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Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, July 17, 2009

I am terribly disturbed and upset by the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock (may he rest in peace). And am sure many Malaysians with a heart and conscience is finding it difficult to grasp the logic of this event. Emotions are running high now nationwide for sure. To quote Jeff Ooi, "The coffee-shop crowd is very angry. The restaurant crowd is very angry. The whole town is very angry."

RPK was quick with an article on this. I don't know what his source is and am therefore not taking that as the gospel truth (yet). But the people are putting the pieces together on their own and all stories seem to lean towards the same - micro details apart. That's how much distrust we have for the government.

Malaysian Insider reported that the body was found at 1.30 pm but at 6.30 pm, the body was still not moved. Why? Why was Teoh's death not been made known immediately? MACC wants to prevent the body 'from being tempered with' and hence no quick action could be taken? If everyone is co-operative, am sure the forensics and PR's experts could have processed the scene much quicker. Have you got no respect for the dead? Mother fuckers! MACC, you have guilt written all over you. Your stories don't blardie jive. Your stories don't fucking make sense.

I am an emotional person. Tell me, why I should be any different today.

I have been saying it over and over again - do not let Kugan die in vain. Pursue the case and bring the culprit to justice. The message has to be sent to PDRM and MACC. But no. Every Malaysian is a fucker for himself. The Malays could not care less. Neither do they want to prosecute their own kind. To the Chinese, Kugan is 'just another Indian'. The Indians tried to fight but Samy Vellu insist on being the asshole he is. But that's how it is in Malaysia. No one cares when another fellow Malaysian dies. Life is cheap in this country.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fucking race. Fucking race. Fucking race. Why must everything is this country be about race? Why? So, you like it racial? I'll play the race game with you.

Come on you 'protectors' of the Chinese. Time for you to stand up and be counted. Chinese blood has been spilt. Literally. What are you descendents of the dragons going to do?

Editors of Chinese newspapers. Remember your first day of journalism? Pursue the truth. Time for you to wake up from your fucking self denials. You have always claim that you act in the interests of the Chinese. Now a Chinese man is dead. Are you willing to put your career at stake, Mr. Editor? Are you willing to put your publication license at stake?

Huh? So what are you going to do Sin Chew Daily. Your former employee in now dead. Do you have the balls? Do you have the BALLS? (This article has been emailed to

Nanyang Siang Pau. What are you going to do? Check your trousers. Are your nuts still there? (This article has been emailed to

China Press. How? Found your eunuch container? Can your balls still be re-attached? (This article has been emailed to

'Champions' of Chinese, MCA. Are you willing to put your political differences aside and stand up for a fellow Chinese? Are you willing to go against your political masters to live up to what you claim is the objective and purpose of MCA? You dare or not? Ha, Ong Tee Keat? Chua Soi Lek? (This article has been emailed to

Gerakan. Ahhh... Never mind. Ah Koon boh lam pha*. (This article has been emailed to

* Hokkien for 'no balls'

Mr. Prime Minister. Take my advice. Don't cover up. The bad news is whatever cover up you are about to do will not work. The public has already made up their mind. If the 'ball-lesses' above found their nuts, then heads will have to roll. In any decent country, the MACC chief is already a goner by now. The Home Minister should be counting his days. They may not have blood on their hands, but as the leaders, they will have to take the shit.

And I hope you realise that your 65% approval ratings has just gone down the drain. Not that I believe in the fucking numbers at the very first fucking place.

One for the road. Nazri shaddup lah. Soh hai!

15 Response to "Life Is Cheap In Malaysia"

  1. Anonymous Said, sure one hard hitter! I like that since everyone is talking about race! Hit them hard boy! Fuck them hard!


  2. luischen Said,

    In the midst of our anger
    Please pray for this young man
    whom I believe was a victim of power abuse
    May he rest in peace

    I wish he will not die in vain
    as an inspiration for all Malaysian to WAKE UP, disregard whether we are Malays, Chinese, Indian etc


  3. lleekh Said,

    Very strong words. Very appropriate. Let the champions of the Chinese speak up or close shop.


  4. kopitelp16 Said,

    Strong words and straight to the point.

    Like you have said, in any half-decent country, the MACC taiko already tapao but here, .....

    To the PM or the other taikos, we have short memories. Nothing will be done as the deceased is not UMNO/BN linked.



  5. Eric Said,

    Please stop bringing race into any issue. Malaysians of all shades have died in Malaysian enforcement custody: Kugan, Adi Anwar and now poor Teoh. This human rights issue has nothing to do with champions of whatever.

    1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.


  6. wong Said,

    hit hard hit harder dont stop.....what do u wee chho keong indirectly responsible for this death?
    he started the fire on his own kind?


  7. Neo Said,

    i allocate :-

    20% of blame on Wee choo keong of PKR.
    another 20% on Azmin Ali of PKR

    Both 'washing dirty linen in public'!!!
    without they stupid comment. Non of the Selangor State assemblyman will be investigated!!!


  8. The perpetrator of this crime will get away. This is expected. There is no justice even for super high profile cases like Kugan, Altantuya and Canny Ong.

    Furthermore, Malaysian have short memory and can easily be bribed with short term money. The police and MACC will come up with "stupid" excuse that will insult everyone's intelligence cause there is nothing anyone of us can do. Absolutely nothing.


  9. Electrotech Said,

    UMNO is responsible..!!!


  10. hiroshi yama Said,

    Let the champions of the Chinese speak up or close shop.....
    Malaysian keep dreaminglah..
    Champion of the Chinese, Indian, Dusun murud and other non Muslim leaders hiding their balls in the skirt... selling nyamah..better ask them to sell C**B** at brothe House.


  11. Eric Said,

    Neverforget, Darren Kang, Murdered by Nazri's son in Steven Corner Sri Hartamas.


  12. shivali Said,

    Its has been going for a long time.. 13 Indian youth was shot dead by the police many years ago all in one incident,

    Also a group of 18 MIC member coming back from a meeting was shot dead, Ask Samy Vellu


  13. zewt Said,

    when malaysians hit the mamak store to eat nasi lemak, teh tarik and roti canai... the good feeling of a country filled with good food will fill their brain and they will forget all these.


  14. Zanie Said,

    Hey..I'm a Malay and I cried for Teoh too. He's a Malaysian too, is he not? No, I don't think race is the barrier here. The truth is people are still afraid. We are living in a police state, remember?Malaysians just don't have guts, RPK says balls..yes we have lost our balls!When those opposition leaders call for peoples' assembly, only a few would turn up. And they would easily become the target of violence by the police. Teresa Kok was dragged and she see any fellow helped her from the police? No, malaysians are coward you know.


  15. Carrie Said,

    I AM VERY ANGRY TOO!!I am in my early 20s, a fresh grad. Guess what? What makes me pissed off more is alot of my peers still asked: huh, who is Beng Hock? I feel like slapping them in the face. Yea they are 'highly educated', but never read the papers or care about politics back home in malaysia.

    Poor BH, please RIP.


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