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Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, June 03, 2009
It could be me but has anyone been getting the feeling that Najib is trying very hard to cheese off Tun M?

I first saw it with the retention of Nazri in the cabinet. Nazri has been whacking and calling Tun names when Badawi was still in office. In fact, Tun and Nazri were seen to be on some level of constant sniping exchanges the past few years. And Tun of course went public to rebuke Nazri's presence in the cabinet. But I brushed his retention as what the media claimed to be 'Najib being his own men'. I mean there is merit in the claim; lest Najib be called Tun's puppet. (By the way, Nazri sucks!)

But look at recent developments. Najib went to Singapore and then announced that Malaysia will be building a 3rd causeway bridge with Singapore and it is a straight one. What about Tun's pet project of the crooked bridge? Well Tun is not actually in love with something crooked but that he cannot accept that the bridge is built based on Singapore's terms and specs. So, Tun booted Badawi out (come on, it is obvious his hands are very dirty when it comes to Badawi''s exit). And just when you think that Tun is back at the helm, Najib did a Badawi. Worse actually. Badawi simply cancelled the crooked bridge and do nothing. Najib on the other hand cancels the crooked bridge after strong talks of reviving the project and has now announced a bridge that is exactly what Tun didn't want. Najib's ball are bigger than Badawi's? (Cannot be la since he is so queen control heh heh... Anyone notice how Rosmah has her picture appearing everyday in The Star. The Star is like a good dog to her la. Am sure Wong Chun Wai eats doggie biscuits straight out of her hands.)

Oh and before the bridge, remember Penanti? Tun was adamant that UMNO must contest in Penanti. And that is the right thing to do. Or else what is a democracy? He even went public by saying that he is willing to lead the election machineries himself. That's big, dude, real big. But Najib refused. Even after rounds and rounds of talks, no simply means no. So, he made Tun looked like a clown. Worse still, it all turns bad for Najib now. As nature has it, the Manek Urai chap has to return to his makers. And UMNO will now be contesting. What happened to 'focusing on the economy?'. Tun must be fuming mad now that it looks so much like Najib is simply too fearful of Anwar.

And what else did Tun really hate about Badawi? The 4th Floor boys. Oh how he hates them young punks who runs the country from their text books. Najib upon his appointment tried very hard to make it look like he will distance himself from these young clowns. But wait, have you heard of their new links with Petronas? Apparently, Omar Mustapha (or Omar Ong if you read the articles in the www) of Ethos Consulting 'fame' is vying for a director position on Petronas. Rumour has it that he had boasted to his circles of friend that he wants to make Petronas Chairman by the age of 40. Hey, someone else wants to be at some top position at the age of 40 too eh. I don't think Tun will be too happy.

And wait, there's more with Petronas. Very capable chairman, Hassan Merican's tenure is up soon. And he will not be renewed! Why not? He is good isn't he? Apparently Najib wants to appoint Syed Hamid Arab as the new chairman!!! Oi! Die lah. Petronas is the single most important entity in Malaysia and is the country's cash cow. But that's besides the point. Syed Hamid Botak is obviously Badawi's man. The first few that Tun striked out of the new cabinet. And now he gets appointed to a role more important than most of the menteris? I can see Tun going berserk pulling his hair out running around like a young child throwing tantrum, taking a baseball bat hitting at all glass tables and cabinets! Syed Hamid Arab The Botak as Chairman of Petronas! Someone pass me the baseball bat after Tun's done with it.

Is Najib doing a Badawi to Tun? I think he is. Is Tun gonna let it all go? No way. To him, this is a country he built and as long as he is alive, the country has better be run the way he sees fit. Badawi learnt it the hard way regardless of how hard he tried to cast Tun aside. This old man is made of very strong stuff. Tun must be cursing himself for making a second poor judgement call on his successors. And this second one is made worse when he knew clearly well that Najib comes with an extra large baggage. (Did you know that rumors have it that Najib is made to agree to Sillypore's bridge because they have evidence of Najib, Razak Baginda and She-Whose-Name-Can-Not-Be-Mentioned been seen together in Sillypore and more?) So, if Tun is adamant that Najib must go, then he can now only turn to a certain Kelantanese prince who is hugely popular and one of which Tun owes a premiership that he has been denied. And if that happens, the tide may turn against Anwar. Cause even I will be willing to give Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah a chance to steer the country in the right course.

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  1. Da Maniac Said,

    I agree... it seems so. Anyways... it's damn if you do, and damn if you don't. A Catch 22 situation for Najib. I reckon Rosmah is pushing Niajib to be his own man. Anyways I cringe upon every sight of that fugly lady in the Star newspapers. Eeewwwww.... Her smirk stinks to the high heavens man!

    I'm all in favour of Kuli and willing to give him a chance to bring this country back on track.


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