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Posted by Neo On Thursday, June 11, 2009
Badawi = Mr. Nice Guy = Mr. Clean= Mr. Friendly= Mr. Good friend =Worst PM ever!!!

Badawi can be a good follower/friend/worker, but he cannot be a good leader.
One thing i learn about being a leader is you cannot always make popular/friendly decision, you have to make the right decision. For me, he will always be remembered for being the worst PM ever!!!

Did Nothing
- During his tenure, i cannot remember a single memorable thing that he did. People say that he 'open up' the media. I say its bullshit. What happen was, media was already going extremist (utusan/tv3/star) boosting 85% support during the 2004 election. And because he did nothing to ask them to be humble, they continue being booastful until their ultimate demise in the 2008 election. These media was intoxicated by their own success to have a 'feel' of what rakyat is thinking.

On the other hand, opposition voices via blogging/email/internet, like steam in a room, will ultimately find a way out and manage to reach out to people. Again he did nothing to enter the 'internet age' to explain what is wrong and fail to use internet to promote their ideology

during his tenure, our country (ship) was on autopilot mode. No captain to guide the ship and ultimately it hit a big iceberg (2008 election)

our economy was in the hand of Governor Zeti, which did a GREAT job of stabilising our finances. By the way, I will support 100% if Zeti to be given the 2nd finance minister post

Ok ok.. he open the South corrider, east corridor, west corridor, north corridor. Hello!!! if your job is to give charity/spend money!!! I also can do leh!!! no need you... By the way, i am 100% sure that i can do a better job spending money.. very simple, i booze and i buy expensive cars.. how hard can that be?

Islam Hadhari
He brought up islam hadhari as his manifesto. what about the other 40% of the population that is not muslim? how can i understand your manifesto and does it benefit me?

On top of that, malaysian muslim also got confused with his islam hadhari. Total failure

Too nice -
you cannot be buddy-buddy with your subordinate. They will climb all over your head. This is what happen to all the 'cowboy under his control'.. hishamuddin/ahmad said/nearly 80% of UMNO member, take advantage of his softness.

They become boastful
They become arrogant
They become greedy
They become complecent

he did nothing to control all the cowboys under his care

Light at the end of the tunnel
I'm happy that Najib took over from Badawi. I'm happy that his tenure is only 7 years. He would have done more damage if he stay.

I am happy with Najibs 1malaysia concept. I have decided to give Najib a chance. He has little time. I will not close my heart to Najib and his 1malaysia concept. He has 3 years to prove it to me

Najib, please save this country!!!

O by the way BADAWI, you've been SPanK!!!

3 Response to "Badawi - worst PM ever!!!"

  1. Da Maniac Said,

    Hahah! Badawi has been SPAnKed! Heheh! Nice one Neo.

    I would agree with you that Badawi is the worst PM Malaysia has to date. As for Najib, I'd reserve my comments or any optimism for now. His 1Malaysia concept sounds good but it's too broad which might leave to different people interepreting it differently. Until now... no one knows what the concept is and is still open for interpretation.

    There are a few questions lingering on my head tho. 1Malaysia on one end and the use of the police force to stiffle dissenting voices.

    Can anyone guarantee my safety if I accidently wear black and drink coffee in an Old Town Kopitiam?


  2. Gooster Said,


    I think wearing black in a hot and humid country like Malaysia should be an offence for everyone. They should be arrested at once and detained at the pleasure of the King at Tanjung Rambutan.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Well don't gagling too much.Look around and do some surveys.Our economy, social problems,
    people standard of living etc. Isn't good,moderate or bad? Think,think and action,action please!


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