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Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UMNO is going to town with bold claims that they will recapture Selangor.

So bold. So arrogant.

I've been thinking - what are they up to? What are they capable of doing?

I honestly doubt if Najib is so dumb so as to repeat a Perak. He had landed himself in such a large bowl of hot soup with Perak that his ass is quite likely to be still red. And in Selangor? Tak mungkin kot.

Or could it all be a smoke screen to get everyone focused on Selangor while UMNO does their black magic in Kedah? Kedah, after all, seems a much easier target. Although not that huge a piece of beef as Selangor is (no offense Kedahans). But that may get the ball rolling for a recapture of all states while they continue to toy with Anwar's ass (hehe)...

Let's brainstorm a little. You never know. We may just hit jackpot and foil UMNO's attempt. And please, this is not about whether BN or PR is better. The topic is on how BN can potentially steal Selangor back from rakyat Selangor. Legally, how? Illegally, how? Where is the loophole? Who are the weaklings? Which of the Selangor YBs have skeleton in their closets? You get the idea.

Let's hear from you. Leave your thoughts at the commentary section below.

7 Response to "UMNO vs Selangor; Let's Brainstorm"

  1. Da Maniac Said,

    Agreed... Najib would not dare do a Perak on Selangor. I think their current plan is to draw a wedge between the Pakatan coalition in Selangor. If UMNO/BN suceeds in getting PAS out of the Pakatan coalition in Selangor, then that would leave PKR and DAP with 28 Aduns vs 20 of BN. The current onslaught of 'corruption' investigations on DAP and PKR points to the plan to discredit and forcing enough Pakatan Aduns to resign or relinquish their post, causing chaos on the Pakatan camp. BN will go to Sultan and say... "We have 20 and we are the majority!" PAS with the 8 seats is out. PKR with 15 and DAP with 13 but are mired in curruption charges, hence might not enjoy the confidence of the people. Sultan will conceed that BN has the majority and gives back Selangor to BN.


  2. But if the PR YBs resign, by-elections will have to be held. It is unlikely that BN is that confident of grapping those available seats. Selangorians are kinda more well 'informed' especially if BN pushes for scandals as issues.

    That will still be status quo in terms of PKR and DAP seats.

    Unless PAS jumps ship to BN. That will be a different story altogether.


  3. UMNO will use their usual mode of operation in Perak where they use the carrot (lots of money) and stick (corruption charges) to entice Pakatan ADUN to cross over.

    But to make it remotely legitimate, UMNO will need a BIG and BOLD smokescreen and they will go for the big kahuna himself - Khalid. My conjecture is that UMNO will dig out some controversial scandal (real or manufactured) from Khalid past when he was part of the UMNO cronies group. Then PKR ADUNs will desert their parties in drove, under the pretext of disgust with Khalid "betrayal". PKR is the weakest link, as demonstrated by the 2 frogs in Perak, and they will be the weakest link in Selangor. With 15 PKR ADUNs, it will be easy picking for UMNO. Throw in a couple of 8 figures paycheck, the deed will be done.

    One might argue why PKR ADUNs would do it since PKR technically run Selangor. Well, it is because their ADUNs are under such scrutiny that they are unable to "cari makan", especially now with the additional threat of turning up dead on MACC doorstep.


  4. Gooster Said,

    I suspect the beer issue will rumble on and on and ultimately bring down the Selangor government. Permit me to explain...

    1) All beer will be banned in Selangor. This will be due to the behind the scenes manoeuvres by BN forcing their PAS puppets to push this agenda forward.

    2) Beer, wine and alcoholic beverages will be forcibly seized from all 7-11's, Chinese medicine shops, kopitiams, and all the rubber tapping/kelapa sawit koperasi. All the shopowners and kaki-mabuk’s will stage a protest in Dataran Merdeka. RELA+FRU will be called in to quell the riots.

    3) In nightclubs and karaoke joints, punters will be viewing the GRO's and ladies for who they really are, and not with beer goggles. Ladies will not get drinks bought for them, GRO's make less "tips" etc and these girls will join (1) above to protest. This time the RELA+FRU will not be called, but all the ham-sap politicians and policemen who still have access to alcohol will be loitering around these girls, in the hope of picking one, two or more up.

    3) The breweries along Federal Highway will be closed down due to decreased demand and consumption. Workers from the breweries will be laid off and they will go to Dataran Merdeka in protest. Again RELA+FRU called in.

    4) Tax revenues fall for the Selangor Government and there will be less "coffee money" from the breweries, nightclubs, and from people caught drink driving.

    5) Due to (4) above, schools and other "projeks" will not be completed and Police & Gomen officials cannot afford to pay for their 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives, plus their Tiong Kok girlfriends. Contractors lose out and head to Dataran Merdeka, and the Civil Servants stage a protest outside Parlimen and Istana Negara. FRU+UTK called in and instructed to “shoot-on-sight-and-ask-questions-later”.

    6) Total pandemonium erupts in Selangor and Federal Gomen declares a State of Emergency & invokes ISA. All Selangor Government officials arrested and sent to Kamunting.

    7) BN seizes Selangor and pats itself on the back.


  5. I kinda think that Khalid will be an easy target too. This guy is literally a walking rubbish bin. How he had been in office so long without being 'disturbed' big time is beyond me. Or maybe they have and got negotiated.

    Guthrie, Bank Islam, his private investments etc. Am sure UMNO has a whole load of them like what LtD said.

    I tot of this point too. But how are they going to pin the others? Most are 1st time politicians with no glaring past. Hannah Yeoh for example. What can they dig? They tried the land office on the 7 chinese YBs and nothing came out.

    I am really sceptical if they will do the paycheck thingy. Frogging is now a bigger sin then adultery hahaha...! The frog drgas the family in as well - like Frogger Hee. And in urban Selangor?


  6. Wow Gooster... That's some vivid imagination you have hahaha...

    My message to PR and BN - don't mess with me Guinness!!!


  7. Da Maniac Said,

    Gooster: Man... such wild imagination! BUt it is logical but don't think that would happen.

    Interestingly LtD and Simon thought of Khalid as the weak link. I never thought of it that way. Well.. by taking down the MB would put the whole Selangor Pakatan on their back foot. Chaos would reign as the various power-hungry Aduns would jostle to fill the void leading to more drama. The MSM would have a field day then, and Pakatan's image would be severely dented.


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