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Anwar, Pack Up And Leave Batu Sapi

Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, October 25, 2010 35 comments

We rakyat are real suckers.

At least that's what most of our Malaysian politicians seem to think.

The entire Barisan Nasional politicians think that we are idiots who cannot think. (Ok... Truth is I actually know quite a few people out there who can't think. But... Some other time...)

Then we have our not-so-beloved-anymore PKR who thinks that we enjoy watching their year-round circus acts. Yup, definitely not so loved anymore. And I don't think I am an isolated case. We shall leave DAP and PAS out for now as they are not the subject of discussion here. But mind you, they have their own shit-load pile of dung too.

Now what's with the Batu Sapi fight? Isn't PKR the one who first brought DAP and PAS to the table to discuss how to prevent a 3-corner (or more) fight. Isn't the objective of the entire 'opposition' coalition that to fight the single common enemy i.e. BN? So what is PKR now blardie doing in the Batu Sapi fight?

Some of you may say that why can't SAPP not fight and let PKR field their candidate?

Or some of you may say that well SAPP is not part of the coalition, so why should PR even need to talk to them in the first place.

That will be to miss the whole point of the rakyat's fight. The rakyat is not fighting for Anwar (please imprint this in your mind, Anwar). The rakyat is not fighting for PKR or DAP or PAS. You will be dammed if you think that we really love you. What we want is CHANGE. And you political parties are nothing but our tool to get BN out of power. Well that's how things are. You guys are using us to get to power. So don't complain or call us ungrateful.

It doesn't matter to us if SAPP is fighting BN or PKR is fighting BN. As long as someone is there to fight BN, then we'll be on your side. But if you have PKR, SAPP and BN in the fight, what do you want us to do? To choose who we love more between SAPP and PKR? What are you guys trying to do? Eh wankers... The common enemy is BN. Let's keep it that simple.

Now that we have establish that line of thought, PKR or SAPP for Batu Sapi? SAPP la. Look at the name - Sabah Progressive Party. Sabah dei, Sabah... Let the Sabahans fight their fight. This is why East Malaysians do not like West Malaysians. The West Malaysians are always thinking that they are better and more superior than the East Malaysians. What on earth is PKR trying to do fighting the Sabahan fight? You don't see UMNO (Penang based) Gerakan fielding their candidate in Sabah or Sarawak do you?

Seriously, I cannot understand PKR's objective in the Sabah fight. Do you see Ford aggressively selling cars in Japan? No, they do not. They acquire Mazda and let Mazda do the fighting. The profits still ultimately land on their laps.

Anwar, similarly, you do not need to penetrate Sabah via PKR. Neither will the Sabahans accept that. Don't you get it? The East Malaysians do not trust us West Malaysians (seriously, can anyone blame them when we have been ripping them off since 1963?) Let the Sabahans fight their own battle. Let them keep their own state. But while at that, get them to work together with us to form the ultimate central government. I mean, can you imagine PBS recruiting a Wan Kelantan and field him as a candidate in Galas? Ridiculous isn't it. That's exactly what PKR is doing right now at Batu Sapi.

But Yong Teck Lee is not exactly the best of character, shouts PKR. Like any of you politicians are. Who among you has no garbage up your arse? Who among you is as clean as the Pope? Ummm... is the Pope clean? What about the Dalai Lama? Snap, snap... focus.

So, how will letting SAPP run the show benefit PKR? No it does not. Why should PKR be benefiting in any way at all. As long as the rakyat benefits, that is good enough. SAPP may not be a coalition partner. But they are no longer in BN. Anyone who is against BN is on our side. Keep them as an ally. To form the next federal government, we know we are short. SAPP has their advantages in Sabah. The time will come when PR and SAPP can sit down to talk (again) about a larger coalition.

Of course that will be another problem because PKR has their own Sabah leaders who want this and that while SAPP will want to be the Sabah Chief and so on and so forth. At the end of the day, it is about who gets the power and who benefits more. Dear fellow rakyats, no one really cares about us la. If Pakatan really does care they will be giving SAPP the mandate to represent PR in Sabah. Pull PKR and DAP out of Sabah. Let the support for anti-BN be concentrated. Don't split votes. It is hard enough to defeat BN/UMNO with their might and money.

If the 3-corner fight remains, no need to waste time and money campaigning la. 60% bumi votes; say BN takes 30%, PKR (sapu all opposition votes) takes 30% and SAPP none. 38% Chinese votes; say BN takes 19%, SAPP (sapu all opposition votes) takes 19% and PKR none. Final tally: BN 49%, PKR 30% and SAPP 19%. Anwar and Azmin can then go for their celebratory party at Hyatt KK's Shenanigan's for achieving whatever their objective in Batu Sapi is.

That's PKR folks. People like Azmin Ali can never shed their UMNO mentality. PKR is just another UMNO. Ok, a powerless version of UMNO. Everything else is the same. Their leaders have been hungry and poor for a long time waiting for Anwar to propel to the top. Everyone wants to get paid. Money, money, money. That's what PKR is all about. Justice? We should really stop bluffing ourselves.

And it is PKR leaders' lust for money and power that will cause us rakyat never to be able to kick BN out of office. I am not giving up yet on us winning the next GE. But UMNO must be sensing that the timing is now good. PKR of today is not capable of mounting the killer blow. Not with the rakyat doubting PKR. Not with the rakyat shaking their heads looking at PKR's production of Scenario The Movie Part 5 with Azmin Ali taking over from Saiful Apek.

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Malaysians Have "Paling Ramai Kawan" On Facebook, Friendster etc.

Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, October 12, 2010 1 comments
Courtesy of fellow author, Gooster, who found this MOST enlightening article on BBC.

I bet you the largest contributors to our numero uno position are our government servants. Minimum wager of RM1,000 per bet for anything who thinks otherwise.

Super efficient Japs have the least "friends". By way of us having the most "friends", that will make us... ? Sigh...

Japanese have fewest digital friends on social networks

Mouse and keyboard

Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, while Japanese users have the fewest.

This is one of the findings of a large-scale research project, looking at online behaviour around the globe.

It also found that digital sources are overtaking TV, radio and newspapers as the media channel of choice for 61% of the online population around the world.

The study, conducted by research firm TNS, interviewed 50,000 consumers in 46 countries for the study.

In Malaysia the average number of friends is 233, closely followed by 231 in Brazil and 217 in Norway.

This contrasts to an average of just 29 friends in Japan, and 68 in China.

The results could suggest "a culture that embraces fewer but closer friendships," thinks TNS's chief development officer Matthew Froggatt.

As well as having the most friends, Malaysians are also the heaviest users of social networking sites, spending an average of nine hours per week on them.

It is followed by Russia, where people spend an average 8.1 hours per week online and Turkey where 7.7 hours a week are spent on social networks.

Socially mobile

The study found that consumers are now spending more time on social networking sites than using e-mail.

This is fuelled in part by the rise in mobile net access.

In the US, a third of online consumers expect to be accessing social networks via their mobile phones over the next 12 months, compared to a quarter via a PC.

In Sweden, over half said they would access social networks via mobile and just a quarter cited the traditional PC.

National crisis

The importance of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is being explored in a separate study at the University of East London.

Researchers are using three British cities - London, Birmingham and Carlisle, to study whether social networks could help save lives in the event of a national crisis.

"We are working on the premise that, as technological advances continue, the traditional mediums of television and radio may become usurped in their potency in terms of delivering important messages to society at large," said Professor John Preston, who is leading the project.

The TNS study, which the researchers hope will become an annual project, also found that countries newer to the digital world are embracing online activities at a faster rate to those in more mature markets.

In China four out of five users have written their own blog, compared to only 32% in the US.

"In rapid growth markets...users are embracing these new channels in much more active ways. The digital world is transforming how they live, develop and interact," said Mr Froggatt.

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Spending Public Money - UMNO vs Pakatan

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, October 08, 2010 0 comments
So much is being bandied about in the internet, thanks to Malaysia Today, about how corruption has gone unchecked in this country. (MACC who?)

And of course we have been presented with how a certain poor former dentist turn super rich big hot shot spent the rakyat's money like it belongs to his grandfather (who must be turning in his grave).

Forget about all the wordy facts. Today, SPAnK will summed it for you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here goes...

And there are Malaysians out there who do not know who to vote. Truly unbelievable!

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    Raykat vs The Evil Regime