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Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Here we go again. Yet another video of Malaysian police whacking detainees. Before I go any further, I am proud to say that the previous police brutallity video was posted here before it was up on Malaysia Today. Heh heh...

Anyway, back to the issue. It is quite obvious that our policemen have issues. Not with the number of crimes with the country. That is not their issue. We Malaysians have better realise by now that crime fighting is in our own civilian hands until the police force is reformed. You can live in denial and pray to the almighty but I suggest you better not.

The police force's issue is that they are now under attack. No, not only from RPK. Everyone is finding fault with them because it is easy to find fault with them. They are just that fucked up. I suspect they may even have to thwart attacks from within. Who is this bugger filming the video anyway? It sure as hell can't be any of the suspects lest he be whacked until his face looks like his bum. So, it must be a policeman. And this fella is now releasing the video to spite his colleagues. Whoa! Like some Hong Kong movie man.

Talking about Hong Kong movie. Anyone watched I Corrupt All Cops? I recommend this movie to all Malaysians. It is also a must watch for all our police. IGP in particular. The show is so REAL. I mean you can relate to the show. No kidding. It's about Hong Kong back in the 60's and 70's where corruption is thrive among cops. Sounds familiar eh. Corruption is everywhere in every corner and nook. Sound even more familiar eh. And that was when Hong Kong's very reputable ICAC was conceived by the British. The Brits decided to buck up and fight the cops - with vengeance. Good movie. The fighting back part is pretty difficult for Malaysia cause we don't have anyone who is willing to do the fighting. After all, the ruling government is a party to it. So in Malaysia, we will just have to talk about fighting corrupted cops. And talk. And talk. And talk. If you want some kind of hope and success, watch the movie because that is the best we Malaysians are gonna get. Sad case.

Posted below is our Indian brethen kena belasah by polis. I don't have the statistics to proof this but it is beginning to look like our police enjoy whacking Indians. I didn't say this. This is the perception I have been made to belief. Remember Kugan? What happened to his case anyway? Standard Malaysia la. After the hoohah all will die down and be forgotten.

Looking at all these brutal videos, don't you just question yourself on how can anyone carry out such beatings? That is a human being la. But our cops seem to be able to do this with ease. What is wrong with our cops? Tak pergi sekolah ke diorang? Aha! That lies the problem. I think the problem is education and institutionalisation. I checked PDRM's website and the entry level to be a cop is PMR. Yup Form 3. You may not even get a clerical job but you get to be a cop. I heard some factory jobs even require a minimum Form 5 qualification. Form 3 dropouts huh. Or is it Form 4 since you have to pass Form 3? The first thing that came to my mind are the fellas who ponteng class and hang out at god-knows-where during school hours. Most of them trouble makers in school. Pretty much the headache of all teachers in school and quite likely the fella who 'pau' you during recess time and right after school. And then they get accepted into the Police Force. I never thought about it this way until very recently (like some 72 hours ago).

So, there we go. This could be the background of a large portion of our police force. I am not sure about this but I think my guess has its merits. And you wonder why our police is of such crap quality. If the 3 - 12 months training (info obtained from PDRM's website) can change them into a good cop overnight, then our IGP can also be a saint.

And on institut... instut... institutionalisation, where do you expect the young recruits to learn? And from whom do you expect our young recruits to learn from? Our young cops grew up watching what their seniors do. And they learn it as an acceptable day at the office. Human psychology is this not?

Whatever it is our police force is at a sorry state. They definitely cannot garner the respect of any Malaysians. Go to the pasar and listen to the way the aunties talk about our cops. You will understand. Nobody trusts our cops anymore because for now, they are good for nothing. In fact, you want to stay away from them. People don't even bother to lodge police reports when crime befall them - nothing will happen anyway.

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  1. They also get paid peanuts... so when you pay peanuts, you get monyets.

    What to do? What to do? This is an institution that is rotten to the core. From top to bottom. Will take a long time to reform...


  2. nick Said,

    The problem with our police is that it is filled with monkeys and lead by a fox ( musa'ng). A fox that excel in stealing hen from the chicken coop.


  3. bukan polis daah, lain kali checklah dulu,inilah sikap bloggers Anwar fanboys ni,main redah ikut sedap, tak dep periksa dulu, tak ade etika, macam Brother Anwar juga


  4. Hey Shamsul, the polis is separate and independent from politics. So, this is not an issue of BN vs. Pakatan supporters.

    Also, I am curious to know why do you think this video is not of the police?


  5. Ivan Said,

    In any developed country this video would certainly have raised such furore to the extent that the top cop and the minister would have to stand down immediately and be subjected to a probe. But Malaysia... is the country moving towards that developied status? Looks more like 4 th world ...!


  6. Da Maniac Said,

    Shamsul: Dude... I'm no expert in analysing videos, regardless if it's taken in a police station or not, don't you feel a tad disappointed in how the indian chap was treated?

    I guess it's a little dense up there for you to even 'feel' anything.


  7. Shamsul,

    I am no uniform expert. Neither do I know if those fellas are coppers for sure. But they sure like hell dun look like Jins Shamsduddin or Awie.

    If it's not a sandiwara then it's happening somewhere. But am sure someone getting whack to pulp is none of your narrow minded concern.

    "...daah, lain kali pikirlah dulu, inilah sikap orang yang komen kat blog orang lain"


  8. madhatter Said,

    Agree with LTD. This is not a political issue, rather, a humanity issue. Common, we make a big hoo ha bout saving stray dogs from Pulau Ketam but beat up a person like a block of wood?


  9. Yan Said,

    The present policeman/woman are not lowly paid.
    A fresh police constable (after completing training) can get closed to RM 2k inclusive of allowance. The entry qualification for a police constable is SPM with 5 credits including BM, which is higher than the requirement for Armed Forces.
    So, this is not a qualification problem, but a problem with that Institution right from the top to the bottom. You need an overhaul & complete cleaning to turn it to a respected Institution.


  10. Dear Yan,

    I got this from PDRM's website.

    (Entry Level)

    Kelayakan Konstabel Sokongan

    * Warganegara Malaysia
    * Berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun dan pada tarikh temuduga
    * Tamat Tingkatan III atau kelulusan yang diiktiraf setaraf dengannya
    * Berkebolehan bertutur dan menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia dengan memuaskan
    * Keutamaan diberi kepada calon-calon yang mempunyai pengalaman mengendaklikan bot, berkebolehan di dalam bidang sajian makanan atau memiliki lesen memandu Kelas D


  11. Yan Said,

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  12. Yan Said,

    Dear Simon,
    The PMR qualification is for konstable sokongan, Not police constable.


  13. Yan,

    What's Konstable Sokongan? Is is not entry level coppers? Thx.


  14. Yan Said,

    Dear Simon,
    Konstabel sokongan is some sort like auxilliary police. Duty mainly as drivers, cook etc as specified in :
    * Keutamaan diberi kepada calon-calon yang mempunyai pengalaman mengendaklikan bot, berkebolehan di dalam bidang sajian makanan atau memiliki lesen memandu Kelas D.
    This is not the ordinary cops, FRU or detectives.


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