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Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Yes. You read me right. Pakatan Rakyat discriminates. For all that they preach about equality and justice, I cannot help but notice how they discriminate certain faction of the Malaysian society.

If you have noticed the people who have been causing PR problem, you will also come to realise that they are former PR component party members who share the same sentiments - that they have not been given the same treatment as the others in their parties.

1. Hee Yit Foong

She claims that everyone got a Camry but her. And that she was not respected while she was in DAP.

2. Aminah Abdullah

She claims that her efforts in PKR is not appreciated and that she has been sidelined in the party's new developments.

Look at the photos above. It is very clear that the 2 are fugly (for the uninitiated, that's short for 'fucking ugly'). In fact, they may even appear to look like men. Some people have this skill while other may not be that talented. But what cannot be challenged is that PR as a whole seem to have a thing against those who are fugly.

This is not encouraging for politics as politics have already been seen as being dominated by men. And men of PR are definitely not doing justice to themselves for treating women in politics based on their looks.

Here are some examples of Pakatan Rakyat ladies who seem to be 'better' treated by their party (who is dominated by men). No grouses at all from these ladies.

Hannah Yeoh of DAP. Ahhh... this one quite popular. No scandals, no grouses, no issues. Reasonably pleasing to the eyes also.

Teo Nie Ching of DAP. Not my type la but no problem for PR, no problem for DAP, only problem for police because she attends candlelight vigils. Compare to specimen No. 1 and No. 2. A lot of difference lor...

Nurul Izzah. This one mesmerized a lot of Malaysian men. They put her against Shahrizat in the previous GE. No need to speak also Lembah Pantai men voted for her.

So, now you see I don't just talk for the sake of talking. I substanstiate my claims. Pakatan Rakyat indeed practices discrimination.

But, we can understand their predicament. Truly justified. PR, you are forgiven.

4 Response to "Pakatan Rakyat is Discriminatory"

  1. Da Maniac Said,

    Hahahah! Classic! Well done Simon! It is true then!!


  2. Simon... you are such a sexist. You better be careful. You should not judge people by their looks!


  3. i can we worse! hahaha...


  4. Neo Said,

    more beautiful woman please!!!
    actually, it make sense, if you are beautiful, you have self confident.. therefore, u can influence people and people look at you when u talk.. hahaha


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