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Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, June 17, 2009
In my article titled Pakatan Rakyat Is Just Another Cirque Du Soleil, I questioned Anwar Ibrahim on how and why the Seberang Prai Municipal Council swearing-in ceremony boycott was allowed to proceed. It looks like PKR has made a u-turn from their earlier decision to close a blind eye on the issue.

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Dear Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,

The Star's report on "Johari To Face PKR Disciplinary Action" dated 17 June 2009 refers.

Thank you for doing the right thing for Pakatan Rakyat.

And since Pakatan Rakyat at the end of the day belongs to the rakyat, by proceeding with this PKR internal disciplinary action, you are doing the right thing for the rakyat and the nation.

This in my view is good leadership.

Although this internal disciplinary action is belated, the fact that an action is now taken is a show of sincerity by PKR to maintain peace and harmony within Pakatan Rakyat. Let this be a lesson and warning to all in Pakatan Rakyat who harbour and place personal gains and personal agendas ahead of the objectives and spirit of Pakatan Rakyat. No one person, regardless of party membership of PKR, DAP or PAS, should be above the party and the rakyat would really love to see that no one person is above Pakatan Rakyat.

Let this be the start of more reconciliatory moves by all Pakatan Rakyat's component parties - for a better Pakatan Rakyat.

Hidup rakyat!

Yours faithfully,

Simon Templar (of Salt, Pepper ANd a little Kicap)

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Johari to face PKR disciplinary action

(The Star) - PKR whip Johari Kassim is ready to face the music from his party for his role in organising a boycott of the swearing-in of former North Seberang Prai district officer Mokhtar Mohd Jait as Seberang Prai Municipal Council president on June 4.

Johari, a Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) councillor, said yesterday he was unaware of any intention to act against him but would accept the party’s decision.

“This is the first time I am hearing that action will be taken against me,” he said, adding that he was “not surprised”, despite the party’s turn-around on its earlier decision not to punish him.

“No one from the party told me anything. All I know is that Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng refused to meet me regarding the problem.”

Johari said he was not surprised because there were people in PKR and DAP who just won’t let the matter go.

“I am a loyal party man so I will let the party decide. Whatever I did, it was for PKR,” he said.

On Monday, Penang PKR deputy chairman Mansor Othman said action would be taken against Johari by the end of the week.

Mansor, who is also Deputy Chief Minister I, said the party’s central political bureau, at its weekly meeting today, would decide on the action to be taken.

2 Response to "Thank You, Saudara Anwar"

  1. Da Maniac Said,

    A little late but better late than never. Man... UMNO/BN sure had a field day on this issue.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Yang dihormati DSAnwar, nampaknya macam DS nak jadi kuda, ingat DAP senang2 nak angkat DS jadi PM, apa kata kalau PKR dapat kerusi minoriti dalam PR? nasib PAS pun sama; Hj.Hadi jangan mimpilah jawat PM, belum apa2 dah ikut telunjuk DAP, nasihat kami kepada dua2 parti(PAS&PKR) tinggalkan saja PR sabelum terlambat; bila nasi dah jadi bubur dan orang melayu berpecah, tak guna dah, akhirnya kelak melayu sama melayu bergaduh, bangsa lain tepuk tangan, jangan pulak DS jadi keldai tua nak bawak diripun tak larat, apatah nak ditunggang DAP yang gagah perkasa, sedih kami melihat nasib bangsa nanti.


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