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Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodie! MCA is facing warfare from inside and outside. Seize the opportunity and this could spell TUTUP KEDAI for MCA.

All is not well within MCA. Or else they won't need to put on the 'unity' shows, innit?

I am not sure what sandiwara Ong Tee Keat is up to with the PKFZ scandal. From the surface, it does seem like he is trying to clean up the mess and unearth the culprits. But because I don't see any of these BN leaders as honest, I think there is an ulterior motive in OTK's action. Maybe he is trying to strengthen MCA's position in BN by sending UMNO a message, I don't know. Maybe he is doing all this to protect his presidential seat, I don't know. But MCA is too smart to not know of the backlash of their action.

Tiong King Sing is a strong SPDP (Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party) figure. SPDP is also a strong ally of BN. It has 7 state assemblymen and 4 MPs (Tiong KS being one of the 4). He is also a blardie rich men. A rich man with power - that makes him an important man for UMNO. OTK has stepped on all 10 of his toes. Naturally TKS retaliates. The chartered flights may be peanuts. But RM10 million 'donation' is not. This is a big hit on OTK's reputation - like he said, smear tactic. But on the larger picture, this 'smear tactic' must have been approved and endorsed by UMNO. Without UMNO's green light TKS with all the money won't have the balls to do it. So, I think it is safe to say that UMNO is trying to get rid of OTK and that UMNO is not pleased with the PKFZ scandal seeing the light of day.

Besides, Chua Soi Lek has been sniping at OTK in the past few months especially after his recognition by UMNO. I think it is quite obvious that UMNO has thrown their support for the charming porn star. Which comes first? OTK trying to get rid of CSL because of the imminent power grab by CSL or UMNO supporting CSL as retaliation against OTK for the PKFZ scandal? I don't know but it is all a mess in MCA now. Can OTK survive this onslaught? Nobody knows. But this is not a war between Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek, or Ong Tee Keat and Tiong King Sing, this is a big war between UMNO and MCA. If UMNO wins, MCA's power within BN will be reduced with toy boy CSL playing the puppet role. If MCA wins, then BN may be in for some trouble with a massive shift in power hold. And more internal bickerings involving BN allies from the East Malaysia.

But who really cares about their problems. What is important now is that PR must seize this opportunity. The UMNO-MCA war is much larger than whatever posed by PKR-DAP-PAS. Of course the mainstream medias do not go to town with the UMNO-MCA war.

Lim Kit Siang alone cannot do the job. He is only sniping. He may bark and bite but has Kit got it within him to bring down MCA. MCA can be broken now. Broken - not party split broken - but broken habis. Chup lup! Play the cards right and MCA may have to call it a day. MCA has too many factions within them now. There is no longer mere As and Bs. There are more alphabets today. There is no longer any clear leadership as in the past. Neither are there any outstanding candidates available within the ranks of MCA. What is the Black Pearl without Captain Jack Sparrow? Savvy? Boleh kasi bungkus saja lah.

And if MCA closes shop, then lo and behold, that's the end of Barisan Nasional. Without MCA, BN as a coalition can kiss the GE13 goodbye without even trying.

I hope Anwar is doing something now. He is the leader of PR for a reason. Or maybe Chua Jui Meng is up to something. He has been pretty quiet since he crossed border. Can Anwar and CJM bring MCA down and ultimately kill off BN? We all hope so. Because we know the rakyat can't win GE13 via 'normal' polls.

(By the way, has PR got a strategy development team? Can someone enlighten me on this because it does seem unlikely that they have one. Everything in PR is so haywire. So not organised. So pasar like.)

And why am I so much into hoping for the fall of MCA? Because I believe that to change this country, that to take this country forward, we have to end all racial politics. It is when politics are no longer racial or religious based that a new platform for policies can be set and with it comes a new Malaysia.

Side note:

I suspect that DAP will not want to see the end of MCA. There is always this Chinese thingy about DAP, if you asked me. And neither does MCA want to see the end of DAP. You know, always make sure that there is always a representative on either side so whoever comes into power, the Chinese interest is still protected. I could be wrong.


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