave. Everyone continued to linger under the Pasar Seni LRT station. Maybe we were expecting more. As we were ‘loitering’ beneath the LRT station, the darn coppers came charging at us. They started shooting rounds and rounds of tear gas at us… into the under-belly of the LRT stations. And they came charging trying to nab us. What the fark? Sudah bersurai lah. Cannot just hang around is it? There was no longer any chanting whatsoever. I would say that most people were just taking a rest or figuring out how to get home. We may be at an LRT station, but the trains are skipping the station. And they attacked us! Blardie idiots la the men in blue.

The group finally moved towards Sentral and dispersed.

We may not have been able to get all supporters at 1 place to show our united number and might. We may not have been able to hand over the petition to the DYMM Agong. But the objectives of Bersih 2.0 had already been achieved days ago. Najib & Gang were plain stupid to have fallen right into the pithole. We all knew that EC is never going to give a damn about whatever we are seeking. Bersih 2.0 has further shown the people how evil the BN government is and can be. Bersih 2.0 has convinced more people that a change in government is needed for this country. Scores of fence-sitters have now swung away from BN. Many of us are still not convinced by Pakatan Rakyat but more Malaysians now believe in the need for a 2 party system. And for that, the tyranny of BN has to end.

It's really funny that had Najib allowed for the Bersih 2.0 rally, the fence sitters would have given him a chance to proof his reforms and agendas. After all, he would have been seen to be democratic, moderate and fair. But he chose to suppress the rakyat in the most ungentlemanly behaviour full to the brim with untrustworthiness and indignity.

Isn't it ironic how Najib and his 'less than bright' cousin have main-casted their own downfalls.

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GLC Engrish So Good

Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, May 23, 2011 19 comments

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Author's note:

Subsequent to the posting of this article, some readers have highlighted via the Comments Column that the site I was directed to is not TM's official site. I've checked further on that - and that's true. The site is an agent's site. Or may be a scam site. But they don't ask for credit card details... Phew!

I also found out that ".co" is the internet country code for Colombia. ".co" is offered on some sites as the suffix for free site hosting.

My most sincere apologies to TM for whacking them. Kekeke... I'll make it up to TM by subscribing to UniFi when it reaches my area.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

How important is the English language today?

In Malaysia, this is a very sensitive question. All sorts of people will throw in all sorts of argument regardless of if it's an 'aye' for English or 'nay' for it. And it will not take too long for that simple question to deviate to racial issues, then to religion, then to social contract, then to 'you are a pendatang', then to 'please respect the Constitution', then to 'BN is corrupt' and what is and what not.

The Malays are divided on this question. So are the Chinese and the Indians. The urbanites are divided on this question. There is not going to be a simple answer - that's for sure.

To me, the English language is so-damn-blardie-kau important. Hey, that's my stand so no need to tell me yours. Am not going to defend my stand now because am writing to show something else.

English is a complicated language. No kidding it is. We Malaysians are used to the rojak version so most of us could not be bothered to improve ourselves. Besides, asalkan we can understand each another, cukup makan lah... So, that's us in our daily lives. Fine and dandy. But on official documents, official events, good to be proper a bit lah. And on GLC websites, please put in a bit of effort lah. It reflects badly on the GLC, the government and we Malaysians as a whole.

I was trying to get a Unifi subscription for my house. Apparently I get to register online. Googled it and this is what greeted me:

What the...?

"Great News!!"

Dude, what's with the double exclamation marks? Why 2? Why not 3 or 5 or 10? Satu cukup bro. Where did you learn to use 2 anyway?? See, isn't it weird when I use 2 question marks? Cikgu kat sekolah tak ajar such things anymore?

"All Streamyx user is allow to Upgrade to UniFi services, except previously Streamyx user who have Sign Free Notebook and PC bundle package is no allow to upgrade to UniFi

Now you can Upgrade your Streamyx to UniFi or Apply new installation through this web site."

I don't even know where to start on these sentences. The basic grammar is bertaburan, capital alphabet is used in the middle of the sentence, the sentences are just rubbish... Seriously, this is embarrassing. This is supposed to be a big corporation in the country. This website is meant to reach out to a lot of people. Is this the work of the Google Translate? You can't blame me for raising this question. We have precedents in the Teoh Beng Hock case and more recently the super large banner in Mandarin greeting Wen Jiabao when he visited us.

Wait! The nightmare does not end there. After I submitted my registration...

"Thanks for your registration! Your form have been submitted! We will contact you as soon as possible. Please check for the Installation Guide Video page so that you can more understand on the UniFi installation Process before the contractor come to install the UniFi Services for you.

For those applicants haven't upload photocopy IC during registration, you can use you Scanner or Phone Camera or Digital Camera to take your photocopy IC (both side) and email to within 24 Hours. All the order will no be process until applicant IC have been received, If you have any enquiry or question, please don't hesitate to contact us at 010-7985600."

Aiyoh... Painful, painful... This is not an Email between 2 friends la! On your Personal Term, nobody gives a damn! This is you reaching out to your Customers. And for crying out loud, this is not something some less-than-capable chap Emailed me on the spot!! The above are all programmed Webpages. Why can't somebody check on this before it goes live?? Is this done in-house by UniFi? If yes, isn't there proper Monitoring and Hierachy for approvals? If no, which means that it is Outsourced, doesn't anyone perform any check? Or is everyone involved just too Lazy?? It can't be everyone involved being Equally incompetent in the English Language!! Someone somewhere must have been able to Pick Up at least some of the Gibberish. (Ok... Ok... Sorry about the punctuation marks, question marks and caps... Am trying to proof a point. So darn irritating isn't it?)

The attitude people, the attitude. The couldn't care less attitude which is as bad as corruption, if you asked me. I have no idea what the majority of government and GLC officers are paid to do. I don't need to elaborate as we already know their ineptitude pretty well. If you don't then you should not call yourself a Malaysian. Where have you been all these while?

Shy lah when you see these things. It is not that my English is any fantastic. I've got some serious grammar issues too - I admit to that. But you've just got to know when proper sentences need to be formed. Look at the context of which the language is being used. It is bad enough with people like me rojak-ing the English language on blogs like this. Not a good practice but I guess this is still somewhat acceptable as this is quite informal. But not on proper websites la. Have not checked Petronas' website but I will be horrified if they are this bad. (Maybe Tun does a personal inspection since he is so hands-on).

You know those emails you get on out-of-this-world English used on signboards, restaurants, toilets etc. Those where the pictures are probably taken from China or some East European countries. Time to stop laughing at these emails people. Malaysia is right down there with them.

Oh! This sms just came in on my handphone:

Good day 2u, Xxx! UniFi Services haven't cover Xxx Xxx yet! When UniFi ready in your area, UniFi installer automatic cal you for installation! Thanks

More punctuation marks. More grammatical errors. Different mode of communication, same rubbish. Then this is no longer the web master's issue, this is a corporation issue.

By the way, they told me my area already got service one loh! Or else I bodoh-bodoh go register for what? I am not government or GLC officer who got a lot of time in hand ok.

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Religious Overdose - Enough-lah...

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, May 04, 2011 15 comments

That's it people. I've just about had enough of all these religious talks going round this country.

Everyday. And I mean everyday we see headlines like these:

Muslim NGOs say Idris Jala bias in Alkitab row (The Malaysian Insider)

Islam under siege in Malaysia (MalaysiaKini)

The above 2 are what I've just picked up from the websites mentioned as I type this. Don't even need to scroll down the webpage or look for one. It's smack on your face like a cream pie.

It is always Islam this, Christians that. Islam that, Muslims this. Aiyoh... Don't you people have better things to do? All these religious NGOs and religious brotherhoods... Don't they need to earn a living? Don't they have a day job? Or a business to run? Where do they find so much time running here, calling press conferences there. No life ah?

Eh hello. Has anyone read any latest reports on youths embracing religion? It is at an all time low. No answers has been given on why this is happening but if you ask me, it has all to do with overdose and radicalism being practised. Bloody hell... Who will want to embrace any religion where fanatics run around town screaming they want this, they want that, heaven this, hell that. By the way ah, this is not a Muslim bashing session. This applies to the Christians as much. Imagine if we have the Jews in Malaysia. The circus will be complete.

(Am not taking sides. In fact I am not even a religious person. Nope, do not subscribe to any religion for the time being).

Look here Mr. Religious Fanatics, most of us Malaysians are having trouble putting rice on table. Many among us cannot afford to buy a roof to shelter our heads. We are having a serious livelihood problem here. Maybe you have found a secret formula to turn our polluted air into energy once they are taken into your lungs, but I have not. So, why don't you bugger off for the next 1000 years and let us live in peace. Funny, apparently religion helps you find inner peace, but our peace will have to come from getting rid of so-called religious people. How ironic!

What are you religious people so paranoid about anyway? Why is it that there is always someone trying to sabotage your religion? This is 2011 already lah. You think we are still living in medieval times? Where got knights in armor suits galloping across continents spreading religion and killing in the name of religion? Grow up lah! Nobody wants to sabo you or your beloved religion. Anyone with time in hand is better off chilling out at Starbucks or play Angry Birds on their iPad lah ok! WTF! TNS!

Oh! And can this non-religious person offer you so-called religious people a pointer. If you do bad things, then you are a bad person. Doing bad things to other people for 'the sake of your religion' does not make you a good person. No heaven for you, dummy. Taking money from some political scumbag to smear others in the name of 'feeding your family' makes you a bad person. No heaven for you too. Bad is bad. No excuses, no reasoning.

One more thing. What on earth is this craze about entering heaven? I shall not thread on the number one question of 'Is There A Heaven?'. Don't know. Don't care. But what I do know is you are alive NOW. If you do good, then bagus. If you do bad, then you are not a good person. Not being a religion expert (oh come on... I'd rather be typing this then read a religious script), I thought that the ultimate goal of religion is to make us better people. If you stick to this very simple idea of 'good person', you will be be able to interpret a whole lot of your scripts better. Let's put us into a little warpath of Religious vs Non-Religious. We non-religious people are laughing at you guys most of the times. (Hahahahaha... hahaha... ). Why? Because you guys are just so <Fill In The Blank>. Look at the way you interpret your scripts. Some of you can actually turn your religious script into Nightmare on Elm Street. Your scripts are good books. There is no bad element in it. And yet you can do bad, mind you some really bad stuffs, and say that your religion calls for it. Nonsense. Read my lips:

There is no bad religion. If you think or believe your religion promotes any form of negativity or evil or bad, you've read it wrongly!

Point to ponder before I pen off. (Or is that keyboard off? Sounds weird). Ever wonder why the Buddhists or the Hindus or the Sikhs of Malaysia don't make that much noise?

Now leave us alone! And go get a job.
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The Real Deal Chinese Running Dog

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, April 29, 2011 12 comments

I cannot imagine how Chua Soi Lek can walk the streets of Malaysia without being showered in Chinese spit. This person is the ultimate traitor to all Malaysians of Chinese ancestry. A man who sells his kind just to please his political master, Dark Lord UMNO. The only reason that he is still dry must be that Malaysian Chinese have dropped that bad habit which is almost a national culture of mainland China.

Hey wait a minute. But I see plenty of spitting at bah kut teh outlets, hokkien mee stalls, kopitiams. So why is Chua Soi Lek not covered in spit? He deserves every milliliter of it.

What’s with the jibe at PKR to call for the removal of Malay special rights and privileges? Wait. Got to hold my thoughts first. Ummm… Why isn’t Chua Soi Lek detained under ISA for questioning the special rights and privileges of Malays in this country? The fact that he says that he is willing to vote PKR if PKR removes Malay rights and privileges means that he, Chua Soi Lek, is against Malays special rights and privileges right? Else why will he vote for a party who supports the move. Plus he outright calls (instigating, not?) for someone to take up the task to remove the rights and privileges of the Malays; and he will support that move. Hah! Kena tangkap basah! Sham… Tolong sign detention order. Kasi tangkap sama Cina ni. Kasi buang bahlul ni kat Kamunting.

Ok what was it that I was gonna say…

In his video (the MCA TV video that it, not the other one *wink* *wink*), he said (actually I read the sub-title) ‘so you can have your hope but the hope should be based on the political realities in the country’. What is Dr. (How-He-Got-His-Doctorate?) Chua Soi Lek trying to tell us? Is he saying that the hopes of changes that Pakatan Rakyat are giving to the Chinese of Malaysia cannot materialize because Malaysia is a Malay dominant country? He added that ‘no other race will cancel their rights and privileges’. He surely meant so.

My dear Malaysian Chinese, the man who is purported to be the leader of your voice in the BN government is telling you that you are a 2nd class citizen in this country and live with it. I am not sure what the true fights of MCA really are but improving your socio-economic standings isn’t on MCA’s to-do list because you have to accept ‘the political realities in the country’. So what is it that MCA is fighting for on behalf on the Malaysian Chinese? To preserve the status as 2nd class citizens and to prevent a fall down to a 3rd class level along with the localised Indonesian and Bangladeshis? Is that so Chua Soi Lek?

It is beginning to look clearer now as to why MCA has not done anything for Malaysian Chinese for the pass 54 years although they claim to be the champion of Chinese rights and the protector of Chinese interests in Malaysia. Alas, the truth is out. Malaysian Chinese should not harbour any hopes of being treated as equals in this country. You should not be asking for additional places in national universities more than what has been donated to you on the graciousness of the UMNO government. Please accept that you will forever not be able to obtain direct government contracts but by way of being sub-cons to Malay cronies of UMNO. And whatever other grouses you have, please shaft it up ‘there’, live a pent-up life, and take it to your grave. Or your little urn should your kins decide to have you cremated.

MCA says that this is the reality. Please don’t be fooled into believing that an improvement is at the end of the tunnel because it is all cakap-cakap tipu Anwar. Lies because the ‘reality’ does not allow for any form of changes he says.

Inikah kita panggil, apa nama, wakil rakyat? Ptoooi! Wakil UMNO more like it. Any Chinese who supports this scum of a human is guilty of this same crime as he. Any Chinese who works with this shame of a human is guilty of this same crime as he. Any Chinese who votes this man-who-sold-his-people or vote anyone who supports him or vote anyone who works with him is guilty of destroying the hopes of their ancestors and future of their descendants.

Chua Soi Lek, please don’t come out tomorrow and say you have been misquoted. You said it over MCA TV. This former Health Minister is obviously so pressured by his UMNO masters that he has lost his marbles. Let’s put some real world events to proof to this genius that he is talking ‘male chicken’. The United States of America has a black president voted in by whites, blacks and hispanics. This country called USA is apparently the most powerful nation in the world and yet its developments seem to bypass this ‘champion’ of ours. (Funny though, he actually mentioned Obama in name during that clip). Who would have thought that the whites of US will give up their ‘rights to appoint a white president’? Did you know where the blacks stood in the socio-politics and economics of the US just a few decades ago?

And what about the whites of South Africa. These whites of South Africa have been there for generations. They have controlled the country for centuries. Yet, they return power to the blacks. What's that all about? The whites of South Africa are not English or Dutch. They are South Africans, only white. So, who says 'no other race will cancel their rights and privileges'?

What nonsense is this Dr. Chua fella talking about? Doctorate konon. Beli kat internet punya ka? Does he not read his own The Star to keep up with the world? Or does The Star not report all these? Takkan The Star asyik report pasal Rosmah, Rosmah, Rosmah je… Maybe it’s about time he bookmarks Malaysia Today, The Malaysian Insider and MalaysiaKini.

There is one really funny aspect to this episode. That is with all these gibberish that this cretin is dishing out, he actually harbours hope of MCA winning more seats in the next general election. He should really look into what he had just said on ‘hope’ because he is obviously leaving on a mini-lala-land of his very own.

Don't challenge anyone to do anything. If you are true to the Malaysian Chinese, walk out of Barisan Nasional. You have already admitted that this BN government does not have future positives for Malaysian Chinese. Are you man enough? Or have you left your balls at that Batu Pahat hotel?
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Incompetent PKR; Bungling Pakatan

Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, April 19, 2011 13 comments

There is something seriously wrong with PKR.

The leaders of PKR are either the ultimate optimists or they are simply, born liars. How can anyone in PKR claim to have led a good campaign in Sarawak? They have just been slaughtered even with the changing political climate in Malaysia and yet they are pleased having ‘made in-roads’ into Sarawak and tripling their representation in the Dewan Negeri; increase from 1 to 3 seats. How laughable.

I would rather that they face the defeat like a real man. Come out and admit that PKR have under-estimated BN and that the rural Sarawakians have not warmed up to West Malaysian politics. At least this may wake a lot of their own people up from their slumber. And we do know that many Malaysians live in make-believe world where reality is but a perception of their little minds.

The less optimistic of the PKR members may say that the battle has been lost, but the chances of winning the war (i.e. GE 13) has increased with the ‘better’ performance seen in Sarawak. Another load of hot BS. Based on the Sarawak election, Pakatan Rakyat has ZERO chance of forming the next government. Wake up people, the chances are ZERO. Sarawak has 31 parliamentary seats and Sabah has 25. Based on the Sarawak elections, how many parliamentary seats can we honestly expect to win from the urban areas? 4? 5? How are we going to win 65% of all votes?

How are we rakyat going to win the GE13? If you have a decent brain, your guess is as good mine. If you have a non-functioning brain, you will be claiming that GE13 is a foregone conclusion with a PR win because UMNO and BN are evil and the rakyat will kick them out.

First and foremost, let us all ingrain in our minds that it is very difficult to oust BN because of gerrymandering and dirty politics along with collusion with EC. The shocking thing is that before any elections, anyone and everyone knows what BN is going to throw money and play dirty. BN is so open that they are playing poker with all 5 cards open on the table. And yet PR loses the game. Something is very wrong isn’t it? Are we thinking out of the box to counter BN? Isn’t something not right when the voter could have taken BN’s money but vote PR instead? Could it maybe be a case as simple as PR not being appealing to the voters in the very first place? At least with the rural voters.

We can see that informed voters have ‘spoken’. The urban Sarawakians of Kuching, Miri and Sibu have followed their urban counterparts in West Malaysia. We can safely say that the change in West Malaysia has blown to East Malaysia. But it is obvious that this wind is not going to cause any further changes. Why? I dare say that because the change that we are asking for is not what the rural voters want.

( I am a believer that DAP won the 12 seats not fully on merits of DAP or their candidates but simply as part of the wind of change by informed voters. Nevertheless, kudos to DAP for having a very well oiled machinery and early preparations.)

Is it a co-incidence that throughout Malaysia, the urbanites are generally leaning towards PR while the rural folks are still giving their support to BN? I choose to say no. I say this scenario is the result of wrong strategy applied by PR.

We urbanites are better informed. No arguments about that. We are better educated too. Some of us have also had the opportunity to see democracy elsewhere and are hence asking for betterment. We tackle social issues, government misdemeanours and so on and so forth. But how do these issues affect the rural folks? Remember, everyone is selfish – this is human nature (like it or not). And please admit to that. Key point is – how does that matter affect me?

To many rural folks, they could not be bothered about these social issues. Take it from me that some people just like the simple life. It is idiots like us who get all worked up over injustice, corruption etc. If that is so, then is the strategy that worked in urban areas going to be equally effective in the rural areas? The kampong folks have proven over and over that it does not work. And yet PR uses the same strategy.

Look at the results of past elections. I read in one of Sarawak elections report saying that BN won in a voting area which had never had water supply. Shocking! What did PR do or not do there? Logically, either those voters are morons or PR simply screwed up. Again I am reiterating that the voters could have taken BN’s money but vote PR. They did not. So, what did BN do right there?

Is PR going everywhere shouting Anwar and Reformasi? Do you think the rural folks care about the submarine that could not dive or the Prime Minister’s wife who took out pages congratulating herself in New York? Do you think the rural folks are bothered if petrol costs RM10 per litre or that Selangor gives RM10 free water? Do they even know who on earth Anwar is?

Point is – are the issues brought to the rural folks relevant to them? How many of us actually step into their shoes and see things from their point of view? Does electricity tariff affect me when my electricity is generated from the noisy generator (shared by my 10 other neighbours) behind my house? Does free water affect me when I get my water from the river 5 minutes walk away? Does rising cost of living affect me when I plant my own vegetables, catch my own fish and rare my own chicken? If I am not bothered about the above, somebody please tell me, why should I be bothered about that man who fell down from MACC’s office or why certain murderer never get charged in court. Or for the love of god, why would the deterioration in the education system affect my live when I have never been to school (nor do my 5 children) because the nearest school is 2 hours by boat away. If I have lived this old without education, why would my children’s children need education? Will going to school put food on the table tonight? Aren’t they better off picking fruits in the jungle nearby.

Not everyone has advanced. There is a huge number of population that has been left behind while the landscape of Kuala Lumpur continues to get filled up with skyscrapers. There are many people who simply do not ask for progress because they believe that progress is beyond them. Because they accept life as it is. And we are reaching out to them with issues like the corrupted UMNO leaders who enrich themselves? Or the police force who helps UMNO stay in power?

You get what I’m trying to say? Astro is part of our lives but a lot of these people do not even have a TV. We take many things we have for granted and we assume that everyone wants what we want. The truth is everyone has different needs. What is the point of Azmin Ali and gang going to kampongs telling the folks there what Azmin Ali and gang needs? What is the point of you feeding the cow the best fried chicken in the world?

Pakatan Rakyat and in particular, PKR, is going the wrong way. They have to wake up now and go back to the drawing board. These leaders that we hope will lead us to a better future are simply not good enough. No one is really thinking out of the box. (By the way, the Ubah mascot by DAP is brilliant!) And PKR seriously needs some talents leading their strategy team. I mean seriously, seriously, seriously. I don’t like the American style of politics but you have to accept that they are very good at what they do. Let it be fund raising or election strategies. Just for an idea, oh somebody please read some Jeffrey Archers. We are light years behind. An author can actually think better than our leaders.

Kalau saya Najib, saya bubarkan Dewan Rakyat esok!

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