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Posted by Da Maniac On Thursday, June 25, 2009
Well, no posting on SPAnK does not mean that we have nothing to say. Sometimes there's so much to say but you just don't know where to start.

In the past one week, we have seen loads of stuff in Malaysia and the politics that surrounds this 'can-do' country of ours. I'm not even gonna write any decent post on any of them topics but would like to just list them down:

1. PAS & UMNO indecent proposals on Malay Unity and screw the rest talks
2. Dramas in the Parliament
3. PKF(rakking)Z Scandal (or non-scandal depending on which side of the fence you are on)
4. Correct! Correct! Correct! You are right, it is not me! No further action by the Malaysian Assist-Corruption Commission (MACC) because of 'insufficient evidence' on the Lingam Tapes inquiry
5. The famous noodles is back in town again - Sodo-mee
6. I will! Ops! I will not! by our Home Minister on wanting to relook on recommendations on the Royal Commission report on the Malaysian Poh-leece.
7. The obsession about 1Malaysia and what it actually means... which until now... no one can tell you exactly what it is!
8. Wearing black and sipping coffee with your friends is in violation of some ftoopid law
9. Sure blame the victims of H1N1. Why the scare mongering about this little pesky virus when more people die from the common flu. Treat it like what it is... why go overboard to say that this is a DEADLY virus! WTFrak! Careful when you cross that road because you might be too engrossed with the H1N1 news you forgot to look before you cross that road.
10. Best quote of the week "One million in Europe gets you nothing nowadays" by our Tourism Minister. Sure gets you nothing because that's spare change for all these BN Ministers. Oh... don't get me started about Malaysia's Tourism Ambassador who's not even a frakking Malaysian! How ftoopid is that?
11. Etc.

So... where do we start?

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  1. a week in malaysia in a nutshell


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