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To win a game of football you have to score. And to score, you will need to attack. Put it simply, you will not win a football game if you defend all 90 minutes. You may get lucky when the other team does a boo-boo and accidentally lets in an own goal but that's by sheer good luck on your side and pure bad luck on the other side.

Let's see some real life EPL examples (or BPL as some call it, but to me, it's the English Premier League, Barclays or Carling or whatever else does not matter).

Bolton has never won the EPL and it is very unlikely that the Trotters will in the near future. The likes of Stoke, the Wolves, the Cottagers etc. aren't gonna lift the EPL trophy either. And who do you see winning the EPL over and over again? (EPL i.e. post creation of the Premier League). The Red Devils, the Gunners and the Blues.

(Note: The red side of Liverpool is an anomaly of the highest order.)

What is the difference between the teams above who win the EPL and those who don't? Glaringly, the likes of United, the Gunners and Chelski play attacking football. They attack and attack all through their games, And mind you, it is not only their strikers who are good; the attacking concept is well-oiled through the team. From van der Sar throwing a quick ball to Evra, who accelerates to midfield, who then passes the ball to lightning quick ol' Giggsy, who then squares the ball to Wazza for a ding over the opposition goalkeeper.

If you don't attack, you don't score. If you don't score, you don't win

Football is life! And as such, everything in football can be related to real life; politics included.

Pakatan Rakyat, learn from Sir Alex, Arsene and (once) the Special One. If you don't attack, you don’t win. I see this as a problem with PR. PR is now a Bolton. PR won promotion to the Premier League. But will PR win the EPL defending, defending and defending. All these defending while the Chelski of BN with all the money continues to pump in money to attack, attack and attack.

PR, you've got to do an Arsenal of 03/04 - The Invincibles - the team who won the league unbeaten. To me, that's the best team in the history of the EPL. Being a United fan, that statement pains me but it carries a lot of weight. Brilliant attacking play. Do you, PR, want to defend your 5 states all the way til the next GE? You've already lost Perak. (By the way, just continue sniping at them. Why let Zambry and gang rest?) And BN is attacking you non-stop; putting in red-card harsh tackles in Selangor but still getting away because the referee has been bought.

Start attacking now. Terengganu looks weak. Their defenders are no longer in sync with the goalkeeper. Why are you still passing the ball around on your side of the field? Attack them now! Get the cross-overs. And then do the right thing, please. Dissolve the state assembly and get a fresh mandate from the rakyat.

Negeri Sembilan looks like another potential. Bagan Pinang is not a good ground to attack - the game starts with a 0-1 (5,000 guaranteed postal votes out of 15,000 registered voters). But this is 1 state where it is do-able.

Johor and Pahang may be tough. But attack all states. Melaka. Sarawak. Sabah (ok... this is like playing against Real Madrid but with the right strategy...).

Get more states between now and the next GE. You may not be successful at all attempts but at least BN is kept busy defending for once as opposed to now where BN is attacking while PR is defending. You've got to counter-attack them now. Do you want to win the Malaysian Parliament League?

If you attack them relentlessly, you have already won the psyche battle. Their ADUNs and MPs are weak on their own. All of them have baggages. Find their weaknesses and bring them down. You may not have the referee, linesmen or even the ball boy with you, but you have the spectators on your side. Politics is dirty. So play dirty. Dive in the penalty box if you have to, but don't get caught! Remember the United-Arsenal match in season 04/05 when United roughed up Jose Antonio Reyes so badly that he was never the same player again after that game? United won the game and ended The Invincibles’ unbeaten streak continued from the previous season. Look at Drogba, Essien and Ballack week in week out. Sometimes you just have to play dirty to win (especially against dirtier opponents and bias officials).

I know many of you PR fellas aren't that smart in reading between the lines. In the previous paragraph I basically said: Do a Perak on them. Blackmail them. Force them to resign or frog over. Anything goes. Do things at the back, but maintain your cleanliness in the eyes of the public. And do things with a bit of class, please. Maintain good perception; we need not know what goes on in the kitchen of a restaurant. Then go back to the rakyat for a new mandate.

To you holier than thou out there reading this, there is no morals in politics la ok. And ethics are kept somewhere at your lower back somewhere near the end of your spine. If you can’t stand being wily, I suggest you play congkak or 5 stones.

And dear PR, while you keep BN's state machineries busy with your attacks, attack their MPs. That's like the Champions' League. Can you do a Manchester United of 07/08 winning both the EPL and the Champions League. You need a big squad and a good manager. You need to be technically and tactically sound. Strike them when they are too busy. Strike them when they are spread too thin. Strike them when they are over-whelmed with distrust among themselves. But you need to first be on the offensive to create chaos among them. Be offensive. They have already started all the above against you. Are you just gonna defend or are you gonna counter attack them? Learn a trick or 2 from Man U. Watch Brazil play.

Saudara Anwar, enough of defensive football. 5-4-1 is not going to win you anything. 5-1-3-1 may get you somewhere. I say go for a 4-4-2. Attacking football is your best way forward. But remember to go back to the rakyat for a fresh mandate. We will give it to you.

5 Response to "Pakatan, Are You A Bolton or A Man U?"

  1. lee Said,

    The problem is this.

    Pakatan only have 11 players, no subs!

    Barisan Najis has endless reserves!! You attack them and get yourself tired out, you leave yourself exposed!

    Thats how we ended up losing the Perak game!!

    V V hard to play a game when the referee is bought, when the other side has 1000 subs against your zero, when the other side is allowed to wear iron studs (read PDRM + MACC) but you have to play barefoot!

    Even play attack also asking too much I say!!!!!


  2. Most football teams that are strong have $$.

    This makes the difference.


  3. sinyc Said,

    The other thing to ponder, will PR be allowed to attack efficiently if say the referees, linesman, FA, UEFA, FIFA are all under the control of the BN team? every goal is declared offside. every shoulder charge is deemed a sending off offense. every "simulation" by the BN team gets the PR team member sent off. So the PR team has to present its case to the fans watching to bring about change to the governing bodies (Refs, linesman, FA, UEFA, FIFA). in an even playing field where the rule-of-law is equal for both sides, then the attacking game works.

    Now the trick is to convince the BN fans how dirty and unsportsmanlike their team is and convince them to vote for change during GE13.


  4. Jean Luc Said,

    Pakatan has already done an "Istanbul" in March 2008, by winning 5 states which is the equivalent of winning the UEFA Champions League and beating Kaka/Shevchenko powered AC Milan when you are 3 goals down, it is no small feat, and because of that, they are already immortalized in the fabric of Malaysian History regardless of the nay-sayers.

    Pakatan is Liverpool, the BEST comback team in the WORLD. Regardless of the internal problems etc. ....
    ALWAYS ! ALWAYS ! ALWAYS ! Remember Liverpool's anthem to Hope:

    You'll Never Walk Alone

    When you walk through a storm

    hold your head up high

    And don't be afraid of the dark.

    At the end of a storm is a golden sky

    And the sweet silver song of a lark.

    Walk on through the wind,

    Walk on through the rain,

    Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.

    Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart

    And you'll never walk alone,

    You'll never, ever walk alone.

    Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart

    And you'll never walk alone,

    You'll never, ever walk alone.


  5. Bob Said,

    Jean Luc, u sure know how 2 burst a Red Devil's arrogant bubble.

    Gerakan are down, but we are not out. We will be the steel in BN's back. We will be the Burnley, the Bayern Munich, the Kopites whom u so look down upon. BN will rise again, not the corrupt VD UMNO-led entity, but a multiparty BN based on the principles of the found fathers of the Alliance and the original BN.

    Malaysia Truly Boleh in Asia...


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