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Posted by Simon Templar On Sunday, May 24, 2009
Aiyoh... Our police are at it again. They have been arresting people attending peaceful candlelight vigils, people who wear black, lawyers... It looks like they arrest anyone on their whims. Our police are beginning to look like sheriffs from old American cowboy movies... (yeeee hah...) The not so macho version that is.

My gold fish told me our Malaysian police is turning our country into a lawless state. Some say the country is now a police state. But if the police don't even give a damn about the law, then it is a lawless state la. Betui? I agree with my gold fish. The law does not matter in this country anymore, it seems. According to my gold fish, our police carry on their actions (in the guise of carrying out their duties) based on brain-storming sessions they have over teh tarik, a constable's dream, and apparently inspirations of ranking officers while taking a dump. Location of human waste discharge is unknown though.

You know, in developed countries, the police chief would have have to resign for all these rubbish. Regardless of whose fault it is, the leader will have to take the heat and bear responsibility. Look at the UK case where the super-intendent had to resign because he made an unlawful arrest. That looks weird to me because we Malaysians are so used to seeing such things on a daily basis. I didn't even know that if a policeman arrests a person and cannot find fault with him, the policeman is abusing his power. I always thought they can arrest you, find fault with you and then charge you. Maybe unlawful arrests are allowed in Malaysia. I don't know. I am not very good with the law. I mean, else the Bar Council would have known right? Phark la. That's why Malaysia is not viewed very kindly anywhere out of Malaysia. Damn, I know of many in Malaysia who don't view Malaysia very kindly too (in much harsher choice of words).

Back in school days, our teachers used to tell us to respect the police. They are an important element of the society (konon); one who is there to protect us citizens (huh?). Last time bodoh-bodoh accept what the teacher said. (Education in Malaysia is not structured to make you think and challenge. Accept as it is. Truth is most of us weren't even listening in class la.) But tell me la, how to respect our men in blue? They don't even respect their very own institution and the badge they wear on their chest. Instead they try to strike fear in us. Standard operating procedure of not very smart people - where you cannot garner respect, scare them. Similar to where you can't win an argument, raise your voice to intimidate. But most Malaysians don't even fear them nowadays - that explains our high crime rate! Nobody has anything good to say about our Malaysian police. It does look to me that they are very close to being the pariahs of our society.

So, our country sucks. Our leaders suck. Our judges suck. Our police sucks (big time). Hey hang on. That makes all key components of democracy in Malaysia suck. So who are we citizens of this country that sucks? Suckers? Tiu...

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  1. a mat salleh finding it difficult to live in malaysia with the poor standard of our police force -


  2. Da Maniac Said,

    I like what Tunku Aziz wrote in the Malaysian Insider over the past week. Speaks volume and it's spot on!


  3. ST and Tunku Aziz are spot on. The police force is another sad sad example of things gone horribly wrong in Malaysia.

    Unfortunately, it is in a death spiral. The crappier and more corrupt they are, the more they attract people with dubious characters. This is further reinforced by poor working conditions and pathetic pay, I think some filipino maids get paid more. Coupled that with "examplary" role model (with a HEAVY tinge of sarcasm), there is really no way the police force can improve.

    Now that we are in this situation, how do we dig ourselves out of this hole? Who can we rely on to 'police' the police force? Who can we rely on to transform and effect change? Again, sadly, the answer is the politicians. And we know how well thought of are our politicians. Another vicious cycle... sigh...


  4. There will NEVER be change to any of Malaysia's government agencies, police force and judiciary system as along as there remain only 1 ruling party in this country.

    If you want to see changes, vote in a new government come the next GE.

    We MUST have a 2 party system in Malaysia if we want to see changes.


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