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Permatang Pasir was a good victory for PR. Sweeeeet...

Many are surprised that PAS was able to win with a huge majority. Is it really that surprising? UMNO is still on their same old racial tactics - one of which the people are so fed up with. UMNO just cannot change - regardless of whatever UMNO claim about UMNO reforming. They are plain old school. Mind you Mr. UMNO Dark Lords, the Permatang Pasir (and the previous other by-elections) voters are largely the older generation. And you can't even convince them to sway back to you. What chance are you going to have with the Generation X when GE 13 comes? And a little down the road, the incomprehensible Gen Y?! UMNO, you guys are idiots! A bunch of kampung thugs who cannot see out of their coconut shells. Bertaubatlah...

And if you really are pulling your hair out trying to answer why your strategies at PP did not work, allow me to save you a few strands. It's simple. The people simply do not trust anything you say. I am not kidding la. Most Malaysians are like that nowadays. Whatever the BN government say are bullshit. Whatever the BN government promise will not materialise. Whatever the BN government try to explain is in fact a cover up. You get the drift? No need to scratch your head spinning and spinning anymore, the rakyat just don't trust you. You are better off spending quality time bluffing your own supporters and making sure they don't 'frog' to PR. Just leave the non-BN supporters alone. The sight of your leaders are quite sickening.

Having said that, I will again reiterate that PR is no where near victory for GE 13. In fact far from it. I still see UMNO forming the next federal government. The system and the tools are on their side. There are much that PR has to start doing; let's not go there today.

Back to the Permatang Pasir by-election. What I really dislike about this by-election is the narrowed-mindedness of the UMNO supporters. How they are able to place a cross next to the tainted UMNO candidate name is beyond me. This goes on to show that our country is still immature when it comes to politics. Nobody is bothered who the candidate is. You vote for the logo, not the candidate. UMNO supporters will vote the UMNO candidate even if the candidate is a cow. Similarly, a PR supporter will vote PR even if the candidate is a cat. That's Malaysia. Should the issue be about the cows or cats? No, the real issue is Malaysia is so short of talent that someone with so much shit up his ass like this Rohaizat Othman is able to run for politics. And garner some votes on top of it. The country is in such sad state. There really isn't much to cheer come this 31 August.

(Side note: Let this Rohaizat be an example to PR not to field candidates like the Perak frogs, the Kedah scumbag and 'Yang Berhormats' like Loh Gwo Burne. Sometimes it quite difficult to defend PR when people mention the 'capabilities' of the 'people's representative' such as Loh Gwo Burne. Its difficult enough trying to sell PR, you know.)

Enough with Permatang Pasir. Let's go back to PR. UMNO is going back to whack PR also; so we are all along the same route. Time to act on the weeds now PR. What are we going to do with Hassan Ali? What are we going to do with Zulkifli Nordin? What are we going to do with the 3-2-3 in Selangor? You've got to be seen doing things la. Jackasses like Hassan Ali is getting out of hand. Does PR intend to make Hassan Ali MB of Selangor? If you do, tell us rakyat. We'll know what to do. If you don't, tell him. He can then vacate his seat and frog to BN. Aiyoh... so much issue la PR. House cleaning please. I find it suffocating living with this mess.

You know what I really want now? A by-election in the Klang Valley; on the Selangor side of course. It will be good to gauge how the people of Selangor is responding to Najib's wayang kulit and PR's inability to run the state. That will be reallllly interesting particularly if the by-election is held in say Petaling Jaya, Klang or Kapar. Actually I am just being selfish having been unable to participate in the other by-elections we had earlier. Petaling Jaya, Klang, Kapar, Subang etc. will be fun for many of us. The itch to get directly involved in unbearable. Hahaha...

Now that we mention Klang, I can't help but wonder if Manoharan of Kota Alam Shah is one of the 3-2-3? You know, after all he got released from his detention ahead of time. Maybe there was an agreement. I don't know. I am only guessing. But isn't it funny that if all is really well in Selangor as the PR government claims, then why don't the YBs come out in full force to pledge their allegiance. So, it is not too far fetch to say that BN's have indeed secured a few frogs. Damn you frog masters and frogs.

But hey, on the other hand, maybe we do have by-elections coming to the Klang Valley pretty soon after all! It sure is starting to feel like Christmas.

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