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Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, August 28, 2009

Fuck you, Najib. Fuck you!

It is just in your blood isn't it putting people's lives in danger?

Your father did it. And now you are repeating it all for your political gains. How can you Razaks call yourselves Muslims when Islam means peace. You Razaks shame Islam. You Razaks shame all Muslims.

I hope that you are happy now that your wishes have come true. You have not stopped with raising the racial temperature in Malaysia from day 1 of you being Prime Minister. You have not stopped using all government channels to fan religious extremism in Malaysia. Why must it all be Malays vs the non-Malays and Muslims vs non-Muslims?

Most of us Malaysians are happy living together as we are but you and your gang of mother fuckers have to raise the demons inside for nothing but your political survivals. Your father led the racial divide in this country. You must really worship him as an idol and hero.

Fuck up leaders have been using race and religion to wage wars for thousands of years and yet there has never been a winner. But the losers are aplenty in the lives of innocents lost. It is the people who has to suffer. And here you are using the age old fuck up ways and you think that you Najib Razak is so capable so as to control the rage of the human heart? You think you can control 'amok'?

The nation is bound for another round of ethnic fighting. I don't know how many people are going to die this time around but be assured that fights have already begun. For once I will not blame the medias to be silent. It is best to limit the coverage so as to control the tensions. But news spread quicker than fire in this age. And I fear this. And to make things worse, our police are at their worst they have ever been. We also know of how racially bias they are. I suspect that police involvement will only make matters even worse. Besides, we all know how the people in general hate our lowly viewed Malaysian police.

There Najib. You just enjoy playing with fire. How can someone as educated as you think that you will be able to control the raging fire in the eyes of the people. You think way too highly of yourself. You are nothing but a spoilt brat who was born with silver spoon and had it easy all your life. You are the worst Prime Minister that this nation has ever seen. I would like to think that you have usurp your father in that ranking.

What has been done since the afternoon event? Nothing but talking cock. Why are the 50 odd extremists still out on the roads? Why is there still no action taken upon this extremist Ibrahim Sabri who is calling for bloodshed. Challenging the Hindus with their sacred cow. You low life unicell ameobas.

Shouldn't these disciples of satan be taken in by ISA to 'protect them from harm'? Is this not what you claim the ISA is all about? Malaysians demand to see that such extremism be taken cared of. Nabbed them now. And shut Utusan's printing machine for the next 1 week lest Awang and his fellow bodohs make matters worse.

And Anwar and PAS, sack Hassan Ali today. Enough is enough from him. We all know that he is involved in this some way or another.

I am wearing black this 31 August. Are you?


13 Response to "Stop Playing With Fire Najib!"

  1. I think if commentators in the Internet is to go by, there is a lot more restraint from the public now.

    So far from across the blog spectrum, all postsings have urged restraint.

    Malaysia of today is different than the Malaysia of 1969.

    But u r right, this wont stop Najis Razak and his UMNO goon squad from trying.

    And yeah, FRU and PDRM standing by, I think the PDRM was ordered there to protect the 50 marchers to the state secretariat than anything else.


  2. ANITA Said,

    I am very sure majority of the protestors are Government employees - Police - you have their photos - identify them and bring them to book. Just imagine after praying they are calling for bloodshed - this is just hypocrisy of the highest order. I am totally disgusted by their actions.


  3. yatikhwan Said,

    dear simon,

    you still think that PR are not ready to rule? BN is ready to step down, or shall we say shoved out of office?

    it doesnt matter for me if PR is not ready to rule. BN must be kicked out ASAP. they are trying to burn this country.


  4. Ahjamal Said,

    12 noon now . Najis is the greatest pretender and liar when he said he is asking the IGP to take action it is all bluff . HE IS THE MAN BEHIND ALL THIS . HE IS THE GREATEST LIAR AMONG ALL THE PREVIOUS PM


  5. Amara Said,

    Rais Yatim should answer how much in Royalties will the govt pay:


    “Copying the song is a violation of intellectual property rights according to the law. We demand that the government take strong action, not just send a note of protest.

    “We have to unite against Malaysia, as they keep on stealing Indonesia’s assets,” Ruktiningsih said.

    Lokananta lawyer Jaka Irwanta said “Terang Bulan” and “Negaraku” were 80 percent the same. “We will take the case to the International Court [of Justice] if the Indonesian government is incapable of taking no stronger action than a protest note,” Jaka said.


  6. Daniel Said,

    till now no news of police action taken on the 50 so called muslim(?).clear cut PR was not involved, kalau PR terlibat, may be a dozen would have been under isa.The 24 million axe mb,hello toyo,this must be your another mission again.


  7. Kalambong Said,


    You have no idea

    Bijan is not educated !!

    We took the Rakyat's money and went to England and became a playboy

    He fucked around and fuck some more until his dad conked

    Then he came back, without a degree

    Calling Bijan "an educated man" is a disgrace to all educated people on planet Earth !


  8. clangan Said,

    Maybe it is time we all stop buying anything "Buatan Malaysia"?


  9. lezz Said,

    I wouldn't believe a single word Najib says. Because every word he utters runs contrary to UMNO's inclinations. It is amazing that only in malaysia the ruling party and the PM's speeches can go in totally different directions without anyone demanding for an explaination. Since UMNO obviously takes him for a legitimised liar, I don't see why we should do any different either.


  10. Goostee Said,


    You raised a very valid point. He was simply put on attachment with BNM when he came back in 1978/79. If he had a degree, as would be expected of a worthy son, surely his appointment there would have been announced with a big fanfare. More so, because it had direct connection with a majestic institution run by the then Tun Ismail Ali. The lack of fanfare reconciles flagrantly with what we have been made to believe all these years that Najib is the noble son of an elite. GOOSTEE


  11. susu Said,

    Malaysia under the current situation has already lit the fuse of the time bomb. The fuse may not be very long. It is anytime now. Once it explodes, it will make atomic bomb a child play. I am very disgusted with all the pretentious talks of 1Malaysia camouflaged in velvet glove.


  12. CHELLIAH Said,

    What Najib of your 1Malaysia concept? One day you made grand statements at a Hindu funtion (at Batu Caves) ans within days your party men insult the Hindus by carrying a head of a cow. (By the way the 50-odd Melayus do not know the difference between Indians and Hindus), what a shame!
    Najib and IGP, what police report do you need before you take action againt the 50, especially the leaders. The culprits were in full view (of the camera) for you to identify them. Please don't let these 50 idiots to be the fuse that lit the bonfire!


  13. Kevin Said,

    I wonder why Najib is still alive.


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