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ftoopid PKR

Posted by Da Maniac On Thursday, May 28, 2009

What on earth is PKR doing? The recent Aminah tapes did capture explicitly 'scenarios' in which both the PKR men had indeed proposed some sort of 'package' for Aminah. What on earth were they thinking? They actually think that Aminah was a threat to the PKR candidate Mansor? Yougottabeflippinkiddingme!

PKR needs to get their act together la. PKR is manned by some jokers and their way of doing things are sooooooo similar to what UMNO/BN does. Personally, I think PKR is a weak link in the PR alliance. DAP has pretty good people on board who are knowledgable and professional. PAS is known to be the cleanerst of all parties.... PKR... what we have seen is 2 frogs and loads of questionable leaders.

ftoopid PKR.

2 Response to "ftoopid PKR"

  1. PKR, though the weakest link, is the only link holding PAS and DAP together within Pakatan.

    I do agree with Maniac that PKR has a lot of questionable people. Hopefully, over time, all these questionable people will be purged out of PKR. Otherwise, people might perceive PKR to be another UMNO in the making.


  2. Da Maniac Said,

    Agreed that PKR or rather DSAI is the glue. More purging should be done over the next 2 years before 13GE.


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