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SPM EXAM: Settle for a limit of 11 subjects

Posted by Neo On Tuesday, June 02, 2009
I totally agree with this article.
Some student cheat by taking 21 subject and getting all As.
It makes me look stupid, but actually i think i more smarter and handsome than them.
Some of the subject is repeated so many times. View article far below
Why is there so many islamic subject?
Why must there be english and english for science and technology?

I took 10 subject, only got 4 As. I NO STUPID k?

tan kiew tan kiew.

SPM EXAM: Settle for a limit of 11 subjects
I WELCOME the Education Ministry's plan to put a cap on the number of subjects a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia candidate can sit for beginning next year.
However, I feel that limiting the candidates to 10 subjects is a bit too harsh. It would be more reasonable and practical to tag it at 11.

A Science-stream student takes at least nine subjects -- Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Moral Education or Islamic Studies, and English for Science and Technology (optional but most students take this paper).

What if a student comes from a Chinese- or Tamil-medium school? He would definitely attempt Tamil or Chinese papers, including Tamil or Chinese Literature.

These two language papers are important if the student wants to pursue a career in teaching, journalism or even become a court interpreter.
Muslim students from religious or Arabic schools have to contend with the Arabic and Tassawur Islam papers.

Which subject do we expect students to drop from the package? Definitely, none of the core Science subjects. Perhaps EST. But most schools offer the subject, so why stop a student from taking a subject he has learnt for two years?

This leaves the ministry with no option but to consider allowing students to sit a maximum of 11 papers, or better still, be flexible and set it at 12.

Schools set a specific number of periods, normally from 24 to 28 per week. Ideally, it should be 24 periods per week.

At the beginning of Form Four, schools would have formulated a package of subjects, taking into account the availability of teachers for a particular subject.

Parents and pupils are made aware of the package during orientation week and are given a few days to decide on a suitable package.

If a student wishes to take subjects not included in the package, the school has no option but to ask the student to go for outside tuition.

Alternatively, the student can transfer to a school that offers the subject. This is the norm in every secondary school, as bound by the ministry's guidelines.

No school would be able to conduct classes outside the package if it doesn't have enough teachers who specialise in a subject. Furthermore, even if there are enough teachers, a class requires a minimum number of students. A lesson cannot be conducted within the curriculum for just a handful of students.

I also agree with the minister that limiting the number of subjects will reduce the politicking and clamour for scholarships.

The ministry should come up with a ruling that the criteria for tertiary education and scholarships be based on the best eight or even 10 subjects, where the core subjects are compulsory. This way, we can ensure a level playing field for all students, regardless of the number of papers they take.

As for the grading system, the present one is good enough but only if it is based on the best of eight to 10 subjects. The present system was introduced a few years back and serves its purpose. It is based on a formula called overall average grade (or GPK -- gred purata keseluruhan).

However, the standard of grading can be modified so that it would be harder for students to obtain a 1A. Even the minimum passing mark should be re-evaluated.

And finally, as it is for Bahasa Melayu, make it compulsory for each candidate to have a minimum grade of C6 in English to obtain a full SPM certificate.

By doing this, we would not have to worry about upgrading the standard of English. If you make it mandatory to have a credit at SPM level for English, students as well as parents will automatically realise the importance of the language.


Is there a secret in Azali Azlan’s success to getting 21As in SPM? Apparently there isn’t, except that one needs to focus on his goal and work hard towards it.

Azali made headline in the SPM 2007 result announced recently by scoring 201As and one 2A in his examination. Azali’s success eclipsed the previous record hold by Nur Amalina Che Bakri from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ulu Tiram, Johor who scored 171As in the SPM 2004. Azali’s achievement made his school, the students and the teachers of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama (SMKA) Yan, Kedah, proud.

He took Bahasa Melayu, English, Syariah Education, Al-Quran & Sunnah, Arabic Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Modern Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, History, Geography, Commerce, Economy, Accounting, Science, Art, Islamic Studies, Islamic Tasawwur, Malay Literature and English for Science and Technology. With 21 subjects in his hand, he underwent a rather grueling examination schedule. For a 3-week stretch, he sat down at least 2 papers daily and only had his break on weekends.

Azali was awarded the Tokoh Nilam Kebangsaan 2007 award with his achievement.

Azali admits that he did not really have any special method in doing his preparation and revision for the exam. According to him, he would study when he felt like doing it, and rest if the mood was not swinging towards the study mode. The hostel life in his school has also provided Azali with some conducive environment for him to balance his studies and other activities.

Both Azali’s parents, Azlan Othman and Rozita Sanapi, are teachers in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

A piece of advice - scoring excellent results in examinations is only one of those barriers and challenges in life. While we are being taught to strive in achieving great academic attainment, it is not an indication or a guarantee that you will have a good life and career later on. Nevertheless, it is a good start and hopefully this gives Azali and the likes a good foundation of how one can excel in their life later. On another note, people who do not score good result must not be disappointed with themselves as many have proven that they can taste a real success without having good academic background. There’s much more to life than scoring all As in SPM.

[Photo & story: Harian Metro]

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