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Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lousy politicians. That's what Pakatan politicians are. No, not the inexperienced but the seasoned ones. The inexperienced ones are still trying to grapple what is going on.

I can comprehend RPK's points in his article "Head hunt for candidates, and do it now!". People like Tan Tee Beng are Gerakan discards who was not going to be fielded by BN in GE 12. He badly needed to survive in politics, PR needed a candidate and they gave him a life line. It was a win-win situation for both sides. But with no dough pouring in ala BN style politics, it is not a wonder that he left.

MPs and YBs are leaving. Leaving with Pakatan's seats. And the seats are way more important that the person himself or herself. We don't care about the personalities but we care about the seats. Our seats, actually.

What has Pakatan done to prevent these people from leaving? From what we can see, not much. All we are getting are 'good riddance' statements. But that is not good enough, is it? To Pakatan, PR is like a hotel. We welcome you to stay at all times; but lousy guests can walk through the front door any time.

A hotel guest is a hotel guest, good or bad. A person who needs a hotel and does not stay at your hotel will stay at your competitor's hotel. Similarly, an MP is an MP. A YB is a YB. They are better of on your side than on the other.

Sometimes you have really horrendous guests. But do you allow the guest to leave the hotel and carry along with them the beds, the lamps and the toilet sinks?

If the Hees, Tans and Zahrains want to leave, by all means do. But they will have to quit not only the party but also the seats they have won. I can hear thousands of you shouting 'Yeah right. Like it's so easy!'. Nope, it is not easy. But I didn't say we have to use the word 'please'.

This is politics!

Politics is not clean. It has never been and it will never be. You simply do not survive politics being Mr. Nice Guy or Ms. Pretty Honest. If being a little cunning is too much to ask for, then quit politics and go be a school teacher. If being manipulative is deemed morally not acceptable by you, then quit politics and again, go be a school teacher. Make that a kindergarten teacher.

I am surprised that no shit has been thrown at the frogs. Literally and laterally.

Read this: everyone has shit in them. Yes, even the Dalai Lama. And we all know that the frogs have a lot of shit. A lot. What did we make of them? Nothing but some press statements that they have shit and that UMNO is buying them. Dude, that's not gonna work. You are painting them as bad asses, but we already know that they are bad asses. We are not stupid and blind.

You've got to make a great deal super big heck of a fuss out of it my dear Pakatan leaders. You've got to pressure them into making it hard for them to leave with the seats. All I know is we have no professional psychologist within Pakatan. Nobody within Pakatan understands the human mind. It's time you guys move with time. Have you seen the type of doctors and what is and what not they have at the grounds of Manchester United and Chelsea - all for some school dropouts who kick a ball around?

You've got to understand the psychological warfare game. You've got to play with the minds. Anwar is so good in hypnotising the audience with his speech but he is not capable of toying with the minds of the people who work for him.

I am not saying you take a watch and dangle it in front of the frogs. But you've got to know how to pressure them. Heck, if they end up committing suicide with the excessive pressure, I can live with that. The frogs are not selling just their body, mind and soul to the devil. They are not selling out just PKR or DAP or PAS or even Pakatan Rakyat. They are selling out the rakyat! They are selling out the future of the rakyat! They are selling out your children's future! And we should still be nice to them? I'll be damned if the answer is an audible yes.

We Malaysians are desperate. If we do not do it in GE 13, we will not get to do it in our present lifetime. And you will forever owe your descendants a better future. And these frogs are jeopardising our fight. They are forcing us into thinking of leaving our home and our country for the sake of our next generation. And we should be soft with them?

What the hell is wrong with Pakatan? Too much conscience? Why is there no hundreds and thousands of people camping outside Zahrain's house forcing him to quit his MP position? You guys enjoy organising thousands and thousands of people to protest outside parliament, around KL city centre and outside the King's palace but you cannot do the same to your own scumbags? Why no demonstrations outside the homes of papa frog, mama frog, sister frog, brother frog, auntie frog, uncle frog and whoever else related to them. No, we don't drag people's family into these? Fuck you. The frogs are toying with my family's livelihood and future and I cannot pressure their family? (Double middle fingers up! Nah!)

Scoop up all their wrongdoings. All. Gather information from everyone they know. And you cannot even find a tax evasion of RM1? Get the evidence. Make a big hoohah. RPK will be more than glad to do the honour I am sure. Lodge police reports. Lodge reports with MACC. Again make a big hoohah when you do so. Put the police under pressure. Put MACC under pressure. Charge them.

And Pakatan even get brownie points out of doing so. Pakatan is so clean that they even lodge reports against their own members. Brilliant dei... brilliant!

And if UMNO helps with one report, throw in another 2. If the wrong-doings never end, UMNO cannot take the person. Even UMNO will change their target. And if the person finally gets convicted, we have a by-election. Hooray!

There can be a whole lot more we can think off. These are coming off my head as I type. Think out of the box, Pakatan. If they are not with us, they are against us. If you can drag Najib through all the mud you guys are throwing at him, you can do the same to the frogs. Are they all not the same? Actually the frogs are worse than Najib because Najib never pretended to be on our side.

We must be given the power to take the seats we have given the frogs. And without you actually knowing it, the power is in our very own mouths and hands. Remember when Hee Yit Frog's family was refused by the pasar aunties to sell them vegetables at the market? And the jibes and whispers that her family got. You've got to understand the human mind. And the Asian 'face' and family name. All this happened after she jumped. I doubt if she would have decided the same had 'work' been done prior to her jumping. The pressure people, the pressure. 24/7 pressure from party, pressure from the crowd outside your house and the pressure from within your family. Your kids will be having nightmares. Your spouse will crack. Your parents have already cracked. Your relatives shouting at your face to warn you. Your brother threatening to disown you. Faces of everyone known to you is splashed all over the internet and emails. The pressure people, the pressure.

But Pakatan did nothing. They are politicians with conscience, konon. God's ultimate gift to mankind. Pious PAS thinks that God will reward their patience one day. PKR believes that Anwar is the second coming. Lim Guan Eng thinks that heaven owes it to him to form the next government because he got jailed for fighting evil.

Wake up you Pakatan idiots. You are giving our future away, you hopeless fools.


6 Response to "Food Fight! You Ready To Get Dirty?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Hope you can create a webpage with all MPs and Adun with their plus and minus and if they should be voted in the coming GE13. At least that will helpful for PR to select good candidates


  2. Trojaned Said,

    What Anonymous said is a piece of shit. A website of that kind will have no effect at all. PR has this mentality "If we follow what they do, then there's no difference between us and them". High time to cut this crab.

    The people elected MPs or Aduns are answerable to people. They owe explanation to PR which did all the canvassing to make sure these frogs win the election, win they did. Is PR merely an insurance policy for these prostitutes to play bargain games ?

    Please set up a website to register everyone who wants these frogs out from the respective constituency. Demand them to vacate the seat. Organize a camping outside these frogs homes. Do it big time, do it consistently. Its our rights, our voice that put these frogs to where they are today. Demand for by election as the people have rights to choose leaders.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Different anon from above, but Trojaned, I agree and see your point that these frogs should be removed ASAP, but there's no need to be so fucking abrasive and dismissing people's suggestion as shit. Our wrath should be aimed at BN and these traitorous Judases, not at each other.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Trojaned piss shit idea better than first anonymous's idea?


  5. Anonymous Said,

    You know what, yeah! We're desperate, alright. We want change NOW. We can't wait another 50-bloody years. The Pakatan politicians have to be smart, quick, and cunning. And vicious.

    I do believe in being humane, though, but to the rakyat, not to the piranhas in umno.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Actually there is another solution, there's always a bi-election mah, just say if a pakatan rep jumps, A BOLT OF LIGHTNING-terkena him, his vehicle, with him included gets run over by a kamikaze pilot mah. So who's doing the honours. Hey Malaysia got so many bomohs what, do some JUJU on the budggerlah, why all just talk only. Make it totally Unhealthy and impossible for a Pakatan rep. to do a frog jump. To that tan chhe bai, I am sure he is going to meet his maker soon, that kind of suih face sure very bad luck one.


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