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How to Profit from ISA protest

Posted by Neo On Monday, August 03, 2009
Every crisis is an opportunity! How to turn a profit from a protest instead of an allege loss:

-Allow a peaceful protest between 12pm - 3pm: Under the hot sun, humans will lose a lot of water due to sweating, this loss needs to be replace. Traders can sell mineral water or 100Plus to quench the thirst of protestor.

-Protesters need to travel to downtown KL, means of transport are the usual train, LRT, car, bus and motorcycle. Increase revenue from parking and toll (it seems that most roads leading to KL are tolled). Increase petrol sales will benefit Petronas. RapidKL buses will be full.

-Sales of T-shirt, headband, scarf, button pins with anti-ISA wordings.
After the protest, everyone will be surely hungry (the walking and shouting will require a lot of energy). This is an opportunity to sell Ramli burger, pisang goreng, jagung bakar, ayam percik and all sort of food. Wah! Like a pasar malam now.

This is how a businessman thinks - positively. In my opinion, let them protest peacefully and get it done as fast as possible. I think that 2-3 hours of protest will satisfy the protestors. A lock down of the whole city for the whole day will definitely cause financial loss to everyone.

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