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Religious Overdose - Enough-lah...

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, May 04, 2011

That's it people. I've just about had enough of all these religious talks going round this country.

Everyday. And I mean everyday we see headlines like these:

Muslim NGOs say Idris Jala bias in Alkitab row (The Malaysian Insider)

Islam under siege in Malaysia (MalaysiaKini)

The above 2 are what I've just picked up from the websites mentioned as I type this. Don't even need to scroll down the webpage or look for one. It's smack on your face like a cream pie.

It is always Islam this, Christians that. Islam that, Muslims this. Aiyoh... Don't you people have better things to do? All these religious NGOs and religious brotherhoods... Don't they need to earn a living? Don't they have a day job? Or a business to run? Where do they find so much time running here, calling press conferences there. No life ah?

Eh hello. Has anyone read any latest reports on youths embracing religion? It is at an all time low. No answers has been given on why this is happening but if you ask me, it has all to do with overdose and radicalism being practised. Bloody hell... Who will want to embrace any religion where fanatics run around town screaming they want this, they want that, heaven this, hell that. By the way ah, this is not a Muslim bashing session. This applies to the Christians as much. Imagine if we have the Jews in Malaysia. The circus will be complete.

(Am not taking sides. In fact I am not even a religious person. Nope, do not subscribe to any religion for the time being).

Look here Mr. Religious Fanatics, most of us Malaysians are having trouble putting rice on table. Many among us cannot afford to buy a roof to shelter our heads. We are having a serious livelihood problem here. Maybe you have found a secret formula to turn our polluted air into energy once they are taken into your lungs, but I have not. So, why don't you bugger off for the next 1000 years and let us live in peace. Funny, apparently religion helps you find inner peace, but our peace will have to come from getting rid of so-called religious people. How ironic!

What are you religious people so paranoid about anyway? Why is it that there is always someone trying to sabotage your religion? This is 2011 already lah. You think we are still living in medieval times? Where got knights in armor suits galloping across continents spreading religion and killing in the name of religion? Grow up lah! Nobody wants to sabo you or your beloved religion. Anyone with time in hand is better off chilling out at Starbucks or play Angry Birds on their iPad lah ok! WTF! TNS!

Oh! And can this non-religious person offer you so-called religious people a pointer. If you do bad things, then you are a bad person. Doing bad things to other people for 'the sake of your religion' does not make you a good person. No heaven for you, dummy. Taking money from some political scumbag to smear others in the name of 'feeding your family' makes you a bad person. No heaven for you too. Bad is bad. No excuses, no reasoning.

One more thing. What on earth is this craze about entering heaven? I shall not thread on the number one question of 'Is There A Heaven?'. Don't know. Don't care. But what I do know is you are alive NOW. If you do good, then bagus. If you do bad, then you are not a good person. Not being a religion expert (oh come on... I'd rather be typing this then read a religious script), I thought that the ultimate goal of religion is to make us better people. If you stick to this very simple idea of 'good person', you will be be able to interpret a whole lot of your scripts better. Let's put us into a little warpath of Religious vs Non-Religious. We non-religious people are laughing at you guys most of the times. (Hahahahaha... hahaha... ). Why? Because you guys are just so <Fill In The Blank>. Look at the way you interpret your scripts. Some of you can actually turn your religious script into Nightmare on Elm Street. Your scripts are good books. There is no bad element in it. And yet you can do bad, mind you some really bad stuffs, and say that your religion calls for it. Nonsense. Read my lips:

There is no bad religion. If you think or believe your religion promotes any form of negativity or evil or bad, you've read it wrongly!

Point to ponder before I pen off. (Or is that keyboard off? Sounds weird). Ever wonder why the Buddhists or the Hindus or the Sikhs of Malaysia don't make that much noise?

Now leave us alone! And go get a job.

15 Response to "Religious Overdose - Enough-lah..."

  1. Anonymous Said,

    clap clap... Telling it as it is... Good Show.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Christians do not make that much fuss either. Why you left them out?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    are you paranoid?
    i dont understand your prejudice
    if you uoght to be religion free, so be it
    let us be what we want to be
    after all this is free country
    yes you dont have any inner peace, i suggest you find GOD in a first place


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I'm a sikh...and am having a bloody good laugh.. TQ!


  5. To Anonymous 16:20,

    Why so angry? Lack of Starbucks or too much Angry Birds? Which level are you stuck in?

    Yes, this is a free country. You are so darn right. You can practice what you want. Create as much nonsense as you wish. But like you said, it's a free country. So let me complain as much as I like too. It works both way.

    By the way, it's not cool when you say I don't have inner peace. Not cool at all dude. Who are you to pass judgment? And don't preach your God to me lah please.

    By the way, why am I a paranoid? You understand the meaning of that word?

    Simon Templar


  6. Anonymous Said,

    here here!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Well said, O' son of the correct lineage!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Yes, Christians do not make noise publicly but some fanatics can be annoying trying to convert you. The other day, two Christians came to my house to evangelise. One said I didn't look happy because I didn't go to church regularly or embrace God. I wanted to so much to retort I wasn't happy more because of her talking nonsense. I just politely replied that my relationship with God was mine alone, non of her biz. Perhaps, next time I shudn't b so curteous.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    well said. I once met a real religion extremist, that force me to believe in her God, and goes to the extend that she follows you everywhere, practically EVERYWHERE, school, tuition, even try to invade my home.
    And in the end i couldn't help it so i ask her why she is so extreme in finding people to join her religion, she told me that those disciple that get most people to join their religion will get to go to heaven in golden rob, those that get moderate people to join goes to heaven with silver rob, and those whose got non, goes to heaven naked. And she wants the golden rob. and out of sudden, I felt pity for her, mayb she just need something to believe it, even though its the most hilarious thing i've heard in the century! LOL!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Simon Templar, you're one of the few people around with some common sense and logic.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Simon Templar, looks like we both believe in the same thing. Although i am a Hindu, i tend to whack some of my fellow Hindu friends who tend to critise me for not going to temple as often as i should. I tell them, whats the point of going to temple 3 times a week when you as a person are full of hatred and have ill thoughts most of the time?!?!


  12. Anonymous Said,

    your ending commends first.
    What they said of POWER ; that power corrupts... The Hindus, Buddhist or Sikhs are silent in Malaysia cause they do not have that POWER. Look to INdia (Hindus ),
    Sri LAnka ( Buddhist ), Punjub. Are they not using
    the POWER ( of majority ) to lord over others ; and in the guise of purity to condemm others.
    The GOOD in religions throughout history had been
    abused for POWER. Why are there different sects even among the major religions. For a woman, you have Methodist, for money and lust they created so many factions in USA. Need we say anything that happened after Mohamad or Buddha.
    Coming to this country, yes, another line is forming- different from others. The race is pure and
    the word is exclusive. The Arabs are scratching.


  13. Anonymous Said,

    i believe u just deleted my comments. no balls ah u, simon?


  14. Anonymous 16:46,

    We don't delete comments at this site.

    Maybe you didn't post it correctly. Try posting again.

    Simon Templar


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Religion is a tool used by the rich and powerful to keep the poor in control. If not for religion, the poor would have killed the rich and the powerful.


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