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I cannot imagine how Chua Soi Lek can walk the streets of Malaysia without being showered in Chinese spit. This person is the ultimate traitor to all Malaysians of Chinese ancestry. A man who sells his kind just to please his political master, Dark Lord UMNO. The only reason that he is still dry must be that Malaysian Chinese have dropped that bad habit which is almost a national culture of mainland China.

Hey wait a minute. But I see plenty of spitting at bah kut teh outlets, hokkien mee stalls, kopitiams. So why is Chua Soi Lek not covered in spit? He deserves every milliliter of it.

What’s with the jibe at PKR to call for the removal of Malay special rights and privileges? Wait. Got to hold my thoughts first. Ummm… Why isn’t Chua Soi Lek detained under ISA for questioning the special rights and privileges of Malays in this country? The fact that he says that he is willing to vote PKR if PKR removes Malay rights and privileges means that he, Chua Soi Lek, is against Malays special rights and privileges right? Else why will he vote for a party who supports the move. Plus he outright calls (instigating, not?) for someone to take up the task to remove the rights and privileges of the Malays; and he will support that move. Hah! Kena tangkap basah! Sham… Tolong sign detention order. Kasi tangkap sama Cina ni. Kasi buang bahlul ni kat Kamunting.

Ok what was it that I was gonna say…

In his video (the MCA TV video that it, not the other one *wink* *wink*), he said (actually I read the sub-title) ‘so you can have your hope but the hope should be based on the political realities in the country’. What is Dr. (How-He-Got-His-Doctorate?) Chua Soi Lek trying to tell us? Is he saying that the hopes of changes that Pakatan Rakyat are giving to the Chinese of Malaysia cannot materialize because Malaysia is a Malay dominant country? He added that ‘no other race will cancel their rights and privileges’. He surely meant so.

My dear Malaysian Chinese, the man who is purported to be the leader of your voice in the BN government is telling you that you are a 2nd class citizen in this country and live with it. I am not sure what the true fights of MCA really are but improving your socio-economic standings isn’t on MCA’s to-do list because you have to accept ‘the political realities in the country’. So what is it that MCA is fighting for on behalf on the Malaysian Chinese? To preserve the status as 2nd class citizens and to prevent a fall down to a 3rd class level along with the localised Indonesian and Bangladeshis? Is that so Chua Soi Lek?

It is beginning to look clearer now as to why MCA has not done anything for Malaysian Chinese for the pass 54 years although they claim to be the champion of Chinese rights and the protector of Chinese interests in Malaysia. Alas, the truth is out. Malaysian Chinese should not harbour any hopes of being treated as equals in this country. You should not be asking for additional places in national universities more than what has been donated to you on the graciousness of the UMNO government. Please accept that you will forever not be able to obtain direct government contracts but by way of being sub-cons to Malay cronies of UMNO. And whatever other grouses you have, please shaft it up ‘there’, live a pent-up life, and take it to your grave. Or your little urn should your kins decide to have you cremated.

MCA says that this is the reality. Please don’t be fooled into believing that an improvement is at the end of the tunnel because it is all cakap-cakap tipu Anwar. Lies because the ‘reality’ does not allow for any form of changes he says.

Inikah kita panggil, apa nama, wakil rakyat? Ptoooi! Wakil UMNO more like it. Any Chinese who supports this scum of a human is guilty of this same crime as he. Any Chinese who works with this shame of a human is guilty of this same crime as he. Any Chinese who votes this man-who-sold-his-people or vote anyone who supports him or vote anyone who works with him is guilty of destroying the hopes of their ancestors and future of their descendants.

Chua Soi Lek, please don’t come out tomorrow and say you have been misquoted. You said it over MCA TV. This former Health Minister is obviously so pressured by his UMNO masters that he has lost his marbles. Let’s put some real world events to proof to this genius that he is talking ‘male chicken’. The United States of America has a black president voted in by whites, blacks and hispanics. This country called USA is apparently the most powerful nation in the world and yet its developments seem to bypass this ‘champion’ of ours. (Funny though, he actually mentioned Obama in name during that clip). Who would have thought that the whites of US will give up their ‘rights to appoint a white president’? Did you know where the blacks stood in the socio-politics and economics of the US just a few decades ago?

And what about the whites of South Africa. These whites of South Africa have been there for generations. They have controlled the country for centuries. Yet, they return power to the blacks. What's that all about? The whites of South Africa are not English or Dutch. They are South Africans, only white. So, who says 'no other race will cancel their rights and privileges'?

What nonsense is this Dr. Chua fella talking about? Doctorate konon. Beli kat internet punya ka? Does he not read his own The Star to keep up with the world? Or does The Star not report all these? Takkan The Star asyik report pasal Rosmah, Rosmah, Rosmah je… Maybe it’s about time he bookmarks Malaysia Today, The Malaysian Insider and MalaysiaKini.

There is one really funny aspect to this episode. That is with all these gibberish that this cretin is dishing out, he actually harbours hope of MCA winning more seats in the next general election. He should really look into what he had just said on ‘hope’ because he is obviously leaving on a mini-lala-land of his very own.

Don't challenge anyone to do anything. If you are true to the Malaysian Chinese, walk out of Barisan Nasional. You have already admitted that this BN government does not have future positives for Malaysian Chinese. Are you man enough? Or have you left your balls at that Batu Pahat hotel?

12 Response to "The Real Deal Chinese Running Dog"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    MCA is malaysia clowns association. what do u expect except jokes n laughter


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Chua Soi Lek is right in his "political reality" - for MCA that is. Having seen Gerakan completely wiped out in 2008, and the fate of SUPP on April 16, his political reality is MCA will follow suit come GE13.

    His reputation as a medical doctor (not PhD as pointed out) is ruined by his movie-making venture. Should he go back to medical practice, he will be seen more an actor than a doctor. Pre-empting support for PR is his insurance for political continuity.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    CSL thought that he is smart and can blackmail the chinese. What he wants to achieve in making that statement that the chinese all will vote MCA candidates in GE13 or else there will be no chinese minister. He is effectively holding a knife at the Chinese's throat.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    its a whole lot to say "i,m racist"


  5. Anonymous Said,

    and if u had read it till the end ur one too


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Dr Chua is a desperate man. It is very simple. All BN component parties does not have the balls to tell UMNO to f off due to their own self interest, though deep in their hearts, they would really love to. That is why they come out with this 'political reality' notion.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    When asked to lick arse, he probably stick his tongue out so long that he had a locked jaw ... and he stuck his tongue as deep as possible into the crevice that is an arsehole ... it was soooo deep that he could taste the big intestine ... his intention is to lick the furthest nook of that cavity as clean as a whistle ... so as to please his master.

    Real disgrace to the doctors in Malaysia to have him as a brethren.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Ops lalang II


  9. Anonymous Said,

    What's so great about his title? He is only a panadol in various colour tyoe of doctor only. In fact, he is a disgarce in the medical fratertanity.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Does it make any difference? Whether there is any Chinese representation in the government/cabinet does it make any difference? All Chinese and for that matter all Indian and other races should vote out BN in the next GE13. MCA, MIC and Gerakan together with other BN components cannot make any changes for the welfare of your race as long as they are are in BN. PR is a better choice. At least let them have a try and if they are just like BN, vote them out in the following GE. Anyway, Penang is a living proof.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Any man who cheats on his wife, is not a man, he is to be discarded and thrown to remotest part of Malaysia. And yet, the chinese voted him as MCA President.What does that tell you about the chinese mentality?
    And now this unfaithful President, talks through his arse. Well, if he doesn't do as as big brother UMNO tells him to, he will be charged for sodomy and other vulgar sexual acts. And knowing that CSL can be manipulated and his principles can be stretched, the chinese community still voted him as President. Serves the chinese right for voting in a immoral man that can be blackmailed. You had quite a decent man in Ong Tee Keat, but you voted him out. I hope worse things befall the chinese community, for your lacking in political judgement.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I'm Chinese and ashamed of your delirious talk, CSL. I'm NOT voting for MCA. You can kiss your legacy or whatever detritus goodbye.


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