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Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, October 25, 2010

We rakyat are real suckers.

At least that's what most of our Malaysian politicians seem to think.

The entire Barisan Nasional politicians think that we are idiots who cannot think. (Ok... Truth is I actually know quite a few people out there who can't think. But... Some other time...)

Then we have our not-so-beloved-anymore PKR who thinks that we enjoy watching their year-round circus acts. Yup, definitely not so loved anymore. And I don't think I am an isolated case. We shall leave DAP and PAS out for now as they are not the subject of discussion here. But mind you, they have their own shit-load pile of dung too.

Now what's with the Batu Sapi fight? Isn't PKR the one who first brought DAP and PAS to the table to discuss how to prevent a 3-corner (or more) fight. Isn't the objective of the entire 'opposition' coalition that to fight the single common enemy i.e. BN? So what is PKR now blardie doing in the Batu Sapi fight?

Some of you may say that why can't SAPP not fight and let PKR field their candidate?

Or some of you may say that well SAPP is not part of the coalition, so why should PR even need to talk to them in the first place.

That will be to miss the whole point of the rakyat's fight. The rakyat is not fighting for Anwar (please imprint this in your mind, Anwar). The rakyat is not fighting for PKR or DAP or PAS. You will be dammed if you think that we really love you. What we want is CHANGE. And you political parties are nothing but our tool to get BN out of power. Well that's how things are. You guys are using us to get to power. So don't complain or call us ungrateful.

It doesn't matter to us if SAPP is fighting BN or PKR is fighting BN. As long as someone is there to fight BN, then we'll be on your side. But if you have PKR, SAPP and BN in the fight, what do you want us to do? To choose who we love more between SAPP and PKR? What are you guys trying to do? Eh wankers... The common enemy is BN. Let's keep it that simple.

Now that we have establish that line of thought, PKR or SAPP for Batu Sapi? SAPP la. Look at the name - Sabah Progressive Party. Sabah dei, Sabah... Let the Sabahans fight their fight. This is why East Malaysians do not like West Malaysians. The West Malaysians are always thinking that they are better and more superior than the East Malaysians. What on earth is PKR trying to do fighting the Sabahan fight? You don't see UMNO (Penang based) Gerakan fielding their candidate in Sabah or Sarawak do you?

Seriously, I cannot understand PKR's objective in the Sabah fight. Do you see Ford aggressively selling cars in Japan? No, they do not. They acquire Mazda and let Mazda do the fighting. The profits still ultimately land on their laps.

Anwar, similarly, you do not need to penetrate Sabah via PKR. Neither will the Sabahans accept that. Don't you get it? The East Malaysians do not trust us West Malaysians (seriously, can anyone blame them when we have been ripping them off since 1963?) Let the Sabahans fight their own battle. Let them keep their own state. But while at that, get them to work together with us to form the ultimate central government. I mean, can you imagine PBS recruiting a Wan Kelantan and field him as a candidate in Galas? Ridiculous isn't it. That's exactly what PKR is doing right now at Batu Sapi.

But Yong Teck Lee is not exactly the best of character, shouts PKR. Like any of you politicians are. Who among you has no garbage up your arse? Who among you is as clean as the Pope? Ummm... is the Pope clean? What about the Dalai Lama? Snap, snap... focus.

So, how will letting SAPP run the show benefit PKR? No it does not. Why should PKR be benefiting in any way at all. As long as the rakyat benefits, that is good enough. SAPP may not be a coalition partner. But they are no longer in BN. Anyone who is against BN is on our side. Keep them as an ally. To form the next federal government, we know we are short. SAPP has their advantages in Sabah. The time will come when PR and SAPP can sit down to talk (again) about a larger coalition.

Of course that will be another problem because PKR has their own Sabah leaders who want this and that while SAPP will want to be the Sabah Chief and so on and so forth. At the end of the day, it is about who gets the power and who benefits more. Dear fellow rakyats, no one really cares about us la. If Pakatan really does care they will be giving SAPP the mandate to represent PR in Sabah. Pull PKR and DAP out of Sabah. Let the support for anti-BN be concentrated. Don't split votes. It is hard enough to defeat BN/UMNO with their might and money.

If the 3-corner fight remains, no need to waste time and money campaigning la. 60% bumi votes; say BN takes 30%, PKR (sapu all opposition votes) takes 30% and SAPP none. 38% Chinese votes; say BN takes 19%, SAPP (sapu all opposition votes) takes 19% and PKR none. Final tally: BN 49%, PKR 30% and SAPP 19%. Anwar and Azmin can then go for their celebratory party at Hyatt KK's Shenanigan's for achieving whatever their objective in Batu Sapi is.

That's PKR folks. People like Azmin Ali can never shed their UMNO mentality. PKR is just another UMNO. Ok, a powerless version of UMNO. Everything else is the same. Their leaders have been hungry and poor for a long time waiting for Anwar to propel to the top. Everyone wants to get paid. Money, money, money. That's what PKR is all about. Justice? We should really stop bluffing ourselves.

And it is PKR leaders' lust for money and power that will cause us rakyat never to be able to kick BN out of office. I am not giving up yet on us winning the next GE. But UMNO must be sensing that the timing is now good. PKR of today is not capable of mounting the killer blow. Not with the rakyat doubting PKR. Not with the rakyat shaking their heads looking at PKR's production of Scenario The Movie Part 5 with Azmin Ali taking over from Saiful Apek.


35 Response to "Anwar, Pack Up And Leave Batu Sapi"

  1. wong Said,

    anwar is not a wise man ..winning another seat doesnt add much benefits..but to support sapp u have a long term alliance ..scarifice a goat u have tigers lions on yr side


  2. Don Said,

    Nicely said. PKR or Pakatan might have made gains in the last election, but if they don't grab their last opportunity to change (through their upcoming election), things will probably remain the same, at least for the next 5 years...


  3. Anonymous Said,

    has anyone asked, "why is it that SAPP does not want to be part of PR?"


  4. Anonymous Said,

    PR should not be in batu sapi. just concentrate in galas. it will be more viable. this is by election only. not give any significant impact to PR even they do not contest.

    by letting sapp fight the monster bee end... it will be more focus and energy shld be channeled wisely.

    what's the point for pr to contest in batu sapi. pr should strategise themselves for bigger event like ge13.

    but i hope we rakyat dun let our spirit and motivation down just because this kind of situation or else we will end up without any changes after next ge.

    mind you rakyat.. wanna stay like now for another 54 years? that's tough babe... unthinkable.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    There is UMNO too in Sabah, check your facts! SAPP is a well-known party hopper. U should do some research before yelling all over the place. Learn from the dirty tactic employed by bota Adun in Perak. SAPP's refusal to join PR is something to be worried about. For sure PR know what's the best option to choose and for now is to have a 3 corner fight.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    yes. there is amno in sabah who already destroyed the unity of sabahans. slowly it will turn sabahans become rasis which never exist before.

    what a bad genetic this bladi amno.


  7. Lam M K Said,

    .."let SAPP be an ally.." who has it on record that SAPP has agreed to be an ally?? without this declaration, it is wise for PKR to contest. Heaven forbid that if SAPP wins and then move on to GE, AND THEN play kingmaker to hold PKR to ransom! Look at Australia, and the UK. Lam M K


  8. Sabahan Said,

    Lam M K, are you saying that Sabahan is not qualified to be the kingmaker? Well, well, well, it looks like it's wise for SAPP not to join PR. It looks like PR is also acting like BN.


  9. Lam M K Said,

    to Sabahan: the context of this whole article is - PKR get out ... and just let SAPP contest. Why should PKR give way? and allow itself to be hoodwinked (possibly)? Pls r e a d and understand the message of the article. Lam M K


  10. To Anonymous 20:32,

    Thanks for pointing out the error on UMNO's presence in Sabah. It should read Gerakan, not UMNO.

    I meant to show that certain state based politics should be best preserved for state based parties.

    Simon Templar


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Wong said: to support sapp u have a long term alliance ..scarifice a goat u have tigers lions on yr side

    I would like to say you might get a horse into your house - a trojan horse.


  12. Sabahan Said,

    to Lam M K: Maybe PKR can give SAPP a seat to contest in Selangor or anywhere in the Peninsular?


  13. Anonymous Said,

    if like this pkr = parti keroyok rakan


  14. Anonymous Said,

    In the first place, SAPP is not part of the PR coalition. This is correct. If SAPP is sincere in fighting the BN, they should have become one of the pact members and make PR more consolidated. But Yong Teck Lee chose otherwise.

    The question is then, why should PKR/PR allowed a non pact member to do the fighting ? If you were to apply this principle, then the PR pact members should allow Independents to contest instead of themselves. This is ridiculous.

    Anyway, what can SAPP achieve besides maybe winning one or two seats ? What if Yong Teck Lee suddenly turn coat and return to BN after winning ?

    The final analysis is : SAPP had never been allocated the Batu Sapi seat when they were still in BN and the BN knew that SAPP did not command at the people's confidence there.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    I suspect SAPP is not a true believer in the Pakatan concept and for this reason why should PKR/PR allow them to contest. This is tantamount to giving a walkover to BN.

    SAPP had never really left the BN and some of the actions and talks showed their true colours. Only time will tell.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    SAPP and PKR will celebrates with Cow's Dunk Cakes for losing the Batu Sapi by=election.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    Cos one is a fool and the other is bladie fool


  18. Anonymous Said,

    Lam, the reason is stragetic, to defeat BN. Using Australia & Britian as an example is weak.The politicians argue on issues for the benefit of their countries. At the moment both gov'nt and oppositions are hammering the banks on interest rates (Aust)and not only that the opposition actually presents proposals on problems solving and the media here is also reporting independent of gov'nt control.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    I hope PKR lose and be taught a lesson. People are sick and tired of their circus.

    PKR balik or lose deposit.


  20. remie Said,

    This is a Westie-in-Sabah's viewpoint.

    SAPP is a strongly-growing Sabah party capable of taking control of Sabah in the next GE. Likely combining with UPKO & PBS, when the right time comes. UPKO & PBS have no love for UMNO, just political convenience.

    Why not join PR? What a joke! What has PR has to offer to Sabahans? PKR's politics? In fact, what has PR shown since 2008, that's worthy of our continued support, besides Selangor & Penang? They even foolishly lost Perak! And, who lost Perak? = PKR & one dumb DAP woman.

    DAP Sabah has disgruntled leaders that cannot see beyond their personal (& historical) prejudices to appreciate the current political realities (like, remember what SAPP did in 1994?? and more in the past). What is SAPP doing NOW and what is DAP doing NOW is more important to voters.


  21. Anonymous Said,

    I agree with the writer too on this. I was surprised when I read that this was going to be a 3 cornered fight.

    It should be just one opposition out to throw BN.. that is plain and simple. I think PKR's strategist has lost his game plan and just out to shiok sendiri now.

    They have lost sight of the game plan and just want to try their luck at winning.Ego and arrogance are starting to rear their heads on PKR.

    Now all we can do is , to write this off and Najis will go one blowing his horn!


  22. Anonymous Said,

    what's the difference between SAPP and PKR? Both are also after the money, what. And what the heck is Yong Teck Lee doing in Sandakan? He cannot find a job in KK, is it? So much so that he has to go to Sandakan and start begging?


  23. Anonymous Said,

    who is stronger in sabah/batu sapi? just a simple compare and contrast:

    - sapp was a key member of bn when bn toppled the sabah pbs government in 1994. yong's power base streches all the way back in 1980s when he was the dcm in the pbs state government. his pulling out of pbs began the downfall of pbs.

    pkr? a totally new party in sabah with of jokers who fight over nothing.

    dap's only mp and dun in sabah were formerly members of sapp/followers of yong also. the rest of the 'leaders' in dap r jokers in the eyes of sabahans.

    - yong was a former cm, who had won MANY TIMES in a majority bumi/non-chinese constituency before (likas, 1985 to 2002).

    pkr's ansari? lost both the seats (parliament and dun, bumi-majority seats) he contested in 2008.

    - number of parliamentary seats held by sapp in sabah: 2.

    number of parliamentary seats held by pkr in sabah: ZERO.

    dap: 1.

    (note - sapp was forced to 'share' seats with other bn 'partners', in 2008, when still in bn.)

    - number of dun seats held by sapp in sabah: 2.

    number of dun seats held by pkr in sabah: ZERO.

    dap: 1.

    (note - sapp was forced to 'share' seats with other bn 'partners', in 2008, when still in bn.)

    - in terms of batu sapi - in 2008, pkr candidate CONTESTED, but PULLED OUT before polling day!!! a party full of warriors, no doubt.

    in 2008, the independent candidate put up a strong showing against the incumbent mp (now deceased), losing by only less than 4000 votes. it is widely known that he won so many votes partly bcos of sapp's support from 'behind' (sapp still a member of bn at that time, was not happy that it had to give up this and other seats to other bn 'partners').

    - sapp's yong is a slimball & crook. he has a lot of enemies, but EVEN MORE SUPPORTERS.

    pkr? didn't RAJA KATAK anwar ibrahim ENGINEERED the mass defections/COUP by pbs members in 1994 which led to the toppling of the indigenous government DEMOCRATICALLY-ELECTED by the people of sabah, leadig to (now) 15 years of sabahans being screwed by west malaysians mainly from umno???

    - yong is still highly popular among the sabah people (especially the chinese) and a charismatic state leader.

    pkr? the number of sabahans who have heard of the names of their leaders in sabah is roughly double the number of members they have (i.e. their members, together with members' family members and their enemies).


    LEAVE SABAH TO SAPP, especially the non-muslim majority bumi seats. anwar should seriously look into the mirror and ask himself how f*cking popular he is in sabah. seriously. people flocking to see ytour circus/ceramahs for entertainment DOESNT COUNT.


  24. Zhang Said,

    Simon, while you have your merits as per your write up.... we also must understand the greater picture.

    The PR Coalition is a National Opposition Front!
    The component parties in PR was in Sabah long before SAPP left BN or long before it was formed!
    At the time when SAPP broke away from BN, it was expected that it will close rank with PR... and could have played a leading role in the Sabah Political Landscape! It chosed to be on its own and play "Taikoh" against the might of UMNO/BN!

    Even a successful party as PBS had been entrapped by UMNO/BN, despite of being so powerful that it toppled Tun Mustapha & Datuk Haris... but now, transformd into a "mosquito party", subservient to UMNO/BN, playing the Bridesmaid role of Deputy Chief Minister!
    What guarantee is there that SAPP will not be "courted" and Yong Teck Lee be given the Deputy post to replace PBS if SAPP becomes powerful as it visions itself to be, capturing the majority of the 40 Sabah State seats it proposed to contest in the coming 13GE!

    SAPP was never rejected by the PR Coalition.. and had it joined PR, SAPP would have been the ideal choice to represent PR to take on UMNO/BN in Batu Sapi. The present situation is really unnecessary & is of SAPP's making!.

    Why did SAPP chose to take the arrogant path?
    Can't SAPP fight for Sabahans and take care of Sabah & Sabahan's Wealth & Well Being, under the PR Coalition? Why not "Sabah for Sabahans!" be the "battle-cry" of the PR Coalition & all its coalition partners of PKR, DAP & PAS including SAPP(Had it joined PR)?

    By playing "High Stakes" & riding on the hyped "media-drummed-up" publicity & perception as Sabah's "Hero & Taikoh" with the "Sabah for Sabahans!" Rhetoric.... SAPP has become over confident, selfish, greedy, arrogant & unrealistic! SAPP has forgoten that Yong Teck Lee too has his "excess baggage" which his ex-SAPP colleagues & UMNO/BN can exploit!

    SAPP can create the political impact in Sabah, if it proves its strong roots support from Sabahans. SAPP can be the main partner to lead the PR Coalition if it as strong as it claims to be! Both PR & SAPP has a common foe..UMNO/BN!

    The Batu Sapi By-Election is a continuation of the ongoing PR Coalition & UMNO/BN "WAR",at Sabah! The long-term Strategy does not permit the PR Coalition Front to turn-tail on this Batu Sapi Battle! By its participation, PR has already "won" the "Battle"... considering the 13GE Grand Plan! By increasing the number of combined opposition votes,[& in the process,it is a bonus if either PR or SAPP wins], against UMNO/BN, it is already a victory for thye opposition!

    Let us hope that PR & SAPP members will not be stupid enough to "hurt & wound" each other while "battling" UMNO/BN! ... and close ranks immediately after the By-Election!


  25. Zhang Said,

    Anon 07:32 & Anon 17:23 dd 26/10/10

    With due respects to both Anon 07:32 & 17:23, who are at different ends of the "opinion" pole!

    With belittling the potential & the possible upset of SAPP & Yong Teck Lee, it would have been very exciting had this been the headlines ..."
    "Win or Lose, SAPP to Join the PR Coalition Front after the Batu Sapi Parliamentary By-Election!"

    There is no "friends or enemies" in Politics as every seasoned politicians[successful or failed]will proclaimed!

    For all the disappointing & sometimes "hotly-provoked comments"... let us hope that all will end well with the starting mutual understanding that... "the enemy of my enemy[ie UMNO/BN], is my friend!"

    Good luck to the PR Coalition & SAPP!


  26. Zhang Said,

    Apology for Zhang's comment 19:36

    2nd para should begin as:-

    Without BELITTLING the potential & the possible By-Election upset by Yong Teck Lee/SAPP or the PR Coalition, it would have been very exciting if the latest[tomorrow[] headlines in the Main & Alternative Media reads...

    "WIN or LOSE, SAPP to Join the PR Coalition Front after the Batu Sapi Parliamentary By-Election!"


  27. Anonymous Said,

    Zhang at 26 October, 2010 19:10

    u obviously r NOT a/dont understand sabahans.

    "The PR Coalition is a National Opposition Front!"

    (apart from dap n pkr members) WHO THE FUCK IN SABAH CARES?!?!

    "Why did SAPP chose to take the arrogant path?"

    err... excuse me, but mayb u should ask "Why did Pakatan Rakyat chose to take the arrogant path?!!"

    u r thinking just like anwar and his ilk. (dap, however, i must say, do have more respect for sabahans in many aspects.) who do west malaysians like u and anwar think u r?!?! u think u guys can just WALK into sabah and expect red carpet treatment and loyalty?!?! well,

    F*CK U!!

    the person who toppled a democratically-elected government in sabah (ie. si RAJA KATAK), who has never apologised to sabahans and YET EXPECT sabahans to give him a hero's welcome - isn't ANWAR IBRAHIM the ARROGANT ONE?!?!

    this is precisely what is WRONG with west malaysians.

    please, get this:

    west malaysians NEED umno-reject/-clones like anwar bcos u guys dont have any other credible malay leaders. but it's NOT THE SAME for sabah - we DONT need anwar, DUH!!!

    fyi, unlike u guys in west malaysia who r POLITICALLY BACKWARD (yes, u read me right - BACKWARD) compared to SABAH (yes, u read me right AGAIN - SABAH), we in sabah have CHANGED GOVERNMENTS MANY TIMES.

    while most of u r still living like the singaporeans, taiwanese (until chen shui-bien) and japanese (until last year or so), we have already voted OUT our ruling parties at least FOUR times in our less than 50 years' history.

    while u guys r like the primitive, ex-soviet republics who r in the process of emerging from dictatorship/authoritarianism, regime change has become a HABIT for us. yes, we r unfortunate to keep electing the wrong people but in terms of democratic awareness, PLEASE - DONT LECTURE US.


    so, we DONT need 'hero' or 'freedom fighter' like mandela or mandela-wannabe like anwar ibrahim. PLEASE. save it for the POLITICALLY BACKWARD west malaysians. STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES.

    fyi, we DONT like west malaysians. not to say we hate them or will never work with them - we will cooperate with them, provided they have something to offer us.

    please get this (especially YOU, ANWAR 'KATAK' IBRAHIM) - so long as we get a locally-controlled state government, we dont really care much whether we get a federal government that we want. malaysia has never treated us well, so rhetoric such as "National Opposition Front", "national interests" really dont mean much to us.

    and bcos we - unlike the pathetic malayan states - have more autonomy and rights and have very few racists here, as long as we control the state government we can have a pretty good life, regardless of who control the fed.

    so, west malaysians should get this straight:

    it's NOT that we (sabah or sarawak) need u. it's actually THE OTHER WAY ROUND - u guys need US to help LIBERATE YOU PEOPLE from dictatorship/authoritarianism.


    then PLEASE, ask our help with HUMILITY, with RESPECT. DONT PATRONISE US.



    (for crying out loud...)

    Anon @ 26 October, 2010 17:23
    (just call me SabahAnon, for easy identification.)


  28. Anonymous Said,

    Election strategy just doesn't work like some of you have said. PKR will take away some of the MUSLIM votes from BN thus paving the way for SAPP's victory.

    SAPP is unlikely to get very many votes from the MUSLIM community. It needs DSAI to sway away the MUSLIM votes from BN.

    DSAI's rep had a good laugh with yong teck lee in the restaurant after a working dinner discussing about 'joint strategies' for the by-election. Who knows what have been transpired between them


  29. acslim Said,

    I do not agree with the author. What PR want is to defeat Unmo-Bn. And what Yong TL want? Can his party defeat Umno-Bn for the next GE? Yong said PR are fighting each others. I want to said his party also fighting among themselves. This is not the reason. Bn also fighting and even worst than other party.
    Sabahan has to change their mindset, the ruling party is Unmo,not PBS. You have to think as we are Malaysian. We have to fight together to topple Umno-Bn. Just recall 1986 during PBS ruled Sabah,Yong TL is repeating the old PBS stragtegy. So let us work together, I hope Yong retreat himself and support PR.


  30. acslim Said,

    To Anonymous,26 Oct,

    I lived in Sabah from 1986-1995. I knew that sabahan's emotion. They did not like Umno. So why PBS won the election in 1986. Since Anwar was from Umno, Sabahan still think even PR was formed but still cannot change their mindset. I do opposed Anwar when he was DPM.But we have to think, who did the all dirty games to damage our country, it's umno. Anwar has sacrificed and jailed because to fight mahafiraun.And you compared Anwar to mahafiraun,mahafiraun is the common enemy to our loved Malaysian.You said you don't want party from West Malaysia. I want ask you,which party from Sabah can release sabah from umno? Look at Sarawak, the white hair even worst than umno. What Malaysian want is to have the PR fight with the umno-bn, that is the only way and stragtegy. Don't hope for the party from Sabah to fight with the f'ing bn!


  31. Anonymous Said,


    "Anwar has sacrificed and jailed because to fight mahafiraun."




    r u saying that if mahafiraun had allowed Anwar Katak to stay on and succeed as PM, Anwar would 'sacrifice'?!?! how - by RESIGNING??!?!!

    i bet u down to my underpants that Anward today would be no different from pak lah and najib!!! he would have been the 2nd mahafiraun, if not worse.

    "oh, but anwar has changed! he has been reformed, after staying in jail for so long! he was a devil before but now, he's an angel!!"


    very very simple question:

    HAS ANWARD KATAK IBRAHIM EVER A-P-O-L-O-G-I-Z-E for ANYTHING he has done when he was serving the mahafiraun???

    if NOT, dont u think u MORONS r fucking DUMB in believing that he is going to b YOUR (not ours, take note, AGAIN) mandela/messiah?!?!

    please la... grow up man. politically BACKWARD AND MATURE is what u people r.


    "You said you don't want party from West Malaysia. I want ask you,which party from Sabah can release sabah from umno?"



    u think PKR or DAP CAN?!?! those parties from the POLITICALLY BACKWARD parts of malaysia to ***save*** the POLITICALLY MATURE sabah?!?!?!!




    please see my comments posted at 26 October, 2010 17:23.

    enuf said.

    (note to self and fellow sabahans: GOSH, i cant believe how stupid n naive the west malaysians r!!!!)


  32. Anonymous Said,

    typo. i meant to say,

    "politically BACKWARD AND ***IM***MATURE is what u people r."


  33. Anonymous Said,

    PKR is an asshole party!

    Anwar wants SAPP to be an asshole party also but SAPP refuses.


  34. Anonymous Said,

    Your this whole analogy has 2 serious flaws :-

    1) SAPP could not give a written guarantee that they will NEVER rejoin Barisan najis, which I think is a minimum requirement for us to leave Sabah to the Sabahans. Whats the point of letting SAPP fight and SAPP win and then Yong gets bought out.

    2) Ansari got more more votes than Yong, what does that tell u ?



  35. uno Said,

    Your article is very interesting. I can make reference to the article which I will write


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