Religious Overdose - Enough Lah

Posted by Simon Templar On 4 May 2011

Squatting Monkey, Jumping Lembu

Posted by Simon Templar On 7 September 2009

Incompetent PKR; Bungling Pakatan

Posted by Simon Templar On 19 April 2011

I Got Tear Gassed

Posted by Simon Templar On 9 July 2011

Najib The Ponzi Scheme Master

Posted by Simon Templar On 11 December 2009

Stop Playing With Fire Najib!

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, August 28, 2009 13 comments

Fuck you, Najib. Fuck you!

It is just in your blood isn't it putting people's lives in danger?

Your father did it. And now you are repeating it all for your political gains. How can you Razaks call yourselves Muslims when Islam means peace. You Razaks shame Islam. You Razaks shame all Muslims.

I hope that you are happy now that your wishes have come true. You have not stopped with raising the racial temperature in Malaysia from day 1 of you being Prime Minister. You have not stopped using all government channels to fan religious extremism in Malaysia. Why must it all be Malays vs the non-Malays and Muslims vs non-Muslims?

Most of us Malaysians are happy living together as we are but you and your gang of mother fuckers have to raise the demons inside for nothing but your political survivals. Your father led the racial divide in this country. You must really worship him as an idol and hero.

Fuck up leaders have been using race and religion to wage wars for thousands of years and yet there has never been a winner. But the losers are aplenty in the lives of innocents lost. It is the people who has to suffer. And here you are using the age old fuck up ways and you think that you Najib Razak is so capable so as to control the rage of the human heart? You think you can control 'amok'?

The nation is bound for another round of ethnic fighting. I don't know how many people are going to die this time around but be assured that fights have already begun. For once I will not blame the medias to be silent. It is best to limit the coverage so as to control the tensions. But news spread quicker than fire in this age. And I fear this. And to make things worse, our police are at their worst they have ever been. We also know of how racially bias they are. I suspect that police involvement will only make matters even worse. Besides, we all know how the people in general hate our lowly viewed Malaysian police.

There Najib. You just enjoy playing with fire. How can someone as educated as you think that you will be able to control the raging fire in the eyes of the people. You think way too highly of yourself. You are nothing but a spoilt brat who was born with silver spoon and had it easy all your life. You are the worst Prime Minister that this nation has ever seen. I would like to think that you have usurp your father in that ranking.

What has been done since the afternoon event? Nothing but talking cock. Why are the 50 odd extremists still out on the roads? Why is there still no action taken upon this extremist Ibrahim Sabri who is calling for bloodshed. Challenging the Hindus with their sacred cow. You low life unicell ameobas.

Shouldn't these disciples of satan be taken in by ISA to 'protect them from harm'? Is this not what you claim the ISA is all about? Malaysians demand to see that such extremism be taken cared of. Nabbed them now. And shut Utusan's printing machine for the next 1 week lest Awang and his fellow bodohs make matters worse.

And Anwar and PAS, sack Hassan Ali today. Enough is enough from him. We all know that he is involved in this some way or another.

I am wearing black this 31 August. Are you?

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Another Battle Won; Where Next?

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, August 26, 2009 0 comments

Permatang Pasir was a good victory for PR. Sweeeeet...

Many are surprised that PAS was able to win with a huge majority. Is it really that surprising? UMNO is still on their same old racial tactics - one of which the people are so fed up with. UMNO just cannot change - regardless of whatever UMNO claim about UMNO reforming. They are plain old school. Mind you Mr. UMNO Dark Lords, the Permatang Pasir (and the previous other by-elections) voters are largely the older generation. And you can't even convince them to sway back to you. What chance are you going to have with the Generation X when GE 13 comes? And a little down the road, the incomprehensible Gen Y?! UMNO, you guys are idiots! A bunch of kampung thugs who cannot see out of their coconut shells. Bertaubatlah...

And if you really are pulling your hair out trying to answer why your strategies at PP did not work, allow me to save you a few strands. It's simple. The people simply do not trust anything you say. I am not kidding la. Most Malaysians are like that nowadays. Whatever the BN government say are bullshit. Whatever the BN government promise will not materialise. Whatever the BN government try to explain is in fact a cover up. You get the drift? No need to scratch your head spinning and spinning anymore, the rakyat just don't trust you. You are better off spending quality time bluffing your own supporters and making sure they don't 'frog' to PR. Just leave the non-BN supporters alone. The sight of your leaders are quite sickening.

Having said that, I will again reiterate that PR is no where near victory for GE 13. In fact far from it. I still see UMNO forming the next federal government. The system and the tools are on their side. There are much that PR has to start doing; let's not go there today.

Back to the Permatang Pasir by-election. What I really dislike about this by-election is the narrowed-mindedness of the UMNO supporters. How they are able to place a cross next to the tainted UMNO candidate name is beyond me. This goes on to show that our country is still immature when it comes to politics. Nobody is bothered who the candidate is. You vote for the logo, not the candidate. UMNO supporters will vote the UMNO candidate even if the candidate is a cow. Similarly, a PR supporter will vote PR even if the candidate is a cat. That's Malaysia. Should the issue be about the cows or cats? No, the real issue is Malaysia is so short of talent that someone with so much shit up his ass like this Rohaizat Othman is able to run for politics. And garner some votes on top of it. The country is in such sad state. There really isn't much to cheer come this 31 August.

(Side note: Let this Rohaizat be an example to PR not to field candidates like the Perak frogs, the Kedah scumbag and 'Yang Berhormats' like Loh Gwo Burne. Sometimes it quite difficult to defend PR when people mention the 'capabilities' of the 'people's representative' such as Loh Gwo Burne. Its difficult enough trying to sell PR, you know.)

Enough with Permatang Pasir. Let's go back to PR. UMNO is going back to whack PR also; so we are all along the same route. Time to act on the weeds now PR. What are we going to do with Hassan Ali? What are we going to do with Zulkifli Nordin? What are we going to do with the 3-2-3 in Selangor? You've got to be seen doing things la. Jackasses like Hassan Ali is getting out of hand. Does PR intend to make Hassan Ali MB of Selangor? If you do, tell us rakyat. We'll know what to do. If you don't, tell him. He can then vacate his seat and frog to BN. Aiyoh... so much issue la PR. House cleaning please. I find it suffocating living with this mess.

You know what I really want now? A by-election in the Klang Valley; on the Selangor side of course. It will be good to gauge how the people of Selangor is responding to Najib's wayang kulit and PR's inability to run the state. That will be reallllly interesting particularly if the by-election is held in say Petaling Jaya, Klang or Kapar. Actually I am just being selfish having been unable to participate in the other by-elections we had earlier. Petaling Jaya, Klang, Kapar, Subang etc. will be fun for many of us. The itch to get directly involved in unbearable. Hahaha...

Now that we mention Klang, I can't help but wonder if Manoharan of Kota Alam Shah is one of the 3-2-3? You know, after all he got released from his detention ahead of time. Maybe there was an agreement. I don't know. I am only guessing. But isn't it funny that if all is really well in Selangor as the PR government claims, then why don't the YBs come out in full force to pledge their allegiance. So, it is not too far fetch to say that BN's have indeed secured a few frogs. Damn you frog masters and frogs.

But hey, on the other hand, maybe we do have by-elections coming to the Klang Valley pretty soon after all! It sure is starting to feel like Christmas.
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I salute OTK

Posted by Living the Dream On Monday, August 24, 2009 2 comments
I salute Ong Tee Keat because he has called the proverbial "ALL IN" in this real life poker game. He has put his presidency and even his life at stake, while there is really no real monetary upside for him to continue to expose PKFZ. He could easily become insanely rich by milking his MCA presidency (as an aside, isn't it a tad shocking that it was reported in a major newspaper that a Johor UMNO division chief wife is getting RM5 mil, 2 overseas apartment and a few luxury cars for her divorce settlement... if a small time politician has the capacity to pay this, the big dogs must be raking it in.. screwing all the poor Malays of course).

I salute Ong Tee Keat for his morals and values. I personally think Ong Tee Keat is truly doing this for the right reason - He wants to reform MCA and reduce corruptions. He is standing firm despite the incessant attacks from very powerful forces.

I salute Ong Tee Keat because he has balls of steel. He has put himself on a collision course with the all mighty UMNO and the old MCA (aka porn star CSL). Unfortunately for Ong Tee Keat, I believe he is fighting an impossible battle and he will be sacrificed and thrown out of MCA.

Finally, I will TRULY salute Ong Tee Keat if he joins PKR... send a message to those greedy UMNO and MCA b****rd that enough is enough!
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Finish Off MCA

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, August 19, 2009 0 comments

Goodie! MCA is facing warfare from inside and outside. Seize the opportunity and this could spell TUTUP KEDAI for MCA.

All is not well within MCA. Or else they won't need to put on the 'unity' shows, innit?

I am not sure what sandiwara Ong Tee Keat is up to with the PKFZ scandal. From the surface, it does seem like he is trying to clean up the mess and unearth the culprits. But because I don't see any of these BN leaders as honest, I think there is an ulterior motive in OTK's action. Maybe he is trying to strengthen MCA's position in BN by sending UMNO a message, I don't know. Maybe he is doing all this to protect his presidential seat, I don't know. But MCA is too smart to not know of the backlash of their action.

Tiong King Sing is a strong SPDP (Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party) figure. SPDP is also a strong ally of BN. It has 7 state assemblymen and 4 MPs (Tiong KS being one of the 4). He is also a blardie rich men. A rich man with power - that makes him an important man for UMNO. OTK has stepped on all 10 of his toes. Naturally TKS retaliates. The chartered flights may be peanuts. But RM10 million 'donation' is not. This is a big hit on OTK's reputation - like he said, smear tactic. But on the larger picture, this 'smear tactic' must have been approved and endorsed by UMNO. Without UMNO's green light TKS with all the money won't have the balls to do it. So, I think it is safe to say that UMNO is trying to get rid of OTK and that UMNO is not pleased with the PKFZ scandal seeing the light of day.

Besides, Chua Soi Lek has been sniping at OTK in the past few months especially after his recognition by UMNO. I think it is quite obvious that UMNO has thrown their support for the charming porn star. Which comes first? OTK trying to get rid of CSL because of the imminent power grab by CSL or UMNO supporting CSL as retaliation against OTK for the PKFZ scandal? I don't know but it is all a mess in MCA now. Can OTK survive this onslaught? Nobody knows. But this is not a war between Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek, or Ong Tee Keat and Tiong King Sing, this is a big war between UMNO and MCA. If UMNO wins, MCA's power within BN will be reduced with toy boy CSL playing the puppet role. If MCA wins, then BN may be in for some trouble with a massive shift in power hold. And more internal bickerings involving BN allies from the East Malaysia.

But who really cares about their problems. What is important now is that PR must seize this opportunity. The UMNO-MCA war is much larger than whatever posed by PKR-DAP-PAS. Of course the mainstream medias do not go to town with the UMNO-MCA war.

Lim Kit Siang alone cannot do the job. He is only sniping. He may bark and bite but has Kit got it within him to bring down MCA. MCA can be broken now. Broken - not party split broken - but broken habis. Chup lup! Play the cards right and MCA may have to call it a day. MCA has too many factions within them now. There is no longer mere As and Bs. There are more alphabets today. There is no longer any clear leadership as in the past. Neither are there any outstanding candidates available within the ranks of MCA. What is the Black Pearl without Captain Jack Sparrow? Savvy? Boleh kasi bungkus saja lah.

And if MCA closes shop, then lo and behold, that's the end of Barisan Nasional. Without MCA, BN as a coalition can kiss the GE13 goodbye without even trying.

I hope Anwar is doing something now. He is the leader of PR for a reason. Or maybe Chua Jui Meng is up to something. He has been pretty quiet since he crossed border. Can Anwar and CJM bring MCA down and ultimately kill off BN? We all hope so. Because we know the rakyat can't win GE13 via 'normal' polls.

(By the way, has PR got a strategy development team? Can someone enlighten me on this because it does seem unlikely that they have one. Everything in PR is so haywire. So not organised. So pasar like.)

And why am I so much into hoping for the fall of MCA? Because I believe that to change this country, that to take this country forward, we have to end all racial politics. It is when politics are no longer racial or religious based that a new platform for policies can be set and with it comes a new Malaysia.

Side note:

I suspect that DAP will not want to see the end of MCA. There is always this Chinese thingy about DAP, if you asked me. And neither does MCA want to see the end of DAP. You know, always make sure that there is always a representative on either side so whoever comes into power, the Chinese interest is still protected. I could be wrong.

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Nazri 'The Idiot' Aziz Talks With His Dickhead

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, August 19, 2009 0 comments

This is what Nazri 'THE IDIOT' Aziz said about YB Gobalakrishnan:

"I want the police to take action. Don't be afraid, don't worry even though he (N. Gobalakrishnan) is a people's representative.

It is clear how he (N. Gobalakrishnan) kicked police personnel doing his duty".

(extracted from Bernama)

Now see these 2 videos:

Hey bodoh, I don't see YB G kicking anyone! But I hear him shouting that he was kicked. And I can see his pants being ripped off!

You talking cock with your dickhead again?

Bulan Ramadhan coming la... bertaubatlah soh hai...

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UMNO vs Selangor; Let's Brainstorm

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, August 12, 2009 7 comments

UMNO is going to town with bold claims that they will recapture Selangor.

So bold. So arrogant.

I've been thinking - what are they up to? What are they capable of doing?

I honestly doubt if Najib is so dumb so as to repeat a Perak. He had landed himself in such a large bowl of hot soup with Perak that his ass is quite likely to be still red. And in Selangor? Tak mungkin kot.

Or could it all be a smoke screen to get everyone focused on Selangor while UMNO does their black magic in Kedah? Kedah, after all, seems a much easier target. Although not that huge a piece of beef as Selangor is (no offense Kedahans). But that may get the ball rolling for a recapture of all states while they continue to toy with Anwar's ass (hehe)...

Let's brainstorm a little. You never know. We may just hit jackpot and foil UMNO's attempt. And please, this is not about whether BN or PR is better. The topic is on how BN can potentially steal Selangor back from rakyat Selangor. Legally, how? Illegally, how? Where is the loophole? Who are the weaklings? Which of the Selangor YBs have skeleton in their closets? You get the idea.

Let's hear from you. Leave your thoughts at the commentary section below.
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PR Supporters Don't Understand The PR Struggle

Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, August 10, 2009 9 comments

On 7 August 2009, I wrote an article titled 'PR Will Not Form The Next Government'. As expected, many readers were not happy with the contents. That's how the supporters of PR are. You write good about PR and you will be cheered like a hero. You write bad about PR, be prepared for their wrath.

I may have been sumbat-ed from all corners but I don't blame those who left their comments at this blog or at Malaysia Today (where my articles are sometimes deemed worthy to be posted up there). After all, PR is their last bastion of hope for a change and nobody likes to have their hopes put up in smoke.

What is depressing is when I read the comments, it is clear that these readers do not understand the true struggle of PR. Many went on and on about the evils of UMNO, PDRM, MACC, Najib, Khir Toyo... Some said that the PR leaders may be weak and incapable but still can't be worse off than BN's. Like I don't already fucking know that. Others claim that PR will win because BN is racist and corrupted. How simple minded! I am sure that many of those who commented actually belief in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. I sincerely hope the number of readers who do not understand the PR struggle is restricted to those who commented negatively. Or else PR is in deep shit.

I am not a PR supporter. But I am proud to say that I voted for PKR and PAS in the previous GE. I am a supporter of a 2 party system. Come the next GE, my vote will still be with PR. Beyond that, I do not know. But that's another story for another day.

My vote has already been won by PR. And I can say of the same to most of you reading this. But the war for votes is NOT for your vote. Neither is it for my vote. The PR struggle is for the votes other than ours. Get it? With just your votes and mine, PR is not going to form the next government.

Look at the previous GE. We all voted for PR. We had slightly above 50% of the popular votes. And yet PR could not form the Federal Government. BN has created a system where it will take massive effort for them to tumble. RPK said that we need 70% of all votes. And I think that is fair. How many percent do you and I make up, again? 51%. And we are gonna win the next GE because you and I know that BN is evil? Damn kau smart lor you fellas out there...

For PR to form government come the next GE, we have to convert another 20% of BN supporters to vote PR. And not even a 2/3 majority win at that. How are we going to that? Do you know how difficult is it to get such a huge cross over? And you think PR will win simply because you, your family and friends are going to vote PR, my dear geniuses? No. No. No. PR needs to:

1. Maintain and keep PR voters from GE 12
2. Pull some BN voters over
3. Pull previously non-voters to vote for PR

And this is where my previous articles on PR bashing come in. PR is not helping themselves. Based on what is going on, how do you honestly think PR is doing to hold on to its present supporters and recruit new ones? Remember, not everyone is like you and me in believing so strongly for a change. I can tell you this.

1. GE 12 PR supporters: PR may have won some new ones but have also lost quite a bit. UMNO has been putting a lot of effort on branding and image. And money. Many are easily fooled by these.

2. GE 12 BN supporters: You think we can get a huge cross over from this section?

3. Previous non-voters: Is PR giving them a reason to come out to vote? Or to even register to vote? Bear in mind that this is a class of rakyat who is not bothered. They are not like you and me who are gila politik. These people are not even fence sitters. They are the 'could not be bothered people'. You think all the rubbish drama that PR has put up will in any way make them want to come vote PR? To have this group to come out to give PR an extra 20% of all votes is going to take so so so much effort. And you fellas are telling me that PR will win the next GE. Good la you fellas. Just damn good. The 4D number for this Saturday's Magnum's Draw is 6433. I promise you this random number of mine will win 1st prize.

I hope you now can appreciate that PR cannot win with our votes alone. With PR's circus, I am finding it difficult to pull votes for PR. This is frustrating. And that's why I have been ranting on PR's negatives. PR needs to wake up. We all have our parts to play. But PR is not helping us help them. And then we get the shallow and simple minded ones like you who think that the GE 13 has been won. Can you belief that some readers even referred the bickering within PR as democracy. Stop lying to yourselves. It's a blardie circus in PR now for crying out loud.

Remember, the war for votes is not for your vote or mine. This is gonna hurt - it is not about you! To PR, you and me are already in the bag. It is the others that matter. It is the others that is difficult. It is the others where we have to struggle to convince.

I hope this helps you see the PR struggle from a different perspective. We need to send PR a wake up call. Else, all our hopes on PR will remain a hope; UMNO will remain the lord of the land. And you and me will continued to get fucked.
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PR Will Not Form The Next Government

Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, August 07, 2009 15 comments

Rumour in town is that the next General Elections may be as early as mid next year. I don't know how true that is but that's what I heard. If that is true, then Najib has hit the bulls-eye. PR will not be able to control more than half the parliament. It will also lose back a few states. That's how I see it if the next GE is indeed held in less than a year's time. Let’s explore my predictions a little more.

Penang. Lim Guan Eng is a good man. A down to earth leader who looks out for the interests of the people. But he is not a strong leader. He has not yet woken up to the fact that he is no longer the opposition. Blaming predecessors and the federal government will not solve his problems. He is simply not creative in tackling issues. It will be difficult to see Penang flourish under his leadership. But he is lucky that Penangites' hatred for BN is so strong that he will retain office come the next GE.

As to the Jeff Ooi issue, let’s see how LGE tackles this. JO did a boo boo and should do the necessary - apologise. And be reprimanded so as to set a precedent.

Kelantan. Manek Urai is not a good yard stick. With a small number of voters, UMNO was able to rain cash on the land. At a GE level, no way. But PAS has always has this faction problem. Central PAS is simply unable to control their state level leaders/representatives. And the unity government bullshit. I put that down to weak leadership. And hence the unending headaches for PAS leadership. Crack the whip! PAS is a cowboy party with no discipline.

Even a 5 year old knows that PAS is full of UMNO spies. Why that has never been tackled remains a mystery alongside the UFOs and bigfoot. Are they leaving it to god to resolve their problems? God will only help those who help themselves. Nevertheless, Kelantan will remain with PAS because Kelantan is Kelantan.

Perak. Hopefully the fire within Perakians is still strong. How long will Nizar's popularity last? The learned ones will see him as the one who lost the state for failing to see the coup coming. The other voters will continue to give him sympathy vote but that depends on the mood of the day. If PR Perak plays their cards right, they have a good chance to regain Perak. They are also helped by Zambry doing nothing since taking over. I would also like to think that many Perakians would like to send Sultan Azlan a message on the rakyat's power. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Selangor. This is the ONE that everyone wants. The hub of economic development in Malaysia. But this is also the most challenging state with the highest number of urban crowd with excess to information from all ends. The problem with the Selangor PR is the lack of talent and leadership - this is of course a similar trend in the entire PR. But the 'more advanced' people of Selangor demand much. Much much more than what is on offer now. The free 10 bucks water is a good goodwill exercise but the urban crowd is much too demanding.

The economic and social welfare of the state has to be taken care off. Sadly, both are lacking. The people may be able to close an eye on the economic woes as it is global, but the social welfare? Sigh. The crime rate is sky high but PR blames the police. Brilliant. Pass the buck again. We might as well vote in the janitor if we need someone to simply pass the buck. This is a result of weakness at the leadership level. Khalid Ibrahim is a corporate man; not a politician, and not a people's man. Thaksin did well for Thailand running the country the corporate manner but it is not easy to replicate that success. Honestly, what has Khalid Ibrahim done for the state?

Khalid is another MB who is unable to control his sub-ordinates. The YBs in Selangor are getting more and more daring to step out of the line because the MB is weak. Look at Hassan ‘The Trouble Maker’ Ali, the UMNO spy planted in PAS. If he is not acting in the interest of the people in general, he does not deserve to be serving the people at all. To make it worse, it now looks as though it is all PAS' fault. But no. It is Hassan Ali individually under the directions of UMNO. Action must be taken against trouble makers. UMNO will continue to create more problems. I doubt if Khalid can handle all these politicking. He is after all a novice being gifted an MB position because there is none better.

UMNO is on an all out war to win back Selangor. And PR is ‘helping’ UMNO realise their mission. The people are sick of in-fighting within PR Selangor and a weak MB. How has the state improved under PR? How is PR going to take the state forward? Remember, we are talking about the most advanced state in the country. The likes of Hannah Yeoh and Teresa Kok are doing good jobs but are only fire fighting. Do you see them being able to transform the state into a Tokyo? Hong Kong? Shanghai? No. Where is the mission? Where is the talent to realise the mission? Not with the likes of Loh Gwo Burne. So, I do see the people of Selangor consider returning the state to BN. At least there was clear signs of progress and prosper in the past 2 decades. PR take heed.

Kedah. In-fighting again. And PAS central is unable to control PAS Kedah. No clear leadership in Kedah. No activity in Kedah. No progress in Kedah. No nothing in Kedah except for petty matters. Easy win for BN come the next GE. The people simply do not fill their stomach on religion - and PAS has not realise that yet.

Central PR. Anwar is key and we all know that. But except for Anwar, all other leaders in PR are rubbish. The Lims will never grow out of being an opposition. They will never learn how to govern. It's is their blood to oppose. The ulamas are too contented with life. No real hunger to transform. And too much 'brotherly' love among each other to smack the black sheep on their thick skulls.

I fault Anwar on this. He has created too much respect among the 3 main parties. I don't know how they are at PR level chief meetings but I guess they are very polite with each another. There can only be 1 leader to lead - this is rule #1. Unless Anwar can clearly establish this, he will never get to be an Obama. Obama seems like a nice polite guy but I cannot imagine him not running his office with a strong fist. If Anwar can implement this (if he has not already done so), then the nationwide in-fightings in PR can be tackled. At the very least, you must be seen as acting in cohesion. Perception, people, perception. He must tell off the 3 parties to put their houses in place. No rakyat will want a party to run the country when the party cannot even manage their own house. Rule with a fist Anwar, you know how that is done. Playing Mr. Nice Guy to everyone will get you and PR no where.

UMNO senses that all is not right with PR. Their sniping has gain momentum. They know who the weaklings in PR are and where their manipulation play will work. Najib is a bastard. He is just like his father - the darkest Prime Minister of Malaysia. Bapak borek anak rintik. Abdul Razak forced Tunku out of office. Najib forced Badawi out of office. Abdul Razak started the race game in Malaysia with May 13. Najib is playing the same race cards - unless you truly believe that the likes of Awang Selamat and Noor Azam get to write and publish as they wish. Abdul Razak introduced the NEP. Najib is doing the same thing but giving them a whole new look and names.

Najib will be the dirtiest PM Malaysia have ever seen.

Najib is good at camouflaging his policies. He has a team of image consultants. If you look closely, what he has opened up are those that do not concern the Malays. What he has removed are those the Malays will not benefit. In place are fine tuned policies that will benefit the Malays, or more specifically UMNO cronies, more than ever before and in much more direct manners. The NEP will be a far cry compared to what Najib is implementing.

But when it comes to power, he knows no subtlety. All his actions will be seen smack in your face. Even Mahathir had to give face to the rakyat. Not Najib. He fears not of the rakyat. And he definitely could not give a damn about PR. Perak coup, MACC, PDRM etc. are nothing of what is to come from the Twins Effect of Najib and Rosmah.

Expect N&R to launch all out attacks to re-gain control of Malaysia. You will be angry. You will feel insulted. You will want to leave the country. And it will all be Anwar's fault because he cannot control PKR, DAP and PAS.

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- Ministry of Information Rais Yatim put a ban on Movie with Mat Rempit and Bohsia theme a couple of weeks back

My opinion:-
- There was one time i was going to a wedding dinner and Mat Rempit hit my car and he got angry, confronted me with helmet and wanna hit me.
- I kept my mouth shut until he cool down and have to give him money so that i can get on with my journey.
-Imagine, a thief rob your house and steal your TV, when you catch the thief, the thief ask you to give RM500 so that you can get back your TV... ridiculous but it's true
- However, i totally DISAGREE/DISAPPROVE that the ministry of information to BAN mat rempit and bohsia film
- That for me is putting a restriction on the freedom of speech.
- Instead, MOI (minisry of information) should sponsor a film on the ill effect of rempeting and bohsia-ing.
- I would be really really really piss if they regulate selling of alcohol in shah alam. For me this is a ripple effect.
PAS if given power, even the slightest, give them an inch they want a mile.
- I will not be suprised, if you have to q up in diffent counter for man and woman in shah alam next.
- No more unisex hairsalon
- If you hang out in plaza masalam, you have to cover your body from head to toe.
- No lipstick and high heel.
- Billboard girls must be 'wanita soleha', cover with tudung, if not cannot display

PAS, you just killed Pakatan Rakyat for me!!!

Incest more serious problem than drinking
Aug 7,
09 7:59am

'Why is incest more endemic in Muslim families? It is a more serious ill, and it does not involve religious sensitivities, therefore it would be ‘easier’ to combat.'

Dato' Dr Narimah Awin: I am a Muslim, and I would even claim I am a "good" Muslim. I do not need laws and restrictions in my environment to be a "good" practising Muslim. It is entirely up to me whether I do right or wrong.

Thus I see a ban on alcohol (or any other lifestyle matter such as dress codes) totally unnecessary, and more importantly than that, Muslims should ask themselves why they are unable to avoid sinful practices by their own choice. Should not all Muslims (for that matter all human beings) strive to be "good" individuals as required by their creed and religion.

I had once asked at a high-level meeting on combating social ills, "why is incest more endemic in Muslim families?" This is a more serious ill that we need to address, and it does not involve religious sensitivities, therefore it would be ‘easier’ to combat.

Shamsul: I’d like to remind Pakatan Rakyat supporters that the big picture is much more than beer and babi. The real issue is corruption. The real issue is about transparency and good governance. The real issue is about our economic survival. The real issue is about "harga barang naik".

So when I think about it, regardless of advancement that we have achieved,
Malaysia has failed to see the bigger picture. We still focus on the tree and have forgotten about the forest. Well, grow up Malaysians and get your priority right.

MK: The ‘end justifies the means’ sort of argument truly comes alive these days. Muslims forbid alcohol consumption so they argue that alcohol beverage cannot be sold in Muslim-majority areas. Apply this situation to another scenario. Take for example, what if Hindus forbid sale of beef in Hindu-majority areas? They too can argue for the ban based on their religious tenets.

If we accept this notion as socially 'correct', are we going to argue that alcohol cannot be sold in
MAS airplanes because of Muslim-majority passengers and beef cannot be served because it offends Hindu passengers’ sensitivities and Buddhists can argue that serving meat on board is offensive to them too. Food for thought.

Anak Perelih: What Hasan Ali mentioned was not a blanket ban but a restriction, and these restrictions only applies to the ‘kedai runcit’, 7-Elevens and Muslim restaurants and only in Muslim-majority areas. In these areas, those who manned the counter especially at 7-Eleven are Muslims.

And based on the comments in Malaysiakini’s Vox Populi, I found that nearly all the writers are ignorant about Islamic law concerning alcohol consumption. Muslim are not only forbidden to drink alcohol but banned from all activities in the production as well as selling and serving alcohol. Thus Muslims who work in 7-Eleven feel that their rights as a Muslim have been violated when they have to sell alcohol.

Having a shop selling alcohol in a Muslim-majority area is akin to having a shop selling beef in a Hindu-majority area. And this what makes the residents in Section 8 to protest against the selling of alcohol at the 7-Eleven outlets there.

I felt that we should have more controls on outlets selling alcohol as being practiced in some states in the
US where minors are not allowed to buy alcohol there. Minors and Muslims should not allowed to buy it.

Some procedure and checking should be implemented and I think the only outlets that can do this are licensed to sell alcohol as they need to maintained their license. Other outlets like what we currently have will not really implement this checking properly as what we can see with the selling of cigarettes to minors.

JKS: Banning alcohol will definitely help a few groups - smugglers, organised gangs, corrupt law enforcers and oppressive governments.

Forcing liquor underground will boost black market profiteers. Underworld gangsters who protect smugglers will then get to diversify business, strengthen their influence, and add income.

Corrupt custom and police officers who protect the gangsters will share in the income. An oppressive government can then protect the corrupt law enforcement officers from prosecution to get their support to stay in power. Simple logic.

Banning also implies a threat of punishment. A threat is not a threat unless you are willing to fulfill it. How far are you willing to go to punish offenders if they continue to drink alcohol? Verbal abuse? Flogging? Maiming? Killing? No matter how conservative and well-intended you are, think of this before you support banning any bad habit.

If you want to stop alcohol-related sins, start with education, for example, and voluntary social conditioning, not legislation.

Jesmine: If we want to be a Bangsa Malaysia, we should be instilling values and religious teachings for our respective races. If this is done appropriately and effectively, the choices one makes would reflect our true religious values even if we are in the midst of bad influences. Calling for alcohol ban is inappropriate for a Bangsa Malaysia!

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It wasn't me!

Posted by Da Maniac On Tuesday, August 04, 2009 6 comments
Well, after what happened during the weekend, the world saw again how heartless our Men in Blue are. To continue on with their arrogant ways, they have came out to say that a recent video clip taken of a person supposedly being beaten up in a room, was not taken in a police station.They say that the people in the uniform in the clip weren't police officers.

I accept that because yeap... one of them jokers in uniform sure does not look like a police officers' uniform. We can clearly see that. But there were one or two jokers in plain clothes there were heard saying "Ini Polis tau!" and continued kicking the poor chap.

Perhaps they were plain clothes policemen kicking the sorry ass of a petty thief in shopping mall office or something like that. Or perhaps they weren't police at all. But to just say that "It wasn't us" and that's it... shows how interested they are to protect the people. The clip obviously showed someone being bashed up to pulp by a group of men (police or not).The police aren't even interested to 'siasat' who these jokers were even though it is as clear as the sunlight that the group of men were obviously assaulting another person. This video is a clear evidence that a crime has been committed but yet all they bothered to do was to say...(ala Shaggy's song)... "It wasn't me!"

People don't feel safe anymore. Heck I don't feel safe anymore. Even if I have clear evidence of a crime taking place, I don't have the assurance that the men in blue are interested to 'siasat' anything. What the frak!
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Permatang Pasir By Election - My Vote

Posted by Neo On Monday, August 03, 2009 0 comments


The reason is simple:-

  1. I oppose UMNO PAS Talk.
  2. Oppose to Kedah's Pas latest unreasonable decisions.
  3. Oppose the handling of liquor sale in Selangor. Last heard, they don't even want muslim employee to touch alcohol!!! like it's some sort of disease, ie. EBOLA, ANTRAX or AIDS. Pariah betul!!!
  4. A stronger Pas has shown it's ugly face on implementing 'islamic state'
  5. Encourage by various reforms measures taken by Najib, though more actions on REFORMS are needed.
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How to Profit from ISA protest

Posted by Neo On Monday, August 03, 2009 0 comments
Every crisis is an opportunity! How to turn a profit from a protest instead of an allege loss:

-Allow a peaceful protest between 12pm - 3pm: Under the hot sun, humans will lose a lot of water due to sweating, this loss needs to be replace. Traders can sell mineral water or 100Plus to quench the thirst of protestor.

-Protesters need to travel to downtown KL, means of transport are the usual train, LRT, car, bus and motorcycle. Increase revenue from parking and toll (it seems that most roads leading to KL are tolled). Increase petrol sales will benefit Petronas. RapidKL buses will be full.

-Sales of T-shirt, headband, scarf, button pins with anti-ISA wordings.
After the protest, everyone will be surely hungry (the walking and shouting will require a lot of energy). This is an opportunity to sell Ramli burger, pisang goreng, jagung bakar, ayam percik and all sort of food. Wah! Like a pasar malam now.

This is how a businessman thinks - positively. In my opinion, let them protest peacefully and get it done as fast as possible. I think that 2-3 hours of protest will satisfy the protestors. A lock down of the whole city for the whole day will definitely cause financial loss to everyone.
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The Idiot Talks Stupid, Again!

Posted by Simon Templar On Sunday, August 02, 2009 5 comments

Malaysia's dumb ass # 1, Nazri 'The Idiot' Aziz, has to open his mouth and anger the rakyat again. Then again, what else do you expect from him? Honestly, I don't really know what his function in the cabinet is. What does he really do?

Extracted from Malaysian Insider:

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said there was no way the government was going to repeal the ISA, declaring that:

"as long as BN rules, the law stays".

Exactly why BN should no longer rule.

Thanks for reminding us, Nazri.
Maklumlah, Malaysia mudah lupa.

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