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Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, June 10, 2009
I was reading The Star yesterday (yes, I am a sinner) to find fault with the newspaper (God, please have mercy on my soul for I sacrifice my leisure time for the good of men). And there, staring right under my frigging nose was:

DPM: English not a 'must pass' for SPM?

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is surprised to learn that English is not a “must pass” subject for SPM and wants public feedback on the matter.

The Education Minister said it was a revelation to him as he had always thought that it was a prerequisite since students had to learn English in school.

He was also shocked to learn that national schools no longer taught English grammar.

He was surprised? Damn! I am surprised that he is surprised! Dude, you are the pharking Education Minister. How can you not know? What have you been doing since you took office? Have you been too busy with UMNO? Honestly, and let God be your witness, can you cope with your work? If you really find juggling between UMNO and your Ministerial duties too much to handle, why don't you give one up? Or both actually. And what about your constituency? Have you been serving your people? Maybe you should give it all up.

Come on. How can the Education Minister not know something as important as what is required to be passed in the SPM? Is the SPM not the single most important qualification in the education life of most Malaysians? (Hey you university graduates, not everyone has the luxury alright. We are talking about the average Malaysians here.) If you or me do not know the minimum requirements of SPM today, that's fine cause we are no longer in school. And maybe no kids in schools too. But not our Education Minister. It is his pharking job! And English in schools being the hottest education talk of the town now. Hello... Where have you been, Mr. Minister? And you have the balls to go around telling people to debate on if Maths and Science should be taught in English? English as a subject pun tak boleh settle!

How does the Education Ministry work? Who reviews the syllabus? Who decides what is required for public exams and what is not? Honestly, I don't know. And I dare say most of you do not too. From what I see, I suspect the book publishers decide what's in the school text books. Hey, that's a blardie big industry. I heard from a friend la. This guy deals with school supplementary book publishing. Apparently the donkeys who sit at the top of Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka are buddy buddy with book publishers. According to my friend, the money in supplementary school books itself is so huge that he cannot imagine the dough on school text books. After all, imagine if your book is on the required reading list. Giler dei... So, naturally 'annual open tenders' by DBP will see a scramble by the publishers to buddy buddy the DPB hotshots. And buddy buddy in Malaysia means *wink* *wink* la. You know, I know la. And now you know why your Standard 4 daughter can't use her brother's books of 2 years ago. If this is true, then this kinda solves the mystery of why the quality of our education is getting poorer by the day. Why not? Some 22 year old punk is probably the one writing the text book for Standard 3 kids for next year right now in his 3rd floor office in a shop lot somewhere in Kepong.

And what have we today? The Star reported:

Most of the 500 views received by the Education Ministry as at the end of office hours yesterday are against any move to make English compulsory in order to obtain the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificate.

I sincerely hope that the views of these 500 jokers will not be used as the Gospel truth by our Education Ministry. Who are these people anyway? Are they qualified to comment? And they are experts at which field?

English as a subject back in my schooling days close to some 20 years ago was already darn easy. So easy that I took the subject for granted, and yet still scored an A. Honestly, I cannot imagine scoring anything other than an A for my English, which I did. But the truth is my command of the English language in its real standard is passable at best i.e. boleh cari makan sahaja. Honest. My English is nowehere near what it should be. And to make matters worse, the standard of English in schools have taken a big dive since my schooling days. This is very worrying. Extremely worrying actually. And frustrating. Listen to our school leavers today, and if you are lucky enough to catch them (trying hard to) speak English, listen real hard. If you don't end up shaking your head, you need to enrol yourself for an evening class soon.

16 Response to "Our Education Minister, Mr. Jack Schitt"

  1. Neo Said,


    Please do not sit down and do nothing. Please email your views to :-
    call 0377237070
    fax 0377108880

    I have already written my view on this matter:-




  2. Neo,

    Can you confirm that that's the right email address? If you send to a general one, it's gonna be a waste of time.

    What is the correct channel? I don't see anything on MOE's website.


  3. Neo Said,


    I can confirm the email is correct. I got no time to write long long mail le..

    But at least i'm doing something..


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Simon, my two sen's worth.

    I seriously did not know that English need not pass in order to get SPM. What surprised me even more is that BM just needs a pass, not credit.

    Darn it. They should've done that in 1988 when I took my SPM, save myself the shame of getting Grade 2, hahaha. Got A for English and 1119 though.

    Seriously, the education standard in M'sia is going down the drain. Soon, Malaysian kids would be speaking decaying English instead of rotten English.


  5. Coolbert,

    Thx for your comments.

    Whoa! You got an A for 1119? You are hebat man. I am too ashamed to reveal mine. Hahaha...


  6. Not making English compulsory will only hurt the lower income group. The higher income folks will continue to send their kids to private English tuition, in order to prepare their kids for an overseas education in mainly English speaking countries. The gaps between the have and have-nots will continue to grow.

    Another prime example of short-sightedness on our politicians resulting in them shooting themselves in their foot.


  7. LtD,

    The saddest part of all is they still do not know that they are shooting themselves in their feet.



  8. Da Maniac Said,

    Kinda funny that the minister has to go ask the public on what they think about it? For fraking sake, it's so obvious but I guess they need to be seen to do something.

    So what are they gonna do if one joker decides to email 500,000 times to that email saying that it should NOT be made compulsory. So would the Education minister come out and say... we are democratic country and all that ftoopid sh*t and will say that 500,001 people gave feedback that it should not be made compulsory against 24,568 who said yes. So screw it.

    No clear intentions on what he intends to do... or perhaps he REALLY doesn't know what to do.


  9. Balasi Said,

    Simon Templer, ...u just don't get the message u must have been educated in some MRSM or a full paid scholarship school like SDAR/SMT/SAYN....
    please pen something worth while for ur future GEn.


  10. partistar Said,

    Another potential mess to be created by politicians who have played to their constituents rather than what Malaysia needs to do well in the global world.

    DPM is over thirty years outdated. We should have continued with our English education together with "Bahasa Baku" or "Bahasa Melayu". If he wants to make it compulsory now, imagine the thousands who do not have the opportunity to learn "good English". Give them a chance by NOT Making it compulsory now as it will be pure danming and discrimination against those who have an English teacher with a ?Rotten or ?dying ENGLISH teaching them.

    The Minister should now insist all teachers must know and understand English first especially those in the Ministry and Education HQ. Then get Primary school pupils to start learning "A man" and "A pan" or a "Pen". Only for this batch of students, we should made "English" compulsory.

    Make passing ENGLISH with credit compulsory for the teachers first is a better idea.


  11. Dear Balasi,

    I was educated in a Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan from Standard 1 to Standard 6. From Form 1 to Form 5, I was educated in a Sekolah Menengah.

    MRSM? Sorry, can't get in. What is SDAR or SMT or SAYN? Must be something not applicable to me.


  12. Neo Said,

    I got a reply back from ministry of education when i wrote to them about passing the english for SPM


    Dear valued customer, xxxxx

    Your reference number :- 171xx.

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding Compulsory Pass in English for SPM.

    We are pleased to inform you that the suggestion/feedback will be taken
    under full consideration and evaluation by a designated committee on its
    feasibility for implementation.

    If you need further information, please do not hesitate to call us at
    03-77237070 and inform us with your reference number which is 17116 .

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,

    Customer Service Executive
    Customer Service Department
    Ministry Of Education


  13. Excellent Neo. Everyone please contribute to the cause. Give your 'Yes' for English!


  14. I just did it. Another strong YES for English.


  15. Me too! It's got to be a matha farking YES!


  16. Da Maniac Said,

    It's an automatic response, but at least they DO respond!


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