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Posted by Da Maniac On Monday, June 15, 2009
I was amused by the commentators on RPK's latest blog posting on his No Holds Barred column.

My my... RPK sure knows how to write and my my.... so many just don't get the picture. Sigh.... now I understand why RPK is just so fed up with the readers and commentators in Malaysia Today. RPK's writings are way toooooooooo advance for most readers' comprehension. These people just don't get it. Do they bother to read the whole article or do they just selectively read them and make quick conclusions without even bothering to understand the whole article is all about.

So what kinda Malaysians do we have out there? Judging by the flaming that Simon Templar went thru on one of his recent postings and the comments on RPK's latest article, I would say that a good number of readers of MT don't know (borrowing from Simon) jack sh*t about anything and would just go ballistic over some article that challenges their political point of view or if an article is written to have double meanings. Too deep for them ler.

Finding it too hard for you to comprehend this post of mine? Frakin' sorry for you. Why don't you just watch ASTRO channel 613 and perhaps you can learn somthing from there. Duh!

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  1. Gooster Said,


    I have to disagree with you on this one. RPK's main line of argument seems to concentrate on the "user" and the "usee", the former being the guilty party, and the latter being innocent as he was deemed to have been used.

    If this was the case then all the concentration camp commanders who killed all the Jews during WW2 are innocent because they were ultimately following orders from Hitler. The International Criminal Court does not buy into this line of argument. Many concentration camp commanders have been tried and incarcerated for their involvement in this heinous crime.

    Another example...if I asked a hitman to kill someone, both the hitman and I would be tried and sentenced if we were to get caught. There is no get out of jail card for the hitman if he pulled an RPK and said he was the "usee".

    On this basis, Chin Peng should be let into Malaysia if his lieutenants were accorded that privilege. If Chin Peng is still deemed to be ineligible for entry into Boleh-land, then we should expel his lieutenants too. No double standards here.


  2. Da Maniac Said,

    Gooster: You are spot on actually. I'm not disagreeing with you on your intepretation of the article. My post was mainly pointing out the inability of most MT readers who are unable to comprehend that article. Just read the 100++ comments there and decide for yourself. :P


  3. i actually think that this article by rpk was badly written. honestly, i haven't got a clue if he was being sarcastic or really agaianst chin peng being allowed back.

    but generally, i agree with maniac that the people who comment on MT don't understand most of articles posted that.


  4. vicky voo Said,


    Well done - you honestly haven't a clue about the RPK article and, in the same breath, you diss the MT commentators saying that "the ppl who comment on MT don't understand (sic) most of the articles posted there".

    Can't blame you - RPK has a serious dark sense of humour.

    Next time, I humbly suggest, you read his articles with a 2-sided mind set (winner/loser).

    What he always wish to put across is when you are the "usee" there are very few choices. Actually none. You are between the devil n deep blue sea. You are damned either way.

    For example, the International Court will not buy the sniper's/commandant's line. They are the victors - you are the loser, you pay.

    Back to the Chin Peng case (or any other case). When you are the master/victor, and you want it so, it will be so.

    Bottom line: to the victor, the spoils, and what ever judgement they wish to mete out. On the other hand when you have been defeated, no matter what reasoning(s) you present... sarcastic, roundabout, direct... quite useless.

    RPK does not want you to think bring CP back or not. He presents the case, and wants you to think: do you think it's fair/unfair to bring him back?

    You think, you choose. He's not shoving the support/non-support down your throat.


  5. damn... i should stop watching the simpsons and spend more time on discovery channel hahaha...


  6. Da Maniac Said,

    Simon: Spend more time reading la. Watching TV will only get you thus far... Discover is good... so is History Channel... and of course if you want basics... there's always channel 613. :P


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