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Posted by Living the Dream On Monday, August 24, 2009
I salute Ong Tee Keat because he has called the proverbial "ALL IN" in this real life poker game. He has put his presidency and even his life at stake, while there is really no real monetary upside for him to continue to expose PKFZ. He could easily become insanely rich by milking his MCA presidency (as an aside, isn't it a tad shocking that it was reported in a major newspaper that a Johor UMNO division chief wife is getting RM5 mil, 2 overseas apartment and a few luxury cars for her divorce settlement... if a small time politician has the capacity to pay this, the big dogs must be raking it in.. screwing all the poor Malays of course).

I salute Ong Tee Keat for his morals and values. I personally think Ong Tee Keat is truly doing this for the right reason - He wants to reform MCA and reduce corruptions. He is standing firm despite the incessant attacks from very powerful forces.

I salute Ong Tee Keat because he has balls of steel. He has put himself on a collision course with the all mighty UMNO and the old MCA (aka porn star CSL). Unfortunately for Ong Tee Keat, I believe he is fighting an impossible battle and he will be sacrificed and thrown out of MCA.

Finally, I will TRULY salute Ong Tee Keat if he joins PKR... send a message to those greedy UMNO and MCA b****rd that enough is enough!

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  1. it's rather intriguing isn't it that a malaysian politician is willing to go 'all in'... to me, he is just trying to save his own ass.

    my guess is this:

    otk no longer has anything to lose. umno has already stated their intent with siding csl in mca. knowing his days are numbered, otk might as well just just push forward with pkfz revelation and if he succeeds, gives umno no reason to remove him as the president of mca.

    better my well being taken care of than that of some others (say, tks...)

    so, i won't really give otk that much credit. i dun see him as the righteous one; more like self preservation. he is after all pushed to a do or die corner


  2. Da Maniac Said,

    I have to admit that yes... OTK has the balls to reveal all... what more going against big brother UMNO. Well... someone has to spill teh beans... and next thing you know it would take a life of its own. Just that most Malaysians are not that smart in asking questions such as:

    1. Who were the ministers that Tiong alledgedly mentioned have used its aviation services?

    2. Who were the "few MCA politicians" that Tiong alledgedly mentioned have used its aviation services?

    3. Were they for official duties or personal?

    4.If official duties, isn't it against the General Order? (this has been highlighted though)

    5. If unofficial, where on earth did they get the moneay to pay? It's not cheap yo!

    6. If Wijaya Baru Aviation is not a charter aviation company what on earth do they have that aviation company for?

    7. And by saying that others have used their aircraft and supposedly 'paid' for the cost, wouldn't that be that Wijaya Baru is operating commercial services? But they don't have a license to operate commercially? So did they pay or did they not?

    Stinks right? Well... sad that not many are asking these questions. And of course...MACC is being professionally silent on this. Bah!


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