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Shall we revisit Simon's Posting again?

Posted by Da Maniac On Thursday, July 02, 2009
With news on what is going on over at the Pakatan Rakyat front, I think it's best that we re-visit Simon Templar's post titled: Pakatan Rakyat is Just Another Cirque De Soleil.

Read it here in English.

If your england not that powderful, then read the one here in Bahasa Melayu (or is it Bahasa Malaysia?)

True enough, the Pakatan parties just cannot help but hang their laundry in public, much to the dismay of many hopeful people.

I cannot help but to feel utter disappointment with the PR. They just can't get their act together and now their leaders are trying to salvage whatever they have left to keep it together. But with DAP pulling out from the PAS-led state government in Kedah, and PAS Youth and UMNO Youth 'flirting' with each other about 'intellectual' discussions, my fear is that come GE13, the rakyat have no alternative to choose from because it would be back to where we were before with 3 or 4 cornered fights, diluting votes and UMNO/BN will win (yet again) and continue to rape and sodomise the rakyat 'till kingdom come.

I'm trying to cling on to whatever hope there is but I can see that hope.... is slowly... slipping away. Frak!!!

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