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Posted by Da Maniac On Wednesday, June 17, 2009
I wonder where Simon is? You ok buddy? or has that Tamplar joker found you somewhere in Subang? Hahaha!

Anyways, this is gonna be a short post, and it would be a more like a question:

At the rate things are going, do you think that the Pakatan will blow away their opportunity to take over the government in the next GE?

Waddya think?

4 Response to "Are they gonna blow it?"

  1. Neo Said,

    - Zaid joining PKR is a good move..
    - whole of PR movement very much depends on how they control PAS
    - So far it's still 50/50 chance.

    Conclusion, both BN and PR equally match at the moment


  2. Maniac,

    Am still alive and kicking.

    Was gonna buy a house in Subang on Saturday so that the Templar fella won't have to knock on every single house in Subang and still can't find me. But unfortunately (for him) I forgot about it.

    Am kinda busy this couple of days. But on Monday, I posted an article on Nazri?!


  3. Pakatan will win the next GE. But my prediction is that, it will eventually succumb to the same corruption and inept administration plaguing BN.

    Might even see the same fellows from BN joining Pakatan to maintain their rice bowl.

    Then by next GE, Pakatan will flame out and lose to a rejunevated BN...


  4. Da Maniac Said,

    Neo: 50-50 eh? Well, it all depends on how Pakatan is gonna manage their mess from now till the next GE.

    Simon: Glad that you are still alive and kicking. As for the Nazri article... Alamak... everytime I hear his name, I go into a fit of anger. Just read his explanation on the Lingam's tape... as expected MACC found INSUFFCIENT evidence to prosecute. So case close. Frak la this fraking ftoopid gomen. Frak! Frak! Frak!

    LtD: I certainly hope that Pakatan will open a can of whoop-ass and frakin kick BN out in the next GE. What I fear most is that BN will pull all their fraking dirty tricks and fraking cheat their way through just to stay in power... and pull a Ahmadinejad come next GE.


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