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RIP Teoh Beng Hock

Posted by Da Maniac On Saturday, July 18, 2009
Simon has spoke his mind, and it was a fiery point of view indeed. Myself too am filled with anger and frustration about the tragedy, not because he is Chinese or any other particular race, but that he died in such a tragically mysterious way. MACC has been as usual over zealous in investigating the opposition and deafening silence when it comes to people form the ruling party. This whole tragedy stinks to the highest of heavens.

When the IGP and Home Minister has to step in to reassure that the tragedy would be investigated thoroughly and professionally, the more it stinks of a cover up.

So are you frustrated about what is going on? Why not stand up and be counted for! Don't just sit down on your confortable chairs cursing and swearing. Physical number counts.... not online votes or how many members there are in any Facebook group. Will you stand up and be there to show your support and stand up! Show your solidarity and justice for Teoh!

Justice for Teoh Beng Hock events

19 July (Sunday)4.30 pm: Justice for Beng Hock Solidarity Gathering (organized by Selangor state government)Stadium Kelana Jaya

20 July (Monday)10 am: Funeral Beng Hock’s family home, Alor Gajah

21 July (Tuesday)10 am: Memorandum to Prime Minister to demand for Royal Commission of Inquiry (Pakatan Youth Wings)PM’s Office, Putrajaya

21 July (Tuesday)8 pm: Justice for Beng Hock Solidarity Gathering Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang, Jalan Utama, Penang

22 July (Wednesday)8 pm: Justice for Beng Hock Solidarity Gathering Malacca DAP Headquarter

23 July (Thursday)8 pm: Justice for Beng Hock Solidarity Gathering Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, KL

Why should you? Read RPK has to

3 Response to "RIP Teoh Beng Hock"

  1. oh yeah, you fellas out there better at least be there at one nearest to you

    walk the talk, rakyat malaysia, walk the talk

    hidup rakyat


  2. ERIK OOI Said,

    Dear Teoh,

    You are our HERO. Though I do not know you but I respected your rights, to live, to love, to belief and you left us your LEGACY, stand for your right!

    I am in my 50's, a leader in my field and as a man I am not ashamed each time I saw your photos, my tears swelled and cry. I do have my children close to you age and understand how your parents will feel, likewise your love ones.

    What the present BN regime had done to you is outright cruel and we will not let you in vain


  3. Lawa Wan Said,

    Saudara Teoh,

    Kami tidak akan lupa pengorbanan kau; you are our hero. We will do what is needful



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