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Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, November 05, 2010

Well well well... What much can be said except I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

See earlier posting: Anwar, Pack Up And Leave Batu Sapi

I tell you, many of you guys are just blindly supporting the opposition. Whatever they do, you think that they have it planned out, that they have hidden strategy blah blah blah... You fellas have got to use your brains. And Malaysians are seriously lacking it.

Yes, we want PR to win the next GE. But blindly supporting PR is not going to help them win the next GE. PR has to be told that they are wrong when they are plain wrong. Looking at the comments in not just this blog but the many blogs out there where the bloggers are not agreeable to the 'strategy' adopted by Anwar and goons, it is obvious that many Malaysians are just seeing everything that is good about PR. And sweep everything negative about PR under the carpet. Or simply unwilling to accept that the party they believe in is wrong at times. Why live in denial? It makes you feel good inside but that is not going to convince the fence sitters - the very people that we need in order to win the next GE.

PR will lose the next GE if PKR (in particular) does not wake up. The component parties are screwed up and yet there is very little effort to change - sounds like UMNO eh. And the supporters continue to live in denial, and worse, whack everyone else who criticise PR. How often do we see "Or else, vote for UMNO?", "However bad they are they are still better than UMNO" etc. I've said this many times, PR does not need to win you over to win the next GE. If you are reading this, chances are you have already been won over. PR does not need to win me over. They had me long ago.

But PR needs the fence sitter. PR needs the BN supporters to cross over. And nonsense that we are seeing now aren't going to win over anyone new. Faham?

After reading the above, there are still people out there who says BN won because of corruption. These are the very people who think that they are assets of PR. The truth is they are absolute liabilities to PR. Liabilities because these people are hindrance towards progress. Why should PKR, DAP or PAS change when there are cheers and support even when they call a cat a duck?

Back to the corruption. Hello, every Malaysian already knew that BN was gonna dish out cash and goodies. It is a known fact. The people at Batu Sapi were literally waiting for handouts and looking for goodies distribution centres. That has always been BN. You mean Anwar didn't know that? Or Anwar believe that the EC and MACC will act?

He knew all these. Every Ahmad, Ah Kow and Samy knew these. How did Anwar's strategy counter this? By splitting anti-BN votes? What the...? Goodies aside, a decent mind won't vote the opposition when it is clear that the anti-BNs are screwed up with nonsense election strategy. Where got confidence to vote them? Might as well take the money, take the zincs, take the rice. Bukan SAPP atau PKR boleh menang. You look down at the people who took the 100 bucks or 250 bucks. At those who happily accepted the zinc sheets. At the Sabahans who fought for the bags of rice. You don't know jack shit. These may be nothing to you. But it means the world to the many poor Sabahans. That money is going to last them the next 2-3 months. That zinc sheet is going to stop rain from flooding the bedroom that sleeps the whole family. That bag of rice is going to feed the family the next 2 weeks. Who in their right mind will reject these over some nonsense political games by some rubbish political 'strategies'?

What's the good thing from losing the Batu Sapi by-election? I don't know, man. I really don't know. Maybe Anwar should come out to explain his objectives for the Batu Sapi by-election. For sure I know winning the seat isn't the objective. Maybe it is to prove that PKR 'has made in-roads into Sabah'. That 'PKR is better than SAPP'. Please watch out for these 2 statements. Anyone who says this over the next few days is an absolute asshole.

Sigh... Dunno lah... Government is fucked up. Economy is fucked up. Education system is fucked up. Opposition also fucked up.


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    It's internal politics duh!. Azmin needs ansari's support. Anwar needs the Sabah swing for azmin. It's pure survival politics.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    what makes u think the results were not rigged??

    EC - u trust them? i'm not so sure...


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Fight. go on fight among yourself !!!
    Fight for self GLORY !!!
    Forget about the common good - and this is what you get !!
    Wake up PAKATAN !!!
    Like Ahmad Badawi said you are just pakat only !!!
    No agenda of cohesiveness to work for the PEOPLE !!
    Look at your self DAP and PKR fcukers - all fighting among yourselves even before you can stand.
    At least the bloody Be eNd (BM) can hold together!!
    You better get yOur ACT TOGETHER or ELSE ypu are going theway of the DINOSAUR !!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    One of the reason why i chose to work overseas..
    sick and tired of all these goons..
    but i will still come back to cast a vote in the next election to make a change..that is if they don't self-destruct themselves first


  5. Anonymous 9.57 am and 10.57am,

    Wake up lah the 2 of you. You guys obviously have zilt understanding of what I have said. And you obviously have no idea that people like the 2 of you are the LIABILITIES OF PR of which I was talking about.

    Those cells lumped up at the upper portion of your heads have functions. Try exploring them.

    Simon Templar


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Who in their right mind will reject these over some nonsense political games by some rubbish political 'strategies'?
    I beg to differ. The people of Batu Sapi made their choice. They could have taken the goodies and still vote PKR. They did not. They did not vote for change. They voted for the continuance of what they have been getting. They just want the same stuff. Unfortunately, they could not see that their vote was important not only to Batu Sapi but to the WHOLE of Malaysia. They had the chance to change, to follow Sibu, but chose to allow Malaysia to be where it is, to be ruled by its current set of law makers. It is their choice and they preferred to take the goodies and STILL continue with their current sorry state of affairs.


  7. Halo Anwar, are you paying attention? Mind and take responsibility for your decisions... Dreadful strategies! Change? Good governance? What for? For the poor, these are for rich and showcase book for them. The poor are not benefitting from the system in anyway and stay victims all the time. Joke for the poor, or candy which they never can enjoy the taste! Anwar should comport himself in a manner befitting a leader, apologise, and move on.

    "Maybe it is to prove that PKR 'has made in-roads into Sabah'. That 'PKR is better than SAPP'. Please watch out for these 2 statements. Anyone who says this over the next few days is an absolute asshole."

    My exact sentiment! Self-infatuation aside, I love it when a bad situation is justified by pointing out that others are in a worse position, as if somehow it makes it better... damn!!! PR ought to read 'Gulliver's Travels'. Everyone finds themselves within its pages, and it isn't a pretty picture.



  8. Anonymous Said,

    The biggest liability to PKR is Anwar himself.
    His only 'policy' is to become prime minister.
    He himself has created nothing new, no policies that the rakyat may feel important, no nothing.
    Tries desperate to ride on a wave of sympathy for Sodomy II.
    Those who looks forward in PKR are suppressed.
    What new blood does PAS have to present those who wants Malaysia to progress?
    When present leaders are no more on the barricades, watch out for the infighting to start! Today they get the most votes out of respect to to their present spiritual adviser, but tomorrow?
    Galas was won by Ku Li, not UMNO!


  9. remie Said,

    I share your sentiment, as I sit it out here in KK.
    60% of the poor illiterate rural voters have never seen anything better.

    Electricity goes off & on, all the time. Why pay for it, when we can simply attach an illegal cable?

    Water? With the kind of stuff flowing in the water pipes, I'll take my chances with rain water, thank you.

    My rotting jetty & bridge to my house? I know where is rotting. Only that stupid visitor with is nose in the sky cannot see it. Hahaha! Do you think I wait for the Government to build a house for me? I built it with my own hands lah. With the RM250, zinc, rice, they give me every 5 years, helps. What did nose-in-the-sky give me? Nothing. Just words.

    Do you think I stupid, ah? that if I vote for you and you win, tomorrow, I get free electricity, free clean water and someone will come to build me a free new house?

    If PR has nothing tangible to offer the rural folks' rice bowl, except talk of keadilan and freedom and change, they will not win them over.

    Can we just depend on the urban votes to march into PutraJaya? Hahahaha


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Anwar belong to the past unfortunately he doesnt know when to step down. PKR is the same as UMNO. If a candidate can fall into the sea twice was already a bad omen so how can PKR win. Anwar will follow the footstep of Obama despised by people as PKR , DAP ,PAS are copycat of BN nothing new, bankrupt of idea, killing one another for post and position and power. So we need a third force


  11. CCC1119 Said,

    Ello braders,

    We hv 2 undrstand the problems lies between PKR or PR vs SAPP 1st b4 jumping into conclusion.While i also feel sad for the defeat,we still hv to look into +ve side.1st, the defeat can b an indicator for SAPP to join PR in future since SAPP cant fight alone.2nd, YTL if clever enuff will b more tolerate in future for seat allocation. 3rd, u hv to b in Anwar's shoe to undrstnd his strategy.If not, PR wont elect him as their opposition leader.Hey,PR & SAPP baru kenal-kenal lah...sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit...inikan pula parti long as they fight for the people we must defend and support them...Real Madrid,Barcelona,MU pun selalu kalah tp bukan bermakna LOSER.Hari tak selalu cerah, mendung tak semestinya hujan.


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