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Posted by Simon Templar On Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I see this massive furore over Tun M's article Kaki Dalam Kasut. The very blunt Khoo Kay Peng responded almost instantaneously and held no punches back. I can see where the both of them are coming from. Tun being a realist; while the very intelligent KKP, in my opinion, is sometimes too much of an idealist.

Hey, no offence KKP. You are one of the better guys around. And I tabik you for your style.

I know I am gonna be getting a whole lot of stick for being on the side of dear old Tun. And 2 days in a row at it. But, truth be told, Tun had just spoken the truth.

The Malays are in power but the Chinese are in control of this country. Why? Because the elitist Malays who are in power are whores to wealth. How many among the 'elite' Malays in the corridors of power truly have their heart for the people or even the Malays? And how many of these Malays in the corridors of power aren't at where they are for money, money and money?

The Chinese know this. And they also know that they do not have the numbers to create among them a Prime Minister. The Chinese are realists. They are survivors. Realising that it is not possible for them to form the government, they instead find ways to control the government. People say that the Jews and the Chinese are the smartest - and if you asked me, I say they probably think alike too. The Chinese in Malaysia control the Malaysian government the way the Jews control the US government. Something new? Think about it.

To the Chinese, and this must be the worst kept secret, the Malays in power are lazy and greedy. Easy money. Easy money. And with this knowledge, the Chinese gets their way by providing financial support for Mr. Malay. Patronage. I help put you up there, you take care of me. Then we plunder together. Since Mr. Malay is too lazy to do the actual dirty work to earn the money, he will always need the Chinese to earn him his dough. Some of you call this cronyism. But this is not cronyism. The Chinese call this playing it smart.

Count me the number of Chinese in Malaysia's top 10 richest. Extend that to the top 100. Do you think it's easy to get that many projects with that many zeros in value? The Gohs, the Tans, and the Yeohs are the ones who truly decide where the country is heading. They come up with a master plan and their toy boy Menteri finds ways to implement them. This is how it is done, not the other way. Malaysia is not planned based on Kementerian wanting to this and then implement. Those with interests come up with the plan. The Menteri simply gets paid. Who looks like the real masters here?

And that's at the upper level. What about implementation?

The Malays have been enriched in the past couple of decades but only a select few truly benefits from it. That's because the Chinese have created a 'structure' where the ultimate wealth will flow among the Chinese. Let's take an example of a construction project. The government allocates RM100 million to build a road. The Menteri and his cronies award the project to a Bumi company. The Menteri and his thieves take a 15% cut. The Bumi company keeps 5% of the project value. The project is then ali-baba-ed to some Chinese sub-contractors. (Tun said "Mungkin semua ini disebabkan kesalahan orang Melayu sendiri. Mereka tidak guna peluang yang disediakan bagi mereka".) The Chinese sub-contractors on the other hand no longer sub it down. They share the balance of RM80 million among Chinese businessmen via provision of labour, materials, freight, and what is and what not.

This 'sharing' is made possible because the Chinese have extended their interests in all forms of businesses in this country. And we all know how much the Cina Ah Peks don't trust the Malays in doing jobs for them. Heck, they don't even trust the Malays to deliver ordered raw materials. You can't really blame them when the Malays have such poor track records. So where did the wealth ultimately end up with. You heard me right, the circles of Chinese. And a vicious circle is thus created.

And this is where Tun gets frustrated. The Chinese will not change a system that treats them even better than an open market. Whenever the Malays try to come up with a new system, the Chinese will manipulatively re-invent and send the lazy Malays back to square one. The Chinese will fight to maintain status quo. In no part of the transaction do they lose a single sen. The portion 'retained' by the Malays is not even their profit. It's the public's money, stupid - the project has been awarded at a price much higher than that in a free market. The net profit may also even be higher than that in a free market.

Of course there are some smart alec Malays who tried to break this 'structure'. But without the expertise and work ethics, they ended up shitting themselves in the pants with the likes of MRR2. Tun touched on this in his pengayuh beca analogy.

So, the Chinese have no social ethics. Sure they did not ask for grant or subsidy, but they damn well manipulated the system. Too bad that they are too smart!

You just have to give it to them. The Chinese are street smart, hard working, entrepreneurial and most important of all, they are realists.

So yes, the Chinese controls the nation and wealth of the country like what Tun said. He is not senile la. And to proof that even further, lets compare the wealth of Malays and Chinese based on categories; apple to apple.

At the top category of super rich with massive businesses, the Chinese on the average are richer than the Malays.

At the lower category of rich with businesses the size of SMEs to large PLCs, you cannot deny that there is definitely way more Chinese than Malays.

At the medium category of well to do income earners and small businesses, lets be honest and again give it to the Chinese. They head this corporation and that MNC. You see small Chinese businesses everywhere.

At the below medium category of good income earners, look around your office and peek into your managers' rooms, and I shall not say much more.

At categories below that, things might start to get even. Or it might not.

So, was Tun wrong in what he said?

Side note. Khoo Kay Peng, you mentioned Tun's super rich sons. What do you expect? Which man do not first enrich himself and his family first? This is human's nature. In which country does this not exist? Look at the US. The elites are always wealthy. Just that they don't to it that obviously. So, maybe Tun was not very subtle with his boys' wealth. But that's how it is. This is the real world. To me, it's a foregone conclusion that the leader(s) will take. But I only hope that they make sure that they do their job in leading the nation. The country must benefit from his leadership. And this I think Tun M did. He built Malaysia. No questions about that. Badawi on the other hand, took way much more in a much shorter time and gave nothing back in return. As to you struggling to make ends meet, your destiny is in your own hands...

11 Response to "Who Says That Tun Is Wrong?"

  1. WChinner Said,

    A gift from our current PM which is another bollocks. "One Malaysia" means the Chinese, Indians & our Orang Asli(the original people) will have the same equal rights as the melayu(the immigrants too)?


  2. Joan Doe Said,

    Top 100 richest Malaysian? I bet many of the UMNO guys are in if it wasn't for the ill gotten money hidden somewhere via proxy.

    Khir Toyo can afford a RM24 million house, tell him how much he has in his bank account? No to mention those from Sabah and Sarawak with all the illegal timber sales together with Tan Sri Tiong.

    Love it, hate it. I bet Malaysian Chinese have a sizable investment in China and they are contributing to Malaysia's economy indirectly.

    Since these racist people hate Chinese so much, go tell it to the people of China. say you hate CHINESE. TELL, I dare you racist bastard to say it, tomorrow, our economy will go back to square one...


  3. Joachim Said,

    The truth is perhaps somewhere in between. Your arguments make sense because you have drawn very broad statements (bold one at that!)

    In any country, the rich have vested interests and they'll try to secure it through the politicians. So it's easy to take offence as 'jews' and 'chinese' but we should not get too easily offended lar.

    In my humble opinion, I think Tun is taking this stand because his policies to try (or some say appear to) bring the Malays up failed and he needs to put the blame on someone. He gave them opportunities to rise up but instead they failed him by becoming rent-seekers instead and this gave rise to the culture of 'patronage'. Are the Chinese to be blamed? Yes, some of it and are the Malays to be blamed to be taking the path of least resistance? 'Human nature' as you say perhaps. A shift of mentality was not present? Perhaps.

    But Mahatir's biggest mistake was that he led by example that the means justifies the ends. He usurped the Rule of Law thus destroying transparency/accountability and any resemblance of check and balance.

    Anyone can throw a finger and cast broad accusations and label it as a 'racial' problem. But will anyone stand up and take the blame? Will anyone actually be accountable? Is there any check and balance to ensure that policies are achieving their stated aims? No.

    The bottomline is.. Malaysia is country lacking in principles. It's easy to blame one another but with principles at least we see past the colour of skins or our respective backgrounds and hopefully will cast aside such generalisations.


  4. SotPlug Said,

    True, the Chinese are in control. But average Chinese will not be proud of it. And I believe neither do the other normal (non-elite) citizens.

    Still, isn't it too easy to just blame those smart, bribing Chinese? Remember that we, the average rakyat, did not vote for the businessmen. We voted to the government. (Let's just assume our vote DID matter.) Now who's not doing their job? The businessmen or the government? And it was a government Tun headed for how many years was that?


  5. Junah Said,

    Really? The Chinese are in control? Please tell that to Teoh Beng Hock and his family.


  6. Neo Said,

    Is Chinese in control of the country?
    The answer is no.
    - This country consist of(my guesstimate)
    1. Government (20%)
    2. Parliament (15%)
    3. Judiciary (15%)
    4. Population/Manpower/religion (20%)
    5. Economy (30%)

    I admit that Chinese are better in economy. However, i estimate that we running are 2/3 (66%) of the economy. Which in total is only about 20% of the country

    There are other more important thing then money. Even if you are filthy rich but u are sick/cancer/disease also no point.


  7. Yan Said,

    Wouldn't it be too generalized to claim that the "Chinese" is control of Malaysia?? It is only a small number of "Chinaman businessmen" amongst the Chinese.
    Somebody has once said that you look for Chinese professional engineers to build your house, but you look for Indian lawyer to fight your court case or Indian doctors when you are sick. (An Indian lawyer & a Chinaman can even decide who to be Chief judge?) Can we draw a general statement from here that which ethnic race control this or that?? If you think "yes", then tell that to Teoh Beng Hock & Kugan's families.


  8. Basuh Baju Said,

    It makes sense bro! Well said!

    for me, the vicious circle that u're mentioned above must be changed.

    we don't envy what the chinese get. But we're truly sad when the elite malays don't help ordinary malay. worse, the chinese also seems to reluctant to help malay..

    just some point to ponder.

    When PNB launches a new size of investment namely ASM with 3 billion units. You see, all units allocated to the chinese and indian are snapped out within week! But unit for malay? still available. and now, PNB must sell these units to the chinese and indian too. just because malays are not buying it..

    I don't want to be labeled as a racist. But I'm a realist also. to make this country develop we must develop all races..



  9. Cruzeiro Said,

    "Whores for Wealth"

    You got that part right - and that is what is sucking the life blood of the country and the people who mahathir claims are "handicapped" and the penarik beca.
    Not the Chinese, Jew, Jap, Indian or Arab - just the whores for wealth, whom he encouraged. Period.

    In other words, TDM spoke a truth, but lied through his teeth about the cause of it - by not mentioning it, though. These whores he nurtured want this to be perpetuated - and that is another truth he does not wish to reveal.

    Bottomline is - TDM said what he did to simply provoke the racist chauvinism that he is so well known for.


  10. Blue Grass Said,

    Junah & Yan - Teoh Beng Hock? Simon said in earlier post that he was at Kelana Jaya gathering.

    You got attend to support? Or busy shopping with your gerfren on Sun?

    If you din attend, then don't simply talk.

    Couch commentator. Talk c*ck oni.


  11. Junah Said,

    Oh dear....Blue Grass I wasn't being sarcastic towards Simon. I know he was at the gathering. I was aiming my sarcasm at Tun.

    Guess that's the thing about text.


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