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PAS call for ban on Sisters In Islam

Posted by Neo On Sunday, June 07, 2009
-PAS got very low self confident
-Everytime they cannot argue professionally, they will suggest banning, and if all things fail, maybe resort to violence.
-Becareful when you vote for them.
-For me, they are a wolf in lamb skin.

Call for ban on Sisters in Islam
Hafiz Yatim & Rahmah Ghazali | Jun 7, 09 2:04pm
One of the motions which was tabled that was accepted but not debated include the calling for a ban by the National Fatwa Council on the Sisters in Islam (SIS).

The motion could be seen as a hardline approach adopted by the party against the organisation which is seen to be liberal in its views.

pas nik aziz speech 060609 audience 02Hence, the motion called for the National Fatwa Council to conduct a study over the liberal approach adopted by SIS, which is confusing Islamic society and also infiltrating the minds of Muslims and which may destroy the Islamic faith, especially among the younger generation who has adopted such secular views.

"Following this, it called on the Fatwa council to ban SIS if it is proven to be against the Islamic belief and syariah and that the authorities work together to rehabilitate its members."

Sisters in Islam was formed in 1998.

Closer ties with Pakatan component parties

Besides economic, education issues and a motion on the independence of the judiciary which were passed with majority votes, there were other motions which were not debated but adopted by the PAS 55th Muktamar.

Other motions included calling for the closer co-operation with Pakatan Rakyat component parties that involves a consistency in its stand among the opposition parties and to ensure this working relationship would lead to further success in the 13th general election.

The party members also want the name Pakatan Rakyat be registered as an alternative to BN in leading the country.

The fostering of relationship is needed as Umno and BN are seen to be working closely with its media and blogs to undermine the Pakatan co-operation and there is a need for PAS to work together closely with PKR and DAP.

Other motions addressed the social problems, unemployment as a result of the economic turmoil and also social issues including having free treatment for those who are poor with chronic diseases and also problems related to foreign workers.

5 Response to "PAS call for ban on Sisters In Islam"

  1. Neo Said,

    PAS should never be given a chance. They are the seed of Taliban. We should abondon them even we have no choice of choosing the corrupted BN.


  2. I think if folks like Nizar remains a significant voice of reason in PAS, I won't worry about this.

    But, if PAS veers back to their objective of forming an Islamic state, then this will be the end of Pakatan.


  3. Da Maniac Said,

    My stand is that race/religion-based politics should be done away with if this country were to progress. Otherwise a line would continued to be drawn between us and them.


  4. Neo Said,

    My stand is this:-
    I cannot accept talibanisation
    I cannot accept violation of human rights
    i cannot accept violation of freedom of speech
    I cannot accept banning culture


  5. I have too much to say on PAS. I guess I better write a brand new posting. Hahaha...


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