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I Told You So!

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, November 05, 2010 11 comments

Well well well... What much can be said except I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

See earlier posting: Anwar, Pack Up And Leave Batu Sapi

I tell you, many of you guys are just blindly supporting the opposition. Whatever they do, you think that they have it planned out, that they have hidden strategy blah blah blah... You fellas have got to use your brains. And Malaysians are seriously lacking it.

Yes, we want PR to win the next GE. But blindly supporting PR is not going to help them win the next GE. PR has to be told that they are wrong when they are plain wrong. Looking at the comments in not just this blog but the many blogs out there where the bloggers are not agreeable to the 'strategy' adopted by Anwar and goons, it is obvious that many Malaysians are just seeing everything that is good about PR. And sweep everything negative about PR under the carpet. Or simply unwilling to accept that the party they believe in is wrong at times. Why live in denial? It makes you feel good inside but that is not going to convince the fence sitters - the very people that we need in order to win the next GE.

PR will lose the next GE if PKR (in particular) does not wake up. The component parties are screwed up and yet there is very little effort to change - sounds like UMNO eh. And the supporters continue to live in denial, and worse, whack everyone else who criticise PR. How often do we see "Or else, vote for UMNO?", "However bad they are they are still better than UMNO" etc. I've said this many times, PR does not need to win you over to win the next GE. If you are reading this, chances are you have already been won over. PR does not need to win me over. They had me long ago.

But PR needs the fence sitter. PR needs the BN supporters to cross over. And nonsense that we are seeing now aren't going to win over anyone new. Faham?

After reading the above, there are still people out there who says BN won because of corruption. These are the very people who think that they are assets of PR. The truth is they are absolute liabilities to PR. Liabilities because these people are hindrance towards progress. Why should PKR, DAP or PAS change when there are cheers and support even when they call a cat a duck?

Back to the corruption. Hello, every Malaysian already knew that BN was gonna dish out cash and goodies. It is a known fact. The people at Batu Sapi were literally waiting for handouts and looking for goodies distribution centres. That has always been BN. You mean Anwar didn't know that? Or Anwar believe that the EC and MACC will act?

He knew all these. Every Ahmad, Ah Kow and Samy knew these. How did Anwar's strategy counter this? By splitting anti-BN votes? What the...? Goodies aside, a decent mind won't vote the opposition when it is clear that the anti-BNs are screwed up with nonsense election strategy. Where got confidence to vote them? Might as well take the money, take the zincs, take the rice. Bukan SAPP atau PKR boleh menang. You look down at the people who took the 100 bucks or 250 bucks. At those who happily accepted the zinc sheets. At the Sabahans who fought for the bags of rice. You don't know jack shit. These may be nothing to you. But it means the world to the many poor Sabahans. That money is going to last them the next 2-3 months. That zinc sheet is going to stop rain from flooding the bedroom that sleeps the whole family. That bag of rice is going to feed the family the next 2 weeks. Who in their right mind will reject these over some nonsense political games by some rubbish political 'strategies'?

What's the good thing from losing the Batu Sapi by-election? I don't know, man. I really don't know. Maybe Anwar should come out to explain his objectives for the Batu Sapi by-election. For sure I know winning the seat isn't the objective. Maybe it is to prove that PKR 'has made in-roads into Sabah'. That 'PKR is better than SAPP'. Please watch out for these 2 statements. Anyone who says this over the next few days is an absolute asshole.

Sigh... Dunno lah... Government is fucked up. Economy is fucked up. Education system is fucked up. Opposition also fucked up.

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Anwar, Pack Up And Leave Batu Sapi

Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, October 25, 2010 35 comments

We rakyat are real suckers.

At least that's what most of our Malaysian politicians seem to think.

The entire Barisan Nasional politicians think that we are idiots who cannot think. (Ok... Truth is I actually know quite a few people out there who can't think. But... Some other time...)

Then we have our not-so-beloved-anymore PKR who thinks that we enjoy watching their year-round circus acts. Yup, definitely not so loved anymore. And I don't think I am an isolated case. We shall leave DAP and PAS out for now as they are not the subject of discussion here. But mind you, they have their own shit-load pile of dung too.

Now what's with the Batu Sapi fight? Isn't PKR the one who first brought DAP and PAS to the table to discuss how to prevent a 3-corner (or more) fight. Isn't the objective of the entire 'opposition' coalition that to fight the single common enemy i.e. BN? So what is PKR now blardie doing in the Batu Sapi fight?

Some of you may say that why can't SAPP not fight and let PKR field their candidate?

Or some of you may say that well SAPP is not part of the coalition, so why should PR even need to talk to them in the first place.

That will be to miss the whole point of the rakyat's fight. The rakyat is not fighting for Anwar (please imprint this in your mind, Anwar). The rakyat is not fighting for PKR or DAP or PAS. You will be dammed if you think that we really love you. What we want is CHANGE. And you political parties are nothing but our tool to get BN out of power. Well that's how things are. You guys are using us to get to power. So don't complain or call us ungrateful.

It doesn't matter to us if SAPP is fighting BN or PKR is fighting BN. As long as someone is there to fight BN, then we'll be on your side. But if you have PKR, SAPP and BN in the fight, what do you want us to do? To choose who we love more between SAPP and PKR? What are you guys trying to do? Eh wankers... The common enemy is BN. Let's keep it that simple.

Now that we have establish that line of thought, PKR or SAPP for Batu Sapi? SAPP la. Look at the name - Sabah Progressive Party. Sabah dei, Sabah... Let the Sabahans fight their fight. This is why East Malaysians do not like West Malaysians. The West Malaysians are always thinking that they are better and more superior than the East Malaysians. What on earth is PKR trying to do fighting the Sabahan fight? You don't see UMNO (Penang based) Gerakan fielding their candidate in Sabah or Sarawak do you?

Seriously, I cannot understand PKR's objective in the Sabah fight. Do you see Ford aggressively selling cars in Japan? No, they do not. They acquire Mazda and let Mazda do the fighting. The profits still ultimately land on their laps.

Anwar, similarly, you do not need to penetrate Sabah via PKR. Neither will the Sabahans accept that. Don't you get it? The East Malaysians do not trust us West Malaysians (seriously, can anyone blame them when we have been ripping them off since 1963?) Let the Sabahans fight their own battle. Let them keep their own state. But while at that, get them to work together with us to form the ultimate central government. I mean, can you imagine PBS recruiting a Wan Kelantan and field him as a candidate in Galas? Ridiculous isn't it. That's exactly what PKR is doing right now at Batu Sapi.

But Yong Teck Lee is not exactly the best of character, shouts PKR. Like any of you politicians are. Who among you has no garbage up your arse? Who among you is as clean as the Pope? Ummm... is the Pope clean? What about the Dalai Lama? Snap, snap... focus.

So, how will letting SAPP run the show benefit PKR? No it does not. Why should PKR be benefiting in any way at all. As long as the rakyat benefits, that is good enough. SAPP may not be a coalition partner. But they are no longer in BN. Anyone who is against BN is on our side. Keep them as an ally. To form the next federal government, we know we are short. SAPP has their advantages in Sabah. The time will come when PR and SAPP can sit down to talk (again) about a larger coalition.

Of course that will be another problem because PKR has their own Sabah leaders who want this and that while SAPP will want to be the Sabah Chief and so on and so forth. At the end of the day, it is about who gets the power and who benefits more. Dear fellow rakyats, no one really cares about us la. If Pakatan really does care they will be giving SAPP the mandate to represent PR in Sabah. Pull PKR and DAP out of Sabah. Let the support for anti-BN be concentrated. Don't split votes. It is hard enough to defeat BN/UMNO with their might and money.

If the 3-corner fight remains, no need to waste time and money campaigning la. 60% bumi votes; say BN takes 30%, PKR (sapu all opposition votes) takes 30% and SAPP none. 38% Chinese votes; say BN takes 19%, SAPP (sapu all opposition votes) takes 19% and PKR none. Final tally: BN 49%, PKR 30% and SAPP 19%. Anwar and Azmin can then go for their celebratory party at Hyatt KK's Shenanigan's for achieving whatever their objective in Batu Sapi is.

That's PKR folks. People like Azmin Ali can never shed their UMNO mentality. PKR is just another UMNO. Ok, a powerless version of UMNO. Everything else is the same. Their leaders have been hungry and poor for a long time waiting for Anwar to propel to the top. Everyone wants to get paid. Money, money, money. That's what PKR is all about. Justice? We should really stop bluffing ourselves.

And it is PKR leaders' lust for money and power that will cause us rakyat never to be able to kick BN out of office. I am not giving up yet on us winning the next GE. But UMNO must be sensing that the timing is now good. PKR of today is not capable of mounting the killer blow. Not with the rakyat doubting PKR. Not with the rakyat shaking their heads looking at PKR's production of Scenario The Movie Part 5 with Azmin Ali taking over from Saiful Apek.

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Malaysians Have "Paling Ramai Kawan" On Facebook, Friendster etc.

Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, October 12, 2010 1 comments
Courtesy of fellow author, Gooster, who found this MOST enlightening article on BBC.

I bet you the largest contributors to our numero uno position are our government servants. Minimum wager of RM1,000 per bet for anything who thinks otherwise.

Super efficient Japs have the least "friends". By way of us having the most "friends", that will make us... ? Sigh...

Japanese have fewest digital friends on social networks

Mouse and keyboard

Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, while Japanese users have the fewest.

This is one of the findings of a large-scale research project, looking at online behaviour around the globe.

It also found that digital sources are overtaking TV, radio and newspapers as the media channel of choice for 61% of the online population around the world.

The study, conducted by research firm TNS, interviewed 50,000 consumers in 46 countries for the study.

In Malaysia the average number of friends is 233, closely followed by 231 in Brazil and 217 in Norway.

This contrasts to an average of just 29 friends in Japan, and 68 in China.

The results could suggest "a culture that embraces fewer but closer friendships," thinks TNS's chief development officer Matthew Froggatt.

As well as having the most friends, Malaysians are also the heaviest users of social networking sites, spending an average of nine hours per week on them.

It is followed by Russia, where people spend an average 8.1 hours per week online and Turkey where 7.7 hours a week are spent on social networks.

Socially mobile

The study found that consumers are now spending more time on social networking sites than using e-mail.

This is fuelled in part by the rise in mobile net access.

In the US, a third of online consumers expect to be accessing social networks via their mobile phones over the next 12 months, compared to a quarter via a PC.

In Sweden, over half said they would access social networks via mobile and just a quarter cited the traditional PC.

National crisis

The importance of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is being explored in a separate study at the University of East London.

Researchers are using three British cities - London, Birmingham and Carlisle, to study whether social networks could help save lives in the event of a national crisis.

"We are working on the premise that, as technological advances continue, the traditional mediums of television and radio may become usurped in their potency in terms of delivering important messages to society at large," said Professor John Preston, who is leading the project.

The TNS study, which the researchers hope will become an annual project, also found that countries newer to the digital world are embracing online activities at a faster rate to those in more mature markets.

In China four out of five users have written their own blog, compared to only 32% in the US.

"In rapid growth markets...users are embracing these new channels in much more active ways. The digital world is transforming how they live, develop and interact," said Mr Froggatt.

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Spending Public Money - UMNO vs Pakatan

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, October 08, 2010 0 comments
So much is being bandied about in the internet, thanks to Malaysia Today, about how corruption has gone unchecked in this country. (MACC who?)

And of course we have been presented with how a certain poor former dentist turn super rich big hot shot spent the rakyat's money like it belongs to his grandfather (who must be turning in his grave).

Forget about all the wordy facts. Today, SPAnK will summed it for you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here goes...

And there are Malaysians out there who do not know who to vote. Truly unbelievable!

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Where Are Mr. Smith and Watanabe San?

Posted by Simon Templar On Thursday, September 02, 2010 9 comments

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, very nearby actually, funny accented white men and Watahisname San from Japan landed upon this not too far away land. They built factories, brought their machineries and got their material suppliers to set up the same at this new found land. The land… Malaysia.

The economy of Malaysia boomed as these foreigners tapped upon the domestic resources; one of the most important resources being that of the human capital.

Labour was cheap. Cheaper than in Japan or the United Kingdom or Germany or the United States. But cheap does not translate to slavery. It was cheap because the cost of living in Malaysia was cheaper than back home. But the employees were more often than not showered with employment benefits that made working for these foreigners attractive. And of course the foreigners had their ways of looking after the welfare of their employees and their families. Working for these foreigners were sort of a privilege to many. Excellent employer-employee relations were bonded. The Malaysian workforce reciprocated with consistency, loyalty and quality.

Everyone was happy.

That was the earlier years of this new born country called Malaysia. Times were tough and the rakyat understood the meaning of employment. You work, you get paid. You sit on your ass all day, you get the boot. I think this is what some people call “meritocracy”. I can’t confirm this definition because it is very alien to Malaysia today. I tried to google this word but apparently it has been censored by the powers that be.

Then just like all things good, it must come to an end. A whole lot of government bullshit came raining upon Malaysians. Some people need to work for their rice, while some others simply just had to extend their hands. Certain people extended their hands but were told to bugger off – certain preferential requirements not met.

And so, a new generation of Malaysians were created. Some of the population was brought up with the knowledge that they have to earn their dough. Certain others were given wheelchairs and crutches. Apparently, if you are destined, persevere and the man upstairs will feed you.

And then the education system was amended over and over again to make the stupid more stupid and clever closer to the stupid. Somewhat regressive, but stupid people usually don’t question too much. As such, another new generation of good-for-nothing was borne.

And here we are now living among this new generation.

Let us analyse them by separating them into the white and blue collars.

The white collars. Many employers say that this new generation is unemployable. Many educated school leavers (of all levels) are inadequately prepared for the working world. But is it their (lack of) skills? The government seems to think so. But no. I can tell you for one that the government has got it wrong. It is not their skills that we are worried about - that, the employers can train and impart upon them. It is the attitude. Where is the commitment to work? Where is the understanding of putting in effort to attain quality output? Hardwork is a scarcity. Maybe times have changed and granted, the style of work has evolved. But the output of quality and reliability should never be any lesser.

Let’s see how our blue collar jokers fare. Apparently, worse. Hmmm… let me clarify. Worse when compared to the private sector white collar. But public sector white collar vs blue collar, now that is a tough call. Seriously.

Blue collar. Where do we start? Actually we don’t have to. There is nothing to comment upon. There is no Malaysian on the blue collar category. You see, Malaysians cannot toil under the sun and neither can they be seen along the conveyor belt as it is boring. Better just lepak at coffee shops or earn some money from a motorcycle race or 2. Working is just too tough. And standing all day at the supermarket is so tiring. The feet hurt… badly.

And so, we have imported Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Myanmarese and Vietnamese earning their livings at our construction sites, factories, coffee shops, stalls… basically everywhere. Why? They are cheap but that is not necessarily the factor. Of more importance is that they are reliable. At least they turn up for work. They may not be skilled, but they can be taught. These people need money for their families back home. Some are so trusted that they are left to run stalls on their own.

So, if the Mat Sallehs and the Jepuns have to scratch their heads so hard with the unending labour issue in Malaysia to the extent they have to resort to paying work permits, levies and insurances to bring these foreign workers into Malaysia, give me a reason why they should not simply relocate their operations to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, or Myanmar? After all, they are here for the abundance of labour in the very first place. And hence, the Mat Sallehs and Jappies do exactly what they should logically be doing; pack up and move.

We have lost our competitiveness. Our government has lost sight on what made us attractive in the 1st place. And we aren’t exactly very interesting taxes wise either. In fact, many a time, we are taking the foreigners for a ride when in comes to taxing the ass out of them.

I honestly cannot understand why the government cannot understand the negative Foreign Direct Investment position we are in now. Some say the government does but the ministers are ill advised. But whatever it is, all the government does is to come up with excuses to cover the issue. Face it - we have nothing to offer that benefits the foreigners. Believe it.

There is no point in introducing gimmicks to draw these investors, they are not stupid. You people at the government agencies are. Forget minor tax incentives. Forget expedient work permit approval for expatriates. These will not solve their ultimate operational headache – that we don’t have a good enough labour force for them.

Caveat: There are of course good employees of the new generation. What I am saying is that they are a little off the norm grid! No offense to these good guys – keep it up!

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Merdeka? Where Got...

Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, August 30, 2010 9 comments

Much has been bandied about this 31 August date being a certain Merdeka Day. Intrigue by this foreign word, I searched a little, googled a little, and found that merdeka means “independence”.

Eh cannot la... Wikipedia salah kot! Malaysians where got gain independence? The piece of land that we Malaysians stand on gained independence from the Brits, but Malaysians continued to be ruled by another entity what! Where got independent? Damn no respect for UMNO. You think UMNO is dead and buried?

I got thinking. By the same logic of UMNO “freeing” Malaysians from the Brits and so much so that 31 August is to be celebrated, then we should be observing all these dates (and declaring them public holidays) as well:

1. 24 August - In 1511, the Portuguese “freed” Melaka from a kingdom started by an Indonesian prince. Come on... This Parameswara fella must be treated as a foreigner since he is from Palembang, Indonesia. Why he is referred to as ‘founder’ in history books is beyond me. This foreign guy basically took a boat, landed here, proclaimed himself the ruler of the land, and the hapless indigenous locals gave in. How can he be a founder? He literally gasak the land as he wished; probably got a bunch of big sized gangsters by his sides too. By the way, did he come on a sampan? Must be a woozy ride.

Simon was thinking… Why did our Malaysian history start with Melaka? It is not exactly the 1st dynasty in the Malayan Peninsular. The northern states were already in the control of the Siamese Kingdom. And the Lembah Bujangs and what not? Isn’t it? I heard that someone tries to portray Islam as the earliest religion in town. But that is wrong. That Param guy is a Sriwijayan prince. And Sriwijaya is a Hindu Kingdom. So that chap is a Hindu. Again, why Melaka? Why not Lembah Bujang? Oh, so confusing!

2. Some date I can’t find in 1641 - The Dutch “freed” Melaka from Portuguese.

3. Some date I am too lazy to find in 1824 - The Brits “freed” Melaka from the Dutch via the British-Dutch Treaty.

4. 11 August - In 1786, the Brits “freed” Penang from… oh, the Kedah Sultanate. Maybe this doesn’t count as it is anti-Merdeka. Or if this is the case of another the Kedah Sultanate being another “Parameswara” then it may count. But we will never know la. Our history has been re-written to suit UMNO.

The point I am trying to make is 31 August is nothing special. It is just a day when a new force takes control of us rakyat from another force.

What is the difference? The Portuguese and Dutch needed Melaka to control the straits and boom their trading businesses. They enslaved the locals, had “fun” with our girls, made money out of us etc. The Brits needed to control the region to protect their investments and the East India Company, they salivated over our tin mines etc.

Then came UMNO. Malaya was 1st ruled by a rather decent prince. Then he was forcibly dethroned by Maharaja Abdul Razak I who came from Indonesia. He was then succeeded by his brother in law, Maharaja Hussein Onn. His short lived reign of power was then cunningly plotted into the hands of Maharaja Gila Kuasa Mahathir, whose origin traces back to India. After holding on to power for a tat too long, Maharaha GK Mahathir was replaced by Maharaja Badawi. His lack of capability and leadership, but not necessarily wealth, then saw Maharaja Badawi having to relinquish power to Maharaja Abdul Razak II, who proclaimed himself Maharaja Rosmah The Big.

UMNO is just like the previous others. Forcing the people into slavery (although times have changed, and the method and appearance has differ), sucking the natural resources dry (read petroleum, the new era gold), bullying the royalties and appeasing them with some wealth (eh… macam sama ngan Raja-Raja Melayu dahulu kala je…) etc. As for the rakyat of the land, same shit, difference arseholes of origin la. No point going over UMNO's endless nasty acts – it has already been well documented.

Oh and meanwhile the tussle for power in UMNO continues with Maharaja GK Mahathir plotting to install his son as Maharaja Mahathir II against the forces of the son in law of Maharaja Badawi, whom I doubt will want to adopt the name Maharaja Badawi II. (I wouldn’t.) There is also a man who wants to see himself as Maharaja Hussein II but his dreams are better realities.

So, what is the fuss of this 31 August thingy? If we really have to celebrate some sort of Independence Day, the closest I can get myself related to is that version starring Will Smith. My version is slightly different though. Remember that scene where the alien ship shot the line of light onto the White House and blasted it into a godzillion pieces? Kasi replace with Bangunan UMNO, wah shiok!

So, Merdeka Day, my ass! The history of this land is we continue to jump out of a hot wok straight into the frying pan. What Merdeka? Stop fucking bluffing me la…

***** ***** *****

Simon’s take on Ramadhan:

The fasting adopted by the majority of Muslims in major towns, especially those in Klang Valley, is absolute nonsense. Nobody seems to understand the concept. As far as I know, Islam tells her believers to fast to understand the hardship faced by those who have less; identify with the difficulties of life of the others who are less fortunate.

But look around. Everyone who is fasting seems to talk about nothing other than food for buka puasa. Every buka puasa is a feast. A lust of gluttony. Splashing of cash to show power and wealth. Everyone seems to want to outdo one another when it comes to the daily feast. Seriously, I think these people actually gain weight during Ramadhan! And the way the fasting is carried out, I fear for the body. No food, no drinks… and then you shock the body with a huge amount of carbo, protein, fats and liquid. What the…

How common is it that we hear some of these Muslims complaining of being broke during Ramadhan. On normal days, it is 3 meals a day. During puasa month, it should be simply 2; buka puasa and sahur. But no. So much more is spent on the 2 meals during the holy-keep-it-simple-be-moderate month than that that is spent every day on other months. If this is not sesat, I don’t know what is…

I don’t know how the kampong folks are doing this month, but with the little purchasing power they possess, I doubt if Ramadhan is any different from the other months, Syawal inclusive.


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TNB On Another GLC Scam?

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, June 02, 2010 1 comments

On and off we'll find some complains in the papers on how TNB has wrongly charged us for our electricity consumption. Most of the time, I could not even be bothered to read them. I think there was a massive wrong charge in Perak earlier this year or was it last year? See, I didn't even bother.

But I had a huge bill for the last month and this got the missus unhappy.

We use about RM300 bucks a month. Yeah, that's quite a bit for 2 people but this is a hot country. Plus the UMNO goons are always getting the blood boiling.

Anyways, back to the TNB bill. The bill for last month came to RM670 bucks! Shocking!

I compared the latest bill against that of the previous month and here are my findings...

March 2010 meter reading: Dahulu 42539 Semasa 43420 (Usage 881 kwh)

April 2010 meter reading: Dahulu 42539 Semasa 44499 (Usage 1960 kwh)

Hey! Why does both Dahulu start on 42539. That means I have been double charged for usage of 881 kwh! And on top of that, I will be paying a bulk of the usage in April on higher tariffs. Am I getting rip-off right under my nose? And to top it up, the March bill somehow came via normal post! That's highly suspicious if you ask me.

Then I looked at the unit charges.

For March, the tariffs are RM0.286 (500 kwh), RM0.378 (100 kwh), RM0.387 (100 kwh), RM0.397 (100 kwh) and RM0.417 (81 kwh).

For April, the tariffs are RM0.286 (1,000 kwh), RM0.378 (200 kwh), RM0.387 (200 kwh), RM0.397 (200 kwh), RM0.417 (200 kwh) and RM0.446 (kwh).

Ok so they have increased the usage band for April. I worked it out on an Excl worksheet and it does not look like I had been significantly overcharged.

But how then can I still be paying close to RM1,000 for 2 months' usage when my monthly bill is RM300. This doesn't add up!

I looked at the bill again and then it dawn upon me. The bill has gone up to RM670 because TNB had increased by deposit by another RM300. I initially already had RM300 paid to TNB. TNB's practice is to have deposits collected as close as possible to monthly consumption.

With their dubious practice, they have now increased my deposit with them to RM600 i.e. 2 months by average consumption.

I know I am not an isolated case.

Look, TNB is not stupid. I initially thought that they are trying to jack up their revenue by wrongly charging us consumers. But that would be a very short term move as when you find out, the reversal will be made the following month and their revenue will go back to square 1.

But with what I have just experienced, TNB had just increased their cash collection. Hmmm... Why the cash? Is the government really that dry that TNB's subsidies are being held back? Is the government that dry that TNB has to find other means to pay their suppliers such as the IPPs?

I checked TNB's quarterly announcements to Bursa. Consumer deposits have increased steadily over the past 1 year plus:

As at 28 Feb 2009: RM2,634,300,000
As at 31 May 2009: RM2,673,100,000 (increase of RM38.8 million)
As at 31 Aug 2009: RM2,717,300,000 (increase of RM44.2 million)
As at 30 Nov 2009: RM2,752,600,000 (increase of RM35.3 million)
As at 28 Feb 2010: RM2,795,500,000 (increase of RM42.9 million)

How much of the increase is actually from installations of new meters? I guess we will never know. But TNB has increased it consumer deposits by RM161,200,000 in the past 12 months. It may not seem like a big movement in their enormous balance sheet, but that sure is a lot of money. I can't think of 50 PLCs in Malaysia who earn that kind of money in a year. And these are free money mind you - interest free loans from you and me. Can you imagine this - RM2.8 billion of interest free loan from the public. And it is increasing everyday. What a wonderful business! No wonder TNB is looking for ways to increase the deposits.

I am inclined to think that TNB is implementing a a systematic application of this tactic to unscrupulously increase their consumer deposits. A lot of rakyat had been hit with this earlier, I got hit know, and I think it is quite likely that all of you will experience this someday in the near future (if you have already not been victimised). So, look out for your next TNB bill.

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Bankrupt, bankrupt la...

Posted by Simon Templar On Saturday, May 29, 2010 35 comments

BN is on a mission to spread a certain propaganda on bankruptcy. Ummm... actually it's UMNO - MCA and MIC are powerless as they themselves claim. So, I correct myself. UMNO is on a mission to spread a certain propaganda on bankruptcy. And they are as always, on another mission to scare the shit out of us.

I say "kasi bankrap sajalah".

We all pay taxes; rich or poor. Most people have a simplified mindset that tax means the payment you made out of your monthly gaji and post submission of Borang B/BE. And most also know that corporates pay tax. But what about the 5% government tax you pay at McDonald's and Pizza Hut. What about the duties you paid for your Perodua Viva and Proton Persona? Or what about the hidden taxes paid by the manufacturers who passed the costs onwards to you thus causing you to be paying a higher amount for your goods and services - these are indirect and unseen by you. But you still pay the taxes. So everyone pays taxes. Yes, even you who earn below RM2,500 and do not qualify for the IRB's PCB. Even you who sell karipap at the roadside.

Now these taxes that WE ALL PAID, is meant to improve our lives as citizens of this country. Call it subsidy or call it whatever you want. As long as the money is spent to enhance the livelihood of the citizens of Malaysia, then it is money well spent. If our money is used to reduce the prices we pay for petrol then so be it.

I am not a believer that the rich must be made to pay for everything is the country. It is true that there must be a balance on the elementary notion that the rich must help out the less fortunate. No arguments about that. But to pass on everything to the wealthier ones is also not right. They are citizens too. Anyway, this is way too complicated for many of you (as I have already learnt from experience).

The bottom line is as long as our tax money is wisely spent on the people than it is well spent.

But if our money is used to enhance the wealth of those who are supposed to be guardians of our money, then fuck already la. This country is corrupted to the core. And because the fucking government is corrupted and cheat and steal our hard earn money, they are now trying to scare us into believing that "giving back to us" will cause the country to go bankrupt. Duh? So, we continue to pay you taxes to keep your personal bank accounts getting fatter is it? Soh hai government!

I would rather see this country going bankrupt than to fall for your propaganda to let you keep "your share of the pie" at the expense of cheaper products for us. Hello, you ministers are already on a fixed salary and various allowances. Taking our money is not a given perk or benefit!

We've made the biggest mistake of the nation's history when Tun M propagated the intended intervention of IMF as "going back to being colonialised". That's bullshit la. South Korea today has never been better. Indonesia is way more democratic than we are and they managed to get Suharto and goons out.

Malaysia on the other hand has been climbing the rankings of the world's most corrupted nation. Our economy is failing. Foreign investors are running away to the likes of Indonesia and Vietnam. Elections continue to be rigged. UMNO gets stronger and richer.

Sometimes, to salvage a country, you have to really go all the way down. Down so bad that a forced reform is the only way out. We are at the end of our wits to get UMNO out of office. And it is getting more difficult by the looks of things. We need to fuck the economy up so badly that UMNO no longer wants it.

So bankrupt the country la. As long as UMNO is in power, they will never stop taking our money. The more taxes we give them, the more money they take. They are not interested in our welfare. These wankers don't live the kind of life we live. They have no idea how difficult things are for us trying to put rice and bread on the table. Rosmah will not even look at roti kaya from the coffee shop. I suspect she lives on half a cow every morning. (Scientifically, that is the only explanation on how she maintains her size).

Yes, kasi bankrupt ini negara. Personally, I can live with that. When there is nothing left, UMNO will wash their hands of her. IMF or Anwar or not, without UMNO reforms will take place. We RAKYAT MALAYSIA still have our hands and legs. And with some brains and plenty of hardwork we can rebuild this nation. We are close to the equator; the weather will always allow us the opportunity to tap on the flora and fauna. We are surrounded by water. The maritime industry will always be there for us. And we have oil. Believe you me, we still have much out there. Just hope that UMNO never finds them.

If we need to rebuild the country, then so be it. Singapore was an island of nothing when they were kicked out of Malaysia. Look at them today. If that little island can do it with sheer hardwork, brains and dedication, so can we. As long as we can find a way to end big time corruption in this country, we can move forward.

So, say TAK NAK to ending subsidies. It came from our money and there is nothing wrong on spending our money on ourselves.

Meanwhile you UMNO wankers, go sweat and shed some blood to earn your own money.

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We Are Dead!

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, May 05, 2010 45 comments

Wow! We are going to have a nuclear plant.

If we were still in school, this will be 'like super cool, man!'. It's 'like so futuristic'. And so advance.

But we are no longer in school. And we know the ugly truth about Malaysia. Verdict: We Are Dead!

We are talking about the very realistic Malaysia that you and me know. The Malaysia that cannot even efficiently maintain the mini Tenaga sub-stations at our housing areas. We are talking about the Malaysia who cannot provide clean water to the people even when easy and efficient technology is in use. The Malaysia who cannot even dispose off our garbage in a manner that is not harmful to the environment. The Malaysia who even with computers and technology assistance cannot get trains to arrive and depart on time.

And yet we are going to have a matha-farking nuclear plant!

I hope that the plant is built far away. Maybe Sabah or Sarawak. Sorry folks, I need the South China Sea to act as a barrier.

Hmmm... Maybe they can build it in Sabah near the coal-fired plant. If we are talking about environmental damage and loss of human life, we might as well reduce the area and bring down the headcount. Better that than everyone dying, ain't it? (I was told that it is human nature to be selfish. I was also told that I can't beat the government.)

A nuclear plant? What the...?

What the hell to we need a nuclear plant for? We are a kuchi-rat country with 28 million jokers leaving in it. How much efficient energy do we consume? How desperate is our need for such enormous amount of energy? How many energy zapping factories do we have in this country? Dude, this is no Command & Conquer. This is real life death-threatening technology we are talking about. Plus, to be managed by some dumb-wits.

I tell you, this has all got to do with blardie money again. I think UMNO has gone too far this time. The thing with UMNO is they are getting extremely greedy. They are no longer satisfied with reaping money on the smaller scale by the millions and tens of millions per project. Everything nowadays has got to benefit them in terms of hundreds of millions or billions. But to put the life of every Malaysian at risk just to satisfy their lust for money?

Eh come on lah, stop fucking around with people's lives.

Even that they want to do it on a larger scale. Previously, the Malaysian government is happy killing the people (mostly Indians it would seem) on a small scale of a couple of thousand per year. Nowadays, they are talking about killing the mass population. What's with this apa nama UMNO? They got possessed by the Satan is it? Have they gone fucking nuts?

Allow me to frighten you a little with some Chernobyl stats. Did you know that the Chernobyl disaster released 400 times more radioactive material than the Hiroshima atomic bombing? Did you know that the contamination of the Chernobyl accident was felt up to more than 1,000 km away?

Let's put that to perspective. Peninsular Malaysia from the tip of Perlis to the bottom end of Johor is approximately 750 km. Simply put it, wherever this nuclear thing is built in Peninsular Malaysia, you are fried the moment a very likely Malaysian style disaster takes place at the said plant.

You may not die if you are further away. But you will quite likely die of some kind of cancer. That's if you don't already decide to kill yourself when your nervous system involuntarily makes you shout out Rosmah's name every exact 38 seconds. And of course, be assured that your newborn baby will look very adorable with her 3 eyes and a limb sticking out of her chest.

This is so brilliant. By the way, I wage 50 bucks that by the time the plant is in operation, 20,000 folks leaving nearby would have already have taugehs growing from the top of their heads. And another 1,000 may have grown a second dick. Failed tests. Drums of radioactives 'accidentally' falling into the nearby river. Accidents of trucks ferrying radioactive materials on their way to the plant. The usual stuffs. But of course you won't read these in the papers. Shhhhh...

Malaysia is so boleh! Damn I love this country.

Note to Singaporeans: Hey, you guys are pretty nearby I last checked.
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Tony Leung & Eason Chan To Campaign For Zaid Ibrahim

Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 0 comments

Now we have only Zaid vs Nathan. It is hardly surprising that the 2 independents who would have pulled BN's votes pulled out at the very last minute. Dirty coalition made up of dirty parties full of dirty politicians usually have a lot of dirty tactics. So dirty.

Initially I had reservations for ZI being the candidate. Palanivel would have been a difficult fight. Had it been Mat Taib, there wouldn't even be a fight. It would have been another by-elections ala Isa Samad. But with this Nathan bloke, the story is different. What more with 2 BN jokers fighting for Nathan's votes. Now that some votes have swung back to BN (from the "independents"), the race could be slightly tougher now. Nevertheless, I am still optimistic on ZI capturing the seat, but the PR campaign will need to be upped, tweaked and played out smartly.

The votes for the Malays is now played on a smear campaign, as expected. ZI is an urban chap. What is "acceptable" in urban areas are not norms for the semi-urban or rural folks. Try the same tactics at Damansara or Bangsar and nobody would give a damn. So, PAS needs to get their machinery rolling for ZI.

The Indians are unpredictable. They don't like MIC. And MIC is so obviously being stepped all over by UMNO. But Nathan is Indian. Tricky... tricky...

And then we have the Chinese. If you count on them because they gave you their votes last GE, then you are doomed. Rule No. 1 - never rely on the Chinese to deliver by doing nothing. You never know what they are up to. You've got to bodek them. You've got to woo them. And they definitely have no interest in if ZI is a drinker or if Nathan is gay.

I happen to watch on Astro Channel 322 on Sunday night a good movie, I Corrupt All Cops (ICAC). The show is about Hong Kong's fight against uncontrollable corruption within their police force back in the 60s and 70s. And of course the introduction of Hong Kong's world renown anti-graft unit. Watch the movie and you can relate right away what you see in the movie to Malaysia today. The corruption. The briberies - money, women, power. The thuggeries of the coppers. The involvement of top cops in illegal activities. It is all so real.

And because the movie is so real, and because the movie features the likes of Tony Leung, Eason Chan, Anthony Wong, Bowie Lam and Kate Tsui among others, you will have the Chinese drawn to the movie. And that got me thinking.

Forget about Anwar or Lim Kit Siang shouting their lungs out over the rostrum. Forget organising seafood dinners. Why don't you just show the movie at the Ulu Yam town, KKB, Serendah and where else the Chinese are. Most would not have seen this movie at the theatres last year. And most would not have seen it on Astro as you've got to pay extra for Celestial Movies (Channel 322). Go get some DVDs (originals please), rent some TVs and DVD players, and blast it at all kopitiams. Set up projector screens and beam the movie up at night at the padang. It's free movie. Throw in some sodas and kuaci. And Mamee for the kids. (Twisties are expensive, we understand) And we have ourselves a healthy family activity on a breezy night. Let the emotions and reality of the movie sink into the hearts and minds of the voters. I heard that many Malays are fans of Cantonese movies too.

But no political talks please. You bring the politicians, and the coppers will shut down the screening on permit matters. The only potential problem could be the copyrights issue of public broadcasting. Somehow, I don't think BN will allow for that to happen. Because if that happens, then good. Movie cancelled. People cheesed off. Anger at BN. Movie turns into reality right before their eyes. Zaid wins.

I am no expert in Chinese history. But I've watched my fair share of Cantonese movies and series. And I can tell you that in the past, Chinese opera is no mere entertainment. It carries messages to the people. And many uprising centred around Chinese operas. Times have changed and if you try the same today, nobody is going to turn up to watch some painted faces singing at screeching pitches. But the modus operandi is still relevant. Everyone loves to be entertained. And if along the way we can put ideas in their minds, then...

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Don't Get Drunk

Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, April 19, 2010 2 comments

This is a re-post of an article I posted on 9 September 2009 titled "Hishammuddin Loves His Beer and Women'.

It is very relevant to the topic of the day.

********** ********** ********** ********** **********

Someone emailed me these pictures.

I am unsure of the authenticity of the pictures or if they have been doctored.

Interesting pictures though...

Sham sure looked like he enjoyed his beer... That's an Anchor, right?

So many chicks! Looks like a cool hippy partie... And hey, that's Sham again!

Anchor? What's with the blacked out eyes anyway? These are key witnessess eh... There he is again!

I was told that this is Tengku Marsila, Sham's wife. Somebody's tipsy...
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Anwar, Kit & Hadi for Malaysian Idol

Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, April 06, 2010 4 comments

Forget about whatever that is being said about APCO. What is important is the fact that Najib's men are good at their job. They have embarked upon a massive public relations exercise of concept and branding focusing on his image and all that is (supposedly) good about him. And you have to give it to his boys.

This is real politics play. They are doing what a politician should be doing to win him votes and support. And you may have been affected by it without even realising. Some of the exercises are very direct such as, the obvious, 1Malaysia. (Understand it or not, every Malaysian knows this catch phrase - 1Malaysia. That itself speaks of success). Some are less obvious but seeks to plant thoughts in your minds such as the daily feature of Rosmah's picture in The Star. Others are even less direct but its effects are tremendous such as having Najib putting the Malaysian brand in the world map via Lotus in the Formula One.

What about Pakatan Rakyat?

Nothing much yet unfortunately.

DAP and PAS are very old school. They believe that their fight will be seen by the people. They believe that by being honest in running their states, they will be appreciated by the people. PKR on the other hand is just something else altogether of which I have no interest to talk about today.

Some of these seasoned politicians may turn techie with their blogs and tweets and all. But that is not good enough. The target audience is very limited. Ever wonder why most of us prefer Coke or Pepsi over some other 'nameless' sodas? Why McDonald's for burger? Why Budweiser? And notice that they are all Americans? That's because the Americans are the best in the world when it comes to advertising and branding. These PR gurus put things in our minds without us even realising it. And that is the power of branding.

And why is Pakatan not on it?

Speak to the older generation out there about voting the opposition. Chances are you will have them start talking in a low tone. Some even whispers. Apparently it is one of those things you don't talk about; or the government will find out. And I won't be surprised if even many of the younger generation practice this.

That got me thinking. Why is that so?

The very word "opposition". To the Chinese, the term "opposition" is almost that of a "rebel". The first thing that comes to mind will be the uprising of the rebels in China that caused the downfall of the emperors and dynasties. And China has a long history of such incidences. So, not many people would really like to come out in public to be called a "rebel" symphatiser. And closer to home, we have Chin Peng and his gang. Being with opposition makes it sound like you are with the commies. And you know how the Chinese have been labelled commie sympathisers. So such a thing sticks.

What about the party colours? PAS is green. DAP is red based. Green is fine. But look at this:

What impression does it give you? Personally, I get the feeling of old school, radical and (sorry) very Muslim. You can wear the trendiest shirt around but if you carry this flag with you, you are going to get labelled.

I seriously think that PAS should work on their logo. Give the green a new zest. A lift. (Oh, spare us the highlighter green please). The moon is fine because that is what they stand for. What about giving the green something less imposing? Besides, the non-Malay public will accept PAS better if they see PAS making an effort to change.

Lets take a look at DAP.

This is so scary. A rocket! How offensive can you get? How more radical can you get? And the red! Oh my... That's so... so... communist? (Commie's are fine. It is just another political ideology. But the Americans have made it into a bad word. So, you wouldn't want to get associated with it, right?) It again brings out the Chinese-Supports-Communists ideology again. This logo is a serious big no-no. Even some Chinese get shit scared just by looking at it. And you want to attract the Malays? Again, rocket? Who are you going to kill? Are you waging a war, mate? Cina nak cabar Melayu? No wonder UMNO is having a field day.

Some of you will think that this is all nonsense. But not everyone is as smart as you eh. And not everyone understands the policies and political fights. There are many Malaysians without internet too. Why don't you try talking politics, and the submarines, and the Perkasas to your granny. See if she comprehends. And it is not only granny. There are many out there who don't give a shit about politics and we want to convince these people to come out to vote. But if we allow the government to scare the shit out of them for voting "rebels", it is going to be darn hard for us to have a new government.

Remember, the battle for votes is not over your vote or mine. That is no battle at all - we have already decided. We need to convince the undecided and the I-don't-give-a damn. And when it comes to these people, you have got to really put in the effort. All aspects count. And I can bet you that a psyche war is very much one of the major determinant factors.

Back to the logo. Have a look at BN. They have a rather good one. Blue is a good colour. And they have a blue that gives you a certain level of calmness which suggests peace. And it gives you a stable impression. The dacing logo is also very... balanced. Think of this. Now think of the rocket. If I were a know nothing or don't want to know anything rakyat (and that's a huge number believe you me), I will vote this logo. It simply makes me feel better.

I know politics should not be down to who has the nicer logo or flag, but this is the real world. Ever wondered why BN via the EC is so protective over the use of logos? We are talking about millions of humans here. And each one has a character of their own. The mind game wins wars. That has been proven over and over again in the history of mankind.

Ok. Done with the logo. Changing that alone is not going to be enough to be acceptable by the people. A PR exercise is massive. And you've got a lot of individuals to win over. But what is key is that the voter must be made comfortable to vote PKR, DAP or PAS. No more voting and shutting up like you've committed a big sin. If we can get the general public to openly discuss about them voting Pakatan, then we are on the right track. So, Malaysians must be made very comfortable with the 3 parties. As comfortable as you are in your pajamas. Pakatan is not going to get any help from the medias. But something has to be done. I don't expect people walking around town wearing a PKR t-shirt the way they happily don a Man U jersey (see, that's another brilliant branding), but if we can get that, wow... so excellent. But something to that effect.

And the street posters. Why must all posters related to politicians and politics be so boring? Many are in fact ugly. I dare say that most of our politically linked posters are an eye sore. Better just let the tree be on its own. And leave the lamp post alone too. Who gets attracted to boring and ugly posters anyway? And the portraits. You would have though that with all the photography talents in this country one good guy with a decent camera and computer can do our heroes some good appealing shots. Instead all of them queue for their turn at Kedai Gambar Subra. According to the popular Mr. Subra, his prized possession is a photo portrait of Parameswara taken using his Nikon (of course). You can find the picture hanging on the left wall of his front entrance.

So branding mate, branding. Image. The human mind is a funny thing. It has to be tweaked. And the good news is it can be tweaked. It is a matter of whether the people concerned are smart enough to do it. And to have the know-how to do it right. But you know, I suspect that dinosaurs still run wild in this country. For many, time stood still a long time ago; so something as modern and trendy as a Public Relations Team or branding or image may be seen as some young farts worshipping Starbucks while the best coffee in town is that at Kedai Kopi Meng Hin.

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Anwar "Trojan Horse" Ibrahim

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, March 03, 2010 0 comments

Another defection today. Regardless of how expected this defection is, still no action was taken although Pakatan knows that this is imminent.

PKR is truly out-smarted by UMNO. Or is what we are seeing now the plan after all?

Let us talk conspiracy theory. Yup. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

And my theory is that there is a big trojan horse in Pakatan. And that trojan horse is none other than Anwar Ibrahim himself. (Ooooo... I can sense the heat of boiling blood out there already).

And you know what, if I were to write this 6 months ago, there will be not much of me left. But today, I actually think that there will be quite a bit of you out there who buy this.

But before we move any further, let’s address 2 common myths popular among Anwaristas.

First is that Najib and his aides are stupid and bumble their way through. The truth is they are not. Najib is a decently smart person. And his aides are definitely no idiots. These guys are way smarter than the average Joes we have out there. Chances are any of Najib boys are smarter than you. I don’t think too many of you score that high on MENSA or graduate from Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT or Yale. Well most of them are. Every step taken would have been calculated with the next 5 in mind.

Myth number 2 is that Anwar is god’s gift to mankind. The truth is again a resounding no. Anwar is a politician. And last I checked, politicians are not very good people. Anwar is on a personal vendetta. And he is on a personal mission to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. You are nothing but pawns that get him there.

Back to our conspiracy theory.

Look. Anwar in on trial for Sodomy II. If I were Anwar, I'd swear never to get back to prison again - at whatever cost. And I think that is his stand. Who do you think he is? Jesus? Remember how he ran for his life to the Turkish Embassy when news of Sodomy II first crept up? This guy fears the jail cell; and rightly so too.

Put yourself in Anwar's shoes. Do you go ahead with the trial knowing that anything can be done to convict you, wait for Pakatan to form government and then release you (a risky route) or do you strike a deal with UMNO to keep your ass out of prison (the guaranteed safe route)? Life is tough in there. The jail cell is no kids’ playground. If convicted, chances are Anwar will have to spend the last days of his life in there. With a really bad back. I would rather commit suicide eh. I sincerely doubt if Anwar can take even 3 months is jail.

I believe that everyone has a strong element of self-centredness within them (not too sure about Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa; but am sure there are more than meets the eye with them). As such, I say that Anwar chose the latter of the above 2 options. How else can you explain the inaction by PKR on the frogs? That Anwar is sincere in cleaning up PKR for the next GE so much so that it is best to know who the bad blood are? Or that he is really hapless with all that is happenning? Or that he is too caught up with his court case? It takes a really naive person to believe that. It is easy to see that all is too smooth sailing for UMNO now. Way too smooth. It just looks too plain easy. No fight, no nothing.

And how does Najib fit into the picture above. Well we know that Najib is close to the end of his premiership if nothing is done. He has all to lose if he doesn't gamble big. Maybe to Muhyiddin or maybe to Anwar. So, why not go “all-in” and “convince” Anwar to play ball.

If Anwar plays ball and helps Najib, then Najib will let him go. If Anwar does not play ball, then lets take it to the wire. What more has Najib got to lose? Meanwhile, Anwar will be suffering like no tomorrow in jail. And will probably decide to pull his spine out with his fingers after 3 months.

So, I do not think that Anwar is going to jail.

Here’s the deal. Anwar allows for Najib to strengthen his position within UMNO. The crossovers will appease UMNO who is growing impatient with Najib. With UMNO now back as the driving force, the Muhyiddin problem is sorted out.

The 2/3 parliament majority is not important. If BN gets it, well the next GE will be a non-event with the gerrymandering as RPK wrote.

If BN does not get the 2/3 majority now, well all is still fine. When Najib frees Anwar, the war has already been won.

One, the international media will hail Najib as a true reformer and saviour of the new Malaysia. A complete departure from the style of his politicial guru, Tun M. And Najib gets to move away from his Tun M prodigy tag.

Two, the judiciary system gets an overnight thorough cleaning and starts afresh with renewed integrity. We know that is not true, but the perception of the court will be changed. With a perceived fair court, even RPK will lose credit for not coming home.

Three, Najib's image gets a new jest. Enough fence-sitting voters would have been won over to give him another chance in reforming the country. And these fence sitters are whom the vote fighting is all about. On top of that, Malays who have deserted UMNO and BN will be having second thoughts about voting Pakatan.

So all Najib needs to do is to convince Anwar that he cannot survive another jail term. Fight and get jailed or lose the fight and enjoy your freedom? Anwar cannot fight the system. We know and he knows that the system is controlled. BN has proven to be capable of showering themselves with mud so as to win and they are capable of doing it again. And Najib is at the end of his wits, mind you.

Oh and what about Anwar’s personal sexual preferences? I do not know if Anwar has a certain likeness to certain parts of the male anatomy but you can never ever discount that. Who are you to say that he is no Adam Lambert? There is also always the MCKK factor. And don't we all know of MCKK's dark little 'backyard' secret. But gay or bi or not, Anwar will go to jail if UMNO wants him to.

So, has Anwar sold us out?

Will Anwar go to jail?

My bet is that you will not see Anwar in jail. I am quite confident of that. And that is not because his lawyers will win him Sodomy II.
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Food Fight! You Ready To Get Dirty?

Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, March 02, 2010 6 comments

Lousy politicians. That's what Pakatan politicians are. No, not the inexperienced but the seasoned ones. The inexperienced ones are still trying to grapple what is going on.

I can comprehend RPK's points in his article "Head hunt for candidates, and do it now!". People like Tan Tee Beng are Gerakan discards who was not going to be fielded by BN in GE 12. He badly needed to survive in politics, PR needed a candidate and they gave him a life line. It was a win-win situation for both sides. But with no dough pouring in ala BN style politics, it is not a wonder that he left.

MPs and YBs are leaving. Leaving with Pakatan's seats. And the seats are way more important that the person himself or herself. We don't care about the personalities but we care about the seats. Our seats, actually.

What has Pakatan done to prevent these people from leaving? From what we can see, not much. All we are getting are 'good riddance' statements. But that is not good enough, is it? To Pakatan, PR is like a hotel. We welcome you to stay at all times; but lousy guests can walk through the front door any time.

A hotel guest is a hotel guest, good or bad. A person who needs a hotel and does not stay at your hotel will stay at your competitor's hotel. Similarly, an MP is an MP. A YB is a YB. They are better of on your side than on the other.

Sometimes you have really horrendous guests. But do you allow the guest to leave the hotel and carry along with them the beds, the lamps and the toilet sinks?

If the Hees, Tans and Zahrains want to leave, by all means do. But they will have to quit not only the party but also the seats they have won. I can hear thousands of you shouting 'Yeah right. Like it's so easy!'. Nope, it is not easy. But I didn't say we have to use the word 'please'.

This is politics!

Politics is not clean. It has never been and it will never be. You simply do not survive politics being Mr. Nice Guy or Ms. Pretty Honest. If being a little cunning is too much to ask for, then quit politics and go be a school teacher. If being manipulative is deemed morally not acceptable by you, then quit politics and again, go be a school teacher. Make that a kindergarten teacher.

I am surprised that no shit has been thrown at the frogs. Literally and laterally.

Read this: everyone has shit in them. Yes, even the Dalai Lama. And we all know that the frogs have a lot of shit. A lot. What did we make of them? Nothing but some press statements that they have shit and that UMNO is buying them. Dude, that's not gonna work. You are painting them as bad asses, but we already know that they are bad asses. We are not stupid and blind.

You've got to make a great deal super big heck of a fuss out of it my dear Pakatan leaders. You've got to pressure them into making it hard for them to leave with the seats. All I know is we have no professional psychologist within Pakatan. Nobody within Pakatan understands the human mind. It's time you guys move with time. Have you seen the type of doctors and what is and what not they have at the grounds of Manchester United and Chelsea - all for some school dropouts who kick a ball around?

You've got to understand the psychological warfare game. You've got to play with the minds. Anwar is so good in hypnotising the audience with his speech but he is not capable of toying with the minds of the people who work for him.

I am not saying you take a watch and dangle it in front of the frogs. But you've got to know how to pressure them. Heck, if they end up committing suicide with the excessive pressure, I can live with that. The frogs are not selling just their body, mind and soul to the devil. They are not selling out just PKR or DAP or PAS or even Pakatan Rakyat. They are selling out the rakyat! They are selling out the future of the rakyat! They are selling out your children's future! And we should still be nice to them? I'll be damned if the answer is an audible yes.

We Malaysians are desperate. If we do not do it in GE 13, we will not get to do it in our present lifetime. And you will forever owe your descendants a better future. And these frogs are jeopardising our fight. They are forcing us into thinking of leaving our home and our country for the sake of our next generation. And we should be soft with them?

What the hell is wrong with Pakatan? Too much conscience? Why is there no hundreds and thousands of people camping outside Zahrain's house forcing him to quit his MP position? You guys enjoy organising thousands and thousands of people to protest outside parliament, around KL city centre and outside the King's palace but you cannot do the same to your own scumbags? Why no demonstrations outside the homes of papa frog, mama frog, sister frog, brother frog, auntie frog, uncle frog and whoever else related to them. No, we don't drag people's family into these? Fuck you. The frogs are toying with my family's livelihood and future and I cannot pressure their family? (Double middle fingers up! Nah!)

Scoop up all their wrongdoings. All. Gather information from everyone they know. And you cannot even find a tax evasion of RM1? Get the evidence. Make a big hoohah. RPK will be more than glad to do the honour I am sure. Lodge police reports. Lodge reports with MACC. Again make a big hoohah when you do so. Put the police under pressure. Put MACC under pressure. Charge them.

And Pakatan even get brownie points out of doing so. Pakatan is so clean that they even lodge reports against their own members. Brilliant dei... brilliant!

And if UMNO helps with one report, throw in another 2. If the wrong-doings never end, UMNO cannot take the person. Even UMNO will change their target. And if the person finally gets convicted, we have a by-election. Hooray!

There can be a whole lot more we can think off. These are coming off my head as I type. Think out of the box, Pakatan. If they are not with us, they are against us. If you can drag Najib through all the mud you guys are throwing at him, you can do the same to the frogs. Are they all not the same? Actually the frogs are worse than Najib because Najib never pretended to be on our side.

We must be given the power to take the seats we have given the frogs. And without you actually knowing it, the power is in our very own mouths and hands. Remember when Hee Yit Frog's family was refused by the pasar aunties to sell them vegetables at the market? And the jibes and whispers that her family got. You've got to understand the human mind. And the Asian 'face' and family name. All this happened after she jumped. I doubt if she would have decided the same had 'work' been done prior to her jumping. The pressure people, the pressure. 24/7 pressure from party, pressure from the crowd outside your house and the pressure from within your family. Your kids will be having nightmares. Your spouse will crack. Your parents have already cracked. Your relatives shouting at your face to warn you. Your brother threatening to disown you. Faces of everyone known to you is splashed all over the internet and emails. The pressure people, the pressure.

But Pakatan did nothing. They are politicians with conscience, konon. God's ultimate gift to mankind. Pious PAS thinks that God will reward their patience one day. PKR believes that Anwar is the second coming. Lim Guan Eng thinks that heaven owes it to him to form the next government because he got jailed for fighting evil.

Wake up you Pakatan idiots. You are giving our future away, you hopeless fools.

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Yesterday In History

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, February 24, 2010 1 comments

The Star is a joke. Why I still read it on a daily basis is as much an unresolved mystery to me as to why rich and all powerful Najib is unable to get a better looking wife. (Ok you feminist out there, so I am being a sexist here, sue me!)

Yesterday's paper was another day of reporting on Malaysia and her nonsense.

From the front page:

Power supply for 95% of Sarawak by 2012

KUCHING: Ninety-five percent of Sarawak will be connected with electricity supply and 90% of the state’s households will enjoy treated water by 2012, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the RM3.4bil allocation for infrastructure projects in Sarawak under the 10th Malaysia Plan and National Key Results Areas (NKRAs) was testimony to the close ties between the Federal Government and the state.

“This is our commitment to Sarawak. We have forged a good understanding that development projects be implemented smoothly, not only in the rural area but throughout the state,” Najib said at the launch of the rural electrification scheme at Rumah Juliana, Saratok, some 350km from here yesterday.

There are 3 ways to react to the headline grabber above.

If you do not have a brain and is a die hard BN supporter, this report will only strengthen your belief that BN is god's gift to man. In times when the country is suffering economically and bleeding financially, the PM has squeezed some money to the tune of RM3.4 billion to help the poor in Sarawak. Long live PM Najib!

If you are a fed-up Malaysian and has Anwar's poster in your bedroom, you will see this as scumbag Najib bribing his way into retaining Sarawak. And you swear that with such a move, the Sarawak state elections cannot be more than 6 months away.

Now if you are of sound mind and rational, you will be asking 'What the fuck?! You mean in Malaysia still got many people with no electricity and water ah? Sarawak not the richest state in the country meh? They have so banyak oil and timber you know. Are the Sarawakians stupid or do they enjoy pretending to be stupid to be buggered left, right and centre? '

Mr. PM is so proud that he is bringing basic living necessities to these poor bastards (of whom some are still clothed in nothing but loin cloths). Any other decent human will be so ashamed to have neglected this part of the country that he will be getting them Sarawakians the facilities in super hush hush manner. And yet this shameless queen-controlled freak of the nature is strutting his belly all over town pretending to be the people's saviour. Had I been a headhunter, I would have had my field day!

Sarawakians are supposed to be rich. The Sabahans are supposed to be rich. Yet they are poor beyond recognition. And they are not even an ordinary state to Malaysia. They are a partner to the Malaysian 'coalition'. Why the Sarawakians and Sabahans never revolted to get themselves out is another mystery in life. To me, it ranks pretty much high up there with Atlantis, UFOs and Yetis. (And again, Rosmah).

I also found this article sending the blood pressure meter a tick higher too.

Get CP 500 notice cancelled if you don’t earn extra income

PETALING JAYA: If you receive a notice of instalment payment (CP 500) from the Inland Revenue Board, do not panic!

The notice, which states the amount, due date and number of instalments, is meant for taxpayers with earnings other than monthly salaries such as income from business and rentals as well as commissions from multi-level marketing or insurance.

Those with a fixed salary, but without other earnings, should go to the branch handling their income tax files to have the notice cancelled.

IRB public relations officer Masrun Maslin admitted that IRB had received many complaints from taxpayers without side income who were issued with such notices.

“Do not panic. If you do not have any other means of income other than your monthly salary, just go to the branch handling your file for the notice to be cancelled immediately,” he said. However, he said taxpayers would still have to provide supporting documents such as the EA form to show that they did not have income other than their monthly salaries.

Masrun said taxpayers without side income were being issued with such notices due to possible errors in their income tax return forms. “For instance, they must have wrongly put dividends, bonuses or pensions in the other earnings column instead of the salary column.

“The system automatically captures the data on the other earnings and thus, the taxpayers will be issued the CP 500 notices.”

He said previously, the IRB would look at the list of those eligible for the tax liability on other earnings before issuing the notice.

A complainant who declined to be identified said he was upset upon receiving the notice.

He said he contacted the IRB branch handling his file and was advised to ignore it.

However, he was asked to call the branch again next month to check whether he would still have to settle the instalment payments.

“The officer told me that he had been receiving a lot of queries and complaints pertaining to the notice,” he added.

I can tell you for sure that IRB screwed up on this. And yet they have the guts to come out and say that the taxpayers 'could have filled up the forms wrongly'. Fuck you! Is it that difficult to simply say 'we messed up'. Is it that difficult? Instead of apologising, you turn it around and blame us. 'Us' because I receive the similar form too.

I could not even be bothered about the form when I received it. Simply put it, it is somewhere in the rubbish truck already. And to be really honest with you people, I didn't even open the form packed in a plastic envelope. I know what a CP500 is and I am not even interested in knowing how much they want me to fork out each month for god knows what reason they cook up.

I am not going to pay. Period. So why bother opening or calling for clarification.

And now IRB wants me to drive to their office, get a number, wait my turn and proof to their officers that I should not be getting the form of which they screwed up? You stupid dumb arses of the world! You messed it up, you clean in up. Don't involve me, please. Just fuck off and leave me alone.

So ladies and gentlemen, these are some of the latest development in Malaysia; summarised and explained. Enjoy your continued stay in Malaysia.

Note: I am not cheesed off as I was writing this. Choice of language is a very personal thing - quite difficult to explain. Besides, I think certain words drive messages through more effectively. Come on... we all are all grown ups. A little PG 13 won't hurt you. And we all know that no kids are reading these boring political sites la ok.

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No Helium Balloon Flies Forever

Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, February 23, 2010 2 comments

During Chinese New Year, just like any other festivities, you meet up with friends and relatives. Lots of them. You chat about money, you gamble, chat about money again and then more gambling. Politics usually take a back seat - doesn't seem like an appropriate topic. Too much fire in it I guess.

What do people do with their money nowadays? My small sampling says buying properties - commercial and residential. Everyone seems to be into it. And we are not talking about about 1 or 2 units anymore nowadays.

I like properties. Capital appreciation could be in significant amounts. Or had you done your homework, someone else will be paying your monthly instalments via rentals. All you need is some downpayment (which in some cases has been brought down to negligible amounts by the developers) and a decent payslip to qualify for never before seen super low interest rates.

What we have now, particularly in the Klang Valley, are recipes for a property bubble that is getting out of hand. The bubble has been growing in size for the past few years with the KLCC area taking the lead. The super charged KLCC area is now a little dampen with the targeted foreigners affected by this never ending financial turmoil or 2008, 2009 and now 2010 (of which we have not seen the worse yet - I am confident).

Properties surrounding KLCC have dropped by some 30% to 40% since 2008 and have yet to recover. Many are betting that the prices will rebound as Singapore and Hong Kong have. I beg to differ. We will revisit this a little later.

But out of the KLCC area, favoured areas have not seen any slide in prices at all! Look at the hot areas of Puchong, Mont' Kiara, Mutiara Damansara, Bandar Utama, Setia Alam and Desa Park City; just to name a few. The IOIs, Gamudas, Sunrises, See Hoy Chans and SP Setias are coming up with all tricks in the book to keep their pockets fat. And the tricks are working darn well for them.

Developers are throwing offers, consumers (Klang Valley at least) are cash rich, home loans are dirt cheap, new launches are getting more and more expensive. This is heaven for property lovers! There is simply none better to do with your money with the stock market being too uncertain and the FD rates being close to being negligible.

Take the success story of SP Setia's Setia Alam. Did you know that they need not push for sale and neither do they need to spend vast amount of advertising money? All launches are sold out before it is actually launched. Yup. Snapped up like pisang goreng. Houses in the area have appreciated by at least 50% in the past 2 years. (And I am being conservative with the figure). I know of a buyer of a bungalow plot at Eco Park who paid RM55 per sq ft 5 years ago and had recently been offered RM145 per sq ft. He does not even know the exact location of his land. That is close to 200% profit in 5 years. Where else can you make such money?

Everyone is going nuts. Buy at launches and sell upon completion. The developers will ensure you make money as they push the prices of their new launches up. You pay RM25,000 downpayment for a RM500,000 house. The developer bears the legal and related costs. You pay nothing else as the bank pays the progress billings. You sell your unit at completion for RM750,000. And make RM250,000 with only RM25,000. So what if the government taxes me. Have you seen my returns vs cash outlay?

But if everyone is buying new launches, who's buying completed units? Take a tour of Setia Alam. The area is still rather quiet; okay it's new. But why aren't the completed units being filled up if the demand for the properties are truly that great? Simple. There are not enough people to fill up these premium locations. We have 27 million people but how many of them are located at Klang Valley? Property is being sold out because people are buying a few units each - all for property speculation. Bulk of these buyers don't intend to stay there. Okay some of them have a few mistresses but let's not go there. Everyone is making profits - but unrealised profits.

And what is truly scary is the perception of the property prices in Klang Valley. Buyers live on the herd mentality. Everyone is chasing this area so I have better get one too. Never mind if the prices are already high. People who bought the same area 5 years ago have doubled their value. So and so area is even more expensive.

Hang on. That is not how a property should be valued. What have happened to fundamentals? Down the drain. What we have now is a typical bubble. The bubble will grow larger and larger. But all bubblegums will burst at one stage when it is no longer sustainable. The Klang Valley property market is close to that.

Let us take a back seat and see the larger picture. Don't compare. But look at the properties individually. 22 x 75 terrace houses in Bandar Utama are going for RM700,000, intermediate unit. That's not a lot of space. And you definitely have to park your extra cars outside your house. 22 x 75 terrace houses in Desa Parkcity is going for above RM1,000,000. That's Kepong not too long ago.

These are terrace houses. Intermediate units. Not semi-ds or bungalows. Not all of them are even nice to look at. But in what way are the prices justifiable? Do you know what is the average Malaysian's household income? Did you know that most Malaysians do not earn RM10,000 a month?

How do these people pay their monthly instalments? And you are telling me that this is sustainable? That the property prices will continue to appreciate? It sure looks like Malaysians are incapable of taking a step back and look at the situation. What I find astonishing is that Malaysians actually believe the pitchings of the sales guy and property agent. It is like saying you believe that our used car dealers refurbish their used units prior to selling to you.

Semi-ds in Setia Eco Park are going for RM1,200,000. And the buyers quietly tell you that 'it is not even that big'. Yeah. Exactly my point. But then they tell you that it is cheaper than Bandar Utama or Desa Parkcity.

If this is not a bubble I don't know what is. Have you even heard of stories about commercial properties?

We are not Singapore. Neither are we Hong Kong. I am not saying this because they are advanced economy while we are not. I am saying this because they are blardie islands for crying out loud. They don't really have that much land you know. We on the other hand have a whole lot of land. When the developers are done with Puchong, they move to Semenyih. When those in Setia Alam are done, they move to Rawang. The Bandar Utama fellas probably already got their Sungai Buloh land ready. We have a lot of land and very little people. The Singaporeans and Hongkies have a lot of people but very little land. That is certainly not apple to apple.

Property prices must be supported by fundamentals. The market must be in equilibrium of demand and supply. Speculative trading will not last. Low interest rates will not last. I hope many of you realise that when the property bubble bursts and your houses are worth 60% of your loan, the banks will not give you a 40% discount. Neither will they help you to extend your loan tenure to 100 years because you have 5 properties to pay for.

A little gambling is good. I love it actually. I was heavy into property a few years back but I've trimmed them down the past few years because I think we have breached the fundamentals. Where is the balance of risks? My view is that our property market is too risky now. High risk, high gain - yes, that's true. But irrational risks puts you back 10 to 20 years when the bubble bursts. Why risk all that you have worked for in the past 10 to 20 years just to increase your pool by another 50%? Is it worth it?

Is Malaysia still what she is 10 years ago when we were the darling of trades? Will there be a sub-prime 2? Will the sovereign debt defaults escalate?

Lets assume that the bubble continues to grow for the next year or 2. Then comes GE 13. If Pakatan wins, our Malaysian economy will fall into a hundred pieces. Make no mistake about this. No FDIs love a political unstable country. In fact foreign funds will flow out. Our stock market will crash. The economy will slow down to a halt. But I am prepared for this. We want a new government and so for that we must be prepared to start afresh from ground zero. If Pakatan does win, expect us to take a while to climb up. Maybe 5 years if we are lucky. Maybe 10.

And this is what I told my friends last week. Here I am calling for a change in government. And people are telling me that I must invest in properties. And if I do and then Pakatan wins, I may lose say RM500,000 in property value. So, do I fight for what I truly want to fight for so that I get the ultimate chance to lose half a million bucks in money I do not have and then repay the bank for the rest of my live? I must be the ultimate masochist to be doing that!
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