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Bankrupt, bankrupt la...

Posted by Simon Templar On Saturday, May 29, 2010 35 comments

BN is on a mission to spread a certain propaganda on bankruptcy. Ummm... actually it's UMNO - MCA and MIC are powerless as they themselves claim. So, I correct myself. UMNO is on a mission to spread a certain propaganda on bankruptcy. And they are as always, on another mission to scare the shit out of us.

I say "kasi bankrap sajalah".

We all pay taxes; rich or poor. Most people have a simplified mindset that tax means the payment you made out of your monthly gaji and post submission of Borang B/BE. And most also know that corporates pay tax. But what about the 5% government tax you pay at McDonald's and Pizza Hut. What about the duties you paid for your Perodua Viva and Proton Persona? Or what about the hidden taxes paid by the manufacturers who passed the costs onwards to you thus causing you to be paying a higher amount for your goods and services - these are indirect and unseen by you. But you still pay the taxes. So everyone pays taxes. Yes, even you who earn below RM2,500 and do not qualify for the IRB's PCB. Even you who sell karipap at the roadside.

Now these taxes that WE ALL PAID, is meant to improve our lives as citizens of this country. Call it subsidy or call it whatever you want. As long as the money is spent to enhance the livelihood of the citizens of Malaysia, then it is money well spent. If our money is used to reduce the prices we pay for petrol then so be it.

I am not a believer that the rich must be made to pay for everything is the country. It is true that there must be a balance on the elementary notion that the rich must help out the less fortunate. No arguments about that. But to pass on everything to the wealthier ones is also not right. They are citizens too. Anyway, this is way too complicated for many of you (as I have already learnt from experience).

The bottom line is as long as our tax money is wisely spent on the people than it is well spent.

But if our money is used to enhance the wealth of those who are supposed to be guardians of our money, then fuck already la. This country is corrupted to the core. And because the fucking government is corrupted and cheat and steal our hard earn money, they are now trying to scare us into believing that "giving back to us" will cause the country to go bankrupt. Duh? So, we continue to pay you taxes to keep your personal bank accounts getting fatter is it? Soh hai government!

I would rather see this country going bankrupt than to fall for your propaganda to let you keep "your share of the pie" at the expense of cheaper products for us. Hello, you ministers are already on a fixed salary and various allowances. Taking our money is not a given perk or benefit!

We've made the biggest mistake of the nation's history when Tun M propagated the intended intervention of IMF as "going back to being colonialised". That's bullshit la. South Korea today has never been better. Indonesia is way more democratic than we are and they managed to get Suharto and goons out.

Malaysia on the other hand has been climbing the rankings of the world's most corrupted nation. Our economy is failing. Foreign investors are running away to the likes of Indonesia and Vietnam. Elections continue to be rigged. UMNO gets stronger and richer.

Sometimes, to salvage a country, you have to really go all the way down. Down so bad that a forced reform is the only way out. We are at the end of our wits to get UMNO out of office. And it is getting more difficult by the looks of things. We need to fuck the economy up so badly that UMNO no longer wants it.

So bankrupt the country la. As long as UMNO is in power, they will never stop taking our money. The more taxes we give them, the more money they take. They are not interested in our welfare. These wankers don't live the kind of life we live. They have no idea how difficult things are for us trying to put rice and bread on the table. Rosmah will not even look at roti kaya from the coffee shop. I suspect she lives on half a cow every morning. (Scientifically, that is the only explanation on how she maintains her size).

Yes, kasi bankrupt ini negara. Personally, I can live with that. When there is nothing left, UMNO will wash their hands of her. IMF or Anwar or not, without UMNO reforms will take place. We RAKYAT MALAYSIA still have our hands and legs. And with some brains and plenty of hardwork we can rebuild this nation. We are close to the equator; the weather will always allow us the opportunity to tap on the flora and fauna. We are surrounded by water. The maritime industry will always be there for us. And we have oil. Believe you me, we still have much out there. Just hope that UMNO never finds them.

If we need to rebuild the country, then so be it. Singapore was an island of nothing when they were kicked out of Malaysia. Look at them today. If that little island can do it with sheer hardwork, brains and dedication, so can we. As long as we can find a way to end big time corruption in this country, we can move forward.

So, say TAK NAK to ending subsidies. It came from our money and there is nothing wrong on spending our money on ourselves.

Meanwhile you UMNO wankers, go sweat and shed some blood to earn your own money.

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We Are Dead!

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, May 05, 2010 45 comments

Wow! We are going to have a nuclear plant.

If we were still in school, this will be 'like super cool, man!'. It's 'like so futuristic'. And so advance.

But we are no longer in school. And we know the ugly truth about Malaysia. Verdict: We Are Dead!

We are talking about the very realistic Malaysia that you and me know. The Malaysia that cannot even efficiently maintain the mini Tenaga sub-stations at our housing areas. We are talking about the Malaysia who cannot provide clean water to the people even when easy and efficient technology is in use. The Malaysia who cannot even dispose off our garbage in a manner that is not harmful to the environment. The Malaysia who even with computers and technology assistance cannot get trains to arrive and depart on time.

And yet we are going to have a matha-farking nuclear plant!

I hope that the plant is built far away. Maybe Sabah or Sarawak. Sorry folks, I need the South China Sea to act as a barrier.

Hmmm... Maybe they can build it in Sabah near the coal-fired plant. If we are talking about environmental damage and loss of human life, we might as well reduce the area and bring down the headcount. Better that than everyone dying, ain't it? (I was told that it is human nature to be selfish. I was also told that I can't beat the government.)

A nuclear plant? What the...?

What the hell to we need a nuclear plant for? We are a kuchi-rat country with 28 million jokers leaving in it. How much efficient energy do we consume? How desperate is our need for such enormous amount of energy? How many energy zapping factories do we have in this country? Dude, this is no Command & Conquer. This is real life death-threatening technology we are talking about. Plus, to be managed by some dumb-wits.

I tell you, this has all got to do with blardie money again. I think UMNO has gone too far this time. The thing with UMNO is they are getting extremely greedy. They are no longer satisfied with reaping money on the smaller scale by the millions and tens of millions per project. Everything nowadays has got to benefit them in terms of hundreds of millions or billions. But to put the life of every Malaysian at risk just to satisfy their lust for money?

Eh come on lah, stop fucking around with people's lives.

Even that they want to do it on a larger scale. Previously, the Malaysian government is happy killing the people (mostly Indians it would seem) on a small scale of a couple of thousand per year. Nowadays, they are talking about killing the mass population. What's with this apa nama UMNO? They got possessed by the Satan is it? Have they gone fucking nuts?

Allow me to frighten you a little with some Chernobyl stats. Did you know that the Chernobyl disaster released 400 times more radioactive material than the Hiroshima atomic bombing? Did you know that the contamination of the Chernobyl accident was felt up to more than 1,000 km away?

Let's put that to perspective. Peninsular Malaysia from the tip of Perlis to the bottom end of Johor is approximately 750 km. Simply put it, wherever this nuclear thing is built in Peninsular Malaysia, you are fried the moment a very likely Malaysian style disaster takes place at the said plant.

You may not die if you are further away. But you will quite likely die of some kind of cancer. That's if you don't already decide to kill yourself when your nervous system involuntarily makes you shout out Rosmah's name every exact 38 seconds. And of course, be assured that your newborn baby will look very adorable with her 3 eyes and a limb sticking out of her chest.

This is so brilliant. By the way, I wage 50 bucks that by the time the plant is in operation, 20,000 folks leaving nearby would have already have taugehs growing from the top of their heads. And another 1,000 may have grown a second dick. Failed tests. Drums of radioactives 'accidentally' falling into the nearby river. Accidents of trucks ferrying radioactive materials on their way to the plant. The usual stuffs. But of course you won't read these in the papers. Shhhhh...

Malaysia is so boleh! Damn I love this country.

Note to Singaporeans: Hey, you guys are pretty nearby I last checked.
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