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Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, May 22, 2009
Remember the hoohah our Bar Council made demanding the resignation of the IGP, Home Minister and OCPD of Brickfields? I suspect that many had already swept that under the carpet - exactly what the government wants us to do. I mean you are not expecting our media to sensationalise something like this in Malaysia, are you? Or Wong Chun Wai to comment on this?

Anyway, all the detainees will not be charged. The lawyers too. What can the police charge them with in the very first place? This is simply a scare tactic; albeit one that scares me big time. I don't really want to be behind bars although the cause is good. Damn, they got one over me.

(See the video below of the ugly day when the 14 activists and 5 lawyers were detained).

But is the Bar Council going to let it all go now? The Bar Council can bring the IGP, Home Minister and OCPD of Brickfields down if they want to. After all, isn't the Bar Council the one who knows the law best? In any developed nation, these 3 jokers would have resigned last Monday. But how persistent is the Bar Council going to be? Are our Malaysian lawyers going to pressure the Bar Council into continuously pursue what they have passed in their EGM?

My instinct tells me that this will all go down to nought, again. This is Malaysia la. Those with power on the Bar Council have their own interests to protect. You may say that I already admitted that I am scared to be put in jail; and so too should they be afraid. True. But does the Bar Council need to take to the streets? Do the Bar Council need to 'congregrate illegally' to get this done? No, they don't have to. Smart people should do things the smart way. Lawyers should be smart and intelligent, shouldn't they? I am not a legal expert and neither do I possess the power of those on the very top of the Bar Council. But if I were at the helm, and if there's a will, there will be a blardie damn way.

So, dear Malaysian Bar Council, you guys got balls or not? Or is the Bar Council also supportive of the police state that UMNO has created for this country? Walk the talk, and don't talk talk and talk...

3 Response to "Bar Council, Got Balls or Not?"

  1. Da Maniac Said,

    Doubt that they would persue it. The government and it's UMNO/BN's police force have made it their objective to intimidate the people into submission by taking the hardcore stance.

    Anyways... they just arrested another 16 people last night for lighting candles outside the Teratai DAP office. The Police sure has lotsa time in their hands to go after candle holders, when the REAL crooks are still roaming our streets. CRAP!


  2. Neo Said,

    i'm writing from my gmail.. can u guys c


  3. Da Maniac Said,

    loud and clear!


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