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Posted by Simon Templar On Monday, June 15, 2009

For me, of all the useless bums in our cabinet, one minister really stands out. And that's Nazri Aziz. And for him to stand out for me, who is one heck of a difficult person to please (so say quite a few people), chances are it's for not very positive stuffs. Hehe...

It's difficult for me to pin point exactly why he displeases me, but I just do not like this chap. It's funny cause I've never even met Nazri - then again, how many ministers have we average Malaysians actually met. After all, they are so high and mighty and all.

Maybe it's his arrogance. Or maybe its his irritating self. Or maybe it's his mouth. Like I said, I am not sure. But look at some of the things that come out of this... person's mouth. I am finding it difficult to 'term' him.

The Malaysian Insider today quoted Nazri as calling THE MENTERI BESAR OF PERAK, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin, a "mental case". Nazri was also quoted to have said “Nizar ni wayar dia dah putus (Nizar has a short-circuited brain). He is not showing the behaviour which is required of a yang berhormat (people’s representative).

And I suppose that calling a fellow MP "mental case" is an apt behaviour of the people's representative. Yes, Nazri?

This is so typical Nazri. I don't think that it is melampau for me to say that Nazri is playing a very big part in tarnishing the Malay culture of bersopan-santun and berbudi bahasa. And we all know that the Malays are very proud of their amalan dan tradisi orang Melayu. But if you are not familiar with the Malays and you happen to equate Nazri as a typical Malay, then malulah orang Melayu. Don't believe me? Read on.

Respect the elders. This is the teachings preached all over the world. And the Malays are of course no exceptions to this. But Nazri had never heard of this. Look at the comments he made about Tun Dr. Mahathir in the past. Not everyone may love Tun but Tun is after all an elder.

Taken from The Star (24 April 2009):

“It’s not worth commenting since he is an old man. Let him talk. What he feels is no longer relevant."

“If you all want to
layan him (pay attention to him) layan lah (carry on),’’

And there are quite a few more incidents during Pak Lah's time. I think there was once in 2006 when he called on Tun to be a 'jantan' and leave UMNO didn't he? And that once Tun is out of UMNO, it will be easier for him to to attack Tun. Did my memory serve me right? And banyak lagilah from this man who speaks from his behind. But I will need to make a visit to the National Archive for those.

This is unbecoming of a national leader. What kind of example is Nazri setting for the next generation? Whatever the issue it may be between Tun and Nazri, we are Asians and we hold Asian values to our heart.

And as far as I can remember, no one rebuked Nazri about all this. Never his old boss, Pak Lah, and never his current one, Najib. And why didn't Pak Lah or Najib say anything about these? Is it because Tun is no longer in power.

But you have to admire Tun to be able to take all these from the very people he allowed to climb the corridors of power during his very long tenure at the helm of the nation. Has Che Det simply gone soft even when being treated like a pariah by some bootlicker? Or are we under-estimating this 84 year old? Or maybe Tun is just slowly working his ways to get back on the biadap Nazri. I sure hope that that is the case cause like I said, I don't like Nazri.

Nazri... Nazri... Write this down on a piece of paper and put it close to your heart. Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat.

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  1. Da Maniac Said,

    YEa... Nazri is on my sh*t list of politicians that does not deserve an iota of presnsence in the cabinet. I was kinda surprised that Najib decided to retain this joker in the cabinet. Well... he is very powerful and influential. Remember gutterspot?... he managed to pull some strings and next thing you know blogger pulled the plug on gutter because of pics of his playboy kiddo and his legion of courtesans. :P


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