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Squatting Monkey, Jumping Lembu

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Incompetent PKR; Bungling Pakatan

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I Got Tear Gassed

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Najib The Ponzi Scheme Master

Posted by Simon Templar On 11 December 2009

Rais; Another RAIS Minister

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, June 26, 2009 3 comments

This is a Bernama's report which means that the event is true.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 (Bernama) -- Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim today suggested that all media return to using the terminology "swine flu" instead of Influenza A(H1N1).

He said this was to ensure that the people realised the danger of the disease and to get the message across to them more accurately.

It is also easier for (radio and television) announcers to state "selsema babi" (swine flu) than H1N1 in Bahasa Melayu, he told reporters after an official visit to Pos Malaysia, here.

Rais also said that the ministry would monitor programmes broadcasting health-related advertisements to ensure that there was no confusion as to the accuracy of the message as well as the people's understanding of swine flu.

"We should not combine health-related matters with confusing advertisements," he said.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now why is it that the use of swine and babi will "ensure that the people realised the danger of the disease and to get the message across to them more accurately"?

Why? Why? Why? I cannot fathom that. Didn't WHO already declare that the flu be called A(H1N1) for standardisation and easy recognition? Hasn't the Health Minister asked that the terminology A(H1N1) be used? The flu has got nothing to do with pigs as initially thought.

Why selsema babi? Is it because that pigs are considered dirty by Muslims and as such anything associated with pigs will trigger and scare the Malays? How shallow! If this is Rais' view, then what about the balance of 40% of Malaysians who have nothing against Babe? Or does Rais view Malays to be so not-so-bright that they cannot understand the true nature of this flu or any media reports for that matter? Is that so?

This is another rubbish coming from another rubbish minister in Malaysia. Damn! We Malaysians have fucked up leaders.

To take the lead from Rais, from now on lets make sure that the "
people realise the danger and to get the message across to them more accurately" on how dangerous being stupid is. From today, I encourage everyone to subsititute any words or actions that are stupid and stupid related with the word "rais".

Here are some examples on how "rais" can be used.

You visit a government agency and nobody is at the counter to serve you. (If you are a government agency virgin, please be made known that this is quite routine.) Everyone seems to be standing around at the back office chatting and minding their own business i.e. doing nothing. After 15 minutes, you let out a big scream "What a matha fucking rais department! You rais officers makan gaji buta!".

You are rushing a report out and a junior colleague has been tasked to draw a line chart. 5 minutes before deadline, he presented you with a pie chart because he likes more colours on his presentation. Under stress you shouted at him "What is wrong with you rais young farts? Line chart... Line chart... You are so rais!". Then you got screwed by your boss and you explained yourself, "Peter did a rais!".

You are at the Shah Alam Stadium watching Selangor vs Kedah. After 20 minutes, the referree sends off the Selangor goalie for doing a macarena while waiting for the Kedah striker to take a penalty. The Selangor fans go into a rage against the referree for this rais dismissal. You start a crowd chant "Referree rais! Referree rais!".

Here are but some examples. Feel free to be creative in using "rais" in your daily live. Betui-betui rais punya menteri. (That's another way you can use it - even in BM. Try it in Chinese or Tamil too!).
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PAS is killing Kedah!!!

Posted by Neo On Thursday, June 25, 2009 2 comments

- PAS is killing Kedah!!!
- Cannot imagine what will happen if they rule Federal government
- PAS = wolf in lamb skin!!!


PAS treating us like fools'

Jun 25, 09 11:21am

vox populi big thumbnail

‘I still don't like Umno but now, I hate PAS. PAS is like an Umno in Pakatan Rakyat only worse. PAS is betraying the non-Malays in Kedah and treating us like fools with all their policies.’

On 'Save Kedah before PAS destroys it'

James Wong: I am one of the non-Malays who voted for PAS in the last general election in 2008. Like everyone else, I was just frustrated with Umno’s style in BN.

The vote for PAS is not because I like PAS, but was intended to teach BN a lesson.

I remember PAS used the slogan ‘PAS for All’ and I was happy to hear that PAS, DAP and PKR formed Pakatan Rakyat.

But after one and a half years, I realise that PAS has betrayed the non-Malays in Kedah and their team members of Pakatan Rakyat.

Maybe it is the fault of DAP and PKR for not standing up against PAS’ racist policies such as the increase of bumi quota for housing to 50% and the recent pig slaughterhouse issue.

The price of pork is increasing and PAS is making things worse. I agree with the above headline and the idea by Gerakan Youth leader Tan Keng Liang for PKR and DAP to work with BN.

I still don't like Umno but now, I hate PAS. PAS is like an Umno in Pakatan Rakyat only worse. PAS is betraying the non-Malays in Kedah and treating us like fools with all their policies.

P Dev Anand Pillai: To an extent, I do agree with what the writers had said as I am a frequent visitor to Alor Setar and I find that the town can do with some cleaning up.

The PAS government has to be able to come up with solutions that the people of Kedah have been looking forward to all this while.

One of the main things which they should learn is to attract investment into the state. If the PAS- led government is not able to do this, then they should be shown the door come the next general elections.

One should take as a guide the short stint which the Pakatan government of Perak had before it was ousted ecause the PAS-DAP collaboration there worked well.

They managed to reduce the state's debts and forged collaborations with interested foreign parties who wanted to invest if red tape and corruption could be reduced.

Besides stressing on religion, PAS should start putting its efforts on building an economic think- tank that will be able to advise them on the economy when they govern states.

Extreme policies and measures will ensure that the people will react by booting them out of office the next time around. The power of the vote is now more better valued.


‘Save Kedah before PAS destroys it'

Jun 24, 09 9:46am

vox populi big thumbnail

‘The type of administration by Kedah under PAS really put us Malays in a difficult situation. We don't really need PAS with their extreme policies.’

On Kedah PKR, DAP told to abandon PAS

Fairus Hazli: I am a Malay in Kedah but the type of administration by Kedah under PAS really put us Malays in a difficult situation.

We don't really need PAS with their extreme policies.

Even the bumi quota which was increase from 30% to 50% is ‘killing’ the Malay contractors as there are now less housing projects in Kedah. That means less sub-contract jobs for us.

I hope that this can be highlighted to Anwar Ibrahim who will request ask PKR to step in before PAS destroys the whole of Kedah.

Suresh: Pakatan Rakyat is going to lose in the next general election if PAS still controls Kedah.

The Indians in Kedah get nothing and no assistance from the Kedah government.

Even after Manikumar given a post of exco following his Bukit Selambau win, the Indian community is being left out.

I salute Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang’s idea that PKR and DAP should work with BN.

But PKR and DAP must be given a main role to play in the Kedah government.

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Silence is Golden?

Posted by Da Maniac On Thursday, June 25, 2009 1 comments
Well, no posting on SPAnK does not mean that we have nothing to say. Sometimes there's so much to say but you just don't know where to start.

In the past one week, we have seen loads of stuff in Malaysia and the politics that surrounds this 'can-do' country of ours. I'm not even gonna write any decent post on any of them topics but would like to just list them down:

1. PAS & UMNO indecent proposals on Malay Unity and screw the rest talks
2. Dramas in the Parliament
3. PKF(rakking)Z Scandal (or non-scandal depending on which side of the fence you are on)
4. Correct! Correct! Correct! You are right, it is not me! No further action by the Malaysian Assist-Corruption Commission (MACC) because of 'insufficient evidence' on the Lingam Tapes inquiry
5. The famous noodles is back in town again - Sodo-mee
6. I will! Ops! I will not! by our Home Minister on wanting to relook on recommendations on the Royal Commission report on the Malaysian Poh-leece.
7. The obsession about 1Malaysia and what it actually means... which until now... no one can tell you exactly what it is!
8. Wearing black and sipping coffee with your friends is in violation of some ftoopid law
9. Sure blame the victims of H1N1. Why the scare mongering about this little pesky virus when more people die from the common flu. Treat it like what it is... why go overboard to say that this is a DEADLY virus! WTFrak! Careful when you cross that road because you might be too engrossed with the H1N1 news you forgot to look before you cross that road.
10. Best quote of the week "One million in Europe gets you nothing nowadays" by our Tourism Minister. Sure gets you nothing because that's spare change for all these BN Ministers. Oh... don't get me started about Malaysia's Tourism Ambassador who's not even a frakking Malaysian! How ftoopid is that?
11. Etc.

So... where do we start?
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Najib, Please Don't Do A Mahathir

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, June 19, 2009 4 comments

Now that Saiful's medical report has been released (or leaked like the Pusrawi version?) showing no signs of him ever being buggered, I hope that the government will do the right thing - that is to boot the charges against Anwar out of court and spare the nation the sandiwara of the hearings. Besides, it is also a waste of taxpayer's money if the prosecution do not have a case.

Najib and gang now have 2 weeks to think about this matter. I doubt if anybody can guess what their final decision is going to be. After all, history shows that BN and UMNO are quite persistent in pushing forward their master plans. Even if it requires them to pusing sana and pusing sini.

But for the good of the nation and the rakyat, the charges against Anwar must be dropped. Kuala Lumpur should not be allowed to be turned into another Bangkok. And it is not within the means of the Malaysian government to decide this. The government just cannot fight off the might of the rakyat.

A quick re-visit of the late 1990s; the ousting of Anwar is nothing but a tiny version of what can take place today. Malaysia has changed a lot since. Back then, the internet as a medium for information was at its very infancy with limited access. Malaysians generally believed the media and bought the spins only to see the farce in it years down the road. The media is not going to be able to spin UMNO's sandiwara this time around. In fact, I am certain that most rational Malaysians have already made up their mind that this Saiful episode is nothing but another conspiracy against Anwar. But today, the rakyat will not accept this conspiracy and watch by the sidelines like they did in 1998 because Anwar now represents much more. He is now the hope for a new Malaysia to be led by a new government. Whether he will be the Prime Minister is something else all together. What is clear is that he is now a symbol for change in this country. To quash him is to quash the hopes of these rakyat. Hope is a very dangerous element in men. Hope is the reason there is a tomorrow. Never take on anyone who has lost hope for men without hope are very dangerous. And I am fearful of this.

I am also quite sure that most of the participants in the street riots to protest against the government's brutality against Anwar back in 1998 were mostly young Malays. Today, a repeat of street protests will see the other races of all age groups joining in although I will have to say that the number of Chinese on the streets will remain small. The mindset of Malaysian Chinese is such that such open protests are 'inviting trouble'. Please don't judge the Malaysian Chinese's patrioticism, but if you understand them, you will see that they have been adapting and adapting to all sorts of challenges thrown at them since 1969 to the extent that they have been forced to learn to survive on their own. So to openly 'invite trouble' is totally against the survival mode they have been brought up with.

Back to the streets. Hindraf has shown that the Malaysian Indians are ready to take on the government heads on. There are now more Malays against the UMNO led government then ever before and many are not fearful to show the government their thoughts. The Bersih rally is a sampling of what Malaysians are capable of. Malaysians are a peaceful lot. But there are always the emotional ones. And as is the herd mentality, it is these emotional ones who will ultimately lead to trouble. Again, I am fearful of this.

And what about the international medias? Many have been following Anwar since his release from the prison. Honestly, nobody believed that he was guilty then. And I am also pretty confident that none believe that he is guilty now. The term 'trumped up charges' is so freely used. A combination of suppression of freedom of the people, hard handed tactics against opposition leaders, civil unrest, and government tyranny is not going to go down well with international medias and leading countries such as the US and the UK. Censorship of news out of the country is not going to work in Malaysia. We are not Myanmar. Be well assured that Malaysians at every level will keep the international medias well informed even if international journalists are barred from getting off their planes. Dissemmination of information in the 21st century is a different ball game.

And it is also no secret that Anwar is very popular in the international scene. His friends on the international front is aplenty. If Najib pushes ahead with this ill plan, he should be expecting harsh international criticism. But is Najib prepared for economic sanctions? Economic sanctions imposed upon Malaysia may seem like a laughable idea now. But not when the country is topsy turvy upside down with chaos ruling the day. Like I said, the scale of retaliation from the rakyat this time will not be one we have previously seen in this country. And it will not be Anwar's fault but Najib's.

I am a Malaysian who wants to see changes in this country. But I am also a Malaysian who wants to live peacefully. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, please don't turn our country into a Pakistan. Are your personal gains and political ambition more important than the welfare, livelihood and safety of 27 million rakyat Malaysia? You have the mandate to run the country but you do not have the mandate to put our lives at risk. There are times when you just have to accept that your time is up. In this case, your's come 2012/2013 along with UMNO's and BN's. Of course you are allowed to fight for your survival all the way to that time but please do it in a fair and just manner. Learn when to say no to your aides and advisors. Learn when to say no to UMNO's warlords. And the rakyat will thank you when your time to step down comes.
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Thank You, Saudara Anwar

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, June 17, 2009 2 comments
In my article titled Pakatan Rakyat Is Just Another Cirque Du Soleil, I questioned Anwar Ibrahim on how and why the Seberang Prai Municipal Council swearing-in ceremony boycott was allowed to proceed. It looks like PKR has made a u-turn from their earlier decision to close a blind eye on the issue.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --

Dear Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,

The Star's report on "Johari To Face PKR Disciplinary Action" dated 17 June 2009 refers.

Thank you for doing the right thing for Pakatan Rakyat.

And since Pakatan Rakyat at the end of the day belongs to the rakyat, by proceeding with this PKR internal disciplinary action, you are doing the right thing for the rakyat and the nation.

This in my view is good leadership.

Although this internal disciplinary action is belated, the fact that an action is now taken is a show of sincerity by PKR to maintain peace and harmony within Pakatan Rakyat. Let this be a lesson and warning to all in Pakatan Rakyat who harbour and place personal gains and personal agendas ahead of the objectives and spirit of Pakatan Rakyat. No one person, regardless of party membership of PKR, DAP or PAS, should be above the party and the rakyat would really love to see that no one person is above Pakatan Rakyat.

Let this be the start of more reconciliatory moves by all Pakatan Rakyat's component parties - for a better Pakatan Rakyat.

Hidup rakyat!

Yours faithfully,

Simon Templar (of Salt, Pepper ANd a little Kicap)

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --

Johari to face PKR disciplinary action

(The Star) - PKR whip Johari Kassim is ready to face the music from his party for his role in organising a boycott of the swearing-in of former North Seberang Prai district officer Mokhtar Mohd Jait as Seberang Prai Municipal Council president on June 4.

Johari, a Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) councillor, said yesterday he was unaware of any intention to act against him but would accept the party’s decision.

“This is the first time I am hearing that action will be taken against me,” he said, adding that he was “not surprised”, despite the party’s turn-around on its earlier decision not to punish him.

“No one from the party told me anything. All I know is that Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng refused to meet me regarding the problem.”

Johari said he was not surprised because there were people in PKR and DAP who just won’t let the matter go.

“I am a loyal party man so I will let the party decide. Whatever I did, it was for PKR,” he said.

On Monday, Penang PKR deputy chairman Mansor Othman said action would be taken against Johari by the end of the week.

Mansor, who is also Deputy Chief Minister I, said the party’s central political bureau, at its weekly meeting today, would decide on the action to be taken.

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Are they gonna blow it?

Posted by Da Maniac On Wednesday, June 17, 2009 4 comments
I wonder where Simon is? You ok buddy? or has that Tamplar joker found you somewhere in Subang? Hahaha!

Anyways, this is gonna be a short post, and it would be a more like a question:

At the rate things are going, do you think that the Pakatan will blow away their opportunity to take over the government in the next GE?

Waddya think?
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Farish Noors blog

Posted by Neo On Tuesday, June 16, 2009 0 comments

-I follow Farish Noors blog

-His writing very complicated, like writing a novel. You have to read hard to get his meaning.

-Sometimes a simple Yes/No answer, he will pusing sini, pusing sana showing off his polished english
- However, what he write has lots of meaning
- If you guys are free, please do visit his blog


“You Are Not Qualified To Talk About Islam”: How to Respond to Attempts to Close the Public Domain

By Farish A. Noor ~ June 16th, 2009. Filed under: TOM_Main.

“You are not qualified to talk about Islam”. How many times have I heard and read that same line, again and again? And more often than not, the same sentence is uttered or written by precisely the sort of self-trained autodidact whose own knowledge of Islam came from whatever he or she read on the internet or some cassette he bought at the local market.

It has become rather commonplace for conservative Muslims – as well as conservative Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews – to claim monopoly over the discourse of Islam and to try their best to close off the space of public discourse on all matters religious for the sake of protecting the integrity and sanctity of that discourse. Or so we are told. But one can also argue that such attempts at restricting the participation and contribution of others in a discursive arena that is hotly contested is little more than a conventional and predictable attempt at censorship and the narrowing of the Muslim mind.

A recent case in point is the attempt to once again label the Muslim feminist movement Sisters in Islam of Malaysia as a group of ‘western-educated’ ‘liberal’ feminists who have no right to speak on matters Islamic. And once again we are in a paroxysm of anxiety as to how to deal with such accusations.

Let us therefore calmly and rationally look into the matter and dissect it piece by piece:

First of all, the claim that someone is ‘not qualified’ to speak about Islam simply because he or she did not go to a religious school is a rather bogus and shallow argument that should be exposed for what it is. The comparison that is often made is thus: Only a doctor can speak about medicine as he is trained to speak on medical matters, and only a pilot can speak about flying as he or she is trained in such matters as well; hence it follows that only the learned scholars (ulama) can speak about Islam as they have been trained to do so.

Now allow me to interject at this point: If I were to go to my doctor and complain to her of a headache, and she attempts to cure my headache by cracking my skull open with a hammer, I do reserve the right to object and to tell her that she is not a very good doctor. Likewise if I chose to take a flight to Jogjakarta and end up in Cuba, I do reserve the right to admonish the pilot. I don’t have to be trained in medicine or avionics to register such a complaint, for the simple reason that I am not objecting to the discipline of medicine per se, but rather the normative conduct of my doctor.

Likewise when Muslim feminists object to the abuse of women’s rights at the hands of misogynistic men who hide behind the cloak of religiosity, they are not condemning Islam or religion as a whole, but rather the normative culture of Muslims, and the abuse of law in the name of Islam. At no point is Islam being criticised or rejected, but rather the abuse of the law and the transgression of the egalitarian spirit of Islam.

This is the point that is often lost in the over-heated debates that take place between Muslim progressives and the more conservative Ulama in our midst. Whenever there is an attempt to question, debate, reform or develop the normative religio-cultural praxis of Muslims anywhere in the world, we often see the same reaction from conservative Ulama who will never accept that those who didn’t go to the same schools as they did have the right to speak on matters of religious praxis.

But if we accept this argument of the Ulama then we are in danger of overlooking the reality of history and how the greatest advances in Muslim normativity and thought came from those who were precisely outside the traditional circle of orthodox thought. Today many Islamists claim to have received their inspiration from the likes of Abul Ala’a Maudoodi, Hassan al-Banna, Syed Qutb, et al. But have we forgotten that men like Maudoodi and Qutb were themselves lay Islamists whose own education sometimes was not rooted in classical Islamic teaching? Maudoodi was, after all, a journalist by training.

Dealing and responding to such attempts at discursive closure would therefore require us to look beyond the discursive pyrotechnics of legalism and theology, and to see that beneath all these warnings and demands for closure is nothing more than a strategy of censorship at work. For those who are trying to engage critically and intelligently with the discourse of religion, abiding by the rules of traditional conventional scholarship will simply not get us anywhere.

If, for instance, a Muslim feminist were to abide by the rules set by some conservative male Ulama, they would be forced to conform to all the standards set by men: They would have to start from the beginning, go to the same schools as the ulama did, read the same books, dress and behave the same way, etc. But in the end, they would still be faced with yet another barrier to their participation into the discursive domain: “No, you are not qualified to speak on Islam. Why? Because you are a woman of course!”

In the struggle to understand and render relevant the concerns of religion in the modern age we live in, blind adherence to traditional conventions will get us nowhere; and can only in fact retard our development even further. What holds true for contemporary Muslim praxis is equally true for contemporary Christian, Hindu and Buddhist praxis as well. Conservative Muslims on the other hand have to realise that we now live in an age where modern developments in communication, education and the dissemination of knowledge means that Muslim women are more intellectually emancipated and equipped than ever before. Rather than silencing the voices of Muslim women who are trying to understand and make relevant Islam for the age we live in, the conservatives among us should learn to listen to the critical and often constructive comments of others instead. If Islam is indeed a universal religion, then it has to be open for discussion for all. If Islam is indeed for everyone, then everyone has the right to have a say in it.

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Some people just don't get it!

Posted by Da Maniac On Monday, June 15, 2009 6 comments
I was amused by the commentators on RPK's latest blog posting on his No Holds Barred column.

My my... RPK sure knows how to write and my my.... so many just don't get the picture. Sigh.... now I understand why RPK is just so fed up with the readers and commentators in Malaysia Today. RPK's writings are way toooooooooo advance for most readers' comprehension. These people just don't get it. Do they bother to read the whole article or do they just selectively read them and make quick conclusions without even bothering to understand the whole article is all about.

So what kinda Malaysians do we have out there? Judging by the flaming that Simon Templar went thru on one of his recent postings and the comments on RPK's latest article, I would say that a good number of readers of MT don't know (borrowing from Simon) jack sh*t about anything and would just go ballistic over some article that challenges their political point of view or if an article is written to have double meanings. Too deep for them ler.

Finding it too hard for you to comprehend this post of mine? Frakin' sorry for you. Why don't you just watch ASTRO channel 613 and perhaps you can learn somthing from there. Duh!

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Nazri Aziz Forgot That He Is A Malay

Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, June 15, 2009 1 comments

For me, of all the useless bums in our cabinet, one minister really stands out. And that's Nazri Aziz. And for him to stand out for me, who is one heck of a difficult person to please (so say quite a few people), chances are it's for not very positive stuffs. Hehe...

It's difficult for me to pin point exactly why he displeases me, but I just do not like this chap. It's funny cause I've never even met Nazri - then again, how many ministers have we average Malaysians actually met. After all, they are so high and mighty and all.

Maybe it's his arrogance. Or maybe its his irritating self. Or maybe it's his mouth. Like I said, I am not sure. But look at some of the things that come out of this... person's mouth. I am finding it difficult to 'term' him.

The Malaysian Insider today quoted Nazri as calling THE MENTERI BESAR OF PERAK, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin, a "mental case". Nazri was also quoted to have said “Nizar ni wayar dia dah putus (Nizar has a short-circuited brain). He is not showing the behaviour which is required of a yang berhormat (people’s representative).

And I suppose that calling a fellow MP "mental case" is an apt behaviour of the people's representative. Yes, Nazri?

This is so typical Nazri. I don't think that it is melampau for me to say that Nazri is playing a very big part in tarnishing the Malay culture of bersopan-santun and berbudi bahasa. And we all know that the Malays are very proud of their amalan dan tradisi orang Melayu. But if you are not familiar with the Malays and you happen to equate Nazri as a typical Malay, then malulah orang Melayu. Don't believe me? Read on.

Respect the elders. This is the teachings preached all over the world. And the Malays are of course no exceptions to this. But Nazri had never heard of this. Look at the comments he made about Tun Dr. Mahathir in the past. Not everyone may love Tun but Tun is after all an elder.

Taken from The Star (24 April 2009):

“It’s not worth commenting since he is an old man. Let him talk. What he feels is no longer relevant."

“If you all want to
layan him (pay attention to him) layan lah (carry on),’’

And there are quite a few more incidents during Pak Lah's time. I think there was once in 2006 when he called on Tun to be a 'jantan' and leave UMNO didn't he? And that once Tun is out of UMNO, it will be easier for him to to attack Tun. Did my memory serve me right? And banyak lagilah from this man who speaks from his behind. But I will need to make a visit to the National Archive for those.

This is unbecoming of a national leader. What kind of example is Nazri setting for the next generation? Whatever the issue it may be between Tun and Nazri, we are Asians and we hold Asian values to our heart.

And as far as I can remember, no one rebuked Nazri about all this. Never his old boss, Pak Lah, and never his current one, Najib. And why didn't Pak Lah or Najib say anything about these? Is it because Tun is no longer in power.

But you have to admire Tun to be able to take all these from the very people he allowed to climb the corridors of power during his very long tenure at the helm of the nation. Has Che Det simply gone soft even when being treated like a pariah by some bootlicker? Or are we under-estimating this 84 year old? Or maybe Tun is just slowly working his ways to get back on the biadap Nazri. I sure hope that that is the case cause like I said, I don't like Nazri.

Nazri... Nazri... Write this down on a piece of paper and put it close to your heart. Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat.
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Pakatan Rakyat Tiada Bezanya Dengan Cirque Du Soleil

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, June 12, 2009 2 comments

Rencana ini adalah penterjemahan rencana Bahasa Inggeris bertajuk 'Pakatan Rakyat Is Just Another Cirque Du Soleil' yang dipaparkan dalam laman blog ini pada 11 Jun 2009. Penulis membuat penterjemahan ini sendiri kerana mendapati bahawa ramai pembaca tersasar daripada tujuan rencananya dan bagi memastikan bahawa objektif rencananya dapat disampaikan kepada pembaca, terutamanya pemimpin-pemimpin PR, dengan lebih efektif. Segala kekurangan dalam edisi penterjemahan ini amat dikesali kerana penulis sudah lama tidak menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu. Tiada penterjemahan ke dalam bahasa lain akan dilakukan. Sekian.

Cirque Du Soleil yang berasal dari Kanada adalah sarkas yang terkenal dan luar biasa. Tiada sarkas lain di dunia ini yang setandingnya. Apalah dengan latar belakang pentasnya yang amat menarik, ahl-ahli akrobat yang sungguh mahir dan muzik sampingan yang cukup baik. Tidak terlampau sekiranya dikatakan segala aspek Cirque Du Soleil amat bermutu tinggi. Namun, disebalik kesemua ini, memang tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa Cirque Du Soleil pada hakikatnya masih sebuah sarkas sahaja.

Kini sudah melebihi setahun pencapaian memberongsangkan Pakatan Rakyat dalam pilihanraya umum yang lepas. Sedihnya, PR sudah mula tunjuk belang sebenarnya iaitu ianya juga sebenarnya sebuah sarkas. Bulan madu sudah tamat bagi PR. Sebenarnya, patut wujudkah 'bulan madu' dalam dunia politik? Hakikatnya, PR sudah mula menunjukkan bahawa bukan segalanya cantik molek dalam PR. Politik tetap politik. Ketiga-tiga parti politik PR mempunyai agenda mereka yang berbeza dan tersendiri. Anwar Ibrahim dengan tuah dan kemahirannya telah berjaya melakukan keajaiban dalam mewujudkan PR sedetik sebelum Mac 2008. Tetapi mampukah pelekat UHU yang melekatkan PKR, DAP dan PAS bersama dapat bertahan lama? Kekuatan pelekat UHU tiada tandingannya dengan pelekat Cap Gajah. Ramai diantara kita berharap bahawa pelekat UHU ini akan mampu bertahan untuk setidak-tidaknya 2 atau 3 penggal pilihanraya sementara menunggu BN bangun dari tidurnya.

2 atau 3 penggal sahaja? Habis? Masakan saya mahu menyokong PR buat selama-lamanya? Tidak mungkin! Saya menyokong sistem politik berparti dua. Saya menyokong sistem demokrasi. Saya bukan penyokong mana-mana parti politik. Dan saya juga bukan ahli mana-mana parti politik. Bagi saya, mana-mana parti yang berkuasa untuk jangkamasa yang lama pada akhirnya akan berubah menjadi seperti UMNO yang kita ada hari ini. Saya pasti.

Jadi, apanya dengan PR baru-baru ini? PAS dengan terbuka telah mengumumkan bahawa ia mungkin boleh bekerja dengan UMNO. Apa pula terjadinya kepada PKR dan DAP selepas itu? DAP pula tidak senang dengan langkah PAS ini. Lihatlah bagainmana pemimpin-pemimpin DAP membelasah PAS di dalam media. PKR pula tidak senang dengan DAP kerana Menteri Besar Pulau Pinang tidak melantik wakil PKR sebagai Presiden Majlis Perbandaran Sebarang Prai. Tergamak pula ahli-ahli PKR memulaukan upacara perlantikan yang dijalankan. Dan banyak lagi isu-isu perbalahan sesama 3 parti komponen ini.

Segala perbalahan ini sekarangnya sudah diperbesar-besarkan. Tidak terfikirkah pemimpin-pemimpin PR bahawa isu-isu perbalahan ini akan dipergunakan oleh UMNO, MCA dan MIC untuk memperbodohkan PR? UMNO, MCA dan MIC sudah lama menunggu tibanya hari ini. Ramai pemimpin-pemimpin PR yang menyalahkan media. Tetapi tidak tahukan mereka bahawa media negara ini dikuasai UMNO, MCA dan MIC. Begitu naifkah pemimpin-pemimpin PR sampai tidak terlintas kepala otak mereka bahawa pihak media tidak akan berdiri disebelah PR?

Patutkah PR diberi lebih masa? Kenapa pulak? Cuba fikirkan. Adakah majikan kau di pejabat sanggup memberi lebih masa untuk memahami produk syarikat walaupun sudah menyertai syarikat melebihi masa satu tahun? Adakah pensyarah di universiti sanggup memberikan markah kasihan hanya kerana baru dipindahkan dari fakulti lain? Bangun PR! Ini dunia politik. Dan dalam dunia politik tiada belas kasihan. Masakan tidak tahu sejak 9 Mac 2008 bahawa banyak yang perlu dipelajari dalam masa yang amat singkat? BN tidak akan memberi apa-apa masa dan peluang untuk berbulan madu. Hanya rakyat yang menyokong PR yang sanggup membuta-tuli memberi masa untuk menyesuaikan diri. Masa yang diberikan sudah cukup lama sekarang.

Macam mana PR boleh hilang satu negeri di bawah kekuasaannya? Satu negeri! Bukan satu kerusi! Petanda-petanda jelas kelihatan beberapa minggu sebelum rampasan kuasa itu. Tetapi PR angkuh. Tetapi PR sombong! PR terlalu yakin pada diri sendiri. Dan lihatlah sekarang. Bertungkus-lumus PR cuba dapatkan kembali Perak tapi, berjayakah? PR hutang kepada rakyat Malaysia yang mengundinya 1 negeri. Ya, ramai berpendapat bahawa UMNO merampas kuasa dengan cara-cara yang tidak betul. Kesian PR. Tapi cukuplah dengan perasaan mengasihani diri sendiri. Hakikatnya, UMNO berjaya merampas kuasa dan salahnya pada diri PR sendiri. Pemimpin-pemimpin PR patut mempersalahkan diri mereka sendiri. Tiada orang lain yang boleh disalahkan.

Pertanyaan: Mengapa ahli-ahli PKR dibenarkan memulaukan majlis perlantikan di Pulau Pinang? Bukankah Pulau Pinang negeri PR? Anwar, sila jawab. Anwar ketua PKR. Anwar ketua orang-orang yang memulaukan majlis tersebut.

Lim Guan Eng dan Karpal Singh. Tak bolehkah selesaikan masalah parti dan PR sesama sendiri? Dalam satu keluarga, bukankah masalah keluarga diselesaikan sesama ahli keluarga. Perlukah masalah keluarga disebarkan ke seluruh dunia? Macam mana DAP boleh tergamak secara terbuka mengherdik PAS saya tidak faham. Bukankah ini hanya memeritkan isu itu. Bila dah sampai tahap ini, bukankah ia lebih susah untuk mencapai pendamaian. Ini bukan transparen namanya.

PAS, PAS, PAS. Selalunya pembawa masalah pada PR. Adakah PAS sudah terlalu yakin pada dirinya sendiri? Jangan sehari pun PAS fikirkan yang ia sudah berjaya menyakinkan kaum Cina dan India tentang polisi-polisi PAS. Perubahan politik di Malaysia sekarang bukannya sekadar rakyat Malaysia tiba-tiba mahu menyokong PAS. Ramai rakyat Malaysia mengundi PAS dan PR kerana mahukan perubahan daripada cengkaman UMNO dan BN. Rakyat Malaysia sekarang mahukan sistem politik berparti dua. PAS dan PR sekadar pilihan antara 2 yang ada. Ia tiada kena-mengena dengan parti PAS sendiri. Cubalah PAS bertanding dalam pilihanraya kecil sendiri. Kita akan lihat reaksi sebenar pengundi terhadap PAS. PAS berkemungkinan besar kalah teruk.

Saya berpendirian bahawa ramai dikalangan kita yang melihat perbalahan dalaman PR ini akan cuba menipu diri sendiri dengan cerita-cerita bahawa segalanya satu permainan minda oleh PR. Sekiranya benar adanya unsur-unsur permainan minda, maka sudah berjayalah PR. Kerana kalaulah saya UMNO, memang saya berpendapat bahawa PR sekarang ditimpa pelbagai masalah. PR juga mungkin akan berpecah. Tetapi bukankah permainan minda ini bodoh apabila sampai rakyat juga tertipu? Rakyat mana yang mahukan kerajaan yang tidak stabil. Rakyat mana yang akan mengundi parti yang tidak stabil untul membentuk kerajaan? Ingat ni PR, ingat.

PKR, DAP dan PAS. Apalah dah korang ni buat? Kami rakyat melantik korang sebagai wakil kami. Tapi korang pula sibuk dengan agenda diri sendiri dan parti. Saya sebagai rakyat tidak mahu tahu-menahu sebarang masalah korang semua. Kalau dalam pejabat kerja, majikan selalu minta jangan dibawa masalah peribadi ke pejabat. Sama lah dengan pemimpin-pemimpin PR. Tolong jangan bawakan masalah-masalah korang pada kami. Itu masalah korang yang korang patut selesaikan sendiri. Rakyat tidak mahu peduli dengan masalah-masalah sesama korang.

PKR, DAP dan PAS. Bangunlah dari tidur nyenyak korang. Hentikan segala perbalahan korang dan kembali kepada kerja korang - berkhidmat untuk rakyat.
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Perak Sultan: Don't question bumiputera rights to scholarship

Posted by Gooster On Thursday, June 11, 2009 6 comments
Read this first on the Star Online.

To start off, Bumiputera = Malay. See my previous post on "Pendatang". So the terminology is interchangeable, in my humble opinion.

Malays should not have a right to scholarships. It is a bloody joke! I'm still pissed off about this. Would you give a pair of binoculars to a blind Malay person simply because he/she was entitled to it in the constitution? No. You give it to a person who can actually see, and who would actually use it!

The only people who have a right to them are those that study hard and get the grades. I don't mean those people who "study" by memorising reams of text, but to people who actually undertand the concepts being put forward to them and are able to apply them.

To illustrate my point, there was a study not so long ago when they we looking at Nobel Prize winners (or lack thereof) from Asia. China produces a shed load of PhDs but very little in terms of contribution to the advancement of Science and Mathematics (past achievements in giving the world gunpowder notwithstanding). This was put down to the narrow mindset of the curriculum of the Chinese Universities that do not encourage voicing of opinions, debates and challenging the status quo. Memorising was the key to exam success. This suppresses innovation and the breakthrough needed in advancing a particular field. I am sure other Asian institutions of higher learning are guilty of this as well (no hard facts to back this up, but just my personal opinion). I remember memorising text books from my Sejarah classes and the information has long been forgotten, probably right after the exam. Whatever snippets of info still residing in my alcohol-ravaged brain has been retained not though memorisation, but through the understanding of why and how.

The Malaysian curriculum seems completely entrenched in rote learning and not enough in getting the students to think. Again I am not saying all Malaysian colleges or Universities are like this, but most of them seem to be guilty. I also acknowledge the teachers and lecturers that help cajole us out of our intellectual shells play a huge part in turning us to "A-class" thinking citizens.

I went off on a tangent to conclude, what is the point in wasting a perfectly good scholarship on a Bumi student who comes back home holding a degree with a minimum pass and still unable to string two sentences together in English? Tan Ah Beng and Raju a/l Selvam may have all the "A"s under the sun, but if they cannot think, then they should not be getting an all expense paid "holiday" to Eng-kok to memorise the Magna Carta or the Pythagoras Theorem either.

Give a scholarship to someone who has a brain, and who really wants to better themselves. To dumb it down further, give a scholarship to someone deserving.
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Pakatan Rakyat Is Just Another Cirque Du Soleil

Posted by Simon Templar On Thursday, June 11, 2009 23 comments

I am is a pretty foul mood right now. A bunch of incompetent nincompoops in Dell pissed me off. I was on the phone to check my order status and they passed me here and there and everywhere including to the receptionist a couple of times. It was like I was dealing with a Malaysian government agency. Oh how the last few fellas who got passed the phone got it from me. I feel sorry for them. The tirades were aimed at Dell the company and not them. Dell has certainly got to improve their service system. Right now, it is plain poor. But enough about Dell.

Cirque Du Soleil is a very popular modern circus troop from Canada. Their shows are like none others in the world. Very niche. You get awesomely nice backdrops and lighting, props, highly skilled acrobats, excellent excellent music and what not. Everything about Cirque Du Soleil is just top marks. But at the end of the day, they are still a circus.

After a short term of glory, Pakatan Rakyat has revealed to us that they are also ultimately a circus. Honeymoon is over for PKR, DAP and PAS. Should there even be one in politics in the very first place. And they all start to show their ugly insides now. Politics will always be politics. All 3 parties have different agendas and with some luck and skills, Anwar Ibrahim pulled a miracle right before March 2008 and got the 3 stooges together. I had always feared that this UHU Glue bond will not stick. It's not easy to form an Elephant Glue bond. But we were all hoping that this UHU Glue will last a little longer - at least 2 or 3 terms of general elections while BN wakes up.

2 to 3 terms? What? You expect me to lean towards PR all my life? Forget it. I support a 2 party system. I support democracy. I DO NOT support any political parties. And neither am I a member of any political party. Any party who is in power long enough will ultimately turn into UMNO of today. I assure you of that.

So what is PR up to? PAS openly declared that they 'may' want to work with UMNO and that means ditching PKR and DAP. DAP is now not happy and openly whacks PAS. PKR is not happy that the DAP Chief Minister of Penang appointed someone who is not a PKR man as the Seberang Prai Municipal Council President and boycotted the swearing-in ceremony. And there's much more. So, who in PR is happy with anyone? Can you please stand up.

And to top it up, all of the above have been blown out of proportions. Does these idiots actually belief that the likes of UMNO, MCA and MIC will not take these to the roof? Those farkers have been salivating and waiting. Media don't do them justice? How naive. How farking naive.

We should give PR more time? Fuck off! Why don't you ask your employers to give you more time to learn the company's products even after you've joined the company for more than a year. Why don't you ask your lecturer to be more lenient with you on your papers because you have just been transferred from another course. Wake up PR. You knew from 9 March 2008 that you have a steep learning curve. This is politics. Your opponents are not going to give you even a day of honeymoon. We rakyat on the other hand have been patient with you long enough.

It is bad that you lost a state. An entire martha farking state! The signs were there weeks before. But you were arrogant. You were cocky. You were over-confident. And you now can't get it back. You owe us the very people who voted you in - 1 blardie state. UMNO did it the wrong deceitful way. Oh how poor thing. Cry cry sob sob. I've had enough of that bullshit. You let UMNO succeed - and that's a fault in itself. Stop pointing fingers but look within. The fault ultimately lies within the hierarchy of Pakatan Rakyat. Period.

Question. Why are the PKR councilors allowed to boycott the ceremony? Anwar, please explain. These are your men.

Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh. Can't you solve party matters internally. Do you go round telling people that your daughter is dating a gangster? You solve your home problem in your house, don't you? Why air your blardie dirty linen to the world? Why whack your fellow component party in public. Aren't you just making matter worse. Isn't reconciliation been made a tad more difficult? Because you want to be transparent. Well, goodie then. Go live in a glass house. Farking lame excuse.

And PAS, PAS, PAS. The blardie black sheep of the family. You fools. You think the Chinese and Indians have decided to love your preaches? You think so don't you? Read and spell this out loud - F.O.O.L.S! The wind of change has been brought about because the rakyat is fed-up of UMNO and BN. Because the rakyat wants change. Because the rakyat wants a 2 party system. You happen to be the alternative - along with other 2. Try going on your own the next by-election and we shall see how you get blown to smithereens.

And let me tell you this. There's gonna be some smart alec out there who will claim that all these are just a political ploy by PR to let UMNO think that all is not well in PR, that PR in crumbling, that UMNO has succeeded and what not. Fuck you guys who think like this because if UMNO has been fooled, so has the rakyat. And no rakyat in his right mind should vote in an unstable government. Remember that, PR!

PKR, DAP and PAS. Shame on you. We appointed you to serve us rakyat. Not your personal or party agendas. I for one don't give a flying fuck about your problems. Do you know what most employers tell you when you have personal problems? Don't bring it to office. And I am telling you shallow politicians of Pakatan Rakyat to keep your problems to yourselves. Your employers, the rakyat, do not give a shit. Don't bring your problems to office.

PKR, DAP and PAS. For crying out loud, stop the quareling and bickerings and get back to work.
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Badawi - worst PM ever!!!

Posted by Neo On Thursday, June 11, 2009 3 comments
Badawi = Mr. Nice Guy = Mr. Clean= Mr. Friendly= Mr. Good friend =Worst PM ever!!!

Badawi can be a good follower/friend/worker, but he cannot be a good leader.
One thing i learn about being a leader is you cannot always make popular/friendly decision, you have to make the right decision. For me, he will always be remembered for being the worst PM ever!!!

Did Nothing
- During his tenure, i cannot remember a single memorable thing that he did. People say that he 'open up' the media. I say its bullshit. What happen was, media was already going extremist (utusan/tv3/star) boosting 85% support during the 2004 election. And because he did nothing to ask them to be humble, they continue being booastful until their ultimate demise in the 2008 election. These media was intoxicated by their own success to have a 'feel' of what rakyat is thinking.

On the other hand, opposition voices via blogging/email/internet, like steam in a room, will ultimately find a way out and manage to reach out to people. Again he did nothing to enter the 'internet age' to explain what is wrong and fail to use internet to promote their ideology

during his tenure, our country (ship) was on autopilot mode. No captain to guide the ship and ultimately it hit a big iceberg (2008 election)

our economy was in the hand of Governor Zeti, which did a GREAT job of stabilising our finances. By the way, I will support 100% if Zeti to be given the 2nd finance minister post

Ok ok.. he open the South corrider, east corridor, west corridor, north corridor. Hello!!! if your job is to give charity/spend money!!! I also can do leh!!! no need you... By the way, i am 100% sure that i can do a better job spending money.. very simple, i booze and i buy expensive cars.. how hard can that be?

Islam Hadhari
He brought up islam hadhari as his manifesto. what about the other 40% of the population that is not muslim? how can i understand your manifesto and does it benefit me?

On top of that, malaysian muslim also got confused with his islam hadhari. Total failure

Too nice -
you cannot be buddy-buddy with your subordinate. They will climb all over your head. This is what happen to all the 'cowboy under his control'.. hishamuddin/ahmad said/nearly 80% of UMNO member, take advantage of his softness.

They become boastful
They become arrogant
They become greedy
They become complecent

he did nothing to control all the cowboys under his care

Light at the end of the tunnel
I'm happy that Najib took over from Badawi. I'm happy that his tenure is only 7 years. He would have done more damage if he stay.

I am happy with Najibs 1malaysia concept. I have decided to give Najib a chance. He has little time. I will not close my heart to Najib and his 1malaysia concept. He has 3 years to prove it to me

Najib, please save this country!!!

O by the way BADAWI, you've been SPanK!!!
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Non-Muslims told to cover up at Malacca DJ event

Posted by Neo On Thursday, June 11, 2009 5 comments

- This article really really shock me!!!
- What's happening to malaysia!!!
- If we do nothing bout this instance, our country will soon be islamised


Non-Muslims told to cover up at Malacca DJ event

Deepak Gill | Jun 10, 09 6:45pm

I am writing as a Malaysian citizen dismayed at the lack of rights that non-Muslims are being subjected to at events. Islamic religious authorities have not only been targeting Muslims, but are also causing stress and hardship to non-Muslims as well.

Last weekend, there was an event that saw international artists (DJs) perform for over two nights (Freedom Festival '09) at Malacca's A Famosa Resort, a privately-owned property. These kind of events have been done before without any problems or incidents.

This time around, there were several new rules and restrictions imposed on the event by the federal government.

While it was previously never an issue for guests to purchase beer at the venue (all guests are ticket-paying adults aged 21 and above), this time beer (or any other liquor) was not allowed anywhere in the venue. And non-Muslims were also asked to cover-up, although the ‘aurat' issue has always been strictly a Muslim one.

I experienced first-hand the extent of this outrage. My friend, a non-Muslim who was well- dressed and had on a top on which covered her front but exposed her back was prevented from attending the event.

We were told that girls can't show their backs, as the religious police were around. The fact that she was a non-Muslim was immaterial, we were told.

I will assume they are unaware of the federal constitution, especially Article 12 (3), which states ‘No person shall be required to receive instruction in or take part in any ceremony or act of worship of a religion other than his own'.

Was our constitution amended to take away our civil liberties? How can Muslim rules apply to non-Muslims? This is against the law. Respect must be shown for the rights of Muslims and non- Muslims.

We respect the rights of Muslims not to consume non-halal food or drinks, and they respect our right to consume the same, which includes beer or liquor - especially at entertainment events. When did this change?

When you tell adults what to wear or what they can or cannot eat or drink, it's infringing our civil liberties. We will not sit by and allow our rights to be trampled upon.

The Jabatan Agama Islam Malacca and the Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim owe us an apology and explanation.

Where does it stop? I was told these ‘new rules' will apply to all events from now on, indoor and outdoor. I find it ridiculous that private events such as this are being subject to extremely rigid rules.

Entertainment events are meant to entertain; otherwise what is the point in having them anymore?

Why don't the religious authorities go to any five-star hotel's ballroom and tell-off guests at such functions (non-Muslims too) that dresses which expose the backs of the wearers are not allowed? I don't think they will have the courage nor the legality to do so.

Non-Muslim adults who want to have beer or liquor and dress appropriately (from an objective standpoint) at these events are fully entitled to do so. It is their constitutional right to do so. You cannot force a man or woman into abiding by rules meant for another religion that they do not believe in.

This ‘government-knows-best' attitude that the federal government promised to get rid of is still pervasive. We, the citizens of Malaysia, are not imbeciles incapable of looking after ourselves or not knowing how to behave in public.

On the contrary, Malaysians are well-behaved in public, even when they're drinking or at an entertainment event, so these new rules are totally unnecessary and excessive.

I hope this event is the last time such an episode takes place, or there will be civil suits and police reports coming up next

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Anwar Ibrahim and A French Chick

Posted by Simon Templar On Thursday, June 11, 2009 2 comments
Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, was interviewed on France's France 24 recently (3 June 2009).

Same old same old. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Nothing scandalous. Boring...

But, the French chick conducting the interview is quite pleasing to the eyes though. Hehe...

Sorry, I can't embed the video here. I don't know how to do it without the embedding link. (The French didn't offer one. Dammit!)

To watch the interview, click here: Anwar Inbrahim's Interview on France 24

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Why do I pay taxes?

Posted by Da Maniac On Thursday, June 11, 2009 9 comments
Fresh from the recent mad rush to submit our income tax self assessments, I wonder where does my tax money go? Why do I need to pay taxes?

Someone did asked that question about "Where does income tax money go?" on Wiki Answers and the sole answer that came back "To the government and they use it as they see fit". Duly noted! But this is where it scares me... "they use it as they see fit", I'm not saying that the answer on Wiki Answer is accurate but yeah... in a nutshell, the money goes to the government and yes, they will spend it. ... but on what?

Borrowing from Simon's overly used term, I admit that I don't know jack sh*t about economics and all. But it got me thinking... hey... this country has an abundance in natural resources, we have oil, we have palm oil, we have rubber (both natural and those purchased from the 7-11 counters), we have fertile land, you get my point right... we have heaps of natural resource. Then we have people who pay taxes (like me). Where does all the money go to?

Some might mention that we have those 'Rancangan Malaysia" where all the big bucks go to. We see loads of money 'supposedly' being pumped into these 'plans'. Not to forget the multitude of 'Corridors' that had been announced. But what I would like to ask... do you actually see any of the taxes you paid generally benefit the population of this country? My answer... well, yes (to all those UMNO/BN cronies oh and not to forget those apparently PR cronies too) but not enough!

In my humble opinion we the rakyat get far less back in services and benefits from the federal and/or state government than we pay in. And it's an open secret that corruption has damaged our society and we have been tremendously being short-changed.

Think about it. If a fraction of all this dirty wasted money was put into better use like building schools, better healthcare, better trained and better paid teachers, civil service officers, police, proper basic infrastructures such as electricity, water, paved roads, sewerage, we would not be such a predicament where we console ourselves that we are better off than Zimbabwe or Congo. Come on la!

If these ftoopid leaders (past and present) can just spend 10% of their time thinking what's best for the people and country and use manage the finances wisely years ago, we would have already surpassed (I dare say) Sillypore or any of our other regional neighbours by now.

So what do we get now? We have public schools in dilapidated state, teachers who are poorly trained and rewarded, public hospitals that are in need of proper infrastructures and equipments, civil services who are little napoleons, and a police force that almost everyone in this country has nothing good to say about. I can go on and am sure we all got that long list somewhere in our pockets.

Bah! Why do I bother to pay taxes then when what I see is my money being used to fill some frakking state/federal crony's pocket. Frak it!
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Our Education Minister, Mr. Jack Schitt

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, June 10, 2009 16 comments
I was reading The Star yesterday (yes, I am a sinner) to find fault with the newspaper (God, please have mercy on my soul for I sacrifice my leisure time for the good of men). And there, staring right under my frigging nose was:

DPM: English not a 'must pass' for SPM?

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is surprised to learn that English is not a “must pass” subject for SPM and wants public feedback on the matter.

The Education Minister said it was a revelation to him as he had always thought that it was a prerequisite since students had to learn English in school.

He was also shocked to learn that national schools no longer taught English grammar.

He was surprised? Damn! I am surprised that he is surprised! Dude, you are the pharking Education Minister. How can you not know? What have you been doing since you took office? Have you been too busy with UMNO? Honestly, and let God be your witness, can you cope with your work? If you really find juggling between UMNO and your Ministerial duties too much to handle, why don't you give one up? Or both actually. And what about your constituency? Have you been serving your people? Maybe you should give it all up.

Come on. How can the Education Minister not know something as important as what is required to be passed in the SPM? Is the SPM not the single most important qualification in the education life of most Malaysians? (Hey you university graduates, not everyone has the luxury alright. We are talking about the average Malaysians here.) If you or me do not know the minimum requirements of SPM today, that's fine cause we are no longer in school. And maybe no kids in schools too. But not our Education Minister. It is his pharking job! And English in schools being the hottest education talk of the town now. Hello... Where have you been, Mr. Minister? And you have the balls to go around telling people to debate on if Maths and Science should be taught in English? English as a subject pun tak boleh settle!

How does the Education Ministry work? Who reviews the syllabus? Who decides what is required for public exams and what is not? Honestly, I don't know. And I dare say most of you do not too. From what I see, I suspect the book publishers decide what's in the school text books. Hey, that's a blardie big industry. I heard from a friend la. This guy deals with school supplementary book publishing. Apparently the donkeys who sit at the top of Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka are buddy buddy with book publishers. According to my friend, the money in supplementary school books itself is so huge that he cannot imagine the dough on school text books. After all, imagine if your book is on the required reading list. Giler dei... So, naturally 'annual open tenders' by DBP will see a scramble by the publishers to buddy buddy the DPB hotshots. And buddy buddy in Malaysia means *wink* *wink* la. You know, I know la. And now you know why your Standard 4 daughter can't use her brother's books of 2 years ago. If this is true, then this kinda solves the mystery of why the quality of our education is getting poorer by the day. Why not? Some 22 year old punk is probably the one writing the text book for Standard 3 kids for next year right now in his 3rd floor office in a shop lot somewhere in Kepong.

And what have we today? The Star reported:

Most of the 500 views received by the Education Ministry as at the end of office hours yesterday are against any move to make English compulsory in order to obtain the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificate.

I sincerely hope that the views of these 500 jokers will not be used as the Gospel truth by our Education Ministry. Who are these people anyway? Are they qualified to comment? And they are experts at which field?

English as a subject back in my schooling days close to some 20 years ago was already darn easy. So easy that I took the subject for granted, and yet still scored an A. Honestly, I cannot imagine scoring anything other than an A for my English, which I did. But the truth is my command of the English language in its real standard is passable at best i.e. boleh cari makan sahaja. Honest. My English is nowehere near what it should be. And to make matters worse, the standard of English in schools have taken a big dive since my schooling days. This is very worrying. Extremely worrying actually. And frustrating. Listen to our school leavers today, and if you are lucky enough to catch them (trying hard to) speak English, listen real hard. If you don't end up shaking your head, you need to enrol yourself for an evening class soon.
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Rise of Police From Hell

Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, June 09, 2009 14 comments
Here we go again. Yet another video of Malaysian police whacking detainees. Before I go any further, I am proud to say that the previous police brutallity video was posted here before it was up on Malaysia Today. Heh heh...

Anyway, back to the issue. It is quite obvious that our policemen have issues. Not with the number of crimes with the country. That is not their issue. We Malaysians have better realise by now that crime fighting is in our own civilian hands until the police force is reformed. You can live in denial and pray to the almighty but I suggest you better not.

The police force's issue is that they are now under attack. No, not only from RPK. Everyone is finding fault with them because it is easy to find fault with them. They are just that fucked up. I suspect they may even have to thwart attacks from within. Who is this bugger filming the video anyway? It sure as hell can't be any of the suspects lest he be whacked until his face looks like his bum. So, it must be a policeman. And this fella is now releasing the video to spite his colleagues. Whoa! Like some Hong Kong movie man.

Talking about Hong Kong movie. Anyone watched I Corrupt All Cops? I recommend this movie to all Malaysians. It is also a must watch for all our police. IGP in particular. The show is so REAL. I mean you can relate to the show. No kidding. It's about Hong Kong back in the 60's and 70's where corruption is thrive among cops. Sounds familiar eh. Corruption is everywhere in every corner and nook. Sound even more familiar eh. And that was when Hong Kong's very reputable ICAC was conceived by the British. The Brits decided to buck up and fight the cops - with vengeance. Good movie. The fighting back part is pretty difficult for Malaysia cause we don't have anyone who is willing to do the fighting. After all, the ruling government is a party to it. So in Malaysia, we will just have to talk about fighting corrupted cops. And talk. And talk. And talk. If you want some kind of hope and success, watch the movie because that is the best we Malaysians are gonna get. Sad case.

Posted below is our Indian brethen kena belasah by polis. I don't have the statistics to proof this but it is beginning to look like our police enjoy whacking Indians. I didn't say this. This is the perception I have been made to belief. Remember Kugan? What happened to his case anyway? Standard Malaysia la. After the hoohah all will die down and be forgotten.

Looking at all these brutal videos, don't you just question yourself on how can anyone carry out such beatings? That is a human being la. But our cops seem to be able to do this with ease. What is wrong with our cops? Tak pergi sekolah ke diorang? Aha! That lies the problem. I think the problem is education and institutionalisation. I checked PDRM's website and the entry level to be a cop is PMR. Yup Form 3. You may not even get a clerical job but you get to be a cop. I heard some factory jobs even require a minimum Form 5 qualification. Form 3 dropouts huh. Or is it Form 4 since you have to pass Form 3? The first thing that came to my mind are the fellas who ponteng class and hang out at god-knows-where during school hours. Most of them trouble makers in school. Pretty much the headache of all teachers in school and quite likely the fella who 'pau' you during recess time and right after school. And then they get accepted into the Police Force. I never thought about it this way until very recently (like some 72 hours ago).

So, there we go. This could be the background of a large portion of our police force. I am not sure about this but I think my guess has its merits. And you wonder why our police is of such crap quality. If the 3 - 12 months training (info obtained from PDRM's website) can change them into a good cop overnight, then our IGP can also be a saint.

And on institut... instut... institutionalisation, where do you expect the young recruits to learn? And from whom do you expect our young recruits to learn from? Our young cops grew up watching what their seniors do. And they learn it as an acceptable day at the office. Human psychology is this not?

Whatever it is our police force is at a sorry state. They definitely cannot garner the respect of any Malaysians. Go to the pasar and listen to the way the aunties talk about our cops. You will understand. Nobody trusts our cops anymore because for now, they are good for nothing. In fact, you want to stay away from them. People don't even bother to lodge police reports when crime befall them - nothing will happen anyway.

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Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, June 09, 2009 22 comments
Hmmm... PAS. This is a very difficult subject. I have quite a bit to say about them (as a subject) but I don't really know where to start. I had some line of thoughts yesterday but streamyx was cranky. So, my 'ideas' were 'tertelan'.

Let's start with my stand on PAS. Growing up reading The Star and Berita Harian, PAS is like a bad word. PAS in my growing up days equates extremist Islam, backwardness, turbans and a bit of terrorism. And quite a bit more negative aspects. After all, the pictures of their leaders never seem to make them look like one of us, average urban Malaysians. So, naturally there is this fear of them and everything that they represent. I don't think that it is too far fetched to say that they put fear of Islam in me too.

But my opinion of PAS started to change since I started my working life. I've had ex-colleagues from Kelantan. I've been sent to Kelantan for some short term work. And of course the internet gives you views from every angle. Kelantanese are very different from Klang Valley citizens, that's for sure. What I notice is that Kelantanese are very protective of Kelantan regadless of whether they are a Malay or Chinese. (I don't know any Indians from Kelantan though). The most frequent reply I get from them is 'you all don't understand Kelantan'. Which is true. The media has projected PAS and Kelantan to us based on what they want us to belief. And it is all for political mileage. I dare say that Kelantan is less racist than Klang Valley. The people there are really friendly.

And PAS is not all about chopping hands and stoning to death. Yes, they have their 'hudud' but what do we non-Muslims know about hudud? Before we comment on anything, have we done any research or are we simply being led by the government owned media spins or CNN's bias reporting? There is much more to the hudud law then simply physical punishment but we choose to see the negative side only. I won't comment further cause I am no expert in this subject but suffice that I say that the most of us do not know jack shit in Islamic laws in its true from. In fact most of us do not know jack shit about Islam. I am not a religious person but I do belief that no religion promotes anything bad. If it is bad, I bet you that that bad element is a result of wrong interpretation by soem dumb followers to justify his/her actions. (By the way, why is stoning to death not acceptable while death by hanging, lethal injection or electrocution accepted?)

Ok ok... This is not about Islam. This is about PAS. So, what I am trying to say is that I no longer fear PAS. In fact I see merit in many of their policies. Free your mind. Open up to what is not norm to you. Not everything you are unused to is bad.

PAS and it's economics. Why vote PAS and send us back to stone age like Kelantan. If this is your line of thoughts, how shallow can you get? Are you not aware of how Malaysian politics work? Has anyone actually thought that PAS is not able to develop Kelantan simply because the federal government deprive them of funds rightly due to them? Are they supposed to build the state out of sand? Just because most of their leaders are clerics does not make them economic idiots. But the reality is Kelantan is rich in nothing and is not exactly that well geographically located. Given the right resources, am sure they can make the state a much better place. At the very least, you as a taxpayer will know that wastages will be at a minimum and corruption is going to be a rarity. On the other hand, UMNO and BN is guaranteed to squander our money and pocket a whole lot of them.

Nevertheless, I do think that PAS has many faults. Be fair to them la, no political party is perfect. And the most recent imperfection is the rejection of liberals in PAS. That's how I see Husam Musa's defeat in their just ended muktamar. It's not that I don't like Nasharuddin Isa, actually I know jack shit about him, but I would like to see a PAS leadership with a balanced liberals and clerics. After all, I am hoping that PAS will form the next government with DAP and PKR via Pakatan Rakyat.

Furthermore, I am not too pleased with them raising the "unity government with UMNO" issue again. PAS has to understand that their recent 'victories' in securing non-Muslim votes has got a lot to do with the votes being given to PR and not PAS. I am sure than PAS on their own will not garner these votes. I think the party has never seen such strong support in their lifetime and is presently a little way over themselves. They need to wake. up. Many Malaysians are voting PAS for a change in government. Please do not equate the votes as support for PAS and its ideologies. If they continue doing this, the whole cause will be lost and UMNO will regain it's footings. That will be a shame. Sometimes, with all these talks coming out of PAS, don't you just wonder that if UMNO really have their people planted in PAS. It's really stupid talk, really. Very much stabbing themselves.

Side note: As to the matter of PAS being able to make Malaysia an Islamic state, don't get frightened la. They will never be able to do that. Not unless 2/3 of the parliament vote for that. And PAS alone will NEVER get the 2/3 they require. The Islamic State is their manifesto but that does not mean that it will materialise simply because they are able to hold power. So, anyone with a thinking capability, please don't use this as an argument. It does not hold water.

There is also this call on the ban of Sisters in Islam. Before I go on any further, who is this SIS anyway? Diorang ni buat aper? I don't know jack shit about them and so will not comment on if the call for ban is fair or not. But Neo says that it is not right to ban this and ban that. I don't think that that is a fair statement from Neo. Simply because we all want see the spirit of democracy. And is it not the rights for anyone to voice their opinion? If PAS feels that SIS is acting against their religion, why can't they raise the issue? Just like when they are not pleased with some rockers performing in Malaysia, why can't they voice their displeasure? It's their rights. Why is it that they are only allowed to voice against something that you and I are also against? Why is it that we can call for Maths and Science to be taught in schools in place of BM (which is the Malay's mother tongue) but they are not allowed to call for SIS to be banned? Who is to judge that Maths and Science in English is the best for the country? We have our views but it is not necessarily the best option for the country as a whole. But we are allowed to make that call because we believe in democracy. So, why should PAS not be allowed to voice their opinion?

That's a little I wanna say about PAS. Time for us to wake up and judge them fairly and not based on the spins made by the government owned media. We Malaysians in general have been poisoned long enough. Just like the communist issue. "Communist" as a word is portrayed as worse than any bad words in the world. What is so wrong about communism actually? It is just another ideology. But our school text books turn communism into devil worshipping. That's Malaysia folks. China is still a communist country today and the whole world is trying to buddy them. It's not your fault that you are myopic. It's the government's fault for brain washing us via our education system and corrupted information dissemination.

Since I mentioned The Star in this article, here's one for the road. Wong Chun Wai, you suck!
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PAS call for ban on Sisters In Islam

Posted by Neo On Sunday, June 07, 2009 5 comments
-PAS got very low self confident
-Everytime they cannot argue professionally, they will suggest banning, and if all things fail, maybe resort to violence.
-Becareful when you vote for them.
-For me, they are a wolf in lamb skin.

Call for ban on Sisters in Islam
Hafiz Yatim & Rahmah Ghazali | Jun 7, 09 2:04pm
One of the motions which was tabled that was accepted but not debated include the calling for a ban by the National Fatwa Council on the Sisters in Islam (SIS).

The motion could be seen as a hardline approach adopted by the party against the organisation which is seen to be liberal in its views.

pas nik aziz speech 060609 audience 02Hence, the motion called for the National Fatwa Council to conduct a study over the liberal approach adopted by SIS, which is confusing Islamic society and also infiltrating the minds of Muslims and which may destroy the Islamic faith, especially among the younger generation who has adopted such secular views.

"Following this, it called on the Fatwa council to ban SIS if it is proven to be against the Islamic belief and syariah and that the authorities work together to rehabilitate its members."

Sisters in Islam was formed in 1998.

Closer ties with Pakatan component parties

Besides economic, education issues and a motion on the independence of the judiciary which were passed with majority votes, there were other motions which were not debated but adopted by the PAS 55th Muktamar.

Other motions included calling for the closer co-operation with Pakatan Rakyat component parties that involves a consistency in its stand among the opposition parties and to ensure this working relationship would lead to further success in the 13th general election.

The party members also want the name Pakatan Rakyat be registered as an alternative to BN in leading the country.

The fostering of relationship is needed as Umno and BN are seen to be working closely with its media and blogs to undermine the Pakatan co-operation and there is a need for PAS to work together closely with PKR and DAP.

Other motions addressed the social problems, unemployment as a result of the economic turmoil and also social issues including having free treatment for those who are poor with chronic diseases and also problems related to foreign workers.
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