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Rumour in town is that the next General Elections may be as early as mid next year. I don't know how true that is but that's what I heard. If that is true, then Najib has hit the bulls-eye. PR will not be able to control more than half the parliament. It will also lose back a few states. That's how I see it if the next GE is indeed held in less than a year's time. Let’s explore my predictions a little more.

Penang. Lim Guan Eng is a good man. A down to earth leader who looks out for the interests of the people. But he is not a strong leader. He has not yet woken up to the fact that he is no longer the opposition. Blaming predecessors and the federal government will not solve his problems. He is simply not creative in tackling issues. It will be difficult to see Penang flourish under his leadership. But he is lucky that Penangites' hatred for BN is so strong that he will retain office come the next GE.

As to the Jeff Ooi issue, let’s see how LGE tackles this. JO did a boo boo and should do the necessary - apologise. And be reprimanded so as to set a precedent.

Kelantan. Manek Urai is not a good yard stick. With a small number of voters, UMNO was able to rain cash on the land. At a GE level, no way. But PAS has always has this faction problem. Central PAS is simply unable to control their state level leaders/representatives. And the unity government bullshit. I put that down to weak leadership. And hence the unending headaches for PAS leadership. Crack the whip! PAS is a cowboy party with no discipline.

Even a 5 year old knows that PAS is full of UMNO spies. Why that has never been tackled remains a mystery alongside the UFOs and bigfoot. Are they leaving it to god to resolve their problems? God will only help those who help themselves. Nevertheless, Kelantan will remain with PAS because Kelantan is Kelantan.

Perak. Hopefully the fire within Perakians is still strong. How long will Nizar's popularity last? The learned ones will see him as the one who lost the state for failing to see the coup coming. The other voters will continue to give him sympathy vote but that depends on the mood of the day. If PR Perak plays their cards right, they have a good chance to regain Perak. They are also helped by Zambry doing nothing since taking over. I would also like to think that many Perakians would like to send Sultan Azlan a message on the rakyat's power. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Selangor. This is the ONE that everyone wants. The hub of economic development in Malaysia. But this is also the most challenging state with the highest number of urban crowd with excess to information from all ends. The problem with the Selangor PR is the lack of talent and leadership - this is of course a similar trend in the entire PR. But the 'more advanced' people of Selangor demand much. Much much more than what is on offer now. The free 10 bucks water is a good goodwill exercise but the urban crowd is much too demanding.

The economic and social welfare of the state has to be taken care off. Sadly, both are lacking. The people may be able to close an eye on the economic woes as it is global, but the social welfare? Sigh. The crime rate is sky high but PR blames the police. Brilliant. Pass the buck again. We might as well vote in the janitor if we need someone to simply pass the buck. This is a result of weakness at the leadership level. Khalid Ibrahim is a corporate man; not a politician, and not a people's man. Thaksin did well for Thailand running the country the corporate manner but it is not easy to replicate that success. Honestly, what has Khalid Ibrahim done for the state?

Khalid is another MB who is unable to control his sub-ordinates. The YBs in Selangor are getting more and more daring to step out of the line because the MB is weak. Look at Hassan ‘The Trouble Maker’ Ali, the UMNO spy planted in PAS. If he is not acting in the interest of the people in general, he does not deserve to be serving the people at all. To make it worse, it now looks as though it is all PAS' fault. But no. It is Hassan Ali individually under the directions of UMNO. Action must be taken against trouble makers. UMNO will continue to create more problems. I doubt if Khalid can handle all these politicking. He is after all a novice being gifted an MB position because there is none better.

UMNO is on an all out war to win back Selangor. And PR is ‘helping’ UMNO realise their mission. The people are sick of in-fighting within PR Selangor and a weak MB. How has the state improved under PR? How is PR going to take the state forward? Remember, we are talking about the most advanced state in the country. The likes of Hannah Yeoh and Teresa Kok are doing good jobs but are only fire fighting. Do you see them being able to transform the state into a Tokyo? Hong Kong? Shanghai? No. Where is the mission? Where is the talent to realise the mission? Not with the likes of Loh Gwo Burne. So, I do see the people of Selangor consider returning the state to BN. At least there was clear signs of progress and prosper in the past 2 decades. PR take heed.

Kedah. In-fighting again. And PAS central is unable to control PAS Kedah. No clear leadership in Kedah. No activity in Kedah. No progress in Kedah. No nothing in Kedah except for petty matters. Easy win for BN come the next GE. The people simply do not fill their stomach on religion - and PAS has not realise that yet.

Central PR. Anwar is key and we all know that. But except for Anwar, all other leaders in PR are rubbish. The Lims will never grow out of being an opposition. They will never learn how to govern. It's is their blood to oppose. The ulamas are too contented with life. No real hunger to transform. And too much 'brotherly' love among each other to smack the black sheep on their thick skulls.

I fault Anwar on this. He has created too much respect among the 3 main parties. I don't know how they are at PR level chief meetings but I guess they are very polite with each another. There can only be 1 leader to lead - this is rule #1. Unless Anwar can clearly establish this, he will never get to be an Obama. Obama seems like a nice polite guy but I cannot imagine him not running his office with a strong fist. If Anwar can implement this (if he has not already done so), then the nationwide in-fightings in PR can be tackled. At the very least, you must be seen as acting in cohesion. Perception, people, perception. He must tell off the 3 parties to put their houses in place. No rakyat will want a party to run the country when the party cannot even manage their own house. Rule with a fist Anwar, you know how that is done. Playing Mr. Nice Guy to everyone will get you and PR no where.

UMNO senses that all is not right with PR. Their sniping has gain momentum. They know who the weaklings in PR are and where their manipulation play will work. Najib is a bastard. He is just like his father - the darkest Prime Minister of Malaysia. Bapak borek anak rintik. Abdul Razak forced Tunku out of office. Najib forced Badawi out of office. Abdul Razak started the race game in Malaysia with May 13. Najib is playing the same race cards - unless you truly believe that the likes of Awang Selamat and Noor Azam get to write and publish as they wish. Abdul Razak introduced the NEP. Najib is doing the same thing but giving them a whole new look and names.

Najib will be the dirtiest PM Malaysia have ever seen.

Najib is good at camouflaging his policies. He has a team of image consultants. If you look closely, what he has opened up are those that do not concern the Malays. What he has removed are those the Malays will not benefit. In place are fine tuned policies that will benefit the Malays, or more specifically UMNO cronies, more than ever before and in much more direct manners. The NEP will be a far cry compared to what Najib is implementing.

But when it comes to power, he knows no subtlety. All his actions will be seen smack in your face. Even Mahathir had to give face to the rakyat. Not Najib. He fears not of the rakyat. And he definitely could not give a damn about PR. Perak coup, MACC, PDRM etc. are nothing of what is to come from the Twins Effect of Najib and Rosmah.

Expect N&R to launch all out attacks to re-gain control of Malaysia. You will be angry. You will feel insulted. You will want to leave the country. And it will all be Anwar's fault because he cannot control PKR, DAP and PAS.

15 Response to "PR Will Not Form The Next Government"

  1. Sean Said,

    Malaysians always have to choose lesser of two evils or the least worse of the two. We never ever had any chance to choose the best. We are a nation of underachiever with an ego bigger than superachiever.
    We are now left with
    a) choose BN for the sake of development n progress n cari makan as long as we tolerate racism,no freedom, corruption, cryonism....list is endless.
    b) choose PR for the sake of less racism,more freedom,less corruption,less development,less progress,less cari makan.
    U tell me, how to choose, blardy fucking migrate is da best answer if u ask me.


  2. Lars Said,

    "In place are finely tuned policies that will benefit the Malays more than ever before and in much more direct manners"

    That is clearly wrong.

    Substitute UMNO WARLORDS for Malay and you have it close.

    Malays are part of Malaysia. The policies benefit the few UMNO corrupt honchos but strangle Malaysia. Since Malays are the 60% majority of Malaysia, whenever Malaysia loses, Malays lose as well.


  3. yatikhwan Said,

    poor analysis, dude. all PR leaders are weak? so are the BN leaders that strong? as weak as PR gets, they cannot be any weaker than BN leaders, they are the wimps of the wimps. they don't have any backbone at all. they are all a bunch of racists feeding from people's ignorance.

    LGE didnt do this well LGE didnt do that well, well what would the BN do if they were around? they would say F*** the people, contractors are always right. FRU would have come out in droves to beat the hell out of Kg Buah Pala people.

    In Perak, many things could have happened, Nizar could have done a lot of things differently, made different choices than what he did, at the end of the day, he fought the battle well. he might have lost, the people might have lost, but there are still battles going on. PR is still building momentum. PR Perak did not breakdown when they lost the state, instead they fought on. we still see them fighting on. prepare ourselves for the next battle, and lets tell the people to yell loud and clear to the BN that Perak is the rakyat's, not the UMNOPutra's.

    Anwar has been consolidating the 3 biggest opposition in Malaysia and build the bridge that enables them to work on common things and tolerate their differences. Anwar has successfully wooed Zaid Ibrahim into PR, and he is in the committee which is responsible for orchestrating the systematic cooperation between the PR members and wings. Suddenly, nowadays we see the supporters of all 3 parties sit together in ceramahs. their leaders share the stage. they share similar message. this my friend, is a huge achievement. this is the making of a great movement. this is change in the making.

    My friend you have been reading and watching too much MSM. tell me what has Najib done for the economy? what has he done for race relations? what has he done about ISA? what is this nonsense about, Dr Rosmah PhD+13 language website? what about the judiciary? what about the police? why are they extending Musa's contract? what about Gani patail? what about Linggam? what about Petronas? what about the internet censoring? what about PKFZ? what the hell's that 3rd bridge about? what about Altantuya? what about MACC, TBH?

    even when PR leaders do a lot of squabbling, at least they are a lot more sincere and honest than BN. BN are full of #### don't let me start.

    give your support to PR. this is for change. we are not putting these PR blockheads on the helm forever, just enough time so that they can implement real change for once. after that we'll look for someone better.


  4. PM Said,

    You got a fuck up analysis. Try harder and see the real happening on the ground.

    Will MCA, Gerakan and MIC come out to condemn the wrongs of umno..NO they are dogs and not as equal partners.


  5. yatikhwan Said,

    bros who want to migrate,

    don't migrate, instead take action and kick those god forsaken BN out of office. let us build this land for you and me, for everyone.

    if you run away you are a nobody. nobody here(msia), and nobody there(overseas). if you stay and fight for change, at least vote, if you are scared of going down to streets or no effort to campaign. vote for change. vote for PR. then the future will remember, that we brought change for them and showed them that we gave them their future.

    remember fellas, that we looked back, and there was a speck of thought that says, " WTH did the people back then were thinking voting these people into power." they lost to racism. dont you lose too.

    i remind you that the greener pastures that you see out there were once bare land, empty, dry. those lands once bore racism out of their guts. but they fought it. they gave the land freedom and properity. they made it possible for you to share the land of freedom and prosperity. they built their future, you went and look and share.

    this is one in century opportunity to build our own future. the light has been sparked. lets build this fire of change so that it will burn the tyranny and protect the weak.



  6. Nazri Said,

    This blogger is a dictator. He doesn't understand democracy. He should go to US and see how noisy is the congress. ANd in USA, late night shows are making fun of presidents. We don't see it here in Malaysia.

    this blogger's mentality is still in the 3rd world


  7. Yew Joon Said,

    I will only vote for non-corrupted gomen ..

    Everyone tired of UMNO already .. i hope the election is next year .. change the gomen early to save malaysia ..

    N9 and Melaka will fall to PR .. dont believe just go and ask majority people there ..

    It will be childish for someone to think that PR can clean all the shit leave by BN previously within 2 years .. this is a state admin not a company administration ..


  8. Daniel How Said,

    PR is still way better than BN. Kick out BN for a better life in Malaysia.


  9. GreenBug Said,

    This analysis is weak, based mostly on snippets from mainstream media. I disagree with your analysis. You mentioned perceptions, hey its the deep-rooted hatred for UMNO and its bullying ways. And together with UMNO, the people will banish MIC, MCA and Gerakan into oblivion as well. Yes, call the elections nearly, we people cannot wait...


  10. Jack Said,

    I am sorry to say but i think your analysis do not truly reflect sentiments on the ground. Just move around the coffee shops and pasar malam for once


  11. ANITA Said,

    If what you say about the next GE being imminet and that the chances that PR would not be able to command the no. of seats - well just take a look at what the Amenos are doing - CRACKDOWN ON THE OPPOSITION PARTIES esp. PR - whatever issues they can lay their hands on they will condemn and prosecute. Therefore PR leaders and party members have to be squeaky clean - don't give the Amenos a bloody chance to put the PR down. Right the wrongs quickly. This is especially so for Selangor - they have been left with shit from the previous "people". BUCK UP PR SHOW THEM THE STUFF THAT YOU ARE MADE OF - INTEGRITY, JUSTICE FOR ALL !!!!


  12. Antares Said,

    Not impressed at all by your armchair pundit arguments, Simon Templar. Your contribution to Malaysia remains zilch while people like Anwar, LKS, LGE, Karpal, Nik Aziz, et alia have dedicated years of their lives to creating an alternative political reality - and have paid a heavy price for their efforts, being harassed, falsely accused and imprisoned. Therefore I shall steadfastly stand behind them instead of carping on their weaknesses from the sidewings as you seem so fond of doing. Indeed, you remind me of another blogger named KTemoc - pretty smart chap but so negatively charged and he simply hates Anwar and doesn't really wish to see Anwar ever become PM.

    You wrote: The likes of Hannah Yeoh and Teresa Kok are doing good jobs but are only fire fighting. Do you see them being able to transform the state into a Tokyo? Hong Kong? Shanghai?

    Now why in hell would ANYONE wish to see Selangor transformed into hellholes like Tokyo, Hong Kong or Shanghai? You are obviously a totally money-minded Chinaman and all you understand is MONEY MONEY MONEY!


  13. Ahmad Syafiq Said,

    You know what? If there is a snap election next year, the new 500,000 voters won't be able to vote, including me. :( So... I'm not relishing a snap election at the wrong time. I rather wait until GE 2013 rather than snap elections 2010.


  14. FY Said,

    Just another spinmaster in the making.

    What ! Lim Guan Eng is a good man but weak in managing issues ? You must be kidding.
    Is Koh Tsu Koon strong ? Why did the people of Penang called him auntie ? He was under the thumb of UMNO and just sign as what the big brother tells him as what happens to the Kg Buah Pala land issue. You cannot blame LGE for this.

    Another spin another state. Now Selangor. Are the PR members weak in their adminstration ? Just bull around. Anyway Khir Toyol is strong in massaging Selangor's finances to fit his pocket.

    How do you expect Khalid to manage the state effectively when every now and then the BN gets the PDRM, MACC , Judiciary and EC to " kacau " them ? Was the gatekeeper Zakaria strong in managing the state ? You tell me.

    Why are you harping on the PR weaknesses ?
    The BN had more scandals and abuse of power over the past 50 years. At least PR is more transparent and accountable. Look at PKFZ,submarine purchase, etc with excesses and losses running into billions.

    Final analysis, PR is much much better than BN for sure.


  15. shan Said,

    I agree with above commentators.
    I still have faith for Msia, just that it might take at least 1 more generation to get it done.

    No need to be so pessimistic la brother..


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