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Posted by Da Maniac On Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Well, after what happened during the weekend, the world saw again how heartless our Men in Blue are. To continue on with their arrogant ways, they have came out to say that a recent video clip taken of a person supposedly being beaten up in a room, was not taken in a police station.They say that the people in the uniform in the clip weren't police officers.

I accept that because yeap... one of them jokers in uniform sure does not look like a police officers' uniform. We can clearly see that. But there were one or two jokers in plain clothes there were heard saying "Ini Polis tau!" and continued kicking the poor chap.

Perhaps they were plain clothes policemen kicking the sorry ass of a petty thief in shopping mall office or something like that. Or perhaps they weren't police at all. But to just say that "It wasn't us" and that's it... shows how interested they are to protect the people. The clip obviously showed someone being bashed up to pulp by a group of men (police or not).The police aren't even interested to 'siasat' who these jokers were even though it is as clear as the sunlight that the group of men were obviously assaulting another person. This video is a clear evidence that a crime has been committed but yet all they bothered to do was to say...(ala Shaggy's song)... "It wasn't me!"

People don't feel safe anymore. Heck I don't feel safe anymore. Even if I have clear evidence of a crime taking place, I don't have the assurance that the men in blue are interested to 'siasat' anything. What the frak!

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  1. t3comd Said,

    Korek! Korek! Korek! Looks like us, sounds like us but its not us.


  2. The Police would have investigated if the victim had been the son of a VVIP in UMNO.


  3. amoker Said,

    Rakyat is not the concern. If UMNO speaks out, their tail would go wagging. That is the sorry state of our police


  4. Maniac,

    Have you seen the video prior to throwing your accusations at PDRM? I've seen the video and I agree that those are not Malaysian police.

    It is so obvious that those in the video were dogs! The 'kurap' type.

    I hope that you verify your claims prior to making them public in the future.


  5. Da Maniac Said,


    Yeap.. I have seen the video. I didn't say in my post that they were the police. My post was pointing to the fact that the police is not even interested to investigate a crime that actually happened, in this case, a man being assaulted by multiple individuals. All they were inetrested is to say it wasn't them.

    I'm not ruling out tho that there MAY be police in plainclothes? Perhaps? Yea... but that wasn't my point in posting this. :)


  6. Maniac Dude,

    I was being sarcastic la... Me supporting PDRM? Kenot dei...

    By the way, I am inclined to believe that those are police la. Claim they are Malaysian police, act like Malaysian police, barks just like a typical Malaysian anjing kurap police.


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