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Posted by Da Maniac On Wednesday, May 27, 2009
I dunno about you guys but I think I'm suffering from fatigue from being overly frustrated with the current government and the recent ridiculous actions of the UMNO/BN police. I call them UMNO/BN police cos that is just what they are. They don't deserved to be called police because they are not protecting the people that they have sworn to protect. Such injustice indeed. And it pains me to see that not many people around me give a hoot about it. All they would just say "Wah... liddat also can ah?" and then go back to their own life. Where is the uproar? I'm not saying that we should take to the streets. Far from that. Perhaps the stifled MSM has muted such uproar... I don't know.

BUt yea... I'm surffering from fatigue. There's so much anger in me. They just don't care about what the people perception of them eh? I think the current police leaders are beyond redemption. If the leaders are crap... so would the followers.

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  1. i suggest you take some brands chicken essence. their new poster girl, camelia, is hawt!

    either that or you can take nescafe. poster girl maya karin - hawt hawt hawt!


  2. The police has too much dirt on themselves. UMNO/BN and the police fate are both intertwined. If the police exposes UMNO wrongdoing, it will come back and bite them in their ass cause UMNO probably have truckload of police wrongdoing.

    It is in the police's interest to protect UMNO. Then UMNO will protect the police. Make lots of sense to me.

    As for people getting angry, I guess people are being practical. If we can't change the problem, then we just have to accept it... at least till the next GE


  3. Da Maniac Said,

    Simon: YOu consume these products because their poster girls are hawt? Hahah!

    LtD: It makes sense. Everyone has too much sh*t in their hands so they need to look out for one another. I can't wait for the next GE la.


  4. maniac, actually i don't la. i can't stand chicken essence. it's like diluted kicap!

    and nescafe cannot la. i only take decaf. i know you are gonna call me a woose, but i pening la after coffee. plus, pee stinks after coffee! yucks! gimme my guinness anytime.


  5. Da Maniac Said,

    Simon... you're right. You Woose!!! :P


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