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Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, May 22, 2009
Religion is a hot topic in Malaysia. Almost everything in Malaysia is somehow related to religion. God. I often ask myself if I believe in God. Hmmm... Sorry, I cannot answer that. Truth is I don't know. I guess to 'see' God, you need faith. I am more ready to believe something that is physical in nature, for now. Maybe my day with faith will come, maybe it never will. Anyway, my spiritual side is not what I want to talk about. It is if there is truly God (somewhere up there), then God is looking at what UMNO is up to.

UMNO is spiralling. Spiralling out of control many may say, and Najib is trying crazy hard to keep things is perspective (and also to manage his personal problems of which nobody should talk about). But they didn't mention anything about whispering. So lets whisper, very softly, ALTANTUYA. Back to UMNO. So, Anwar is sniping them. With mostly by-election victories so far. Everyone is saying that Anwar wants to keep this momentum going; and then came Penanti. According to RPK, Najib is not going to give Anwar a victory; and so UMNO have confirmed that they are not going to contest at Penanti. It's Anwar's ploy they said. It is an unnecessary by election. And UMNO (or is it BN? or are they both the same?) is not going to be fooled by Anwar's ploy.

But just when Najib thought that he has out-smart Anwar, God played his hand. Another assembly man passed away this morning - Manek Urai (Kelantan) assemblyman, Ismail Yaakob. So, what is Najib going to do now? He surely cannot bypass this by-election, can he? What excuse is he going to offer to bypass this by-election? That this is a seat in Kelantan where UMNO has no chance of winning? Or UMNO should "concentrate fully on the economy and welfare of the rakyat" that it has no time for by-elections?

Jeng jeng jeng... interesting times, people. Interesting times. And let's give this by-election some further twist. This seat has got 99.3% Malay voters. (I don't like to term Malaysians by their ethnic background - but this is how Malaysian politics is). A true fight of the reflection of where the Malay support is. UMNO has been claiming that they have not been doing well in recent by-elections because the Chinese and Indians have gone on to support Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat and that the Malays are still strongly behind UMNO. That the Malays still believe in the struggles of UMNO. And that the Malays know that only UMNO will stand up for them. Let's put all this to test. I wouldn't say I am 100% confident that PAS will win this by-election. But at least 95% confident. (Hehe...)

Am sure Najib is having another bout of pounding headache now. Sorry Mr. Prime Minister, but this is good entertainment for us. Too bad for Najib that this popularity contest will have to be held in PAS' fort of Kelantan. Maybe God is watching. Or maybe it's the ghost of Voldemort.

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  1. Da Maniac Said,

    Yea. Just as they think they have outsmarted Anwar, another by-election is in place due to the demise of Ismail (God rest his soul). It is interesting to see what kinda excuse UMNO/BN is going to give this time round.

    Guess Najib is fighting many fronts dealing with external and internal issues. I wonder if he already has a word with our new Foreign Minister on his 'excellent' performance at the press conference in DC with Hilary Clinton. Hahah!


  2. Najib will have to get UMNO to contest. There is really no justification on not contesting this seat. Unless he is saying that BN is not interested to win back Kelantan. But who knows, Najib is not a strategist and also not very smart. Will not be surprising if he did something stupid. Again.

    I saw part of Najib interview in Singapore and he looked lifeless, bland and unimpressive. The sad thing is Najib's lack of talent, intelligence and charisma is matched only by his deputy Muhyiddin and of course our Malaysia Foreign Minister.

    How did UMNO screw up so badly to end up with such leadership? Surely, even within a corrupt party, you can find some smart and presentable talents.


  3. Sigh... That's the depressing thing about this country. Smart people? We have. Plenty. Good people in UMNO also we have. But it is the UMNO warlords who decide who leads UMNO. UMNO being UMNO, the warlords are not going to put someone who will not ultimately benefit them. So, there goes KuLi. He is simply too good for Malaysians; so much so that the UMNO warlords will be at the losing end.

    To change this country, we need to change UMNO. But UMNO will not change. As such, we take them down.


  4. hey, this ibrahim ahmad guy sounds like me, talks like but is not me...


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