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Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, June 02, 2009
At this time every recent year we have this blardie fuss. Some 'intelligent' farkers did so martha farking well in his blardie SPM but did not get a scholarship while some less 'intelligent' asshole got one. Great deal! (Well, I am not bothered because I would never had gotten one kakaka...)

Anyway, I use 'intelligent' with the quote and quote because doing well in today's SPM proved nothing at all. Let's be fair to people from earlier years when the papers were much tougher and the syllabus were much more comprehensive. Yes, I am basically saying that SPM today has no value. In fact, I think it's absolute rubbish. To say that these kids who did 'so martha farking well' and got more As than say someone like Living the Dream is a blardie insult to this very intelligent friend of mine. (Actually I think even our syllabus back in our school days were rubbish and useless. Hmmm... does that mean a continuous decline since the Queen's portrait got shipped back to Ing-ger-lern?)

Can anyone confidently say that with these kids achieving so and so number of A1s they will be guaranteed to be a brilliant worker in the future? Based on what I see today, the 80s and 90s babies we have in the working market today are - wah piang eh... rubbish beyond words *. Gen Y konon! Gen U more apt la. U for 'useless'.

* This is not meant to be a sweeping statement la. Of course there are some good ones but we are talking about the mass la.

I have a couple of solutions to this 'scholarship' issue. Scholarship? Actually its more like Paid-Holidays-For-The-Teens. Which is why it is so sought after.

Our SPM is rubbish. You know, I know and of course the overseas universities know. Which is why most of the scholarship recipients end up in some unknown universities. Come on la. You think the Ivy Leagues are gonna take you because you have 15As from Malaysia's SPM? If you have 5As from STPM maybe la. So, scrap the blardie scholarship at SPM stage. Buang duit sahaja.

What is the objective of the scholarship in the very first place? I believe that it is to enable the less fortunates to be able to enjoy quality education and hence enhance the nations knowledge base. Have we achieve this? Abso-farking-lutely no! We end up having anak-anak menteris receiving scholarships, anak-anak datuk so-and-so... Free party money! And of course the whole load of rubbish 'scholars' who go overseas only to fail their papers and repeat and repeat and repeat. And its general knowledge that most recipients are Malays. Whose money is it that they are using? According to Tun M, 90% of taxes is paid by Malaysian Chinese. (A term that I don't like to use but UMNO always preaches racism, jadi...). So, if you want to be using Malaysian Chinese tax money, then you better be fair about giving this scholarship thingy. No, am not asking to change the quota to 90% recipient being Malaysian Chinese, but be fair. Since they cannot be fair about it, scrap the farking scholarship shite la. Solve problem. The rightful and deserving students are not the ones receiving it anyway. And to top it up, does these free-loaders keep to their contracts? No, they don't pay back when they start work. No, they don't come back to work for the Jabatan or Petronas or Bank Negara or whatsoever. Blardie scoundrels who cheat the rakyat's tax money. Screw them. Kasi cancel sama itu apa nama... scholarship at SPM level.

You want more? Here's more. STPM pun kita tak bagi banyak-banyak. Limit to say, 1000 scholarships per annum. Kalau terima, no need to wait for letter. Nama-nama kasi siar besar besar dalam newspaper. Berapa A dapat. Kat sekolah apa bikin. Apa jawatan disandang. Apa attendance record. Kasi siar semua. Then nobody can submit application tipu. Only the truly deserving ones will receive them. If you are not the best 1000 overall students, don't complain. Sudah terang terang transparent.

What if certain smart alec took 8 STPM subjects (can ah?). Whatever la. Set it. Scoring for academics portion is based on say 3 core subjects and BEST 2 electives. So, at best 5As. You got 8As? Good for you. Make sure you are an all-rounder too dude!!!

Not that difficult isn't it, Mr. Education Minister? But no, it's all about race in this country. And so, we have endless problems. Race, race, race... Mr. Obama, will you help save us please?

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  1. Gooster Said,

    When I was in studying in the UK, we had a Malay girl in class who was a Petronas scholar. I was naturally curious and asked what her SPM results were, but she declined to reveal them. Later on I found out she scored 2A1's and an assortment of C3's to C6's. She was never in class. Flunked most of her exams, and when she threw parties in her flat, the tudung came off get the picture. Petronas may have Bumi quotas for their scholarships, but was that the best of the lot? I cringe whenever I think about it. One of our most profitable, pretty much a state-owned company, may one day be run by a Petronas scholar or at the very least employ them. I was also naturally embarassed when my English friends asked me why I did not get a scholarship when she was given one!


  2. thanks for the example gooster. it helps to proof my point.

    on petronas, there is a new negative development. see my latest posting, najib vs tun


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