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Posted by Neo On Thursday, June 11, 2009

- This article really really shock me!!!
- What's happening to malaysia!!!
- If we do nothing bout this instance, our country will soon be islamised


Non-Muslims told to cover up at Malacca DJ event

Deepak Gill | Jun 10, 09 6:45pm

I am writing as a Malaysian citizen dismayed at the lack of rights that non-Muslims are being subjected to at events. Islamic religious authorities have not only been targeting Muslims, but are also causing stress and hardship to non-Muslims as well.

Last weekend, there was an event that saw international artists (DJs) perform for over two nights (Freedom Festival '09) at Malacca's A Famosa Resort, a privately-owned property. These kind of events have been done before without any problems or incidents.

This time around, there were several new rules and restrictions imposed on the event by the federal government.

While it was previously never an issue for guests to purchase beer at the venue (all guests are ticket-paying adults aged 21 and above), this time beer (or any other liquor) was not allowed anywhere in the venue. And non-Muslims were also asked to cover-up, although the ‘aurat' issue has always been strictly a Muslim one.

I experienced first-hand the extent of this outrage. My friend, a non-Muslim who was well- dressed and had on a top on which covered her front but exposed her back was prevented from attending the event.

We were told that girls can't show their backs, as the religious police were around. The fact that she was a non-Muslim was immaterial, we were told.

I will assume they are unaware of the federal constitution, especially Article 12 (3), which states ‘No person shall be required to receive instruction in or take part in any ceremony or act of worship of a religion other than his own'.

Was our constitution amended to take away our civil liberties? How can Muslim rules apply to non-Muslims? This is against the law. Respect must be shown for the rights of Muslims and non- Muslims.

We respect the rights of Muslims not to consume non-halal food or drinks, and they respect our right to consume the same, which includes beer or liquor - especially at entertainment events. When did this change?

When you tell adults what to wear or what they can or cannot eat or drink, it's infringing our civil liberties. We will not sit by and allow our rights to be trampled upon.

The Jabatan Agama Islam Malacca and the Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim owe us an apology and explanation.

Where does it stop? I was told these ‘new rules' will apply to all events from now on, indoor and outdoor. I find it ridiculous that private events such as this are being subject to extremely rigid rules.

Entertainment events are meant to entertain; otherwise what is the point in having them anymore?

Why don't the religious authorities go to any five-star hotel's ballroom and tell-off guests at such functions (non-Muslims too) that dresses which expose the backs of the wearers are not allowed? I don't think they will have the courage nor the legality to do so.

Non-Muslim adults who want to have beer or liquor and dress appropriately (from an objective standpoint) at these events are fully entitled to do so. It is their constitutional right to do so. You cannot force a man or woman into abiding by rules meant for another religion that they do not believe in.

This ‘government-knows-best' attitude that the federal government promised to get rid of is still pervasive. We, the citizens of Malaysia, are not imbeciles incapable of looking after ourselves or not knowing how to behave in public.

On the contrary, Malaysians are well-behaved in public, even when they're drinking or at an entertainment event, so these new rules are totally unnecessary and excessive.

I hope this event is the last time such an episode takes place, or there will be civil suits and police reports coming up next

5 Response to "Non-Muslims told to cover up at Malacca DJ event"

  1. According to the author, the rules were imposed by the Federal Government. See, not everything bad is PAS. And certainly not eveything that is extremist and yet hidden behind the name of Islam is Islam. These are just cowards hiding behind Islam and giving Islam a bad name.

    Honestly, what do you expect when the government don't even allow the rakyat to wear black. Bare-back? Whoa! Our government officers sure go crazy. Bare-back-black-outfit? Our government officers sure pengsan la like that.


  2. Da Maniac Said,

    Interesting Neo... I don't recall that such a ruling is applicable, let alone in an event such as this. Hmmm... I wonder they would do the same here in KL and impose a 'dress code' for everyone who goes clubbing at the clubs along Jalan P. Ramlee.

    I would say... over zealous officers who don't know jack sh*t (I've been using alot of this work thanks to Simon) about citizen's rights. And when you question them, you'll probably be hand cuffed and forced to squat in an office whilst some ftoppid joker will kick you till you beg them to stop.


  3. Some stupid officers la. These small farts, when they are given a tiny bit of power, they feel so big and powerful.

    Must be to compensate for something else that is really tiny... :D


  4. Neo Said,

    i promise if it happen to me. I will sue the shit out of them!!!

    I wonder why nobody sue JAKIM


  5. Da Maniac Said,

    Neo... suing Jakim is like suing God in this country la. The people in the corridors of power don't give a rats ass about anyones' right or whatever that is in the Federal Constitution.


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