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Posted by Neo On Thursday, July 23, 2009
- So now they cane you if you drink alcoholic drinks. Wow!!! im amazed that our politician/judiciary got their priorities wrong.
- Dear politician/judges, please get your priorities right. Drinking is not a crime/do not cause crime. Whipping people is a CRIME!!!
- How can you muslim sleep soundly at night?
- physically causing hurt to female/lady is totally unacceptable in malaysia!!!
- Even if it's murder, you are not to whip a lady!!!
- Malaysia must be guided by love and knowledge.
- Malaysia must not go down the road of other failed nation like afganistan/pakistan of punishing and hatred
- To all muslim, please educate and spread love. Do on to people what you want others to do on to you.


'Prison can carry out syariah caning'

By V. Anbalagan

KUALA LUMPUR: A syariah lawyer said the part-time model who was sentenced to six strokes of the rotan for drinking beer could be caned in a civil prison if all conditions are met.

Muhamad Burok said Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno must be sent to a prison accompanied by a syariah court order that imposed the sentence.

"She must be punished by a person who is trained to execute the caning," said Muhamad, who is also adviser to the Malaysian Syariah Lawyers Association.

Muhamad said he was made to understand that prison staff were trained to cane according to syariah requirements.

However, he had no knowledge of women being caned for violating syariah.

He was responding to a statement by Kartika's lawyer, Mohd Zuki Che Muhamad Ghani, that prison authorities could not carry out the caning as the syariah court judgment did not include a jail term.

On Monday, the syariah court in Kuantan sentenced Kartika, 32, to six strokes of the rotan and fined her RM5,000 for drinking beer at a nightclub. She paid the fine.

This is the second time the syariah court sentenced a woman to be caned.

The first case involved a waitress and a man caught together with Kartika during the same raid by the state religious department at 1.20am on July 12, 2007.

The 38-year-old man from Kemaman, Terengganu, and the 22-year-old waitress from Selangor, were also fined RM5,000 each and were sentenced to six strokes but the caning has not been carried out as the appeals were pending.

The same syariah court in June 2005 meted out a similar sentence on two brothers for drinking beer and the authorities were also in a dilemma as the penalty was not accompanied by a jail sentence.

It is unclear whether the brothers were caned.

Meanwhile in Ipoh, Kartika said she wanted to get the ordeal over with so that she could focus on her life with her family and two children.

"I will accept this earthly punishment, let Allah decide my punishment in the hereafter," she said yesterday.

Kartika, who has been living in Singapore for the last 15 years after marrying a local citizen, said her husband was aware of her desire to undergo the caning and he respected her decision.

"I want to advise youngsters to learn from my experience and not cause shame to themselves and their families."

On Tuesday, Mohd Zuki said she would not be appealing against the sentence.

2 Response to "Welcome to Malaysia, soon to be Afganistan@ Failed Nation"

  1. shan Said,

    yet another case of stupidity of lawmakers. i don't even know why the syariah court has such powers.

    Why don't they focus on more pressing issues like the port klang project/khir toyo/teoh? And i could hardly read anything about Najib on the papers. Is that man dead?

    i shouldn't be asking WHY actually. This is Msia, anything can happen.


  2. WChinner Said,

    That fella is partially in heaven... till he return from mecca. hopefully his god is giving him a good lecture. Hmmm... is he back? i wonder.
    I'm afraid is NOT about malaysia. Is about which monsters are governing this lovely country. Looking back in the 50s, the muslims were great. Short skirts and booze are nothing to shout about. Though there is a technology advancement but "their" thinking is getting "stone aged".


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