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Mat Rempit/Bohsia/Incest more serious problme than drinking!!!

Posted by Neo On Friday, August 07, 2009

- Ministry of Information Rais Yatim put a ban on Movie with Mat Rempit and Bohsia theme a couple of weeks back

My opinion:-
- There was one time i was going to a wedding dinner and Mat Rempit hit my car and he got angry, confronted me with helmet and wanna hit me.
- I kept my mouth shut until he cool down and have to give him money so that i can get on with my journey.
-Imagine, a thief rob your house and steal your TV, when you catch the thief, the thief ask you to give RM500 so that you can get back your TV... ridiculous but it's true
- However, i totally DISAGREE/DISAPPROVE that the ministry of information to BAN mat rempit and bohsia film
- That for me is putting a restriction on the freedom of speech.
- Instead, MOI (minisry of information) should sponsor a film on the ill effect of rempeting and bohsia-ing.
- I would be really really really piss if they regulate selling of alcohol in shah alam. For me this is a ripple effect.
PAS if given power, even the slightest, give them an inch they want a mile.
- I will not be suprised, if you have to q up in diffent counter for man and woman in shah alam next.
- No more unisex hairsalon
- If you hang out in plaza masalam, you have to cover your body from head to toe.
- No lipstick and high heel.
- Billboard girls must be 'wanita soleha', cover with tudung, if not cannot display

PAS, you just killed Pakatan Rakyat for me!!!

Incest more serious problem than drinking
Aug 7,
09 7:59am

'Why is incest more endemic in Muslim families? It is a more serious ill, and it does not involve religious sensitivities, therefore it would be ‘easier’ to combat.'

Dato' Dr Narimah Awin: I am a Muslim, and I would even claim I am a "good" Muslim. I do not need laws and restrictions in my environment to be a "good" practising Muslim. It is entirely up to me whether I do right or wrong.

Thus I see a ban on alcohol (or any other lifestyle matter such as dress codes) totally unnecessary, and more importantly than that, Muslims should ask themselves why they are unable to avoid sinful practices by their own choice. Should not all Muslims (for that matter all human beings) strive to be "good" individuals as required by their creed and religion.

I had once asked at a high-level meeting on combating social ills, "why is incest more endemic in Muslim families?" This is a more serious ill that we need to address, and it does not involve religious sensitivities, therefore it would be ‘easier’ to combat.

Shamsul: I’d like to remind Pakatan Rakyat supporters that the big picture is much more than beer and babi. The real issue is corruption. The real issue is about transparency and good governance. The real issue is about our economic survival. The real issue is about "harga barang naik".

So when I think about it, regardless of advancement that we have achieved,
Malaysia has failed to see the bigger picture. We still focus on the tree and have forgotten about the forest. Well, grow up Malaysians and get your priority right.

MK: The ‘end justifies the means’ sort of argument truly comes alive these days. Muslims forbid alcohol consumption so they argue that alcohol beverage cannot be sold in Muslim-majority areas. Apply this situation to another scenario. Take for example, what if Hindus forbid sale of beef in Hindu-majority areas? They too can argue for the ban based on their religious tenets.

If we accept this notion as socially 'correct', are we going to argue that alcohol cannot be sold in
MAS airplanes because of Muslim-majority passengers and beef cannot be served because it offends Hindu passengers’ sensitivities and Buddhists can argue that serving meat on board is offensive to them too. Food for thought.

Anak Perelih: What Hasan Ali mentioned was not a blanket ban but a restriction, and these restrictions only applies to the ‘kedai runcit’, 7-Elevens and Muslim restaurants and only in Muslim-majority areas. In these areas, those who manned the counter especially at 7-Eleven are Muslims.

And based on the comments in Malaysiakini’s Vox Populi, I found that nearly all the writers are ignorant about Islamic law concerning alcohol consumption. Muslim are not only forbidden to drink alcohol but banned from all activities in the production as well as selling and serving alcohol. Thus Muslims who work in 7-Eleven feel that their rights as a Muslim have been violated when they have to sell alcohol.

Having a shop selling alcohol in a Muslim-majority area is akin to having a shop selling beef in a Hindu-majority area. And this what makes the residents in Section 8 to protest against the selling of alcohol at the 7-Eleven outlets there.

I felt that we should have more controls on outlets selling alcohol as being practiced in some states in the
US where minors are not allowed to buy alcohol there. Minors and Muslims should not allowed to buy it.

Some procedure and checking should be implemented and I think the only outlets that can do this are licensed to sell alcohol as they need to maintained their license. Other outlets like what we currently have will not really implement this checking properly as what we can see with the selling of cigarettes to minors.

JKS: Banning alcohol will definitely help a few groups - smugglers, organised gangs, corrupt law enforcers and oppressive governments.

Forcing liquor underground will boost black market profiteers. Underworld gangsters who protect smugglers will then get to diversify business, strengthen their influence, and add income.

Corrupt custom and police officers who protect the gangsters will share in the income. An oppressive government can then protect the corrupt law enforcement officers from prosecution to get their support to stay in power. Simple logic.

Banning also implies a threat of punishment. A threat is not a threat unless you are willing to fulfill it. How far are you willing to go to punish offenders if they continue to drink alcohol? Verbal abuse? Flogging? Maiming? Killing? No matter how conservative and well-intended you are, think of this before you support banning any bad habit.

If you want to stop alcohol-related sins, start with education, for example, and voluntary social conditioning, not legislation.

Jesmine: If we want to be a Bangsa Malaysia, we should be instilling values and religious teachings for our respective races. If this is done appropriately and effectively, the choices one makes would reflect our true religious values even if we are in the midst of bad influences. Calling for alcohol ban is inappropriate for a Bangsa Malaysia!

3 Response to "Mat Rempit/Bohsia/Incest more serious problme than drinking!!!"

  1. Dr`Joe Said,

    I don't really understand what all the fuss is about selling alcohol in a muslim majority area compared to a non-muslim majority. As I know, alcohol is haram in Islam? However, can anybody tell me if the taxes collected from selling alcohol is halal. I am sure Government is collecting plenty of taxes just from the price of it. I bet the BN dont split the taxes from selling beer and babi for use by non-muslims. Woulfn't that be haram as well? I don't know the answer. Probably someone can clarify.


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