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Sayonara MCA & MIC

Posted by Da Maniac On Monday, September 14, 2009

I know Simon has posted a number of articles regarding the jokers in MCA so I won't wanna comment much for fear of stealing his thunder! Haha!

All I wanna say is that I'm sitting by the couch with popcorn on my lap and happily enjoying watching all the drama unfolding. Sure as hell, I wanna catch the slow demise of MCA and MIC and eventually the demise of BN as a whole. Don't wanna miss that for the world.

Well... I don't know how it's gonna end but I sure as hell know that things ain't looking that bright now that UMNO's two biggest allies are clearly not helping to bring in the votes from their respective races. Yay!! Down with race-based politics!!

It's kinda interesting to see all the accusations and counter accusations happening in the MCA. Spill the beans! Spill MORE beans please! Let the people see how you all are a bunch of worthless selfish greedy pigs that you are!

As for MIC... ah... nice show over the weekend with Semi Value still remaining in power. Excellent! More the reason the people should reject you chaps! Ah... whack the government some more during your AGM? Very good! Keep it up! There goes your support base and your 'titties' base because you have been sucking on that UMNO breast for far too long. Time to grow up! Oh... I don't think that term exist in their vocabulary... so I guess that would mean... time to disappear, evaporate, fade away, melt away, vanish, expire, pass away, perish, fizzle out, wane, wither away. You get what I mean ya.
Sayonara MCA! Hasta La Vista MIC!

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